Impact Wrestling Results – June 21, 2019

Impact Wrestling Results - June 21, 2019

Josh Mathews welcomes everyone to Impact. The first match of the night is a singles match.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Jake Crist

Blanchard goes for several forearm attacks to Crist. He pushes her to the mat. Blanchard gets up and flies out of the ring, three times. She climbs up onto the ropes to jump on Crist, only for him to superkick her. Fans start to chant “Go Back to Ohio.” Crist backs Blanchard up into the corner and throws a few forearm punches at her. Blanchard fires back with more forearms, Crist turns it around with a submission. After the submission is broken, Crist plants Blanchard to the mat and puts her in a front face lock. He backs her into another corner of the mat, she fights back and is able to get out of the corner. Blanchard lifts Crist up, but he counter attacks by grabbing her near the nose area. Crist then goes for a stomach driver. Fans’ chants start to pick up with “Lets Go Tessa.” Blanchard now on the top role and did her signature move, magnum, which knocked Crist out 1-2-3.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

Post Match: The rest of oVe come out to the ring. Blanchard is able to escape in time. Sami Callihan picks up Crist and walks over to face Blanchard. She gives him the bring it signal, Callihan gives her the thumbs down. Eddie Edwards comes out for his match against Madman Fulton.

Eddie Edwards vs. Madman Fulton (accompanied by Callihan)

Back from commercial break, the match has not officially started between Edwards and Fulton. Most of their fighting has been done outside of the ring, so far. Fulton chokeslams Edwards onto the apron. Fulton brings Edwards back into the ring. The bell officially rings. With Edwards laying on the mat, Fulton continues picking him up and chokeslamming him. Fulton then looks at Callihan for instructions. Callihan attacks Edwards while he is holding himself up by the bottom rope. Edwards takes Callihan’s baseball cap off and throws it, indicating to leave him alone. Fulton has Edwards up for a powerbomb, and Edwards is able to pull a hurricanrana . “oVe” chants start to break out, only for them to be shut down with “sucks.” Edwards attacks Callihan, now Callihan is down outside the ring. Edwards picks up Kenny 2.0 from under the ring. Killer Kross pops up on the screen and screams for Edwards’ attention. Kross is in a janitors closet with Sandman, but has something covered over Sandman’s head. Kross is then waterboarding Sandman. With Edwards distracted watching what Kross is doing, Fulton is able to sneak up from behind and attacks him, winning the match.

Winner: Madman Fulton

Post Match: After being dropped by Fulton, Edwards gets up and is heading towards the back, in hopes that he can save Sandman in time.

After the commercial break, Edwards is on the search for Kross and Sandman. He is stopped by his wife Alisha Edwards, who is trying to tell him to not go forth and look for him, and that he needs to stay away. He walks past her and ignores what she had to say.

Next, comes another singles match.

Moose vs. Tommy Dreamer

This week, Dreamer seeks his revenge on Moose after what he did to Rob Van Dam and Sabu last Friday night. Back from commercial break, the match officially begins. Moose begins with several chest slaps on Dreamer. As he is running towards the ropes, Dreamer is able to stop him with a shoulder bump. Moose and Dreamer are now out of the ring. Moose slams Dreamers head into the apron. Dreamer, after recovering for just a second, pushes Moose into one of the ring poles. Moose plants Dreamer onto the apron, back first and throws a few punches.

Both men are now back in the ring. Backed into the corner, Moose goes for several chest slaps and a poke to the eye. Several more head punches come from Moose, after he brings Dreamer out of the corner. Dreamer goes for a stunner and both men are down on the mat. Back and forth forearm punches are being exchanged by both men. Moose goes for several more punches and does his signal in between them, with little help from the crowd repeating “Moose” back to him. Because of the distraction, Dreamer goes for DDT. Dreamer goes for back elbow and puts Moose on the top rope. Dreamer climbs up there to superplex Moose. Dreamer goes for a cover, and only a 2 count was reached. A spear was used by Dreamer, and he leaves the ring to grab a chair while Moose is out. As Dreamer is about to hit Moose with a chair, Moose is able to kick the chair towards Dreamer’s face. Moose then speared him to win the match.

Winner: Moose

Post Match: Moose grabs the chair and puts Dreamer in the corner, with the chair on his face. As Moose is about to pull a coast-to-coast, Van Dam shows runs down to the ring. Moose escapes the moment that Van Dam’s music plays.

Backstage: Taya Valkyrie looks for Rosemary. She makes side comments about how stinky the area is and the lightning. Rosemary greets her and says that she didn’t know that there was a welcome mat for humans like her. Valkyrie is there to discuss the match she has against Su Yung. Valkyrie says if Rosemary helps her “exterminate” the goblins (Yung and Jessicka Havok), she’ll give her an opportunity to go up against her for the Impact Knockout Championship. Rosemary tells her she’ll think about it and will have her people call her people.

Backstage: Melissa Santos is speaking with Johnny Impact about his triple threat match he has tonight. He is telling “Big Mike” (Michael Elgin) that he is going to be the No. 1 contender for the X Division Championship and that him nor the current X Division champ, Rich Swann, will walk out with the title, Impact will.

The Impact Knockouts Championship is on the line!

Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. Su Yung (accompanied by Havok and Father James Mitchell)

Valkyrie throws her coat at Don Callis, only for him to make a sour look on his face. Back in the ring, Havok is pulling Yung’s hair motivating her to focus and win. Valkyrie begins by slapping Yung’s hand away from her. Back and forth forearm punches start off the match between the two. Yung goes for a punch. Valkyrie lifts Yung up and throws her across the ring. Now she is backed into the corner and Yung has control with several punches. Valkyrie goes for a knee slam while Yung is in the corner. A 2 kick breaks the pin. Valkyrie is mad and hits Yung in the back for kicking out. Going for another attack, Yung moves out of the way and Valkyrie runs right into the ring pole, shoulder first. Yung locks in a submission on Valkyrie, she is screaming out and is able to move her leg up onto the bottom rope to break the submission. Yung brings out the stained glove and puts it on. Valkyrie tries to lock her arm but then goes for a curb stomp.

While Yung is on the mat, Valkyrie continues her arm and leg attacks. As Valkyrie is climbing up the top rope, Havok pushes her off the top rope, ending the match in disqualification.

Winner: Taya Valkyrie due to disqualification. She still retains the title.

Post Match: With Yung, Mitchell, and Havok in the ring, Rosemary comes out to protect Valkyrie. Mitchell takes a microphone and says they’re not there to start violence, instead he has an idea for a match at Slammiversary. He is inviting the four ladies (Havok, Yung, Valkyrie, and Rosemary) to a Monsters Ball for the Impact Knockouts Championship.

After the commercial break, another singles match is announced.

Ace Austin grabs a microphone and thanks the fans for buying their t-shirts and that they’re available at the live event and online. He goes on to say how he is going to keep impressing the fans and will bring out new moves for the fans. That way, no match is the same match. He asks the referee to bring someone out for him to compete against.

It takes a few seconds and new music sounds off and the background image shows “TJP.”

Ace Austin vs. TJP

Before the match begins, the fans chant “Welcome Back.” When the bell rings, there is not a moment of hesitation, both men start attacking each other. Several forearms come from Austin. Now that they are back in the ring, TJP is able to do a powerbomb. He then goes for a denotation kick, and wins the match.

Winner: TJP

Backstage: Edwards is still looking for Sandman and Kross. He keeps yelling out for both of their names, with no response.

At the Clubhouse: The Rascalz are discussing what happened when LAX attacked them. They feel that they worked so hard and should’ve won the tag team titles, two weeks ago. Konnan shows up to their clubhouse and says hes intruding, because they were disrespectful, coming into their bar the other week uninvited. He tells the Rascalz that if they want to do work and win the tag team titles, then show up to the ring at Slammiversary, don’t come into their bar every again.

The Impact Flashback of the Week is Pentagon Jr. vs. Sami Callihan (Mask Vs. Hair)

Backstage: Edwards found Kross and starts attacking him with Kenny 2.0. Alisha Edwards tells her husband that this is enough and that this is not like him. Kross sits up and tells Edwards to keep going, he grants Kross’ wish and doesn’t stop.

Backstage with the oVe camera: Callihan sets a challenge to go one-on-one against Blanchard at Slammiversary. He is going to give her an equal opportunity match.

Johnny Impact vs. Michael Elgin vs. Rich Swann

After the break, the bell rings. Both men square off and Elgin and Impact first go straight towards Swann with a kick to the stomach. With Swann out of the ring, Elgin and Impact start going at it with a few back and forth punches. A double crossbody comes from Swann. Impact does several forearm punches to Swann. Elgin superplexes both men. With both Swann and Impact in opposite corners, he runs into both of them back and forth for awhile. Swann is able to get up from it and climbs to the top rope, only to be lifted up by Elgin. Impact gets up next, and does a standing shooting star press to Elgin. Elgin then spine plants Impact. Swann is back to his feet and starts forearm punching and kicking both men. Swann then goes for a double cutter, both Elgin and Impact are down. Swann picks up Impact and puts him on the top rope. Elgin comes from behind and lifts up Swann and slams him onto the mat. Elgin gets back to his feet and so does Impact. Impact kicks Elgin. Elgin fires back with a kick to the back of Impact’s head. Swann goes for a 450 on Impact and gets the 3 count.

Winner: Rich Swann

Post Match: Swann goes around the ring parading his X Division Championship. Elgin gets up and sneaks up from behind and tries to attack Swann. Swann takes a swing and is able to put Elgin out. Impact gets up and doesn’t get too far at first. John E. Bravo brings out the X and both Impact and Elgin start fighting over who gets to take the X. While they are in the middle of that, The Machine Brian Cage came back to clean house and attack Bravo, Elgin, and Impact.


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