Monday, August 5, 2019

Drew McIntyre Talks Using The Claymore as His Finisher

Drew McIntyre Talks Using The Claymore as His Finisher
Drew McIntyre spoke with The Wrap and said he likes to use the Claymore Kick as a finisher more than the inverted Alabama Slam because he can do it to any competitor, at any time.

"I've got to wear my opponent down enough where it calls for it," Drew said of the Alabama Slam. He continued about the Claymore, "It's a case where I can do it to everyone. I know I can do it to Braun Strowman. But to actually get someone worn down enough to get hooked into the Reverse Alabama Slam takes a second."

McIntyre continued, "With the Claymore, as you've seen over the past, it hasn't been years, but a year and a half I've been back — it can come from literally anywhere, and I think I've hit more of my Claymores on the floor outside the ring than I have inside the ring.

"I'm 6'5 legit — with my boots on I'm about 6'7 — and at 265-270 [pounds], and when I'm coming at you full speed, kicking through the air and kicking you in the face, that's a pretty effective finish. It can come from any time, on the turn, off the ropes, on the floor — it can take anyone down."