Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Big Changes to WWE Network Coming Soon

Big Changes to WWE Network Coming Soon
It appears that the WWE is getting closer to the roll-out of the tiered version of the WWE Network. reports that “there was a lot of talk at WWE TV this week that the company is finally close to launching their tiered-version of the WWE Network and it will be much coming sooner than later.”

WWE has been working with Endeavor Streaming Group since this past January for a new version and infrastructure. The latest update came back in April when WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon noted on a conference call that they plan to relaunch the network later this year.

It’s been reported that the company has been looking at a tiered pricing structure. The way that it would work would see a free plan that would include commercials and a limited amount of content while the highest structure that has been discussed for over a year would include content from other promotions.

There have also been ideas of having specials on Saturday nights from live events. These specials would be similar to the upcoming WWE Smackville show taking place this weekend that was originally supposed to be a normal live event.

WWE holds their second-quarter earnings conference call on Thursday so it will be interesting to see if any mention of the plans for a newly launched network is mentioned.