Impact Wrestling Results – June 14, 2019

Impact Wrestling Results - June 14, 2019

Last week, it seemed like the biggest question that surfaced throughout the night was “did that just happen?” The Desi Hit Squad distracted Cousin Jake’s single match up against Ace Austin, as they targeted Cody Deaner, who was out trying to support his cousin/tag partner. Because of the distraction, Austin took the win. In the first Knockouts match of the night, the paradigm shifted, when Jessicka Havok made her in- ring return with Father James Mitchell. Havok would go after both Taya Valkyrie and Rosemary, making a very bold statement that she is back with a vengeance. Madman Fulton (accompanied by Sami Callihan) once again proved that his not one to mess with in the oVe clan, as he took out two new wrestlers in a handicap match. After the match was over, Callihan wanted his other brothers, Dave and Jake Crist to come out to the ring and begin their match against Fallah Bahh and Scarlett Bordeaux. Though the Crist Brothers were the winners, they wanted to take care of some unfinished business with Bordeaux. Before they were able to do that, Tessa Blanchard made her way to the ring to take out both brothers and protect her Knockout teammate.

The main event was LAX (c) versus Rascalz (Dezmond Xavier and Wentz) for the Impact World Tag Team Championships. Both teams were on a roll and at the very end, the fans lost it when they believed that the Rascalz won the titles, because Trey got the pin for his team. However, since he was not apart of the match, the referee reversed the pin and re-crowned LAX the tag team titles.

The North vs. Rob Van Dam & Sabu

The fans begin to chant “ECW” before the match officially begins. Sabu and Josh Alexander are the first to go up against each other. Alexander tries to put Sabu over his shoulders, but doesn’t quite get it. Instead he is clotheslined by Sabu. Van Dam is then tagged in, only to have Alexander pin him up into a corner. Van Dam then counters with a big kick and then an arm reversal. Van Dam tries to cover Alexander, but he kicks out at 2. Van Dam tags in Sabu who then throws a chair on Ethan Page. Van Dam tagged in again to try and pin Page, for only a 2 count. Van Dam twists Page’s arm to give several kicks to the chest. Both men of The North are in and push Sabu off to only keep hitting and throwing him. Alexander kicks Van Dam in the angle. Alexander tries for a cover, only to have Sabu come into the ring break the pin. Van Dam fights back with a forward punch at Page, after he is tagged. Van Dam tried to reach for a tag from Sabu, but was pulled to the opposite corner.

Sabu finally gets the tag and throws a chair in both Alexander and Page’s faces. Van Dam then does a funky flip on Alexander. Sabu tries to cover Alexander, only for Page to come back into the ring to break the count. Van Dam and Sabu leave the ring while The North are knocked out to bring a table into the ring. Sabu and Van Dam both were about to do their signature moves, only for Moose to come in and push Van Dam off the top rope. Sabu is able to perform his signature move. However, it is not looking good for Sabu as he is his own teammate with The North planting him. With that a 1-2-3 count was made and The North won an opportunity to face LAX for the Impact World Tag Team Championships.

Winner: The North

Post-Match: Tommy Dreamer comes out to help Van Dam and Sabu get rid of Moose. Right when Van Dam was attempting to do the Terminator, Moose slides right out of the ring.

Backstage: Moose asks The North “where the hell were they” when he needed them. He then goes on to call Alexander a disrespectful Canadian. Alexander says good luck to him because he is on his own taking on RVD at Slammiversary.

Second match of the night is a Knockout match.

Havok (accompanied by Father James Mitchell and Su Yung) vs. Masha Slamovich

Havok goes right in to put Slamovich onto the mat. She then slams the back of Slamovich’s back with her knee. Havok pulls her up by Slamovich’s hair only to throw her down again. This match is not looking up for Slamovich as she tries to keep up on her feet by holding onto the ropes. Havok throws her across the ring. Havok goes to the opposite side of the ring to slaim into Slamovich, only to hit the other turn buckles. Slamovice fights back with all her mite only to be dropped by Havok, again. Havok clokeslams Slamovich. Then picks her up to give her a tombstone.

Winner: Havok

Post Match: Mitchell steps into the ring to tell announce to the audience that Rosemary needs help with her anger. He is quite furious that she stole Yung and the Undead Brides. He also addresses how she committed the ultimate sin by putting her hands on him. So, he brought in Havok to take care of Rosemary. He’s making it his personal mission that Havok will become the new and future Impact Knockout’s Champion and Rosemary has no chance.

Mathews announces that Taya Valkyrie will answer how she feels about a match with Havok, after what Mitchell said during Scarlett Bordeaux’s show “The Smoke Show.”
Third match of the night is a singles match

Raj Singh vs. Cody Deaner

Deaner and Singh begin the match up after the chaos that erupted last Friday. Singh lets Deaner get a few moves in, before he starts kicking and throwing Deaner around. A back of the head kick comes from Singh. Deaner puts on his hat and turns it backwards to get several punches in and a clothesline. Interference comes outside of the ring with Cousin Jake hitting both Gama Singh and Rohit Raju . Gamma then pretends to have a heart attack, causing for the upper hand for Singh. Because of that, Singh got the win.

Winner: Raj Singh

Backstage: Melissa Santos asked Michael Elgin how he’s feeling about his main event match tonight with Willie Mack. While he is trying to answer it, Johnny Impact interrupts saying that he called the hospital and that the doctors told him that Mack was never there after the brutal attack that happened last week between Elgin and Mack.

After the break (backstage): Rosemary responds to what Mitchell said earlier in the night, and does not find Havok to be threatening at all. In fact, she is ready for what’s to come.

The Impact Flashback of the Week is “Dixie Goes Through A Table” from August 7, 2014.

The second Knockouts match will happen after the break as Jordynne Grace goes one-on-one with Madison Rayne.

Backstage: Alisha Edwards asks Slamovich is she is okay, after coming into the women’s locker room all banged up. Callihan makes his entrace into the locker room for Edwards to tell him he does belong in there. He seems to not care and tells her that it’s 2019, he’s allowed to be in there if he wants to. Blanchard tells the ladies she’s got this and tells Callihan that she wants him to bring oVe next week and settle all this mayhem he keeps bringing onto the Knockouts.

Jordynne Grace vs. Madison Rayne

Kiera Hogan asked to be a part of the commentary team during this match. Mathews and Don Callis welcome Hogan and compliment her new hair color.

Callis asks Hogan who she’s scouting out in this match. She states its Grace, since she thought they were friends, but realized they never were, instead she was just stabbed in the back by her.
Meanwhile back in the ring, Grace has Rayne in a few arm locks. Grace has a side head lock in on Rayne. Grace pushes Rayne into the ropes next. Grace prevents Rayne from trying to do anything by throwing her off the apron. Rayne comes back into the ring. Grace lifts Rayne into the air holding her up for several seconds before dropping her to the mat. Rayne has a submission locked in on Grace, on for her to get out of it, and put Rayne into a submission instead. Back and forth pins between both Knockouts for only 1 counts each time. Rayne throws a few chest hits on Grace, which does nothing to her. Rayne goes in for a drop kick and succeeds. Outside of the ring, Rayne back elbows Grace with a counter to put Grace on the floor.

The referee starts counting for the women to come back into the ring. After an 8 count, both women run into the ring as fast as they can. Both attempt pins, but only get 2. Rayne was about to go for a monkey flip, only for Grace to counter it. With Rayne sitting on the top rope, she is able to put her in a muscle buster. Grace goes for the pin, and only gets a 2 count. The audience starts to chant “this is awesome.” Grace gets a book kick to Rayne. Rayne is able to pull a cross reign for a 3 pin count.

Winner: Madison Rayne

Backstage: Killer Kross cuts a promo about if Eddie Edwards wants to know why he killed Kenny. Kross says its because it was for Edward’s own good. This sets up for the next match as Sandman takes on Kross.

Killer Kross vs. Sandman

Mathews says during Kross’ entrance how intemidated he gets every time he comes out to the ring.

Sandman tries to sneak into the crowd, but it backfires at first with Kross attacking him first. Sandman then takes control and climbs on top of him in a corner and hits him 10 times in the head. Sandman then takes out his kendo stick and starts hitting Kross with it. Kross then puts Sandman in a krossjacket. He then takes Sandman to the floor and puts him into a sleepers hold. Because of how long his been in the hold the referee calls for the match to be over and a win for Kross.

Winner: Killer Kross

Post Match: Edwards makes his appearance to attack Kross. Kross then sneaks out of the ring only to taunt Edwards and a rising Sandman.

Backstage: LAX with Konnan are having some drinks at the bar to celebrate their victory from last week. Konnan reminds them they were very close to losing their titles. Ortiz tells Konnan to stop with all the negative talk and that Trey, who pinned him, was not even in the match. The Rascalz enter the bar with LAX asking how they came in. Wentz takes the lead for his group and says they want a rematch and that they’re the best tag team in the world and deserve a second chance. A brawl breaks out between the two teams. Fenix comes in to check on the Rascalz before the commercial break.

After commercial break: Bordeaux is excited to have Valkyrie be on her show. Valkyrie, however, would rather have the talk show end sooner rather than later. Bordeaux asks Valkyrie where is Slamtown and if she could go there. Valkyrie answers with one word, no. Bordeaux follows up with another question about the 30 day no-defense policy that Valkyrie made sure was put into place. Bordeaux says she heard who she has to defend her title against, Su Yung. Next week, Valkyrie will go one-on-one with Yung for the Impact Knockouts Championship.

The Main Event for the night:

Michael Elgin vs. Willie Mack (accompanied by Rich Swann)

A stare down begins the match, then both men lock up. Elgin signals Mack to come on and fight. Elgin then throws a punch, and Mack does the same. Elgin goes for another big shot, as well as Mack. Mack then goes for a shoulder tackle. Mack puts Elgin in a suplex that shocks him. With Elgin outside on the apron he tries to go for a suplex on Mack, only for it to be reversed. Elgin steps back into the ring and drop kicked Mack onto the floor.

After the commercial break, Elgin has Mack in a headlock, only for Mack to reverse it. A standing drop kick comes from Elgin after Mack escapes the headlock. Mack goes in for a clothesline. Elgin runs to the ropes to get a spinning heel kick from Mack. A strong back kick comes from Elgin while he has Mack pinned in the corner of the ring. Mack goes for the stunner, but gets rejected by several big kicks from Elgin. Both men are on the top rope and Elgin pulls a superplex on Mack. He pins Mack for only a 2 count.

Elgin runs towards Mack in the corner only for him to move out of the way. Elgin then attacks Swann. Back in the ring, Elgin buckle bombs Mack, and gets the 3 count out.

Winner: Michael Elgin

Post Match: Swann comes in to save his friend Mack by beating up Elgin. Impact comes in to save Elgin from being beaten. Impact plants Swann into the canvas. Both Elgin and Impact are the only two men standing after all the punches and throws. As Impact turns his back, Elgin goes in on the attack and suplexes Impact. Elgin goes outside of the ring and throws Mack into the ring post.


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