Monday, August 26, 2019

Dustin Rhodes Says Social Media Killed Wrestling

Dustin Rhodes Says Social Media Killed Wrestling
As seen below, Dustin Rhodes opened up about how times have changed during an Inside The Ropes live show.

Rhodes said that companies can’t revert back to any kind of Attitude Era programming now because of social media. He said as soon as they do anything wrong there’s a wave of parents and other people letting them know about it.

“If you just take the social media away from the wrestling to where they can’t comment on the wrestling I think we’d be a lot further along than where it is right now.”

“Social media has destroyed what we do, what we try to do out there. We’ve killed the storylines, they’ve killed the kayfabe, now on TV they focus on three, four guys at the most and it always starts with a promo in the ring to set up the match at the end of the show and everything else is fill-in.”

Dustin Rhodes said that he always did his job, no matter how much he was given to do that night. They have a job to do, but he said they also had to save stuff for the main event. Now he says there is no focus and the story must move so fast that it doesn’t give them time to build.

This might be something that they learned from the old-school storytelling, but “back then it was wrestling and fights.” There was no social media back then to escalate things and now things build much faster. Social media is largely to thank and blame for this.

He said that The Undertaker being on Twitter is weird for him, but Superstars should keep kayfabe online. He said this adds to the entertainment value to have guys keep kayfabe as he credited Velveteen Dream as someone who does this very well.