Impact Wrestling Results – May 31, 2019

Impact Wrestling Results - May 31, 2019

We start off with the usual video looking back at last week’s show, then we head right to the ring for our opening match…

Moose & The North vs Tommy Dreamer, Sabu & Rob Van Dam

Feeling out process to start, first between Dreamer and Page, then Sabu and Alexander, and finally RVD and Moose. RVD finally connects with a leg lariat to Moose, followed by a high kick to the face. RVD and Sabu hit Rolling Thunder for 2, then Dreamer slams Sabu on top of Moose. Dreamer with a series of jabs to Moose, but Moose pulls the referee in front of him to block a Dusty elbow, then boots Dreamer in the ribs to take control as we go to commercial.

We come back as Dreamer drops Moose’s face on a chair, then plants him with a Diamond Cutter. Hot tag, and RVD comes in to clean house on Page. RVD with a leg lariat in the corner, followed by a split-legged moonsault for 2. Sabu comes in to brawl with Alexander as RVD and Page go at it on the floor. Sabu throws a chair square into Alexander’s face, then again into his ribs, then springboards off the chair for the corner leg lariat. Then his valet whose name I didn’t catch springboards off of him onto Alexander. Alexander rolls to the floor, so Sabu springboards off the chair and wipes out both Alexander and Page with a dive. Sabu throws a chair at Page’s skull, then he sets up a table, puts Page on the table, and goes for a springboard from inside the ring, but Alexander breaks that up. Dreamer and Alexander go at it while RVD takes Moose out with a Van Daminator. Sabu puts Page on top of the table inside the ring and crushes him with an Arabian facebuster, then RVD comes off the top with the five star frogsplash to Page for the win.

Winners: RVD, Sabu & Tommy Dreamer

Great opener! Nice to see these three still going out there.

We go to a video from Brian Cage at home saying he’s doing great and soon to come back to action, and he’s tired of Michael Elgin going around and bragging about what he did. If Elgin wants a shot at him, he’ll be at Slammiversary and ready to defend his Impact World Championship.

Moose is backstage saying that Killer Kross had his back until he went crazy, then he got the North to watch his back, but they just showed they aren’t good enough, so from here on out, he’s going it alone.

Glenn Gilbertti vs Tessa Blanchard

Gilbertti gets the mic before the match because he has something to get off his chest. He gives Tessa credit because she’s one of the most talented female wrestlers out there, but that’s like being one of the best on the Philadelphia Flyers because it doesn’t count for much. Tessa thinks the women’s revolution is the road to superstardom, but that road is paved with a lot of potholes and usually ends up driving off a cliff, especially knowing how women drivers are these days. Gilbertti says the women’s revolution is a car crash waiting to happen. She knows Tessa had her struggles as a third generation wrestler, and she has had daddy issues all her life, so tonight, he’ll be her daddy.

Tessa shows her appreciation with a forearm that knocks him flat on his keyster. Tessa just unloads on Gilbertti faster then he knows what hit him, and she knocks him cold with one last forearm and makes the cover for 3.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

Well, that was entertaining. Speaking of which, we’re off to the LAX clubhouse, and the Rascalz show up and talk about the training they’ve been doing for their match. Konnan can’t believe they made this match without telling him, but the match is on.

Melissa is backstage with Willie Mack and Rich Swann, who talks about all the damage Madman Fulton did to them, but he and Willie have more charisma and fire than they’ve ever seen.

Desi Arnaz Hit Squad vs The Deaners

Cody starts off dominating Rohit Raju, then Jake knocks him to the floor where Cody takes both Desis out with a dive. Jake follows up with one of his own, and they continue working Raju over until Raj trips Cody from the floor. Cody is only in peril for a moment until he tags in Jake, who cleans house on both Desis. Double team from the Babalu Boyz gets 2 on Cody, but Jake comes in and clears Rohit out, gives Raj a Boss Man Slam, and Cody covers for 2. Jake goes to the floor and tries cahrging at Raj, who moves and sends Jake crashing into the post. Raju knocks Cody off the top rope, and Raj gets a rollup for 2. Mid ring collision leads to Cody rolling Raj up for the win.

Winners: The Deaners

Video package of Killer Kross warning Eddie Edwards that Kenny is gone because of him, and now, Eddie will be more isolated than ever before.

Melissa is backstage with Michael Elgin, who thinks Brian Cage is stupid for showing up to Slammiversary. Management should take the title and just hand it to him, because at Slammiversary, he’s not sending him out in an ambulance, this time it’ll be a hearse. Johnny Impact comes in and announces he wants a shot at the X Division Title held by Rich Swann, and tonight, they’re both going to do their part to make sure neither of their opponents get to Slammiversary.

No DQ Match: Killer Kross vs Eddie Edwards

Eddie runs to the ring and jumps Kross to kick start the match. He batters Kross all around ringside, but Kross (who is wearing a kevlar vest) smashes Eddie into the ringpost. Eddie tries taking Kross out with a dive, but Kross bashes him in the skull with a trash can, then suplexes him through the ropes and to the floor. Eddie takes a beating until he catches Kross unawares and gives him a blue thunder bomb into a trash can. Eddie uses the trash can lid to batter Kross about the skull, but a cover only gets 1. Kross gets Eddie in the straitjacket choke, and Eddie uses a cookie tin to bash Kross in the head until he releases him, but Kross immediately drops Eddie with a superkick. Kross shoves his thumbs into Eddie’s eyes, then Baldo bombs him onto a ladder that was balanced between two chairs. Kross piles a whole bunch of chairs in the middle of the ring, and he tries to superplex Eddie onto them, but Eddie holds on, and gives Kross a sunset bomb onto the chairs. Eddie goes for a tiger driver onto the chairs, but Kross stands up, and instead of backdropping Eddie onto the chairs, drops him straight down so he lands on his head on the chairs, then crumples to the mat. Kross with a double chokeslam on Eddie onto the chairs, then snaps Eddie over hard with a backdrop suplex. Kross puts on his lead-lined gloves, slowly stalks Eddie, and doesn’t see the Sandman come into the ring from behind and bash him with a kendo stick. Eddie hits the Boston Knee Party on Kross and covers for the win.

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Really sick fight, but I really, REALLY wish Eddie would stop taking bumps like that head bump on the chairs. Sandman showing up was a nice surprise, especially to Eddie when the Sandman drops to a knee and hands his stick to Eddie, who gladly accepts. Looks like we have a new Kenny!

Jim Mitchell and Rosemary (with Su Yung in chains) have a summit, and Mitchell is tired of Rosemary slandering him. She reminds Allie that she came to him, he didn’t trap her, and Allie got what she wanted, but Rosemary’s petty jealousy wouldn’t let her stand by, and she had to take her out and cause her death. He asks Rosemary why, if she’s such a good friend, her friend wound up dead? Rosemary jumps up and starts strangling Mitchell, screaming that Allie is dead because of him, and the bride stays with her.

This week’s Impact Plus flashback is Raven vs Rhino from a TNA Unbreakable from many years ago.

We go to the oVe Cam, where Sami Callihan plugs Impact’s online store, then says they’re taking over everything.

Josh and Don talk about stuff, and then…IT’S MAIN EVENT TIME!

Rich Swann & Willie Mack vs Michael Elgin & Johnny Impact

Swann takes both heels out with a dive during their entrance, and we are at commercial.

We’re back, and Swann and Mack are still in control, peppering Impact with a series of double teams. Heel chicanery leaves Mack cut off from Swann, but he holds his own, goes toe-to-toe with Elgin, and tags in Swann, who promptly eats a leaping enziguiri and corner avalanche from the big man. Swann somehow manages to pop Elgin over with a snap suplex, but Elgin drills Swann back into the corner, then picks Mack up in a fireman’s carry and gives him a running death valley driver into the corner on top of Swann. Yipes! We’re at commercial.

We’re back, and Swann is still in deep trouble and caught in the heel half of the ring. Swann manages to roll past Elgin and tag in Mack, who wipes both opponents out with a flying bodypress. He starts tossing both Impact and Elgin around with suplexes, then takes them both out with a double clothesline. Mack hits two Wastelands on Impact, then a Roderick Strong gutbuster gets 2. Impact gets a blind tag to Elgin, who catches Mack unawares with a slingshot back elbow. Swann tries a springboard something, but Elgin catches and powerslams him. Elgin takes Mack (and Impact) with a somersault dive, Swann catches him with a baseball slide, then takes all three of the other men out with a flippy twisty dive. Slingshot blockbuster from Mack, followed by a handspring elbow from Swann gets 2 on Elgin. Elgin fires back with three nasty superkicks on Swann, then tags in Impact, who baseball slides Mack out to the floor. Impact hits a Tidal Krush on Swann, knocking him right into a high angle German suplex from Elgin that somehow only gets 2. Impact gets a springboard legdrop on Mack for 2, but misses Starship Pain and eats a superkick from Mack as a result. Mack superkicks Elgin out of the ring, then catches Impact on a crossbody and rolls through, hits a Samoan drop and then a standing moonsault. Elgin finds himself alone going toe-to-toe with Swann and Mack, who superkick their boots down Elgin’s throat. Impact is up, and they hit a uranage/flatliner combo on him for 2. Elgin rips Swann’s head off with a lariat, Mack catches Elgin with a running meteora, Impact catches Mack with a second rope Spanish Fly, Swann catches Impact with a spinning kick, and everyone is down. Everyone gets up, and everyone starts trading punches in the middle of the ring. Impact “accidentally” bumps Elgin out of the ring, and a long argument over it ensues. Elgin decides to take a walk, leaving Imapct by his lonesome to take a second rope 450 splash from Swann to give us a 3 count.

Winners: Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Great main event, and good finish.

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