Friday, June 21, 2019

Top 8 Best MMA Sportsmen Ever

Top 8 Best MMA Sportsmen Ever
Every year about a hundred MMA championships fights are held around the world. And to be precise - these are championships in mixed martial arts since the “MMA” abbreviation stands for it.

As in any other sport, there are strict rules that can lead to the sportsman disqualification. Since 1995, the term MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) has been introduced to define this sport increasing its audience by two or even three times. In this post, we have prepared for you the list of the best MMA athletes from various countries of the world. No matter if you are a fan of MMA or know nothing about this kind of sports, this article will still be a good read for you.

1. Fabricio Werdum

The 38-year-old Brazilian athlete with a nickname Vai Cavalo is the current UFC world champion in the Heavyweight category (from 93 to 120 kilograms). Werdum is famous for its victories over such venerable athletes as Fedor Emelianenko, Kane Ramirez Velázquez, António Silva, and others. So if you had no one to bet on in the fastest payout online casino NZ, then it would definitely be Fabricio Werdum.

2. John Jones

The American athlete nicknamed Bones had 22 fights, with only one fight ending in defeat for the athlete. Jones performs in the Light heavyweight weight category (from 84 to 93 kilograms). His height is 193 centimeters, and his arm span is 2 meters 15 centimeters, which gives a great benefit to the athlete.

3. Chris Weidman

One of the best athletes in the middleweight category (from 77 to 84 kilograms) is considered to be the American Chris Weidman, whose nickname is The All-American. In his professional career, Chris had 14 fights, with 13 bringing victory to the sportsman. In the last match (December 2015) at the UFC tournament in Las Vegas, Weidman was defeated by Luke Skyler Rockhold.

4. Rory MacDonald

Canadian MMA fighter Rory MacDonald became the winner in various tournaments 18 times. Only three fights ended as a defeat for the 26-year-old athlete. McDonald takes part in fights in the welterweight category - from 70 to 77 kilograms. The growth of the athlete is 183 centimeters, with the arm span being 1 meter 93 centimeters.

5. Khabib Nurmagomedov

Russian athlete Khabib Nurmagomedov, competing in the Lightweight category (from 66 to 70 kilograms), has never been defeated during his professional career. He had 22 fights; in 7 of them, he won by knockout; 7 fights ended in the surrender of the opponent. In other matches, the victory was given to Khabib by the decision of the judges. The athlete is in the top 10 world rankings, according to the UFC. Unfortunately, last 2 years, Khabib was not able to take part in tournaments because of injuries. However, he is going to return to MMA soon with the fight scheduled for the nearest future. His opponent will be American Tony Ferguson. The fight will be held in Tampa (Florida, USA).

6. Jose Aldo (Aldo)

Brazilian athlete, also known to fans under the nicknames Scarface and Júnior, performs in the weight category Featherweight (from 61 to 66 kilograms). At his 29, Aldo had 27 fights, with only two defeats in his professional career.

7. Dominick Cruz

American Dominick Rogelio Cruz is the WEC champion, two-time and reigning UFC champion in the Bantamweight category (from 57 to 61 kilograms). The height of an athlete is 173 centimeters, and his arm span is 173 centimeters as well. The MMA fighter had 22 fights, with almost all bringing victory to the champion.

8. Demetrious Johnson

The 29-year-old American athlete nicknamed Mighty Mouse is the current UFC world champion in the flyweight category Flyweight (up to 57 kilograms). Demetrious Johnson had 24 fights. In the 21st duels, the MMA fighter won; one fight ended with a draw, and the rest two brought a defeat to the sportsman.