NWA Crockett Cup Results – April 27, 2019

NWA Crockett Cup Results - April 27, 2019

The show has an old school 1986 look with the actual Crockett Cup and the NWA Tag Team titles sitting in the background, underneath a tournament board (think Karate Kid) and banners of Nick Aldis and Marty Scurll.  They are utilizing the old school 1980s NWA logo and the earliest ROH logo.

Battle Royal – Winners advance to Crockett Cup

It came down to The Boys and the team of Jay Bradley and Jocephus.  Royce Isaccs and Tom Latimer aka the former Bram.  They did a comedy spot early where Rhett Titus was posing and ended up being tossed out by everyone.   The Dawsons had some nice spots including powerbombing someone outside the ring atop of everyone else.  It appeared The Boys were going top win but Isaccs and Latimer, who had left the ring, returned to blast them over the top rope.

Your winners, Tom Latimer and Royce Isaac!

Caprice Coleman pushed the importance of the tournament winners getting not only the Cup but the NWA Tag Team titles.

They aired a video feature on Flip Gordon returning to action in the same venue that he was injured in.

The Crockett Cup First round: Flip Gordon & Bandido vs. CMLL representatives Stuka Jr. & Guerrero Maya Jr.

Gordon came out wearing a sombrero while Bandido came out wearing a Flip t-shirt.

Stuka Jr. went to the stage, thinking that’s where the entrance ramp was, but had to come back to the aisle in the corner of the venue.

Bandido and Stuka Jr. started off, shaking hands.  They went back and forth until tagging out to their partners.  Maya and Gordon went back and forth.  Maya hit a springboard into a back elbow that looked really good.  Maya nailed a series of backbreakers.

Stuka and Bandido battled.  They attempted to get the advantage against each other but Stuka nailed a series of monkey flips.  The second sent Bandido into his own corner and he tagged in Gordon.  Gordon tagged in but was quickly overwhelmed by Team CMLL. Bandido made the save but was double teamed and locked in a really unique version of the bow and arrow with each of them trapping him with one leg each as they forced him into the air.  Gordon returned to the ring and covered them for an attempted pin, forcing them to give up the submission attempt.  That was pretty cool.

Stuka Jr. hit a torpedo plancha, diving backwards off the top to the floor onto Bandido.   Gordon was sent to the floor and was nailed by Maya Jr. with a big tope.  Back in the ring, Gordon was covered for a two count but escaped.  He nailed several chops but was kicked hard.  He used several kicks on Maya before nailing a springboard dropkick.

Bandido sent Maya to the outside and nailed a great tope con hilo to the floor.  Gordon nailed a moonsault to the floor, landing on his feet.  Bandido and Gordon worked over Stuka with double-team elbows in the corner.  Gordon nailed a moonsault followed by Bandido nailing a top rope frog splash for a close two count.

Maya took out Gordon as he was preparing for another top rope maneuver.  Bandido speared him.  Bandido nailed a powerbomb but Stuka took out Gordon for another two count.  Bandido and Maya battle back and forth with chops.  He nailed a sit-down powerbomb but Stuka make it to the ropes.  Stuka overpowered him and nailed a big powerbomb.

Gordon came back and nailed an enziguri and a springboard spear for a two count.  Maya cut him off and covered Flip for a two count.  Maya nailed his finisher, The Mayan Sacrifice but Bandido nailed a double stomp to break it up at the last second.  Bandido was roughly tossed to the floor.  Gordon superkicked Maya.    Stuka kicked Gordon down.    He went for a move off the top but Bandido caught him.  Gordon came off the ropes and hit an Ace Crusher for the pin.

Your winners, Flip Gordon & Bandido!

Very strong tag match that told a good athletic story, felt competitive and really meshed lucha and traditional tag spots very well.

They aired a video feature on Nick Aldis vs. Marty Scurll.

The War Kings vs. Thom Latimer & Royce Issacs.

Crimson and Isaccs started out.  Crimson nailed a suplex out of the corner.    Latimer tagged in but was caught with a spinebuster.  Referee Paul Turner was putting Dane out of the ring, allowing Latimer and Isaacs to work over Crimson.  Isaccs hit his Moneyclip suplex for a two count.    Latimer nailed a series of punches in the corner for a two count.

Isaacs nailed a series of chops on Crimson, who fired back but was cut off.  Latimer locked in a side chinlock and spat at Dane.  He hit the ring but was admonished by the referee.  That allowed Latimer and Isaacs the chance to continue to double team Crimson.  Some nice old school tag team psychology there.  Isaacs nailed a big crossface.    They went back and forth until Isaacs and Latimer scored the win.

Your winners, Royce Issacs and Thom Latimer!

OK bout.

They aired a good Briscoes video promo on The Rock N’ Roll Express in black and white.  It was great.

Jim Cornette entered the ring.  He thanked everyone for their reaction and said it was great to be part of the Crockett Cup and to be back in North Carolina.  Cornette introduced The Rock N’ Roll Express, which I have to tell you, I never thought I’d see in 1985.    Cornette interviewed The Express.  Ricky Morton said as long as Jim has known them, they have never backed down and they won’t tonight.  Morton put over the fans and North Carolina.  He said that they were inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame and they never even wrestled there.  Morton said he knows their time is coming, but the one thing left on their bucket list is the Crockett Cup.  He led a “Rock N’ Roll” chant in North Carolina.  Great old school promo.  You gotta love it.

The Briscoes’ music hit to stop the proceedings.  They entered the ring.  Cornette said it was good to see them but they weren’t done with the Express.  Jay said it was good to see him too but to give him the mic before he kicked his ass.  Cornette wisely handed over the mic.  Jay told the Express they were giving them one chance to walk out or the Briscoes were going to retire them.  Morton kicked Jay in the groin.  The Express hit a rana then a double dropkick.  Morton nailed a dive to the floor on the Briscoes.

Back in the ring, Mark nailed Morton with a right hand and busted him open in the corner.  The Briscoes began tagging in and out, working over Morton.  Jay nailed a big right hand.  They tagged in and out, beating down Morton.  The crowd chanted “Rock N’ Roll” to try and rally Morton.  Morton finally made a tag but the referee missed it, allowing the Briscoes to swarm Morton.  Gibson made the save and hiptossed Ricky into their corner and tagged in.  He hit all the offense you would imagine.  They nailed a Rocket Launcher on Mark Briscoe but Jay made the save.  Jay pulled Gibson to the floor and they battled.

This led Morton and Mark in the ring.  Jay returned to the fray and nailed a Death Valley Driver.  Mark nailed the Froggy Elbow and scored the pin!

Your winners, The Briscoes!

 This went as well as could be expected.  They did a great job of getting the Express over as the legends act and Briscoes were great as brash, disrespectful heels.

The Express got a nice “Rock and Roll” chant after the match.

Satoshi Kojima & Yuji Nagata vs. Villain Enterprises’ PCO and Brody King

Brody King and Yuji Nagata started out.  King showed his power and couldn’t be moved early on.  King shoulderblocked him down.  Nagata nailed some kicks and took King down finally.  Nagata sunk in the Nagata Lock to try and wear him down but King grabbed the ropes.     Kojima and PCO tagged in.  PCO played his unstoppable monster character to the hilt and knocked Kojima to the floor before hitting a crazy tope to the floor.  The crowd chanted for him.

PCO brought Nagata back into the ring, where Villain Enterprises worked Kojima over.  King chopped Kojima so hard he stumbled.  Kojima was worked over for a long time.  They nailed a double suplex on him but Nagata broke up the pinfall attempt.  Nagata finally got the tag and worked over King’s arm for a long time.  He went for a Saito Suplex but it was blocked and King blasted him with a lariat.  King and PCO hit a double chokeslam for a two count.   PCO was hit with an enziguiri.  Kojima tagged in and nailed a series of fast chops on PCO in the corner then whipped him into the opposite corner.  He blasted PCO, who went down to the mat, but sat up with authority.

King tagged back in and nailed a big slam and a back senton splash but Nagata broke up the pinfall.    He went for a suplex but Kojima reversed it and nailed a brainbuster.  He covered King but PCO broke it up.  Natata joined the fray.   He and PCO brawled to the floor.  Kojima went for a lariat but was blasted by King, who then hit a sit-down Michinoku Driver for the pin.

Your winners, Villain Enterprises!

Caprice Coleman ran down what was still to come tonight.

Santana Garrett vs. Sienna to crown a new NWA Women’s Champion.  Madusa will present the winner with the title belt.

The announcers noted Jazz had to give up the title due to injury.

Madusa came to the ring and cut a promo.  She said she wasn’t someone’s advocate or insurance policy, but the queen of carnage.  She was the world champion in two different iconic industries and what she is holding is the NWA Women’s Championship.  She said the title means a lot within the company and it is with honor and has been enriched with history and tradition.  She said the NWA asked her to be part of this historic occasion.  What she wants to do is present the title to “some amazing women.”  She said it goes all the way back to the 1930s to women who have worked their ass off, dilligently hard, trying to pave their way to the women today.    She said there is “no title trashing tonight, this is serious.”  She wants to introduce everyone to two women who are passionate about the business, Santana and Sienna.  She said, “Ladies, let’s make history.”  It felt like Madusa may have missed something and was trying to get back to where she wanted to be in the promo.

They locked up with Allysin Kay backing Santana Garrett into the corner.  They broke clean but Kay struck her.  Kay caught her on the mat and tried to force a submission but Garrett was able to escape.   Kay drilled her in the corner but Santana reversed and nailed a chop but was kicked down.  Garrett went for a wheelbarrow takedown but was caught and slammed face-first into the mat.

Kay twisted her neck, trying to force a submission.  They chopped each other hard and each went for a kick at the same time, knocking the other down.   Kay shoved Garrett’s face and dared her to come on.  Garrett pulled herself up and blasted Kay with a big forearm.  Kay sent her into the corner but was nailed as she charged in.  Garrett put together several offensive maneuevers and nailed a version of Eat Defeat.  She nailed a cartwheel handspring elbow in the corner.

Garrett locked in the Muta Lock on Kay.  Kay made it to the ropes.  Garrett nailed a handspring into a rana off the top.  She went for the shining star press but was cut off and nailed by Kay with a lariat for the pin.

Your winner and new NWA Women’s Champion Allysin Kay!

Kay snatched the title out from Madusa’s hands with the idea that she wanted the moment for herself.

Garrett offered her hand after the match but Kay shoved the belt in her face before walking out.

Solid, OK match.

They aired a video feature on Scurll vs. Aldis.

Caprice Coleman interviewed The Midnight Express, saying it was the first time in 30 years all three members had been together at the same time.  That isn’t exactly true, but who cares, it’s the freaking Midnight Express!  Bobby Eaton said he’s enjoyed being here with his good friends and said Dennis and Stan were great partners.  Stan Lane said he’s really from Greensboro, NC and there are no better fans in the world than fans in North Carolina.  Coleman put over Dennis Condrey for beating cancer.  Condrey said he wanted to say thank you to his doctors, all six of them.  Caprice told Condrey he was proud of him and hugged him.

Back at the announcing desk, Jim Cornette talked about how great it was to have the Express back together again.

SEMI-FINALS: Thom Latimer & Royce Isaacs vs. Flip Gordon & Bandido

Latimer and Gordon started out, with the story being strength vs. speed.  They went back and forth.  Bandido and Isaacs tagged in.  Bandido did a little grandstanding after an escape so Isaacs kicked him in the gut.  Everyone faced off in the ring.  Bandido and Flip Gordon hit stereo superkicks, sending them to the floor.  Madusa, still at ringside, offered Latimer and Isaacs advice before walking out.  Flip and Bandido attacked them on the floor.

Bandido and Gordon double-teamed Isaacs and Bandido.  Gordon was cut off and he was double teamed, as they focused on the knee Gordon had previously injured in the same venue.  They tagged in and out and they continued beating down Gordon in the corner.  They scored several two counts but Gordon kept kicking up and trying to make the tag to Bandido.  He was prevented from making the tag several times.  Isaacs attacked Bandido in the corner, preventing him from being there for a tag.  Isaacs rolled up Gordon and scored the pin.

Advancing to the finals, Royce Isaacs and Thom Latimer!

OK match but nothing out of the ordinary.  The most noteworthy thing was the tease Madusa could be involved with Latimer and Isaacs.

SEMI-FINALS: The Briscoes vs. Villain Enterprises

They faced off and brawled.  PCO nailed a series of chops in the corner on Mark.  Villain Enterprises controlled Mark early on.  PCO was whipped into the corner on Mark.  King then hit a cannonball in the corner.    They nailed their double chokeslam for a two count.

Jay finally made the tag and drilled King with a hangman’s Neckbreaker.  Everyone brawled.  PCO missed his senton off the ropes.  They all brawled on the floor.  King was sent into the barricade.  They sent PCO into the ring post.   They double teamed PCO on the floor with kicks.    Everyone grabbed chairs.    They entered the ring and faced off.

The Briscoes began beating Villain Enterprises with the chairs.  They were DQ’d!

Your winners, advancing to the finals, Villain Enterprises!

Fun battle while it lasted but didn’t hold a candle to some of the more crazy brawls these four have had.

The Briscoes attacked the referee and nailed poor Paul Turner with the Jay-Driller.    They attacked PCO and placed a bunch of chairs over his arm and chest.    Mark nailed a swanton on PCO as he was draped on the outside of the apron.  Jay Briscoe cut a promo saying the hell with the Crockett Cup, the fans and Villain Enterprises.

NWA National Champion Willie Mack vs. Colt Cabana.

They locked up with some nice back and forth wrestling before facing off and shaking hands.  Mack worked over Cabana and sent him into the corner.  Mack went for a running dropkick in the corner but Cabana moved out of the way.  Mack sailed through the ropes and took an INSANE bump to the floor, feel first, landing on his back.  That was sick and easily the craziest bump of the night, shades of Chris Hamrick.

Cabana brought him back into the ring and scored a two count after an elbow drop.  The idea was Mack was out on his feet.    Cabana acted as if he had it easy but was nailed with a double knee strike.    Mack came to life and nailed a Samoan Drop and a moonsault for a two count.     Mack nailed a big running forearm strike and a kick to the face in the corner.  Mack nailed a big cannonball in the corner for a two count.

Cabana made a comeback with a springboard moonsault for a two count.  He nailed a series of elbows but was caught with an overhead throw suplex.  Mack placed Cabana in the ropes.  Cabana fought him off and nailed a splash on the mat for a two count.  Mack came back with a reverse hook kick.  Cabana hit a big moonsault off the top and used a pinning combination to score the surprise win.

Your winner and new NWA National Champion, Colt Cabana!

This was a damn good match with some really good bumps and some nice big offensive maneuevers.  Cabana shifted from his usual fun guy role to a more competitive role.  Good stuff.

James Storm entered the ring and took the ring mic.  Storm said the last time he was in the NWA, he was fighting for the Ten Pounds of Gold but the last time he was there, the management had more to do with the winners than those in the ring.  He said that the NWA wanted someone in a suit who said a lot of big words but the fans are a lot more like him, drinking and having fun.  He said that he has a lot of respect for Colt and loves what he can do in the ring.  He said that he’s learned that management doesn’t want someone like him holding the ten pounds of gold, so he’s got a plan to silence them and that’s to take the National title. He said that he knows Colt is a man, so he’s telling him like a man, the next time he sees him, he’s coming for the belt.

The NWA Tag Team titles and the Crockett Cup were brought to ringside, followed by NWA President Billy Corgan and ROH COO Joe Koff.  They brought Francis and Jackie Crockett to ringside.  Jackie Crockett wore a t-shirt that read “TBS – 6:05.”

Nikita Koloff came to ringside as he will be presenting the winners with the Crockett Cup.  He was interviewed by Caprice Coleman inside the ring.  Koloff said it’s been an interesting journey.  He said he wanted to thank the Crockett family, who gave him the opportunity of a lifetime.  He said that when he thinks back on his career, talking on microphones in front of cameras, renting cars and flying on planes.  Caprice asked him where his accent, which disappeared as he kept talking went.  Koloff said it’s been 35 years, so your English has to improve.  That was great!  He said that he’s had an incredible journey and spends time now spreading to Gospel of Jesus.

Koloff introduced Magnum TA.  Magnum came out on his Segway to ringside.  Nikita greeted him on the floor and hugged Magum for a long time.  Caprice joined them at ringside.  He said it was surreal moment to be at ringside.  Coleman said it was 20 years since they’ve been together.  On TV, that’s probably true.  Magnum said he got to be part of the first tournament going to the finals with Ronnie Garvin.  It was a great tribute to the Crockett family.  After his accident in 1986 and was told he was never going to walk again at the age of 27 – he said the Lord had different plans for him and he walked again, although he didn’t get back in the ring.  He said that memories of walking out in Baltimore at the Crockett Cup still gives him chills today.  He said he loves being here with a great friend and to be see the conclusion of a great tournament.  Nikita and Magnum will be at ringside for the tournament final.

Crockett Cup Finals to crown new NWA Tag Team Champions: Villain Enterprises vs. Royce Isaacs and Thomas Latimer.

Madusa came out with Isaacs and Latimer.

The idea here is that The Briscoes’ attack have left the monsters hurting going into the finals.  Isaacs started out with Brody King, getting a slight advantage early on.  King fought back and chopped away at both Latimer and Isaacs.  PCO didn’t come into the ring to help, leaving the announcers to wonder how hurt he really is.  King was worked over for a long time in their corner.

King finally fought himself free but even tagging in hurt his arm.  He was screaming at King to “fix his arm” so the idea is that it was dislocated earlier.  King snapped it and that brought PCO to life as he was no selling everything and destroying everything in sight.  He wiped out everyone with lariats.  The crowd loved this and chanted for PCO.

PCO nailed a standing moonsault on Latimer and scored the pin.

Your winners and new NWA Champions and Crockett Cup Tournament winners, Villain Enterprises’ PCO & Brody King!

Nikita and the other dignitaries presented the cup and the titles to the winners.  I felt like there needed to be a strong promo here from the winners, but it didn’t happen.

NWA Champion Nick Aldis vs. Marty Scurll.

TOMMY FREAKING YOUNG did the pre-match referee instructions.  That was great.

They went back and forth with some good counter-wrestling early on.  Marty Scurll worked over Aldis’ arm.  Some really nice wrestling early on.  Aldis sent Scurll into the ropes but when he rebounded, he went down grabbing his face and claimed Kamille interfered.  The referee tossed her out with Tommy Young escorting her to the back.  Scurll loved that he was able to pull one over Aldis.  Aldis went up the aisle to argue with Tommy Young.  Scurll charged him and attacked the NWA Champion with chops.

Aldis was tossed back into the ring but nailed a big boot on Scurll.  Aldis nailed a German suplex and blasted Marty across the back.  Aldis fought back with a lariat.    He followed Scurll to the floor and nailed a sideslam onto the apron.  Aldis set up a table at ringside and chokeslammed Scurll through it.  How was that NOT a disqualification?

Back in the ring, Aldis drilled Scurll with a running knee in the mid-section.  The crowd chanted for Marty, trying to rally him.  Aldis controlled Scurll in the ring, working him over.  Scurll spit in his face and came back with a tornado DDT.  Scurll came to life with offense, stomping the hell out of Aldis.  Aldis ate a superkick and was knocked to the floor.  Scurll worked him over with chops on the floor.  Scurll punched Aldis, who began bleeding badly.  Scurll continued working him over with punches on the floor and whipped him into the barricade.

Aldis was brought back into the ring and nailed with a 619.  Scurll came to life with offense.  Aldis fought back but was small packaged for a two count.  Scurll locked a figure four leglock.  Aldis was nearly pinned but got his shoulders up.  He finally made it to the ropes.  Aldis was able to catch Scurll and nailed a tombstone piledriver.  He nailed a flying elbow for a two count.  He went for the Kingsman Cloverleaf but Marty fought him off.  He nailed a series of chops but was caught with a sit-down Michinoku Driver.

Aldis went to the top but was blasted with punches by Scurll.  He went for a superplex but was fought off by Aldis.  Aldis was too tired to capitalize.  Scurll returned to the fray and nailed the superplex this time, scoring a close two count.  Aldis caught him with a powerbomb for a two count, then tried to turn him over into the Cloverleaf, but Marty grabbed the fingers and snapped them.

Aldis charged but was kicked off.  Scurll went for the chickenwing but telegraphed it and got blasted. Scurll nailed the CrossRhodes but Aldis kicked up.  The referee got bumped when Aldis missed Scurll and nailed him by accident.  Marty nailed an enziguri and covered Aldis but Kamille returned to ringside and entered the ring.  She went for a spear but Aldis stepped in front of her and told her he wanted to win himself and sent her from the ring.  This allowed Marty to nail him in the groin with a kick.  Marty nailed Black Flag but Nick kicked up at the very last second.  They went back and forth with near falls.

Scurll ducked a clothesline and locked in the chickenwing on the mat.   Aldis tried to fight his way out, then shoved himself backwards into a pinning combination, scoring a two count.   Marty went for the Scurll Driver but Aldis turned it into a Cloverleaf but with his fingers injured, he couldn’t get all of it.  Scurll still tapped.

Your winner and still NWA Champion, Nick Aldis!

Really damn entertaining back and forth 25 minute match that was worthy of the NWA title and its legacy.  Aldis came off well playing the role of the old school Champion and Scurll was excellent in his role as challenger.

After spending some time recovering, Aldis and Scurll had words before embracing and raising each other’s arms.

The announcers signed off but Scurll took the mic and asked Aldis not to leave.  He said that he started his journey to become a pro wrestler 15 years ago and the very first person he met was Aldis.  Aldis took him under his wing and showed him guidance.  He helped Marty become the man that he is today.    He said they had a great match.  The crowd chanted “That was awesome.”  Scurll said that he thought he could win the ROH title and the NWA title and be a double champion, but it was not to be.  He said that Aldis is the NWA Champion and he deserved to be.

Aldis said that if anything was proven tonight, it’s that Scurll is the biggest self-made star in pro wrestling today.  He said that the letters NWA carry more weight than anything else in the business.  He scoffed at those who laughed at the idea of the NWA resugence project.  He said the NWA ain’t going anywhere and thanked everyone for their support.  He said he hoped to see them again.

Thanks to PWInsider for the results.

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