Impact Wrestling Results – August 23, 2019

Impact Wrestling Results - August 23, 2019

We start off with our customary video package looking back at last week, then we head right to the ring for our opening match.

Michael Elgin vs Rhino

Well, this ought to be fun. They start trading forearms right off the bat, then Rhino runs Elgin over with a hard clothesline and sends Elgin out to the floor. They head back in and Rhino maintains the pressure with a spear in the corner, but Elgin breaks the momentum by rolling out to the floor again. Rhino brings Elgin back into the ring, but Elgin connects with a leaping enziguiri before unloading with a series of chops and a big bodyslam and elbowdrops for 2. They crack heads on an exchange and both go down, Rhino is up first and tries a charge, but Elgin counters to the STJoe and goes up top for a twisting senton, which he misses when Rhino rolls out of the way. Rhino mounts a comeback and plants Elgin into the mat with a spinebuster for 2. Elgin escapes a powerslam and crushes Rhino with a pair of avalanches in the corner, then gets a bridging German suplex for 2. That was pretty impressive. Rhino hits a messy piledriver that looks like it made Rhino a couple of inches shorter, but only gets 2. Rhino puts Elgin on the top rope and hiots a superplex, tries a Gore, Elgin gets a knee up and tears through Rhino with a clothesline that sends Rhino back out to the floor. They do generic “tease a countout” brawling on the floor, and guess what? The referee counts them out.

Double Count Out

The fans chant to let them fight, and they do indeed continue fighting, albeit outside the confines of an official match. The usual band of misfits swarm in to separate them as we go to commercial.

We come bacck, and Michael Elgin is so mad he’s swearing when he says that this isn’t over with Rhino. Rhino runs in mid-promo and attacks Elgin until the misfits come in and pull them apart again. Now Rhino swears at Elgin as they’re being pulled apart.

Josh and Don talk about stuff, then we head back to the ring…

World Tag Team Title Match: The North vs Reno Scum

Page and Luster start us off matching power, then Thornstowe come in and outmaneuver both of the North before Alexander gets a giant swing and gouges Thornstowe’s face. Thornstowe takes a beating as we go to commercial.

The North is still in control as we come back, but Thornstowe catches Page with a tornado DDT and makes the hot tag to Luster, who comes in and cleans house on both Page and Alexander. Luster with heavy running clotheslines in the corner on both men, Alexander gets a rollup with his feet on the ropes, but the ref catches him and refuses to count. Luster with a spinebuster and a jackknife cover, and the ref does count that for 2. Reno Scum with double teams on the North, including the Bushwhacker battering ram and an assisted senton for 2. Luster takes Page out with a dive to the floor, Luster gets Alexander up and hits a death valley driver, then goes up for a moonsault and gets tripped by Page. North with the swinging spinebuster finish for the win.

Winners: The North

Good match, and the North just seems to get better every time out.

Ace Austin is backstage on a crutch with an icepack on his shoulder and ribs wrapped. Alisha comes in and looks concerned, and Austin tells him the doctor said not to come here, but he wasn’t going to miss it. She says she’ll see him later and leaves, and of course Austin drops the crutch and is fine after she’s gone.

Madison Rayne finds Jordynne Grace backstage and says that she knows they’ve had their problems, but as the locker room leader, she needs to provide direction. Jordynne hsa the potential to be great here, but Jordynne says she appreciates the help she’s trying to give her, but she doesn’t need it, and last week, she didn’t need Rosemary’s help either, and she’ll tell her that if she sees her tonight.

Jessicka Havok vs Alisha Edwards

Alisha ducks and dodges around Havok, but tries a crossbody and gets caught and dumped. Havok tosses Alisha clear across the ring by the hair, then hits a side backbreaker. Havok keeps hammering Alisha until she counters a wheelbarrow lift to a bulldog and hits a senton. Alisha heads to the top rope and tries a crossbody, but Havok catches her and counters to a Tombstone for the win.

Winner: Jessicka Havok

Impressive showing by Havok, and Ace Austin hobbles out with his fake crutch to check on Alisha. Out comes Eddie Edwards, and he don’t look happy. He chases Austin into the ring and winds up face-to-face with Havok. Austin runs back out to Alisha, and when Eddie tries to go for him, Havok catches and chokeslams him. Austin helps Alisha to the back while Eddie tries to figure out what just happened. We cut to a “promo” from Su Yung, who speaks in some weird language before we cut back to Josh and Don, who don’t know what just happened.

Instead, we go to the oVe Cam, as Sami berates Dave Crist for losing last week. Dave says Sami isn’t the one who took 15,000 shots from a kendo stick. Sami says he doesn’t care if Brian Cage is hurt or an invalid, he’s going to walk out with the World Title. Sami then tells Jake that since he’s all tough now, he can go out and face Rich Swann alone tonight.

The Mystery Cameraman finds Moose strolling around Los Angeles, and he says Ken Shamrock is pulling some publicity stunt by coming in and running his mouth about him. He knows Ken is a fan of his, so he knows his track record and resume, and he knows he put a lot of guys away. Shamrock can come to Las Vegas and he’ll see him there, but Shamrock should be careful what he wishes for.

X Division Title Match: Jake Crist vs Rich Swann

We pretty much go right to spots, then go to the floor for more spots. Jake slows things down back in the ring and grounds Swann, Swann gets a sunset flip for 2, but Jake boots him in the face to immediately regain control. Swann mounts a comeback, dumps Jake to the floor, takes him out with a dive, then rolls him inside and hits a top rope elbowdrop for 2. Jake hits a death valley driver for 2, then Swann trips Jake up, hits a stepover kick, and connects with a 450 splash off the second rope for 2. Swann goes for the Lethal Injection, Jake pulls the ref in front of him to stop Swann short, then rolls Swann up with a handful of tights for the win.

Winner: Jake Crist

Good if formulaic match.

It’s time for some comedy, as the Desi Hit Squad arrives on the Deaner farm to do some good ol’, down home farmwork. The Deaners give them overalls and we’ll pick back up with them later on.

The Impact Plus Moment of the Week is Ken Shamrock winning the NWA World Title on the first ever NWA TNA PPV.

Trey sneaks out of the Treehouse, and he’s…HIGH! Willie Mack is backstage, and he’s…WARMING UP! They’ll face off next!

Taya Valkyrie holds a press conference to brag about hitting 229 days as Knockouts Champion, and she’s mere days away from breaking the record for the longest reign. She’ll complete her achievement when she returns to Mexico City next week.

Willie Mack vs Trey

They go all lucha from the start, and Willie quickly hits the senton/kip up/standing moonsault combo for 2. Trey tries a lucha armdrag but Willie blocks, so he does a lucha headscissors instead. Mack cleans Trey’s clock with a running forearm, then a running boot, and then a running cannonball. Trey counters the stunner to a rollup for 2. Trey with a neckbreaker for 2, a modified 619, but he comes off the top rope right into a stunner from Mack, who covers for 3.

Winner: Willie Mack

This match was a lot of fun! Great action.

Melissa is backstage with Tommy Dreamer, who hates the negativity on social media, and life is just like professional wrestling: there are good people and bad people, and Sami Callihan is a bad person. The best part of his job is that his escape is Sami’s reality, because he’s going to really enjoy beating the crap out of him.

And with that, it’s MAIN EVENT TIME!

No DQ Match: Tommy Dreamer vs Sami Callihan

They start brawling right from the start, and quickly spill out to the floor where Sami rams Dreamer’s face into the post. Dreamer rams the ring bell into Sami’s ribs, then puts the bell over his ding ding and then rings his ding ding. Sami returns the favor by ramming the barricade into Dreamer’s wang as we go to commercial.

We’re back, Sami has his bat, Tommy has a kendo stick, and he whacks Sami in the ding ding with it, then covers for 2. Sami gets ahold of the stick and destroys Dreamer with it, then grinds the stick into Tommy’s mouth. Sami mocks Dreamer’s pose and goes for a DDT on a chair, Dreamer escapes, and Sami just shoves him on his ass on the chair and covers for 2. Sami puts a chair over Dreamer’s back and throws another chair at it as hard as he could. Dreamer starts to fire back and rams Sami into a chair Sami had wedged in the corner, then hits an Ace crusher for 2. Dreamer brings a ladder into the ring and wedges it in the corner, but Dreamer rams into it, then Sami bashes him with a trash can and covers for 2. Callihan goes for a piledriver, Dreamer reverses to a catapult ointo a trash can wedge in the corner, then hits his DDT for 2. Dreamer sets up a chair and goes to piledrive Sami on it, but Sami counters with a groin claw before giving Dreamer a drop toehold onto the chair for 2. Sami sits a piece of plywood on two chairs to make a table out of it, goes for the piledriver, Dreamer gives him a groin claw, then piledrivers Sami and covers for 2. Dreamer puts Sami on the ladder and comes off the second rope with an elbow, Sami moves and Dreamer connects with the ladder, Sami with a flurry of kendo stick shots, and a piledriver finishes it.

Winner: Sami Callihan

Excellent main event to close the show. Sami stalks Dreamer with his bat after the match, but Tessa Blanchard runs in, gets the bat, but then gets blindsided by Jake, who nails her with the X Division Title belt. Sami piledirves Tessa, who bounced several inches off the mat taking the move, to close the show.


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