Is There a Future for Pro Wrestling to Become a Viable Betting Market?

Is There a Future for Pro Wrestling to Become a Viable Betting Market?

In mid-2018, the US Supreme Court ruled the federal ban on sports gambling was unconstitutional because it violated the “state’s right” clause. That opened the door for state legislators to decide on a state-by-state basis whether or not its residents could legally bet on sports. To date, 15 states have already passed the required legalization legislation. While several states have been accepting bets for close to a year, all 15 states should be taking in action by the end of 2019.

With the country showing renewed interest in betting on all kinds of sports, US online bookmakers are looking for ways to offer US sports bettors access to as many betting markets as possible. Given the enormous popularity of WWE wrestling in America and even throughout the world, it’s a good bet that online sports betting operations are trying to figure out how to open up pro wrestling as a viable sports betting market. Surely, WWE fans would jump at the opportunity to take advantage of a sportsbooks in Rhode Island and use the bonus money to wager on the outcome of The Royal Rumble or a WWE title match.

Overcoming the Obvious

Before heading down this path any further, we must discuss the big elephant sitting in the room. The big elephant in the room is the fact all professional wrestling matches are scripted with pre-determined outcomes. In many cases, the outcome is pre-determined all the way down to what move or hold the winner uses to win the match.

Obviously, this facet of the sport makes it too risky for bookmakers to offer real betting opportunities for interested sports gamblers. Surely, WWE insiders would be rolling in wheel barrels of money to bet on matches where they already know the outcome. Still, it’s difficult for online bookmakers to look past an enormous opportunity that’s starring them in the face.

Over the next year or so, it’s a good bet that US bookmakers will be experimenting with ways to offer sports bettors with wagering opportunities on major WWE events at the least. Looking beyond setting ridiculously low betting limits and horrible odds, let’s throw out a suggestion.

Possible WWE Betting Option

Starting with WrestleMania, what do we know? The event has been held for 35 going on 36 years. Every year, a WWE Heavyweight Champion is crowned. Doesn’t this look like a great opportunity for a futures book betting option? At the conclusion of the current year’s event, the bookmaker could post odds on who will win the next year’s championship, using the entire population of contenders, including a “field” option to cover any new faces in the sport. Wagers could be accepted up until about six months before the event.

Why does this make sense? Over an entire year, the WWE uses a number of interesting storylines with multiple twists and turns. Adding the potential for injury, retirement and contract disputes, it would seem entirely possible the WWE has nothing more than an inkling about the direction of each storyline until it gets closer to the next WrestleMania event. With very little risk, there must be bookmakers who can see the potential here.

There’s something here. It’s just a matter of someone connecting the dots.


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