Thursday, June 20, 2019

CM Punk on People Always Asking About Wrestling, Jon Moxley's Finisher Gets a New Name

Jon Moxley's Finisher Get a New Name, CM Punk on People Always Asking About Wrestling
- As seen below, CM Punk tweeted out that since he can’t say anything without people thinking he’s teasing a pro wrestling return then he’ll just open it up for discussion.

Punk asked if anyone ever spent their time doing something they hated. Then he suggested that they leave it because he did and it worked wonders.

"Since I can’t have fun and tweet about movies or baseball without you telling me about rasslin’, question for you: Why do you spend your time on something you hate? If it’s soooooo bad, leave it. I did. Works wonders. I look forward to the intelligent discourse."

Of course, this didn’t stop some fans from having a good time, but the general point is made. CM Punk doesn’t seem to have any plans on making a pro wrestling return, then again, even if he did he likely wouldn’t tell anyone.

- The Wrestling Observer Newsletter notes that Jon Moxley’s new name for the Dirty Deeds is “The Death Rider.” This is interesting because that is what is on the back of Mox’s NJPW merchandise.