NXT Results – April 24, 2019

NXT Results - April 24, 2019

We are in Winter Park, Florida and your announcers are Nigel McGuinness, Mauro Ranallo, and Percy Watson.

Jaxson Ryker (with Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake) versus Humberto Carrillo

They lock up and Ryker sends Carrillo to the mat and Ryker backs Humberto into the corner and runs the forearm across the face. Carrillo with a waist lock and Ryker with a single leg take down and he goes for a belly-to-back suplex but Carrillo lands on his feet and he kicks Ryker in the corner and hits a springboard round kick for a near fall. Ryker chases Carrillo to the floor and Carrillo with a head scissors take down and a handspring back elbow. Carrillo with a moonsault for a near fall.

Ryker hip tosses Carrillo into the turnbuckles and he kicks arrillo. Ryker puts Carrillo in the tree of woe and connects with forearms. Ryker with a slam and forearm to the midsection. Ryker with a Widowmaker but Carrillo rolls to the floor but Ryker goes to the floor and sends Carrillo into the guardrails. Ryker runs Carrillo into the apron back first. Ryker sends Carrillo over the guardrails into the crowd. Ryker with knees to the head and the referee calls for the bell.

No Contest

After the match, Ryker drops Carrillo onto the guardrails. Oney Lorcan and Danny Burch come out to make the save for Carrillo.

Cutler and Blake do their best to keep Ryker from going after Burch, Lorcan, or Carrillo.

Adam Cole is in the back for a photo shoot. He is asked about the match between Roderick Strong and Johnny Gargano. Adam says he thought Johnny would be man enough to face the leader of the Undisputed Era. Roderick will beat Johnny to a pulp.

Matt Riddle is watching and he tells Adam he is next for a photo shoot. He says he never saw anyone as jealous of Adam for Roderick getting a match. Riddle asks Cole what is he going to do.

Adam says he has better things to deal with as Matt has his photo shoot.

We go to commercial.

Vanessa Borne and Aliyah versus Candice LeRae and Kacy Catanzaro

Aliyah and Kacy start things off. Aliyah with a single leg take down and hits a knee drop and handsprings to her feet. Kacy with an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner. Kacy with a slingshot head scissors take down and flip kick but Aliyah pulls Kacy down by the hair. Borne tags in and they hit a double suplex and get a near fall. Vanessa with a forearm to the back and she kicks Kacy in the corner. Borne with a biel.

Aliyah tags in and she kicks Kacy while Borne hits a splash to teh back and they pull Kacy off the ropes. Aliyah gets a near fall. Aliyah stretches Kacy on her knees. Kacy escapes and connects with elbows but Aliyah pulls Kacy by the hair. Borne tags in and they go for a double suplex but Kacy lands on her feet and hits a double neck breaker. Candice tags in and she goes up top and hits a missile drop kick on Borne and a baseball slide to Aliyah. Candice with a slingshot jaw breaker and a running elbow and snap mare. Candice with a step up back senton.

Candice with a suplex and quebrada for the three count.

Winners: Candice LeRae and Kacy Catanzaro

We see footage from last week when Kairi Sane lost out on her final chance at the NXT Women’s Title due to Io Shirai’s interference.

Cathy Kelley is with Io Shirai and she asks Io about what happened last week. Io says what Shayna did was terrible and she will get Shayna. . .

Marina Shafir and Jessamyn Duke attack Io from behind and then Shayna finishes her off with a kick.

We go to commercial.

We are back with William Regal talking about KUSHIDA signing with NXT. Regal says he is one of the best competitors. Triple H says KUSHIDA wanted to come into face the best. KUSHDA says he wants to show what he can do. Regal says KUSHIDA will be at the top within a year if he is asked for a prediction.

WIlliam Regal is asked about how excited he is for KUSHIDA’s debut next week. Regal says this is one of the most exciting things in NXT.

Kassius Ohno shows up and William congratulates him on the job he is doing in NXT UK. Ohno says it is humbling to be the guy to teach the young guys the authentic European style. Ohno congratulates Regal on signing KUSHIDA. Ohno asks who on the roster knows the Japanese high flying style better than him? Ohno suggests that he face KUSHIDA next week.

Regal is asked about the match and Regal likes the idea so KUSHIDA will face Kassius Ohno.

Angelo Dawkins and Montez Ford versus Hanson and Raymond Rowe in a Non Title Match

Ford flies through the air as Hanson and Rowe make their way down the ramp. The referee rings the bell and Dawkins with a spear and spinebuster followed by a frog splash from Ford for a near fall. Dawkins gets Rowe on his shoulders and For misses the double stomp when Rowe moves. Rowe with a forearm and Hanson tags in and punches Dawkins. Hanson with a side slam and cross body. Ford flips over Hanson and Hanson with a cartwheel and clothesline to Ford. Hanson with a knee to Dawkins.

Hanson with an arm bar to Dawkins. Hanson with a knee to the midsection and Rowe tags in and he slams Dawkins. Rowe slams Hanson onto Dawkins. Dawkins with an Irish whip and Rowe floats over. Dawkins with a punch. Ford and Hanson tag in and Ford with clotheslines but Hanson stays on his feet. Ford cannot knock Hanson down on a shoulder tackle or a second one. Ford with a thrust kick and knee but Hanson with a kick. Ford with a drop kick and a delayed belly-to-back suplex followed by a moonsault. Ford clotheslines Rowe over the top rope to the floor. Dawkins and Ford with corkscrew splashes into the corner. Ford with a Shiranui for a near fall from Dawkins.

Hanson runs through a double clothesline and hits a handspring double back elbow. Rowe tags in and hits an exploder on For and then he hip locks Dawkins and connects with a knee. Rowe with a drop kick to Ford and then Rowe sends Hanson into Ford. Hanson with a clothesline to Dawkins. Rowe tags in and they hit Thor’s Hammer for the three count.

Winners: Hanson and Raymond Rowe

The Undipsuted Era is outside and they are discussing strategy for tonight.

We see Johnny Gargano stretching in the back as we go to commercial.

We are back and Mia Yim is asked about Shayna Baszler. Mia says Shayna is unstoppable and look at what she did to Kairi Sane and what she is doing to Io Shirai. Bianca Belair had two chances and she does not look undefeated. MIa says she learned a lot about herself and Shayna when she faced Shayna. Mia wants another chance at Shayna and will prove why she is a threat.

Johnny Gargano versus Roderick Strong in a Non Title Match

Strong with a take down and front face lock. Gargano tries to escape but Strong holds on to the front face lock. Strong with a shoulder tackle and he blocks a monkey flip and Strong with a cartwheel but Gargano with a rollup. Gargano tries for the GargaNo Escape but Strong with a rollup. Gargano with a front face lock and Strong tries to escape but Gargano holds on and Strong gets to the floor. Gargano with an arm drag or two. Gargano clotheslines Strong over the top rope to the floor. Gargano goes to the apron and hits a thrust kick to the head. Strong with a half nelson suplex onto the apron when Gargano goes for a baseball slide. Strong with a chop and he sends Gargano back into the ring. Strong kicks Gargano and connects with a shoulder and chop in the corner.

Strong with a gutbuster for a near fall. Strong with a figure four on the legs and he has an arm bar on Gargano. Strong with a boot to Gargano’s chest. Gargano with a forearm and Strong with a forearm of his own. Strong with a back breaker on the shoulder for a near fall. Strong kicks Gargano. Strong with a chop that knocks Gargano off his feet. Strong has Gargano tied up in the ropes and the referee forces Strong to release the hold. Strong with another chop to Gargano but Gargano wants more and Strong with kicks and he gets a near fall.

Strong with a back breaker on the shoulders and he turns it into a Gory Special. Gargano with elbows and Gargano with an arm drag. Strogn with forearms and he sends Gargno into the corner. Gargano with forearms. Gargano sends Strong to teh floor but Strong pulls Gargano to the floor and Gargano with an arm drag that sends Strong into the ring steps. Gargano with a slingshot spear from the apron for a near fall. Gargano with a chop and Strong wtih a forearm. Gargano with an arm wringer but Strong with a forearm to the lower back. Gargano floats over and rolls through and hits a rolling kick. Strong goes to the floor and Gargano goes to the apron and Strong pulls Gargano off the apron. Strong misses a drop kick through the ropes and Gargano with a cannonball off the apron.

Gargano sends Strong back into teh ring and Strong catches Gargano to block a slingshot DDT. Gargano with a rana and super kick for a near fall. Gargano with chops in the corner. Gargano sets Strong for the lawn dart but Strong escapes. Gargano with a kick and Garagno avoids a back braker. Strong gets Gargano on his shoulders and Gargano with elbows. Strong blocks a slingshot spear and hits a butterfly back breaker for a near fall. Strong with forearms. Gargano with his own forearms but Strong with an elbow. Gargano with an enzuigiri. Strong with kicks but he misses the jumping knee. Strong with a back elbow. Gargano with a discus clothesline and he sets for the super kick but Strong tosses Gargano into the turnbuckles. Strong wit a knee and back breaker followed by a gourdbuster slam into the mat for a near fall.

Strong sets for the Strong Hold but Gargano blocks it. Gargano kicks Strong. Gargano tries for the GargaNo Escape and he locks it in and Adam Cole makes his way to the apron and Gargano releases the hold. Gargano with an elbow while Cole berates Gargano. Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish come out but Matt Riddle stops them. Cole with an enzuigiri to Strong and Gargano with a suicide dive onto Cole. Gargano with a slingshot DDT for the three count.

Winner: Johnny Gargano

After the match, Cole tries to explain to Strong what happened. Strong does not want to listen to Cole and he leaves the ring.

We go to credits.

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