Impact Wrestling Results – July 19, 2019

Impact Wrestling Results - July 19, 2019

Tonight is a special concept show called Mash Up where tag team partners who don’t like each other get stuck together in a tag team for a tournament with the winners facing each other in a few weeks for a shot at the Impact World Title.

We see a video package hyping Tessa Blanchard and Sami Callihan having to work together as a team tonight, and then we head to the ring for our opening match…

Moose & Eddie Edwards vs Rohit Raju & Cody Deaner

Cody and Moose start us off, and Deaner fires off a bunch of shots early, then takes Moose down with a Thesz press. Eddie tags in and a Thesz press for him too, and Moose gets a cheapshot on Cody from behind, allowing Eddie to hit a suplex, then one for Raju when he tags in. Moose saves Eddie from a double suplex, takes both opponents out with a double clothesline, then fires Eddie up for some double teams. Moose gets Eddie on his back and hits a senton on Raju, but Deaner drops low and Moose sails to the floor on a charge. Deaner with a powerslam to Eddie, but Raju grabs Cody’s hat and puts it on then tags himself in and argues with Deaner until Moose comes in and drills both guys, then Eddie finishes Raju with the Boston Knee Party.

Winners: Moose & Eddie Edwards

Fun opener, this should be an interesting night. Reminds me a bit of Battlebowl. Shoving match between the Deaners and the Babalu Boyz leads to a brawl that the Desis get the better of.

Jimmy Jacobs is backstage with Aiden Prince and Ace Austin, who says people want to see stars, not Aiden Prince. This is an opportunity, so Ace tells Aiden to keep his mouth shut, let him take the lead, and be thankful that he’s even here. Prince tells Austin to have fun out there by himself and walks off.

Eddie Edwards and Moose are backstage celebrating like the old days before they remember they’re supposed to hate each other and get mean again.

Rich Swann & Madman Fulton vs Zachary Wentz & Jake Crist

So not only do we have two teams who hate each other, but two members of oVe across the ring from each other. Fulton manhandles Wentz to start, then Swann tags in and the two do a bunch of flippy dippy stuff. Jake comes in and cheapshots Swann as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Crist is still working Swann over. He and Wentz work Swann over until Swann hits a Lethal Injection on Wentz, Lethal Injection on Crist, and makes the tag to Fulton. Fulton cuts Crist off from making the tag to Wentz, and he and Crist have a staredown before Fulton ragdolls Swann with a couple of chokeslams, setting Crist up to hit God’s Last Gift for the win.

Winners: Jake Crist & Zachary Wentz

Interesting finish there, and some of those bumps Swann took at the end there looked pretty rough.

Ace Austin is backstage begging Madison Rayne to be his partner tonight, and even tries doing card tricks to impress her. She asks in what level of hell a Queen would associate with a jester, and says he can be on Team Carry My Bags. Stone Rockwell swoops in on a rope and announces he will be Austin’s partner tonight.

Michael Elgin & Willie Mack vs Ace Austin & Stone Rockwell

Stone Rockwell has another show on Pursuit, or something like that. Elgin lays him out before trying to break Austin’s chest open with chops. Austin has better luck with Mack, but Mack catches him with a flying headscissors and leg lariat. Austin with a springboard enziguiri, and Rockwell is jumping up and down on the apron asking Austin to tag him, and Austin blows him off, but then gets caught in Mack’s Samoan drop/standing moonsault combo for 2. Mack powerslams Austin and tags Elgin, who slingshots in with a splash. Elgin catches Austin with a couple of leaping enziguiris, and NOW Austin tags Rockwell, whom Elgin hiptosses into the ring. Elgin with a delayed vertical suplex attempt, but Rockwell reverses, then celebrates with the crowd, giving Elgin plenty of time to stand back up, wait for Rockwell to turn around, and then take his head off with a clothesline before hitting the buckle bomb and Elgin bomb for the win.

Winners: Michael Elgin & Willie Mack

Fun to watch, but not much effort required on Elgin and Mack’s parts.

oVe is backstage, and Sami is bragging that he has a plan for every occasion, just like he did with Tessa Blanchard at Slammiversary. Now Impact is putting them together as a tag team, but he’s got a clear shot through this to earn a title shot and face Brian Cage.

Jimmy Jacobs is backstage with Taya Valkyrie, who says she’s not putting her title on the line tonight, especially against people she already beat. Jimmy asks about Johnny, and Johnny Bravo thinks Jimmy means him, so he says they’re not married yet but are a bit of an item. Taya is grossed out and leaves.

Trey Miguel & Dave Crist vs Sami Callihan & Tessa Blanchard

Miguel is out here in full oVe regalia, which Dave doesn’t seem to know what to make of. Dave tries to let Sami pin him after a Fingerpoke of Doom, but Trey breaks that up. Everyone gets in the ring and argues, and that leads to a shoving match, and then Tessa and Trey superkick Dave and Sami. Trey gets Sami to the floor and goes for a dive, but accidentally hits Dave instead, so he tries again and takes both Sami and Dave out this time. Sami hammers Trey with chops and headbutts, and Tessa yells at him to get it back in the ring, and Sami beats Trey up on the floor a bit more before obliging and taking Trey back into the ring. Sami goes to tag Tessa, then flips her off and goes back after Trey, who rolls him up for 2. Sami rips his head off with a clothesline and then Tessa tags herself in, so Sami slams her on top of Trey, and she covers for 2. Sami tags himself in and Tessa slams him onto Trey, getting a huge pop from the crowd. Trey appears to tweak his knee on a top rope something and both men tag out, and Tessa cleans house before hitting an Ace Crusher. Tessa with a hanging Codebreaker for 2, but Dave catches her coming off the top rope and hits a spinning facebuster. Trey goes for a piledriver and Tessa counters to a jackknife cradle for 2, then a tornado DDT gives Tessa the space she needs to get to the corner and tag Sami. Tessa tags in and hits a top rope facebuster, but she hurts her knee, so Sami tags in and hits the short piledriver on Trey for the win.

Winners: Sami Callihan & Tessa Blanchard

Creepiness of having Tessa in here aside, pretty cool match.

Sami and Tessa are backstage arguing and it looks like they’re still not quite on the same page.

The Impact Flashback takes us back to what appears to be Moose against all of oVe in an extreme match of some kind.

Jessicka Havok vs Madison Rayne vs Taya Valkyrie

Havok tears through both girls, and hoists Madison up by the neck to toss her into the corner. Taya Valkyrie goes after Havok with a flurry of forearms and yells LOCA!!!! stuff vedfore hitting meteora in the corner. Madison Rayne comes in with a neckbreaker for 2 on Taya. Havok is up and ragdolls the champion in the corner before tossing her across the ring by the hair, then does it again. Johnny Bravo gets up on the apron to try and distract the referee, and Madison gets onto Havok with a front guillotine, then turns that into a rolling DDT. Taya spears Madison, Havok boots Taya into next week. All three girls trade shots in the middle of the ring, and Havok dominates them both before dumping them in a double fallaway slam. Havok with facewashes to both ladies, but Johnny Bravo drags Taya out of the ring and they head to the back as Madison takes a run at Havok, who Tombstones her for the win.

Winner: Jessicka Havoc

Okay time killer before the main event.

Jimmy Jacobs is backstage with Michael Elgin, who says he’s winning the tournament and then going through Mack to earn another title shot. In the meantime, Brian Cage is afraid and he’s lucky, and that’s why their streetfight next week is non-title.

And with that…IT”S MAIN EVENT TIME!

Elimination Match: Moose & Eddie Edwards vs Jake Crist & Zachary Wentz vs Michael Elgin & Willie Mack vs Sami Callihan & Tessa Blanchard

A lot of stalling to start, then Eddie Edwards and Sami Callihan reignite their hatred for each other with a fast-paced brawl. Winners here will face off at the Unbreakable special for a shot at the World Title. Sami gets a groin claw on Moose, who fights out and dropkicks Sami. Elgin tags in and goes at it with Eddie, a great match I saw a few times in ROH. Everyone winds up brawling on the floor, Elgin and Eddie head into the ring, Eddie knocks Elgin to the floor, and Moose picks Eddie up and powerbombs him onto the rest of the participants on the floor as we go to commercial.

We’re back as Elgin hits a German suplex on Moose (another great match I saw a few times in ROH) and then we’re back to Elgin and Eddie. They trade hammers in the middle of the ring, Elgin hits a superkick and an enziguiri, and they charge and crack heads before Mack comes out of nowhere with a Pounce that sends Eddie flying out of the ring, then hits a dive onto everyone else on the floor. Elgin hits a spinning backfist, followed by a buckle bomb and Elgin bomb on Eddie for the elimination.

Moose & Eddie Edwards are eliminated.

Wentz catches Elgin with a corkscrew crossbody for 2, but a handspring something ended with Wentz getting caught in a powerslam by Elgin. Mack and Jake tag in and go at it, then Sami tags in to beat Willie up. Mack Samoan drops Sami and hits a standing moonsault for 2. Elgin tags in and finds himself face-to-face with Tessa, who isn’t backing down one bit. They stare down, then Sami shoves Tessa out of the way and gets suckerpunched by Elgin. Elgin suddenly turns Mack inside out with a clothesline and just walks off as Sami hits a short piledriver on Mack for three.

Michael Elgin & Willie Mack are eliminated.

And then there were two. Sami and Wentz go at it, Tessa and Dave go at it, Wentz and Jake double superkick them, Tessa and Sami return the favor, Wentz hits a twisting Ace Crusher on Sami, Tessa DDTs Wentz, Jake kills Tessa with a couple superkicks and a death valley driver, and he makes a cover that Sami breaks up at 2. Now Sami and Jake stare down, Sami fingerpokes him and makes a cover, Jake tries to sneak counter with a small package, then they start killing each other with kicks and superkicks, Tessa blind tags in as Sami piledrives Jake, then Tessa hits Magnum for the win.

Winners: Sami Callihan & Tessa Blanchard

Well, looks like we’re gonna do this again! Neither of them want the other to get any credit, and they start shoving each other as we call it a week.


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