Thursday, June 13, 2019

Undertaker - Goldberg Rumor Killer From WWE Super ShowDown

Undertaker - Goldberg Rumor Killer From WWE Super ShowDown
We noted before how Goldberg tweeted about knocking himself out during the WWE Super ShowDown loss to The Undertaker last week. Goldberg thought he could finish the match and blamed that on the botches and bad finish.

It's believed that Goldberg knocked himself out by charging into the ring post early in the match, according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Goldberg was also busted open in the match and bled heavily. There's no word yet on why WWE didn't follow the standard protocol and send a doctor out.

Both Taker and Goldberg reportedly collapsed backstage after the match. The Observer adds that it was believed Goldberg suffered a concussion early on in the match, which could have been the ring post spot.

On a related note, there is said to be no truth to any rumors going around on Taker and Goldberg getting into a shouting match backstage after the match. PWInsider reports that people in the company, who were in Saudi Arabia for Super ShowDown, quickly shot the rumor down when asked about it.