WWE RAW Results – June 10, 2019

WWE RAW Results - June 10, 2019

We are live from the Sap Center in San Jose, California, as WWE Universal Champion Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring and he has a steel chair with him.

We see what happened between Brock Lesnar and Seth Rollins at Super Showdown.

Seth says he feels alive tonight because we have entered a new era for the Universal Title. This is the year of choice and the locker room has three choices when it comes to the title. If they want to take it, they can try to outwrestle him, but that is not happening. They can come out to fight him for it. They can try it the hard way. Just ask Brock Lesnar how that works out. Brock has been in WWE since 2002 and no one has ever done to Brock what he did to Brock on Friday night. Seth says it felt pretty damn good laying this chair into Brock over and over and over and over, leaving him in a heap.

Baron Corbin makes his way to the stage and he says that Seth is still talking about Brock Lesnar. Baron says he walked around San Jose and he says that he is the best thing going on. He tells Seth to worry about him and then Baron can worry about Brock after he wins the title at Stomping Grounds.

Seth asks Baron how did things work out at Super Showdown.

Baron says Seth did not win, that incompetent referee cost him the match and you escaped with the title around your waist. Baron says he learned a few things as Acting General Manager. Baron says he has been in meetings with WWE executives and that official will be severely punished. Baron says he gets his rematch at Stomping Grounds. There will be a special guest referee and Baron says he gets to hand pick that official.

Seth says it does not matter who you choose because he will still be Universal Champion. Seth asks who would be Baron’s special guest referee because he doesn’t have any friends.

Sami Zayn makes his way to the stage and he says he is on Team Corbin on this one. Sami says he has known Seth for a long time and he cares about Seth as a person. He has watched Seth’s behavior over the last few months and being Universal Champion is not good for you. You are caught up in this repetitive cycle with Brock Lesnar. It is this toxic masculinity and you are both trying to protect your egos. Sami says it would be better for Seth if Baron Corbin was Universal Champion. It would be better for Raw and everyone if Baron Corbin was champion.

Seth asks Sami why is he out here unless there is something for him. Sami says Corbin understands how this toxic cesspool works. If someone helps Corbin out, then Corbin will help that person.

Seth says the truth has come through. You found the one idiot who has your back. Seth asks who will have Sami’s back when he comes up to kick his ass.

Kevin Owens makes his way to the stage. He says he has Sami’s back. Kevin says he also agrees with Sami that Baron Corbin would be a better Universal Champion than Seth. Kevin says he does not appreciate the way that Seth is talking to Sami. Seth tells Kevin if he does not like what he is saying to Sami, do something about it. Kevin says since he is a wild card, he will come to the ring and do something about it.

Seth suggests we have him versus Kevin Owens in the main event. Seth leaves the ring and walks up the ramp and stops in front of Kevin, Sami, and Baron. They let him walk past with no physicality.

– Lars Sullivan is jumping around in the Gorilla Position before he goes to the ring for his match. We go to commercial.

1-on-3 Handicap Match: Lars Sullivan vs. The Lucha House Party

Lars clotheslines Metalik before the bell rings. Kalisto with a missile drop kick and Lars does not move. Lars catches Kalisto off the turnbuckles and hits Freak Accident to pin Kalisto.

Kalisto Eliminated

Lars catches Dorado off a springboard move and hits a sit out power bomb to pin Dorado.

Lince Dorado Eliminated

Metalik with kicks but Lars avoids a handspring back flip. Lars catches Metalik on a second attempt and he throws Metalik to the mat but he pulls Metalik up before the three count. Lars goes to the floor and he picks up Kalisto and press slams Kalisto onto Penelope on the ring steps. Lars picks up Metalik for Freak Accident but he picks up Metalik before the three count. Lars picks up Dorado and press slams Dorado into the ring post. Lars goes up top and hits the diving head butt for the three count.

Winner: Lars Sullivan


We see R Truth and Carmella in the back and they are chased by the 24/7 Title Contender Pursuit Group and they corner Truth by the elevators but there is no referee. Truth and Carmella get into the elevator before the referee can get there. They are in the elevator with Drake Maverick, EC3, Heath Slater, and Cedric Alexander. Slater starts to freak out when the elevator stops. Truth says this is what they get for chasing him.

– We see Lacey Evans getting ready for her interview in the locker room.

– We also see Seth Rollins talking to Becky Lynch as we go to commercial.

– We are back and Michael Cole reminds us that Lacey Evans faces Becky Lynch for the Raw Women’s Championship at Stomping Grounds.


Michael welcomes Lacey and Becky in split screen while Lacey enjoys some tea.

Lacey interrupts Cole and says where she comes from it is Ladies first. Becky says for someone who talks so much but says so little, you forget the fact that you tapped out. Becky says Lacey should have won because she is bigger than her. Becky won’t let someone like Lacey beat her. Lacey says she has done what she needs to get where she is and she won’t stop until she gets the title.

Becky says that she does not appreciate Lacey costing her the Smackdown title.

Lacey applauds Becky’s speech and she does not believe the Man bravado. it is all a mask. It is not your obsession with the title, it is fear of losing it all and sinking back into obscurity. Lacey says she can smell the fear on Becky. That fear will come true when Becky loses her title.

Becky says she will slap Lacey up the head and beat her again.


Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross are in the locker room and she apologizes to Nikki for teaming with Lacey against Bayley and Becky. Alexa says that we are not seeing the real Bayley. Bayley was awful to her when they were in NXT. Alexa says Bayley does not believe she belongs here. You can only pretend to be something for so long until people see through you. Alexa says she can be Lexi around Nikki. Nikki says she knows about being on the outside looking in. Alexa asks Nikki if she will be in her corner tonight and Nikki agrees to do it.

– Miz makes his way to the ring for MizTV, but first… We go to commercial.

Miz TV:

We are back and Miz welcomes everyone to MizTV. He brings out the United States Champion Samoa Joe.

Miz welcomes Joe and Joe interrupts Miz and he says that Miz is pushing the wrong narrative. He is not the new United States Champion. Rey Mysterio stole his title and Joe was given the chance to win it back. Miz questions Joe’s victory over Rey and we see Rey surrendering the title to Joe but Joe did choke out Rey.

Miz says Rey did the right thing because of a shoulder injury. Rey was a gentleman and you still applied the Coquina Clutch. Miz reminds Joe that he threatened Dominic. Miz says involving another man’s family is a line you don’t cross unless you want to get called out. Joe says if Miz wants to cross lines, maybe Joe can bring up Miz’ family.

Braun Strowman’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring. He tells Joe to stop talking and he can get these hands.

Before anything can happen, Bobby Lashley’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring. Bobby asks Braun if he is going to move on after Super Showdown because they are not done. Lashley says he has history with Joe and if anyone deserves a title match, it should be him.

Ricochet’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring. He says everyone is talking about who is bigger and stronger, but after two wins over Cesaro, he wants a shot at his first WWE title.

Cesaro makes his way to the stage and he punches Ricochet and kicks him. Joe punches Miz and chokes him while Braun battles with Lashley. Strowman punches Cesaro on the apron. They all brawl in the ring as we go to commercial.

Miz, Ricochet, and Braun Strowman vs. Samoa Joe, Bobby Lashley, and Cesaro

Lashley and Strowman start things off and Lashley with a wrist lock and Lashley keeps Strowman from reversing. Strowman with a punch and he blocks a hip toss and clotheslines Lashley. Miz tags in and Miz with an Awesome Clothesline followed by a splash from Strowman. Miz with a knee lift and he goes for Reality Check but Lashley escapes the second neck breaker and Joe with a clothesline from the apron.

Joe tags in and he jabs Miz in the corner. Cesaro tags in and applies a rear chin lock. Miz with elbows but Cesaro goes for a belly-to-back suplex and Miz lands on his feet. Ricochet tags in and he pulls Lashley to the floor and Ricochet with a back heel kick to Joe from the apron. Ricochet with a kick to the head followed by a springboard clothesline. Ricochet with a springboard cross body to Lashley and then he hits a satellite head scissors on Cesaro. Ricochet with a twisting plancha onto Cesaro.

We have a standoff as we go to commercial.

We are back and Cesaro tags in and he connects with a running forearm to the back. Cesaro with a reverse chin lock. We see footage of Joe working over Ricochet during the commercial break. Ricochet with a rana for a near fall and Lashley tags in after Cesaro sends Ricochet to the floor. Lashley runs Ricochet into the ringside barrier. They return to the ring and Lashley with an Irish whip and he runs into a boot. Ricochet with an enzuigiri and rolling drop kick. Miz tags in and he hits a springboard double sledge to Lashley and follows with punches and kicks. Miz with running knees into the corner and he does it a second time. He hits the Awesome Clothesline and then he kicks Joe on the apron. Lashley grabs Miz and sends Miz into the turnbuckles.

Miz with a DDT to Lashley and then he gives one to Cesaro. Miz with kicks to Cesaro and Lashley and then he misses a round kick on Lashley and Lashley with a flatliner. Joe tags in and he knocks Strowman off the apron and then hits a back senton on Miz. Strowman breaks up the cover. Cesaro tags in and Miz with a jaw breaker but Cesaro grabs the leg. Lashley pulls Strowman off the apron and Strowman sends Lashley into the ringside barrier. Cesaro with the Giant Swing on Miz. Cesaro with a Sharpshooter but Ricochet breaks up the hold. Strowman tags in and he hits shoulder tackles and splashes Cesaro.

Strowman goes to the floor for a running shoulder tackle on Cesaro. Cesaro is sent back into the ring and Strowman with a splash and forearm across the chest but Joe breaks up the cover. Strowman grabs Joe by the throat and Strowman tries to slam Joe but Joe escapes and he takes his title belt and goes home. Miz tags in and Strowman goes after Joe but Lashley with a spear to Strowman. Miz sends Ricochet over the ring post onto Lashley on the floor. Cesaro with a European uppercut for a near fall. Miz with a Skull Crushing Finale and Ricochet tags in for a 630 splash for the three count.

Winners: Ricochet, Braun Strowman, and Miz

– Baron Corbin is in the back and Charly Caruso asks him if he has decided on his guest referee at Stomping Grounds. Baron says he will be doing some interviews and make some calls. He is looking for someone who is honest and fair. Sami Zayn stops by and he says he needs to chat with Baron.

– Becky Lynch makes here way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Becky Lynch and Bayley vs. Alexa Bliss and Lacey Evans (with Nikki Cross)

Bayley and Alexa start things off and Bayley runs Alexa into the turnbuckles and hits an elbow for a near fall. Alexa blocks a suplex and sends Bayley to the mat wtih an arm wringer for a near fall. Lacey tags in and hits a slingshot elbow drop for a near fall. Becky tags in and Becky with forearms. Lacey with an Irish whip and Becky floats over into a kick. Alexa tags in and they send Becky to the mat. Becky with a back heel kick and running forearm into the corner. Becky tries for an exploder but Lacey grabs Becky to stop it and pull Alexa to the floor. Bayley with a baseball slide through the corner to Lacey and Becky takes care of Alexa as we go to commercial.

We are back and Alexa punches Becky and hits the knee drop but misses the second knee drop. Becky with an enzuigiri. Lacey tags in and stops Becky from making the tag. Becky chokes Lacey and then applies a Cobra Clutch. Lacey sends Becky into the turnbuckles and hits a hesitation kick in the corner for a near fall. Lacey knocks Bayley off the apron and Becky with punches but Lacey misses a slam and Becky sends Lacey to the floor and hits a baseball slide on Lacey. Becky sends Alexa to the floor and Bayley with a forearm to Alexa. Lacey keeps Becky from making the tag and she kicks Becky in the corner.

Becky with elbows to Lacey and Lacey continues to keep Becky from making the tag. Lacey with a swinging neck breaker and gets a near fall. Lacey pulls Becky into the corner and Lacey goes for a double jump moonsault but misses when Becky moves. Bayley tags in and so does Alexa. Bayley with kicks in the corner. Bayley with another kick and sunset flip power bomb into the turnbuckles for a near fall.

Lacey pulls Nikki into the way and Lacey with a Woman’s Right to Becky. Bayley with a rollup but Alexa kicks out and Lacey with Woman’s Right. Alexa goes up top and Lacey makes the tag. Bayley gets her knees up on Twisted Bliss and Lacey gets the three count after Woman’s Right.

Winners: Lacey Evans and Alexa Bliss


Shane McMahon is in his office and Sami Zayn enters. Sami says they haven’t always seen eye to eye but Baron suggested that they talk. Sami talks about Baron getting to pick the referee for his match against Seth Rollins. Sami suggests being referee for Seth’s match against Kevin Owens. He doesn’t have to be the main referee, but just a second referee to make sure nothing else happens. Shane says that Sami can be the outside referee during the match. We go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Paul Heyman is in the ring. Paul says he is disturbed by the level of animosity and hostility between his client and your Universal Champion. Last week, on Raw, against his wishes and his own better judgment, Brock Lesnar did not cash in the Money in the Bank contract and he took the position that he could take the title on any day. His client, with lust for Seth Rollins’ suffering put a beat down on Seth Rollins that Seth put on Brock 72 hours ago when your champion admitted with a steel chair in his hand, he put a beating on Brock Lesnar with that chair over and over and over and over and over again.

That is the champion you cheer for? Seth Rollins is not a worthy Universal Champion. He is a feckless thug and a stupid one. Seth has guaranteed that Brock continues to be Mr. Money in the Bank 2019. Paul says they were going to let you know when Brock will cash in. No more Mister Nice Jew or Mister Nice Beast. They will not tell you when Brock is going to cash in. Paul is not going to insinuate that Brock is not here. He will not insinuate that Brock is here. He will not say where Brock will show up. He will not insinuate that Brock is the guest referee at Stomping Grounds and he is not insinuating that Brock will be the referee. He will not insinuate how vulnerable Seth will be and he will not insinuate that Brock will take the title. That is not an insinuation, a prediction, or a spoiler. It is a threat, it is a promise, it is a guarantee from his client.


We go back to the elevator and everyone but EC3 is yelling. EC3 says if they are in here any longer, they will have to eat each other. EC3 pulls a fork out of his tights. Drake says no one has a phone but Truth says he has a phone, but there are no bars. Carmella invokes the spirit hat rule. Drake says he has to get out of here because he is getting married. EC3 is angry that Drake didn’t invite him, but Drake says EC3 is his best man. Truth says he is scared of Hornswoggle and Drake says he is not Hornswoggle, just short.

– The Womens’ Tag Team Champions, Peyton Royce and Billie Kay make their way to the ring. We go to commercial.

– We are back and Peyton and Billie have mics. Peyton and Billie mention they are the longest reigning Women’s Tag Team Champions. Peyton says as fighting champions, they are looking for competition. They found two of San Jose’s toughest, but they will never compare to them. Peyton says these women will never be the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions. Billie says just like the Sharks will never become Stanley Cup Champions.

Peyton Royce and Billie Kay vs. Lisa Lace and Aliyah Mia in a Non Title Match

Billie with kicks a Aliyah. Peyton tags in and she kicks Aliyah. Aliyah with a forearm but Peyton with knees. Billie tags in and Peyton with a knee to the head and Billie gets the three count.

Winners: Peyton Royce and Billie Kay

– We take a look at the match between Shane McMahon and Roman Reigns from Friday.


We go to comments from Roman after his match on Friday where he was asked about having a loss against Shane in the record book. Roman says Shane won tonight the same way he got everything in life, it was given to him. Drew gave him the win tonight. Roman says he knows who Drew McIntyre is and Drew knows who he is. At Stomping Grounds, he will kick ass and take names. The first name is Drew McIntyre.

– The ring is being prepared for the Best Celebration in San Jose history. We go to commercial.

– We return to the elevator and EC3 is getting buddy buddy with Truth.

In the Arena:

Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre make their way to the ring for the celebration of celebrations.

Shane says you see a lot of amazing things when you are around World Wrestling Entertainment. When you see something special, you make sure you remember it. Shane says Roman is a future WWE Hall of Famer. Shane says as a competitor, his hat is off to Roman. You hit like a mule. You look at Roman’s accolades and he has won the Royal Rumble twice. He has main evented Wrestlemania multiple times. He is a multiple time champion. Roman Reigns is in rarified air since he has victories over the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar, but Roman does not hold a victory over him. Shane reminds Drew that he beat Roman on Friday.

Shane says he is very proud of himself and Roman should not be ashamed of himself. You gave your best on Friday, but it was not enough to beat the Best in the World. Shane says Drew helped him so much. He helped Shane prepare and get ready. Their strategy was sound. They watched so much footage of Roman. Shane says Drew was the reason why he was able to beat Roman. Shane says he cannot imagine what will happen at Stomping Grounds.

Drew says he wishes this celebration was anywhere but San Jose and he says you are not going to ruin this celebration. Drew says Roman is the measuring stick in WWE. When Roman loses, it turns heads. That happened on Friday. At Stomping Grounds, he is not just going to beat him, he will hurt Roman. He will maim and humiliate Roman. Shane is the Best in the World, but Drew is the most dangerous. Drew says he owes Roman and at Stomping Grounds he will assault Roman until he is unrecognizable. Then he will beat Roman.

Shane says he digs Drew’s intensity. Shane wants to start the celebration with some bubbly. They pour the champagne into the Shanely Cup. Shane says the party will continue but the show will go on. Shane brings out two men who could join the party as new Tag Team Champions. Shane brings out The Revival.

Shane tells Dash and Scott to hold off on the champagne since their match is next. If you win, then you are invited to the party, but only if you bring some gold.

Back to commercial.

– Back from the break and Zack Ryder and Curt Hawkins are asked if the clock if about to strike midnight since they are in a multi team match. Zack mentions Curt lost 269 straight matches and he went a year without a match on Raw but they are ready. Curt says the Revival is hand picked by Shane and the Usos are one of the best tag teams. They might be Cinderella but it isn’t midnight yet.

The Revival vs. The Usos vs. Curt Hawkins and Zack Ryder for the Raw Tag Team Titles

Dawson and Ryder start things off and Dawson with a punch and forearm. Wilder tags in and Ryder gets his knees up for Wilder and he drop kicks Dawson. Jey tags in and they take care of Dawson and Wilder. They lock up and Jey with a wristh lock and Ryder with a reversal into a hammer lock. Jey with an elbow but Ryder with a flapjack for a near fall. Hawkins tags in and they hit a side Russian leg sweep and flatliner combination. Dawson tags in and he trips Jey and clotheslines Hawkins on the floor. Dash and Scott send Hawkins into the ringside barrier as we go to commercial.

We are back and Hawkins with a clothesline to Dawson for a near fall. Wilder tags in and he knocks Ryder off the apron. Wilder gets Hawkins on his shoulders but Hawkins lands on his feet and Jimmy tags in and hits a plancha onto Dawson and Wilder. Jimmy goes up top and he hits a cross body for a near fall. Jimmy with a thrust kick and uppercut followed by a Samoan drop for a near fall. Jimmy runs into a punch from Dawson and Hawkins tags in. Jimmy punches Hawkins and Hawkins with an enzuigiri. Ryder tags in and Ryder gets a near fall after a combination neck breaker and Samoan drop.

Jimmy avoids the Rough Ryder and Jimmy with a back elbow. Jey tags in and Jimmy hits the Rough Ryder. Jey with super kick to Hawkins, Ryder, and Dawson. Jey goes up top after a super kick to Ryder. Jey with a splash but Dawson makes the tag and gets the three count.

Winners: Scott Dawson and Dash Wilder (new champions)

– Seth Rollins is in the back and he is asked about Sami Zayn being added to the mix. Seth says he is always ready. He was ready for Brock Lesnar on Friday and he is ready for Brock any time. He is ready for Baron at Stomping Grounds but he is ready for Kevin and Sami tonight.

We go to commercial.


We are back and Drake is worried about his wedding and everyone is trying to boost Drake’s ego. Slater tells Drake to wish for the best. Truth says they have a lot more in common than they thought. Drake talks about wearing white and everyone tells him that is for the bride. Truth starts signing We Are Family as the elevator is opened. Truth gets away for a moment but people try to roll him up. Truth gets into the elevator and to safety.

Firefly Fun House:

Bray says he is doing some handy work while Ramblin’ Rabbit is hitting Mercy with a fly swatter. Mercy says it is the law of the jungle. Bray asks them if they want him to get the fiend. Bray says let’s let fate decide. Bray says it is Ramblin’ Rabbit’s lucky day, the floor is yours.

Ramblin; Rabbit says it is not cool to eat your friends and he says it might be time to expose what is going on in the funhouse. Bray grabs Ramblin’ and wonders why would he do that. Bray crushes Ramblin’ Rabbit with a mallet. Bray says it is delicious.

He says today’s episode is sponsored by Ramblin Rabbit’s Bohemian Breakfast Spread.

– Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring as we go to commercial.

Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens in a Non Title Match with Guest Enforcer Sami Zayn

Sami and John Cone have some words before the match starts and Sami checks for any foreign objects on Seth.

Owens with a waist lock as he works on the injured ribs. Rollins with a wrist lock and Owens gets to the ropes and he calls Seth a cheater. Owens and Sami argue with the referee. Owens goes for the leg and Rollins with a wrist lock and Owens with a reversal. Owens with an arm bar. Rollins with a reversal and snap mare and crucifix for a near fall. Zayn distracts the referee and Rollins with a rollup but the referee is not in position to make the count. Rollins has some words for Zayn and Owens hits Seth from behind.

Rollins punches Owens in the corner and Zayn stops Seth. Rollins with a drop kick to Owens through the ropes and Rollins goes to the floor but Zayn stops Rollins. Rollins is sent ribs first into the ringside barrier and Owens with a DDT.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Rollins with a jaw breaker but Owens with a back breaker and he stretches Rollins over his knee. Owens with a drop kick to the back. Owens gets a near fall. Owens with a forearm to the back and then he runs Rollins into the turnbuckles. Owens with a punch and he gets Rollins on his shoulders but Rollins with elbows to get back to his feet. Rollins with a head butt and chops but Owens with a knee. Rollins with slingblade but Owens blocks a suplex attempt. Owens with a gutbuster and then he goes up top for a swanton but he lands on Seth’s knees.

Rollins goes for a suicide dive but Owens iwth a punch. Rollins leaps over a pop up power bomb attempt and Rollins with a super kick. Owens with a super kick and Rollins with enzuigiri. Rollins goes up top and Zayn gets into the ring and he checks on Owens. Rollins goes to the mat and then he has some words for Zayn. Owens with a rollup and he gets a near fall. Owens goes over the top rope when Rollins pulls down the ropes. Rollins with a suicide dive onto Zayn and Owens. Rollins with Black Out but Zayn pulls the referee out of the ring and Sami wants the referee to disqualify Rollins for hitting him.

Zayn goes into the ring and checks on Owens. Rollins listens to Zayn lecturing him about being a referee and Rollins grabs Zayn and Zayn calls for the bell.

Winner: Kevin Owens (by disqualification)

After the match, Rollins punches Zayn and Baron Corbin comes to the ring and he attacks Rollins. Corbin punches Rollins and then he goes to the floor and grabs a chair. Rollins with a thrust kick to stop Corbin and Corbin escapes the ring. Rollins hits Zayn in the midsection and back with the chair. Rollins hits Zayn in the back again. Rollins continues to attack Zayn with the chair. The chair is thrown to the floor and Zayn is able to roll out of the ring.

Rollins pulls Zayn’s referee shirt off and then he sends Sami back into the ring. Rollins with Black Out on Zayn while Corbin looks on with some apparent concern on his face.

We go to credits.

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