Impact Wrestling Results – August 2, 2019

Impact Wrestling Results - August 2, 2019

Last week, Madison Rayne stuck her nose where it didn’t belong when she got involved with Jordynne Grace vs. Kiera Hogan’s match.

She made sure that Hogan lost the match to Grace, which she did. “The Death Machine” Sami Callihan at first seemed genuine asking for Tessa Blanchard to shake his hand, as both will be competing tonight at Impact Wrestling’s live event Unbreakable (live on Impact Plus at 9 EST) for a number one contenders match to face Brian Cage for the Impact World Championship. Callihan just couldn’t help himself, calling Blanchard “Toots” and smacking her on the behind. What he didn’t expect next was for Blanchard to knock him off a peg with a magnum. Moose was quite vocal after his match with Ray Steele, stating that Impact Management has not given him the run that he deserves, which is to be the next Impact World Champion. He also said that those before him who won the title just seemed to walk away after they held it. He vowed he wasn’t going to be one of those guys. Next, Willie Mack and “The Whole F’n Show” Rob Van Dam had quite the sportsmanship match. Both competitors brought their A-game, but it was RVD who came out on top in that match. After holding the X-Division Championship since Homecoming in January, Rich Swann shocked himself and the Impact Wrestling fans when he walked away without the title. His opponent, Jake Crist, became the new X-Division Champion when he had a little help from his oVe family.

The night concluded with what was supposed to be Brian Cage vs. Michael Elgin in a street fight match. Elgin already began the match way before it was supposed to start. Cage was defenseless out in the ring getting chair shots left and right, until a masked man came back to save him…Rhino! Before the show went off air, Rhino ran out into the crowd to reveal under his black hoodie an Impact t-shirt, notifying his fellow competitors that he has officially signed on to Impact.

Josh Mathews welcomes fans to Impact Wrestling. This leads into the first match of the night. A number one contenders match for the X-Division Championship

Wentz vs. Aiden Prince vs. Rohit Raju vs. Chuck Mambo vs. Cody Deaner vs. Petey Williams

The bell rings and Raju goes straight to Deaner and slaps him across the face. All the men disappear to the outside of the ring except for Mambo and Williams. They both have a back and forth exchange. Wentz comes back into the ring and takes out Mambo to focus on Williams. A tilt-a-whirl headscissors lands perfectly on Wentz. Next, Williams goes for a Canadian Sharpshooter. Raju and Deaner both enter into the ring and finish what they started. Deaner goes for a clothesline on Raju. Williams is going to fly, but is stopped by Deaner. Deaner grabs his hat and the Canadian flag and wraps it around Williams’ shoulders. Deaner joins Williams to land two dives to their competitors outside of the ring. Raju right behind them also kicks a few of the wrestlers off the apron. Wentz with the help of Raju also lands a moonsault on the wrestlers from the outside. Mambo concludes the high flying.

Mambo comes flying in and goes right for Deaner. Deaner rolls out of the ring. Williams then goes for Mambo, he leaves the ring too. Wentz with a knee to Williams. He goes for the pin after that and Williams kicks out at 2. Williams gets up and lands a Canadian Destroyer on Wentz. Raju pushes him out of the way to cover Wentz. Wentz kicks out at 2. Prince drops Mambo and then goes to the top rope to land a 450. He covers Mambo and gets the win.

Winner: Aiden Prince

Prince will now get a shot at the X-Division Championship against Jake Crist.

Outside: The oVe clan are discussing Jake’s win from last week. Jake tells his family that there will be hell to pay if any one of his brothers were to challenge him for the title. Sami Callihan takes over and says no one cares and that there’s a bigger issue, and that’s Tessa Blanchard. He then releases Madman Fulton, who will be competing against Blanchard tonight, from behind the gate.

Back from the break: Blanchard makes her way into the building. Rich Swann stops her and tells her that he believes in her. However, Fulton is a “psychopath”and that she won’t be competing just against him, but all of oVe in this match. He warns her to be careful.

Next is an intergender match.

Havok vs. John E. Bravo (w/Taya Valkyrie)

Bravo begins the match by getting down on one knee and kissing her hand. Havok knees him right in the face. Havok takes the lead by tossing Bravo around the ring. She lifts him up and Bravo sticks his fingers in her eye. Havok ends the match with a chokeslam to Bravo. She takes the win.

Winner: Havok

Post Match: Su Yung appears on the screen and starts chanting. Though it was hard to make out what she was saying, it light a fire in Havok, as she left the ring quickly and headed to the back.

Coming back from the break, The North are talking about their strategy for tonight when they defend their Impact Tag Team Titles against the Rascalz.

Next, Stone Rockwell comes out to the ring to say a few things to the fans. He introduces himself and what he is all about, which is being adventurous. A few seconds later, Ace Austin’s music plays and their match begins.

Stone Rockwell vs. Ace Austin

Before the bell rings, Austin goes right for the attack on Rockwell. Rockwell counters with a back drop to Austin. With both men back up, Austin goes to the top rope and gets caught by Rockwell. Rockwell drops him. Austin then goes for a few chest kicks then a forearm hit. Rockwell counters it. Austin connects a back kick and then the fold. He rolls up Rockwell and after a 1-2-3 count, Austin picks up the victory.

Winner: Ace Austin

Post Match: Eddie Edwards meets Austin halfway down the ramp and attacks him, after Austin tried to hit on Eddies wife, Alisha last week.

Backstage in the Knockout’s locker room: Blanchard is getting ready for her match later on tonight and Madison Rayne comes in to talk to her. Blanchard is not buying it and tells her to leave her alone.

After the break, Alisha and Eddie get into an argument about what Eddie just did to Austin before the break.

Also, Moose attacked Rockwell too during the break. Back to the ring, Moose takes over in the microphone and says that he just doesn’t care anymore what he does. As he attacks Rockwell so more, Fallah Bahh comes out and Moose goes right in to attack him once he comes into the ring. This leads into a match between the two of them.

Moose vs. Fallah Bahh

Bahh jumps off the rope and squashes Moose. He goes for the cover and beats Moose, proving his point of why he came down to the ring in the first place, to shut him up.

Winner: Fallah Bahh

Back from the break, Moose is furious about the match and how it turned out. He wants to know why that match was even booked.

Next, is another intergender match.

Madman Fulton (w/Sami Callihan) vs. Tessa Blanchard

Fulton takes control in the beginning of the match. Blanchard goes for the magnum right away, and she is caught. Fulton chokeslams Blanchard to the mat. Outside of the ring, Blanchard is trying to get a breathe from the brutal chokeslam and Callihan is taunting her. Up on the apron now, Fulton lifts Blanchard up and throws her back into the ring. Callihan goes up to a camera and says “that’s what happens when you get into the ring with a monster.” Don Callis tells him to shut up. Back in the ring, Blanchard slaps Fulton in the face. He picks her up and puts her in a bear hug. She is not giving up, instead she is trying to break the hold by throwing a few hits to the back of his head. She pulls out some of his dreadlocks, which shocks him greatly. Next, Blanchard pulls off a DDT and then a few forearms to the face. Callihan grabs a chair and tells Fulton to kill her. Tommy Dreamer runs down the ramp and Fulton is about to chokeslam Dreamer. Blanchard helps Dreamer get out of it by hitting Fulton with a kendo stick. Callihan pulls Fulton out of the ring and they leave the match.

Winner by technical count out: Tessa Blanchard

Backstage: Michael Elgin is quite mad about Rhino’s interference in his match with Brian Cage last week. He threatens that Rhino’s time with Impact will be a “short stay.”

Backstage: A newcomer makes her way to the Knockout’s locker room. Kiera Hogan says that the new girls needs to move out of her seat. Rayne comes over to introduce herself and tries to get under Hogan’s skin. Hogan isn’t having it and they both start arguing.

Impact Plus Moment of the Week is Motor City Machine Guns vs. Generation Me (The Young Bucks) from Bound For Glory October 10, 2010

Back from the Moment of the Week, Jimmy Jacobs is in Chico, California to get a health update on Cage. His wife, Melissa Santos, answers the doors and says that right now is not good time. They just want their privacy. She then makes a promise that next week, they’ll all sit down to discuss Cage’s health update.

Outside: Rhino announces that he is back to do what he wants, when he wants, whenever he wants. He is putting everyone on notice that he is back and that he will rip everyone apart who stands in his way.

The main event match of the night is announced!

Rascalz (Trey and Dezmond Xavier) vs. The North for the Impact World Tag Team Championships

Alexander and Trey start the match. Both men push each other and Alexander mocks Trey. Trey goes for a body scissors and then mocks Alexander back. Page tags himself into the match. Trey takes down Page, and then Trey tags in Dez. With Page down, Dez goes for a few kicks. Page gets up and goes to the corner. Dez throws a few hits while he has Page trapped in the corner. Dez then tags Trey back into the match. Trey goes for a counter and then tags Dez again. Dez goes for several forearm hits while Page is laying on the ropes. Both Alexander and Page work together when Alexander grabs Dez and lands him down on the apron. Dez rolls back in and Page goes for the cover. Dez kicks out. Page tags in Alexander.

Quick tag is made from Alexander to Page. Page throws Dez over his shoulder and Dez lands on his feet, tagging in Trey. Alexander is now in the ring and counters Trey. He goes for the cover and Trey kicks out. With Trey down, Alexander goes for some kicks to Trey’s lower leg to keep him down. Fans are motivating the Rascalz to stay in this. Trey plants a neck breaker on Alexander to keep him out until Dez returns to the ring after being knocked off when getting tagged in by Trey. Trey comes into the ring with a step up kick. Page now representing The North is holding tight to not get Irish Whipped into the opposite corners. With The North on the outside of the ring, Dez goes for a suicide dive and lands right on both men. This leads into the last break of the night.

Back from the last commercial break, Dez and Alexander are now the two legal men in the ring. Dez tags in Trey. Page helps his partner out by slamming Trey outside of the ring onto the concrete floor. He rolls Trey back in. Alexander goes for the cover and Trey kicks out. Alexander goes for the deep ankle lock on Trey, Trey rolls out of it. Alexander powerbombs Trey. He goes for the cover and Trey kicks out at 2. Alexander lifts Trey up and goes for a take down. As he goes for another cover, Dez breaks it up. Page comes into the ring to attack Dez. Now all four men are exchanging back and forth hits. Trey goes for a superkick on Page. Alexander goes for Trey again, Dez tries to help his partner. However, they did not expect that Alexander would lift both of them up and slam them down on the mat. Alexander goes for a moonsault on the Rascalz but they move out of the way in time. Rascalz go for a double 619 on to Alexander. Trey goes for the cover and Page pulls the referee out of the ring. Dez takes out Page on the outside. Trey goes for a roll up cover and Alexander kicks out at 2. Page with a cutter and then a wheelbarrow from Alexander on to Trey. Page goes for the pin and they pull off the win, retaining their titles.

Winners and still Impact Tag Team Champions: The North

Post Match: The North celebrates on the ramp, then get jumped in the back by Ortiz but he can’t handle the 2 on 1 numbers. Alexander is pissed, he says Ortiz and LAX are done but Daga is here to save Ortiz and lays into Page with a trashcan lid. Konan is here looking pleased, Ortiz is still pissed though as the episode ends.


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