Ryback Talks Goldberg – Undertaker Match at WWE Super ShowDown

Ryback Talks Goldberg - Undertaker Match at WWE Super ShowDown

Ryback talked about Undertaker vs. Goldberg match at Super Showdown and all of the factors that went into a forgettable main event on his Conversations with the Big Guy podcast.

“Nothing but respect to those guys in that situation. At their age and going over there and being put in the main event I was really curious what kind of match they were going to have and whether they were going to go for that shorter type match in Goldberg. They booked him in some pretty good scenarios when he came back and was able to perform well,” said Ryback.

“When you get to that age and you are out of the ring and you are taking two guys, which with WWE when you get guys together you usually do live events together to build some chemistry together. You have two guys who have never worked and have both been out of the ring with 100-degree weather, so many different factors at play. You have to also remember that I can tell watching Goldberg when he comes back out there, he’s not performing all the time. So, you have to remember when you leave that setting and are not there for a while the nerves kick in, especially being in the main event and no matter what shape you are in or how hard you train, those nerves kick in and can zap you really quick if you are not used to it especially in those conditions.

“I watched it while I was on the plane ride for my appearance in West Virginia and I saw it all live. I thought the entrances were amazing; I thought the intro in the beginning was great. But once Goldberg hit his head in the corner and he stayed down for a pretty long time, I was thinking, ‘oh wow! He goes really hard on those things.’ It’s one of those situations and Taker knows that he has all these other plans prepared. What do you do?”

Ryback then talked about being in a similar situation in a match against Dolph Ziggler. An errant clothesline legitimately knocked out Ziggler and the two had to call an audible mid-match which led to an awkward ending.

“Those guys were in a position where they were in the main event and you don’t want to end a show on a really weird note. They were put in a really tough situation and I really feel for them, which can happen to anybody in all seriousness,” stated Ryback. “A lot of people get angry and want to look at it and want to focus on that, and I get it because of their age, but anybody in WWE, with Undertaker too, had confidence in them and if that concussion didn’t happen in those spots that they had I think they would have been much better.

“You can even see that when Goldberg picked up Undertaker for the Tombstone they had to reshuffle; it was just off. I think, and this is something from people that I feel like Bill Goldberg is getting the worst of it. He’s getting the blame on a lot of it, but you have to look at The Undertaker as well. Taker isn’t the same Undertaker as he once was either. He’s a heavy guy; he’s a big guy, so when you take a suplex like that you have to jump and you have to get vertical for a guy, and it takes two people to make that move. I don’t know, I wasn’t in there, but I think Bill is getting unfairly being lashed out at a little more, but you have to understand that he had a concussion in all of this and you also had two guys in their 50s.”


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