WWE Smackdown Results – May 14, 2019

WWE Smackdown Results - May 14, 2019

Tonight’s WWE SmackDown opens live on tape delay from the O2 Arena in London, England as Tom Phillips welcomes us. He’s joined by Corey Graves and Byron Saxton.

– We go right to the ring and out comes Roman Reigns to a big pop. We see what happened on last night’s RAW with Reigns, The Miz, Shane McMahon, Elias and Bobby Lashley.

Reigns takes the mic and says he has unfinished business from RAW last night and he doesn’t want to wait until Money In the Bank. Reigns says Elias is a big problem and he’s going to take care of him. Reigns introduces one of the solutions for Elias and introduces The Miz. Miz takes shots at Elias and Shane, plugging the Steel Cage match at Sunday’s MITB pay-per-view. Shane’s music interrupts and out he comes to the stage with Elias.

Shane says Miz disgusts him and he hates looking at him, so he’s going to ban him from the building and from ringside tonight. Elias says underestimating him will be the biggest mistake of Reigns’ career. Elias says at MITB he will prove why Vince McMahon chose him as the biggest acquisition in SmackDown history, and we will see what the McMahon Family have seen – that WWE stands for Walk With Elias. Shane reminds Elias it also stands for just WWE. Shane says it’s time to remove The Miz and Reigns from the ring. He introduces a few other people who hate Miz’s guts. The music hits and out come SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and Rowan, without their belts.

Shane, Elias, Bryan and Rowan march to the ring as Reigns and Miz get ready for a fight, standing back-to-back in the middle of the ring as the heels surround them on the apron. Reigns and Miz start fighting back as the heels attack when Shane gives the order. Reigns and Miz both get dumped to the floor and the heels follow to keep the beatdown going. The music interrupts and out comes The Usos to make the save.

The Usos and The Miz are here on the WWE Wild Card rule tonight. The Usos attack and make the save at ringside until Rowan levels them both with a double clothesline on the floor. The brawl comes to the ring as The Usos, Reigns and Miz fight back. They clear the ring as fans cheer them on. Reigns’ music hits as he stands tall with The Usos and The Miz. Shane and his crew back up the ramp to the back.

– Still to come, WWE Champion Kofi Kingston has been invited to be a guest on The Kevin Owens Show. Also, a new episode of Bray Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House.

Fatal 4 Way: Randy Orton vs. Ali vs. Andrade vs. WWE Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor

We go to the ring for tonight’s Fatal 4 Way and out comes Randy Orton as Greg Hamilton does the introductions. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and Rowan and Daniel Bryan are venting to Shane McMahon. Shane makes a 4-on-3 Handicap Match for tonight against The Usos and Roman Reigns. If The Miz interferes the Steel Cage match against Shane will be pulled from Sunday’s pay-per-view. We go back to the ring and Orton is standing with a ladder and a mic in the ring. We see the MITB briefcase hanging high above the ring. Orton talks about how he will win the briefcase for the second time on Sunday and then the three most dangerous letters for the WWE Champion will be RKO. Orton drops the mic. The music hits and out next comes Andrade with Zelina Vega. Vega and Andrade also talk about how he will be Mr. Money In the Bank after Sunday. Ali is out next, followed by WWE Intercontinental Champion Finn Balor for this non-title match.

Back from the break and the match is already underway. Orton works Ali around the ring. Balor tries to get involved but he gets kicked out of the ring. Ali unloads with strikes on Orton now. Orton catches Ali with a powerslam. Fans chant for the RKO now as Orton stalks Ali while he’s down. Orton rocks Ali with an uppercut. Ali catches Orton with a dropkick and Orton goes down. Orton runs into a back elbow in the corner. Ali blocks the RKO and drops a big DDT. Ali with a 2 count on Orton as Andrade breaks it up.

Andrade unloads on Ali in the corner as Vega barks orders. Ali ends up sending Andrade into the turnbuckles. Andrade comes back and turns Ali inside out with a big shot. Andrade ends up tossing Ali out of the ring to the floor. Balor drops Andrade in the corner. Balor rocks Andrade and Orton, knocking him off the apron. Balor with more offense to his opponents. Balor with an elbow to Orton’s throat. Balor kicks Andrade in the head from the apron.

Balor climbs to the top for the Coup de Grace but Andrade crotches him. Andrade with the running double knees to Balor in the corner. Balor kicks out at 2 and Vega isn’t happy. Vega looks under the ring and calls for Andrade to come get a ladder. Andrade brings two ladders out and slides one of them into the ring. Andrade rams the ladder into Balor. He charges with it but Ali superkicks him. Andrade falls back out to the floor. Ali leaps out over the top rope and hits a ladder in Andrade’s arms on the floor. They both hit hard and go down. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Andrade sends Balor into a ladder in the corner. More back and forth between everyone. Ali leaps off the top and Orton catches him with the RKO. Andrade ends up dropping Balor in the middle of the ring again. Andrade with the Hammerlock DDT for a close 2 count. Balor leaps out of the ring to take Ali and Orton down on the floor. Andrade and Balor tangle more in the middle of the ring. Andrade with another Hammerlock DDT for the pin to win.

Winner: Andrade

After the match, Andrade stands tall with Vega as his music hits. We go to replays. Andrade climbs a ladder under the briefcase but Ricochet’s music hits and out he comes on the Wild Card Rule. Ricochet leaps onto the ladder and goes at it with Andrade. The fight ends with Ricochet clutching the briefcase on the ramp while Andrade recovers on the floor.

– We get a backstage pre-recorded video from Carmella, discussing the women’s Money In the Bank Ladder Match.

– Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods are backstage. Woods says he has Kofi’s back and will make sure everything goes smooth during The Kevin Owens Show. Kofi wants Woods to stay in the back because Woods isn’t at 100% right now. Kofi says he will handle things by himself tonight.

– Back from the break and out comes Charlotte Flair. We see a replay from the double Money In the Bank contract signing on last night’s RAW with Flair, Lacey Evans and RAW & SmackDown Women’s Champion Becky Lynch.

Flair says Sunday will be the culmination of her rivalry with Lynch and the rivalry will end with Flair becoming the SmackDown Women’s Champion once again. Flair throws out a “Wooo!” and leads us to a video package on the big screen, looking at the history between The Queen and The Man. We go back to the announcers and they hype Lynch vs. Evans and Lynch vs. Flair for Sunday.

– We cut backstage to Lacey Evans, asking if everyone forgot about her. Evans says everyone must be watching the Becky – Charlotte story again. Evans goes on about facing Becky on Sunday at Money In the Bank and says she will teach her about a Woman’s Right. Evans says Lynch will have a new nickname after the match – Becky Black Eye. Evans says she will also have a new nickname – RAW Women’s Champion.

4-on-3 Handicap Match: Shane McMahon, Elias, SmackDown Tag Team Champions Daniel Bryan and Rowan vs. Roman Reigns and The Usos

We go to the ring for tonight’s main event match and out first comes Shane McMahon. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and we get another pre-recorded cryptic vignette from Aleister Black. Black goes on and says for his opponents who try and get inside his head, he guarantees them that they will not like the place that they try and venture into. Black goes on and ends the segment with a Fade to Black tease. We go back to the ring and out come The Usos, Jimmy Uso and Jey Uso. Roman Reigns is out next. If The Miz interferes in this match, his Steel Cage match with Shane McMahon will be pulled from Sunday’s Money In the Bank pay-per-view.

The bell rings and Bryan starts off with Jimmy. They tangle and go to the mat. They run the ropes and Bryan nails a big shoulder. They go at it again and Jimmy delivers chops. Jey tags in for some double teaming in the corner and a 2 count. Bryan briefly turns it around and tags in Elias. Fans sing for Elias but Jey kicks him in the face from the apron. Jey goes to the top but this backfires as he lands on his feet, apparently hurts his leg and Elias levels him with a clothesline. Shane comes back in and keeps Jey down, dropping elbows on the hurt leg.

Shane keeps Jey down and works him over, taunting him. Elias comes back in and takes Jey to the corner, working him over. Bryan tags in next. Bryan keeps up the attack on Jey and takes out his knee with a stiff shot. Bryan with a 2 count. Bryan mounts Jey in the corner while Reigns and Jimmy try to rally the crowd. Bryan and Elias get fought off but Bryan comes from behind and pushes Jey from the top to the floor. He lands hard and we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Rowan works over Jey in the ring. Rowan splashes Jey and covers for a 2 count. Elias comes back in and keeps Jey down, wasting some time and posing over him. Elias with more offense and a 2 count, and another. Elias brings Jey back to the corner and works him over before Shane tags back in. Shane drops Jey with a kick. Jey with more strikes to Jey. Shane catches a kick but Jey drops him with a kick of his own. Fans rally for Jey now. Reigns and Bryan tag in at the same time for a pop. Reigns unloads on Bryan and then rocks Rowan on the apron a few times.

Reigns unloads in the corner with clotheslines to Bryan as fans count along. Reigns levels Bryan with a big boot. Shane tries for a cheap shot but Reigns warns him. Reigns calls for a Superman Punch but has to knock Elias off the apron as he approaches. Bryan blocks the Superman Punch and Rowan clotheslines Reigns from the apron, dropping him. Elias ends up tagging in and beating Reigns up against the ropes. Elias drops Reigns with a big jumping knee to the face for a 2 count. Rowan comes back in and keeps Reigns down for another 2 count. Rowan with a Vise-Grip hold on Reigns now. Fans rally for Reigns. Reigns looks to make a comeback but Rowan overpowers and shuts him down. Rowan poses and plays to the crowd as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Elias keeps Reigns down. Elias drops a big elbow and plays to the crowd for some boos. Reigns blocks a right hand and fights back. Elias with a knee to the gut and more offense. Reigns catches Elias with a Samoan Drop for a pop. Fans rally as Reigns looks to make the tag. Bryan and Jimmy tag in at the same time. They go at it and unload on each other. Bryan dodges a superkick. Shane and Elias run in to superkicks. Jey tags in and they double superkick Rowan. Bryan gets kicked in mid-air and covered for a 2 count as Shane makes the save on Jey’s pin.

Elias ends up hitting a Drift Away on Jey but Jimmy makes the save with a superkick. Bryan charges in and hits the big knee on Jey for a close pin attempt. Reigns in with another save. Reigns and Rowan go at it but Rowan dumps Reigns out to the floor. Rowan follows but Reigns rocks him with a Superman Punch. Elias sends Reigns into part of the steel ring steps. Shane tags in and goes to the top to hit a big Coast 2 Coast on Jey. Shane covers for the pin to win.

Winners: Shane McMahon, Elias, Daniel Bryan and Rowan

After the match, Shane and his partners stand tall as his music hits. The Miz’s music suddenly interrupts and out he comes with a steel chair. Shane retreats as Miz looks on. Reigns ends up hitting a Spear on Rowan. Shane looks on from the stage as Miz stares back at him while his music plays. Hamilton interrupts to quickly announce Shane as the winner. The four heels and the four babyfaces stare each other down.

– The announcers send us to Bray Wyatt’s “Firefly Fun House” segment from Monday’s RAW, where he revealed his dark secret and the new mask.

Kairi Sane and Asuka vs. Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville

We go to the ring and out comes Asuka and Kairi Sane, accompanied by Paige. We go to commercial.

Back from the break and we get pre-recorded backstage promos from Ember Moon and Bayley. They talk about possibly winning the briefcase in Sunday’s women’s MITB Ladder Match. The announcers run down the card for Sunday’s pay-per-view. We go back to the ring and Paige has a mic. She stands with Asuka and Sane. WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions The IIconics, Billie Kay and Peyton Royce, are on commentary. Paige introduces Sane and Asuka as The Kabuki Warriors, the newest and fiercest addition to the division. Paige says not only are they the next WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions, they are the future of the division. The music interrupts and out comes Mandy Rose and Sonya Deville. They knock Paige for thinking she did something special by coming up with the team name for Asuka and Sane. They go on and talk about Rose winning the briefcase on Sunday, and then the two of them winning the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles.

The bell rings and Asuka starts off with Deville. They go at it and Asuka hits a Hip Attack. Sane tags in for some double teaming. They clear the ring for a pop. Sane leaps off the apron and takes Rose down while she regroups with Deville. Asuka charges and knocks Deville from the apron to the floor. Sane stands tall for a pop as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Sane rocks Rose against the ropes. Sane with a crossbody for a 2 count. Sane and Deville end up double teaming Sane in the corner as the referee counts. Deville delivers a running knee for a 2 count. Rose comes back in and keeps control of Sane in the middle of the ring. Sane fights back from a hold but Rose huts her down again. More back and forth. Asuka finally gets the hot tag and unloads on Rose. Asuka with a German suplex.

Asuka with a kick to the face and a takedown for the Asuka Lock but Deville makes the save. The referee orders Deville out after she kept it up. Deville ends up coming in and going at it with Asuka. Asuka fights back and delivers kicks while Deville is on her knees. Deville catches a kick and drops Asuka with a shot to the throat. Deville with a Spinebuster. Rose wants to be tagged in and she is. She goes right for the pin but Asuka counters and rolls her up for the pin of her own.

Winners: Asuka and Kairi Sane

After the match, Paige heads to the back with Asuka and Sane, arms in the air, while Rose and Deville show frustration in the ring. Rose can’t believe what happened.

– We see Kayla Braxton looking nervous backstage before an interview with Lars Sullivan. Tom leads us to a video package on how dominant Lars has been on the main roster. Kayla is with Lars now as some fans in the arena boo. Kayla asks him to comment on the destruction… she fumbles her words, thanks him and walks off. Lars just stares her down.

– Kevin Owens is backstage hyping a very special episode of The Kevin Owens Show with the WWE Champion. Owens says The New Day isn’t on the show because he’s not facing them, he’s facing Kofi Kingston. Owens says Kofi will be forced to answer the question Owens has always known – if Kofi can stand on his own. Owens goes on and talks about how he might hurt Kofi on Sunday. The New Day’s music interrupts in the arena and out comes Kofi to a pop. We go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Kofi is in the ring with the set up for The Kevin Owens Show. Kofi said he received an invitation and here he is. Kofi is by himself. Kofi says Owens will get his shot at WWE Money In the Bank on Sunday but what about tonight? Kofi goes on and introduces the host, Owens. Owens doesn’t show. Fans chant “Kofi’s show” and Kofi says we might change it to The Kofi Show. Kofi taunts Owens and talks some trash now. Owens suddenly appears on the big screen.

Owens talks about Kofi finally being alone. He goes on and says Kofi is only WWE Champion because of The New Day, but all that ends on Sunday because Kofi will be facing the most dangerous man in WWE. And here is proof… Owens shows us a video package with highlights from his WWE run, going back to his first night on RAW and the win over John Cena. Owens says all that’s left now is for him to take what is his. Kofi asks what the video proved. He says it didn’t prove anything and he’s getting tired of hearing Owens talk. Kofi starts tossing stuff out of the ring – pancakes, chairs, and more. Owens says if Kofi doesn’t think he’ll come out, here he comes. Kofi says that’s what he thought. Owens’ music hits and here he comes marching to the ring as Kofi waits in the ring.

Owens makes it to ringside but stops and turns around. He turns back to the ring but stops again as Kofi gets ready to fight. Fans boo Owens’ mind games. Kofi leaves the ring and they start brawling on the entrance way now. Sami Zayn suddenly attacks Kofi, coming over under the Wild Card Rule. Kofi gets double teamed now as some fan boo. The New Day’s music hits and out comes Xavier Woods to make the save. Owens sends Woods into the ring post and he goes down. Sami and Owens double team Kofi now. Fans try to rally for Kofi as the double team continues. Owens sends Kofi into the steel again.

Sami and Owens bring Kofi back into the ring and keep him down. Owens talks trash and yells in Kofi’s face while keeping him down in the corner. Owens yells some more and goes for a Corner Cannonball but Kofi gets out of the way. Sami goes after Kofi and works him over against the ropes. Fans chant for Kofi. Sami goes for a Helluva Kick but it’s countered. Kofi drops Sami with a Trouble In Paradise. Kofi stands tall as fans cheer him on. Owens watches from the stage as Kofi tells him to bring it from the ring. The New Day music starts up as Kofi stands with Woods at ringside. The final SmackDown before WWE Money In the Bank goes off the air with Kofi yelling at Owens from ringside.

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