WWE Smackdown Results – May 21, 2019

WWE Smackdown Results - May 21, 2019

We are live from the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, RI.

Shane McMahon is in his office and he is in the phone when Elias enters. Elias apologizes for what happened at Money in the Bank. He hit Roman with the guitar and then he put all of his energy into his performance but the crowd did not appreciate him. Elias says he lost focus and then he got Superman punched and was put into the ring. Elias says he feels that he let Shane and his family down. Elias says he is looking beyond Smackdown. He says he will be in Shane’s corner for his match against Roman Reigns. Shane says he does not need anyone in his corner because he does not need any help. However, he will be in Elias’ corner for his match against Roman Reigns because Elias needs it. Elias says he is going to wait for Roman to arrive.

In the Arena:

We go right to the ring and out comes The New Day – Xavier Woods and WWE Champion Kofi Kingston. Tom confirms Sami Zayn vs. Kofi for tonight. Kofi says tonight is a special night. Woods hypes up Big E with a grand introduction for his return from being out of action for 6 weeks. They bring out Big E under a cover and take it off but it’s not Big E, despite the pancake tossing. They crack jokes on the guy and send him packing. Woods and Kofi finally bring out the real Big E for a pop.

The New Day hits the ring for some comedy as fans cheer them on. Woods mentions how Big E isn’t cleared to wrestle yet. Big E talks about how he’s missed his brothers and he’s missed the WWE Universe. They also joke about some of Big E’s Twitter activity. Kofi says he’s supposed to be serious now because “they” want him to be serious. Fans boo when Kofi mentions Brock Lesnar winning the Money In the Bank briefcase. They also mention Kofi’s win over Kevin Owens at the pay-per-view. They go on but the music interrupts and out comes Owens to the stage.

Owens stands on the stage with a mic. The music immediately hits and out comes Zayn. He calls all of this a bunch of nonsense. The New Day continues railing on Owens and Zayn until Owens walks off to the back. Sami rants on The New Day and accuses them of contributing to a toxic culture. Woods starts interrupting Zayn with the trombone as he tries to speak. Fans interrupt with a chant for The New Day now. Sami says he speaks for Owens as well when he says The New Day’s night will not end in fun. Sami says he’s going to beat Kofi in front of these trash people and he will be lucky to walk away at all. Kofi tells Sami not to let the hip swiveling and the pancakes fool him because The New Day throws down when it’s time to. Kofi says he’s going to walk out on his own two feet and he’s going to walk right through Sami. Big E gets the crowd hyped up one more time as The New Day’s music hits. Sami talks more trash from the ramp.

– Still to come, Elias vs. Roman Reigns. Also, Becky Lynch and Bayley vs. Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair.


We see Carmella backstage. Drake Maverick asks if she’s seen WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth but she hasn’t. He has wanted flyers looking for Truth. Carmella asks Apollo if he’s seen Truth but he hasn’t, and he’s looking for him. Carmella stops someone wearing a bad blonde wig and asks if they have seen Truth. It’s him. Carmella pulls him into a room and tells him he has a bad disguise. Truth, confused as usual, thinks he has 7 more hours to go before the title belongs to him for good, because it’s the 24/7 Title. Carmella explains the rules to him. Truth begs her for help and she agrees to. They walk off and she tears a wanted flyer off the wall.

– We go to the ring and out comes Ali as we see a few shots of him in action during the men’s MITB Ladder Match on Sunday. We go to commercial.

Ali vs. Andrade

They lock up and Almas backs Ali into the corner. Ali with a wrist lock. Ali with an Irish whip and Almas goes Tranquilo in the ropes and Vega joins him. Ali sends Almas to the floor and Ali with a kick. Almas with a clothesline for a near fall. Almas with a chop and wrist lock. Ali lands on his feet on a belly-to-back suplex attempt and Ali with a reverse rana for a near fall. Ali with a front face lock and Almas pushes Ali away. Vega gets on the apron and distracts Ali long enough to allow Almas to connect with a drop kick as Ali comes off the turnbuckles.

Almas with a boot to Ali. Almas sends Ali to the floor and Almas follows. Almas sends Ali into the apron and then back into the ring. Almas with an arm bar in the ropes. Almas kicks Ali in the arm. Almas chokes Ali in the ropes. Ali with punches and Almas with a back elbow. Almas gets a near fall. Almas with an arm bar. Ali with a float over in the corner and Almas with a satellite gourdbuster. Ali works on the arm. Ali with punches followed by a drop kick. Ali with a tornado DDT to Almas and Almas goes to the floor. Ali iwth a suicide dive followed by a flip dive.

Ali cannot send Almas back into the ring due to the damage done to his back. Almas with a shoulder tackle that sends Ali off the apron into the ringside barrier. The referee starts his count. Ali gets back into the ring and Almas kicks Ali and hits a suplex and then holds on for a second one. He holds on and slams Ali into the turnbuckles. Almas has the referee count Ali on the floor but Almas goes to the floor and Irish whips Ali into the ringside barrier. Almas with a chop and then he runs Ali back first into the ring post. Almas biels Ali into the timekeeper’s area.

Ali gets back in the ring moments before the referee got to ten. Almas puts Ali in the corner and kicks him. Almas turns Ali around and hits the running double knee strike to the back but Ali kicks out. Ali with an inside cradle for the three count.

Winner: Ali

– We see Carmella backstage with R-Truth. He’s now wearing makeup with the wig. Truth says he feels like something is missing from the look. She hands him a bra and he says he needs help opening it because he’s always had trouble getting them open.

Mandy Rose vs. Carmella

We go to the ring and out comes Mandy Rose with Sonya Deville as Greg Hamilton does the introduction. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Tom shows us a video package on how Lars Sullivan destroyed The Lucha House Party at Money In the Bank. We go back to the ring and out comes Carmella with WWE 24/7 Champion R-Truth, still dressed as a woman but with the title around his waist.

The bell rings and they go at it. Carmella gets the upperhand and Rose ends up on the floor regrouping with Deville as Carmella talks trash from the ring. She comes back in and Carmella drops Rose with a kick to the face. Deville gets on the apron but Carmella yanks her into he ring. Rose comes from behind while Carmella is dealing with Deville and attacks. A bunch of Superstars, including The B Team and Matt Hardy, come running down the ramp and into the ring, chasing Truth. The referee calls for the bell.

No Contest

After the match, Superstars chase Truth away after he dropped Carmella at ringside. We see the group chasing Truth off through the arena.


Kayla Braxton is backstage with new SmackDown Women’s Champion Bayley. She asks her about the big win on Sunday. Bayley says it was a brutal night but she would do it again in a heartbeat. She goes on about proving the doubters wrong. Kayla asks about Bayley the champion vs. Bayley the hugger. Bayley says she’s moved past the hugs and she wants everyone in the locker room to bring their best.

– We see Carmella and R-Truth running backstage. They run into the women’s locker room and we hear screams. Truth continues running with the large group of Superstars right behind him. Sami Zayn watches them run by and looks disgusted. We go to commercial.

– We are back and Elias is killing time waiting for Roman Reigns by strumming his guitar.

– We see Big E holding his knee and Xavier and Kofi check on him. Xavier says that Big E said it was Kevin Owens. Xavier tells Kofi to have his match and not worry about him.

Kofi Kingston vs. Sami Zayn in a Non Title Match

Kofi punches Sami and kicks him. The referee holds Kofi back and Sami goes to the floor. Kofi with a running shoulder tackle on the floor. Kofi with punches and kicks to Sami. Sami back drops Kofi to the floor. Sami sends Kofi into the ring steps and Sami celebrates. Sami kicks Kofi and the referee warns Sami. Sami with punches but Kofi punches back. Kofi with a missile drop kick

We go to commercial.

We are back and Sami punches Kofi on the turnbuckles. Sami sets for a superplex and hits it. Sami gets a near fall. Sami goes for a Helluva Kick but Kofi with a clothesline and punches. Kofi with a running forearm into the corner followed by an Irish whip but Sami gets a boot up. Kofi with a double knee drop. Kofi misses Trouble in Paradise. Sami goes for a suplex but Kofi lands on his feet and hits Trouble in Paradise for the three count.

Winner: Kofi Kingston

Paul Heyman is out with the Money in the Bank Briefcase but he is missing one small thing, the man who won the match on Sunday. Paul says it looks like the perfect time now.

Dolph Ziggler auddenly attacks Kofi from behind and slams his head into the mat. Ziggler with punches and then he chokes Kofi and sends Kofi’s head into the ring post. Ziggler has Kofi tied up in the turnbuckles and he gouges the eyes. Kofi is sent onto the announce table. Dolph gets a chair and he puts it around Kofi’s head and sends Kofi into the announce table with the chair around Kofi’s head. Ziggler with knees to the head. Medical officials check on Kofi but Dolph stomps on the chair on Kofi and then he walks away. A stretcher is brought to the ring to help Kofi to the stage. Kofi refuses to be stretchered into the back and he gets back on his feet and walks to the back.

We go to commercial.

– We are back with a look at what happened to Kofi Kingston after his match against Sami Zayn. We will get an update on Kofi as the night progresses.

– Roman Reigns walks into the arena and he is serenaded by Elias on top of a truck.


Becky Lynch is interviewed in the Gorilla position. She is asked about her current state of mind. Becky says she does not feel right without her blue belt, but if someone is holding the belt without beating her, she is glad it is Bayley. Bayley says she likes the idea of Bayley Two Belts. Becky says she would shake Bayley’s hand and then knock her out. Becky says she is coming for Bayley and her title.

Lacey Evans and Charlotte Flair vs. Bayley and Becky Lynch

Becky and Charlotte start things off and Becky goes after Lacey but Charlotte attacks Becky from behind. Bayley sends Charlotte to the floor and then Bayley saves Becky from an attack by Lacey. Bayley tags in and Bayley sends Charlotte into the turnbuckles. Charlotte sends Bayley into the turnbuckles and chops Bayley. Bayley with a hot shot and then she hits a running shoulder into the corner but misses a knee into the corner. Charlotte with a boot to the back of the head and it sends Bayley into the turnbuckles. Charlotte with kicks to Bayley.

Lacey tags in and she sends Bayley face first into the mat. Lacey with a Cobra Stretch and she sends Bayley into the corner. Charlotte tags in and she kicks Bayley while Lacey holds Bayley’s hair. Bayley with an Irish whip and Charlotte does the Flair flip and connects with a shoulder and Charlotte pulls Becky off the apron. Charlotte with shoulders in the corner. Charlotte with a chop and she stops Bayley from making the tag. Bayley with a clothesline and Charlotte rolls to the floor and Becky kicks Charlotte away and Bayley makes the tag. Becky with a clothesline off the apron and Becky goes up top and hits a missile drop kick. Becky with a leg lariat and she drop kicks Lacey to the floor. Becky with a kick to the head and she goes up top. Becky with a flying forearm. Becky with an exploder.

Becky with a back heel kick and then she knocks Lacey off the apron but Charlotte with a knee to the back and then she goes for the figure four leg lock but Becky kicks Charlotte into the turnbuckles. Becky with a rollup. Charlotte with a rollup. Becky goes for DisArmHer but Lacey gets in the ring and Becky releases the hold. Lacey with Woman’s Right but Bayley tags in. Charlotte goes for a figure four but Bayley with an inside cradle for the three count.

Winners: Bayley and Becky Lynch

– We cut to the back where Jinder Mahal ambushes R Truth and gets a near fall with a rollup. Truth punches Mahal and run away with Carmella through the parking lot. Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas attack Truth and Bo covers Truth but Axel pulls him off. Truth sends Axel into Bo and Truth gets away as they follow.

– Still to come, Roman Reigns vs. Elias. Back to commercial.


We are back and Dolph Ziggler walks in the back. Sarah Schreiber asked about his return and why he did what he did to Kofi. Dolph says that was an honest question and it deserves an honest answer so he will give it to them. Dolph takes Sarah Schreiber’s mic and walks to the ring.

Dolph says if he was out there, he would boo himself too. This goes way back. When Ali got hurt and Kofi got an opportunity and he stepped up and knocked it out of the park. Dolph says it should have been him. Kofi jumped through hoop after hoop and ran the gauntlet. After eleven years of earning everything, he became an overnight success. Dolph says it should have been him. Kofi walked into the Elimination Chamber and he walked out a star. Dolph says it should have been him. He walked into Wrestlemania to fight Daniel Bryan for the WWE title while Dolph sat at home. Dolph says it should have been him. On that night, Kofi was the better man and it should have been Dolph. Every day since becoming WWE Champion, Kofi has outperformed every critic and he has been a fighting champion. You all respect him and you all admire him and it should be him. Dolph says that is why he did what he did. Dolph says he had no other choice. At Super Showdown,he will beat Kofi for the WWE title because he has to. Dolph says he will become WWE Champion and each of you will admire him and you respect him and you will love him.

– We have a video package for the Randy Orton versus Triple H match in Saudi Arabia.

Roman Reigns vs. Elias

We go to the ring for tonight’s main event and out comes Shane McMahon. He introduces SmackDown’s greatest talent acquisition and out comes Elias. Elias plays some on the guitar and we see Roman Reigns backstage walking. Back to commercial.

Roman with punches and Elias goes to the floor. Roman follows and he connects with an uppercut and he sends Elias into the ringside barrier. Roman with a Drive By to Elias. Roman saunters towards Shane and that delay allows Elias to kick the rope when Roman returns to the ring and Elias follows with a DDT for a near fall. Elias with kicks and punches. Elias sends Roman shoulder first into the ring post and then Elias clotheslines Roman on the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Roman with a flying clothesline and NeverEnding Story. Roman with a boot to the head. Roman sets for the Superman punch but Shane distracts Roman and Elias with a knee to Roman. Roman sends Elias into the turnbuckles and connects with an uppercut. Roman puts Elias on the turnbuckles and connects with an uppercut. Roman sets for a super Samoan drop but Elias gets to his feet and he hits a sit out power bomb for a near fall. Roman with a head butt and then they exchange punches. Elias with a jumping knee and Roman bounces off the ropes and hits a Superman punch. Shane puts Elias’ foot on the rope to stop the count.

Roman with a Drive By to Shane while the referee was dealing with Shane. Elias with a baseball slide and then he sends Roman into the ringside barrier, ring post, and ring steps. Elias goes up top and hits the elbow drop for a near fall. Elias removes the turnbuckle pad and the referee fixes it so Shane gives Elias the guitar. Roman with a spear to Elias for the three count.

Winner: Roman Reigns

After the match, Shane puts his hands in the general direction of Roman. Shane gets the guitar and Roman with a Superman punch. Roman grabs the guitar, but Drew McIntyre with a Claymore to Roman.

We go to credits.

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