WWE 205 Live Results – March 5, 2019

WWE 205 Live

We start off with Drake Maverick welcoming us to 205 Live with a look back at the victories by Tony Nese and Drew Gulak. They will meet in the semifinals next week.

 Tonight, we will see Humberto Carrillo face Oney Lorcan. In the other tournament match, Cedric Alexander will face Akira Tozawa.

We take a look at the brackets for the Number One Contender Tournament.

Highlight reel of Oney Lorcan is played. It contains footage from his time in NXT, NXT UK, 205, and SmackDown. Lorcan says that being able to face Murphy at Wresltemania would be the greatest moment of his career. However tonight, he’s focused on Humberto Carrillo, and promises to do whatever it takes to win tonight’s matchup.

Lorcan makes his way to the ring. Carrillo is out second. A backstage promo that he cut earlier is played…saying that he came to 205 to face the best of the best…and that he’ll be going on to Wrestlemania.

Oney Lorcan versus Humberto Carrillo First Round of the Champions Tournament

Tie-up. Lorcan pushes Carrillo up off the ropes. Referee separates them. Lorcan and Carrillo exchange headlock takedowns, and stare each other down after a stalemate exchange.

Lorcan attempts a strike but Carrillo uses his agility and takes Lorcan down with a frankensteiner. Arm-drag from Carrillo and he focuses on Lorcan’s arm. Lorcan gets to his feet and forces Carrillo into the corner…again attempting a strike but again Carrillo dodges it. Lorcan takes control with a headlock. Carrillo tries to break it but Lorcan maintains the hold. A few corner break-ups. Shoving match between both men…that pisses Lorcan off who finally lands a vicious chop to Carrillo’s chest. He follows that up with a basement dropkick that sends Carrillo to the outside. In hot pursuit…Lorcan nails Carrillo with a vertical suplex to the arena floor.

Back in the ring, Lorcan keeps Carrillo at bay with a corner lariat and another chop. Huge running uppercut from Lorcan. He snags on another headlock immediately. Crowd tries to rally Carrillo back into the matchup….Carrillo uses joint manipulation to escape the hold…big right hand from Carrillo but Lorcan fires back with more chops. McGuinness calls Lorcan a world-class golfer when he swings those strikes.

Backstage, Jack Gallagher and Drew Gulak are watching…rooting Carrillo on.

Carrillo mounts his comeback. He catches Lorcan with his signature elevated arm-drag. Lorcan rolls to the outside…Carrillo with a suicide dive! He throws Lorcan back in…standing moonsault! Lorcan ends up on the outside again…twisting con hilo from Carrillo! He attempts a springboard attack but Lorcan slows him down with an uppercut. With Carrillo on the apron…Lorcan goes for an exploder…Carrillo blocks it. Lorcan ends up on the apron…he lands a few more stiff strikes…fisherman suplex from Lorcan right on the apron!!! He rolls Carrillo in for the cover….Carrillo kicks out. Lorcan goes for a half-and-half suplex…Carrillo rolls him up! Huge slaps from Lorcan! Carrillo responds with a huge superkick! Powerbomb nearly wins it for Carrillo. He climbs to the top for a moonsault…Lorcan gets the boots up! Half-and-half suplex! Lorcan wins it!

Oney Lorcan wins by pinfall and advances to the next round

Gulak and Gallagher are livid backstage that Carrillo lost due to a high-risk maneuver.

Commentary team gives us an updated bracket…they look on to who will face Lorcan in tonight’s main event.

Mike and Maria Kanellis are screaming at Drake Maverick backstage. He asks why he wasn’t added to the Championship tournament. Maverick says that Kanellis’s win loss record doesn’t qualify him to compete, but he’s set up a match for him tonight against a local competitor. An angry Maria tells Maverick that her husband is a 16 year vet, and doesn’t need to prove anything before they both walk away.

Commercial for NXT.

Mike Kanellis is on his way to the ring, accompanied with Maria. His opponent…a local named Colby Corino…is already in the ring. Kanellis attacks Corino before the bell…stomping him down. Ref asks Corino if he wants to start the match…before he can answer Kanellis destroys him with a running lariat. He hits Corino with his finisher. Referee declares the match a no-contest. Maria and Mike stand over Corino, before exiting the ring. Aiden English questions Mike’s tactics, growling “Just take the win.”

Promo from Tony Nese, who says he is one round closer towards going to Wrestlemania, which is in his home-state. To do that, he has to defeat Drew Gulak. Nese tells Gulak that he will not be facing the same man that he’s defeated in the past.

Promo from Cedric Alexander. Alexander says he’ll do whatever it takes to be a champion once again, regardless of how many opportunities he gets.

Commercial for Fastlane highlighting The Shield versus Baron Corbin, Bobby Lashley, & Drew McIntyre.

Akira Tozawa is on his way to the ring, which means it’s main event time! Cedric Alexander is out second.

Akira Tozawa versus Cedric Alexander First Round of the Champions Tournament

They shake hands before they go at it.

Alexander with an early takedown but Tozawa gets back to his feet quickly. Alexander grabs Tozawa’s wrist but Tozawa responds with a headlock. Alexander attempts to break the hold but Tozawa keeps it locked on tight. Both men show off some athleticism in a fun sequence…Alexander with a sunset roll-up and Tozawa with a deep arm-drag. Alexander uses the turnbuckles to jump behind Tozawa…Tozawa catches him with another arm-drag. A third-one sends Alexander to the outside. Tozawa goes for a suicide dive but Alexander cuts him off! Suplex from Alexander…he turns it into a gutbuster. Tozawa rolls to the outside. Alexander follows him out and lands the first strike hitting Tozawa’s chest.

Back in the ring, Alexander targets Tozawa’s midsection, wearing him down with a waist-lock. Tozawa gets to his feet but Alexander shows off his strength and slams Tozawa into the mat keeping the hold locked on. Tozawa bounces off the ropes…dropkick from Alexander. Early cover but Tozawa kicks out. Alexander goes right back to work on the back with a modified camel-clutch. Tozawa tries to get some offense going. He goes for the senton…Alexander gets the knees up! Tozawa’s back is hurt as he rolls to ringside again. Alexander tosses him back in and goes right back to work.

Tozawa starts his comeback. He lands a series of elbows onto Alexander’s head, then follows that up with a flurry of chops. Haymaker from Tozawa. Frankensteiner sends Alexander to the outside. Tozawa with the suicide dive! Back in the ring…Tozawa lands a missile dropkick from the top. Alexander just gets a shoulder up on the pin attempt. Both men are trying to catch their breath. Tozawa tries to deadlift Alexander, but his back gives out. He finally gets Alexander up but Alexander surprises him with a big right hand. Tozawa responds with an octopus stretch! Alexander powers out and hits a huge side-suplex! Dropkick to Tozawa’s knee from Alexander. He lands a punt kick from the apron, then his signature step-through flatliner! Cover…Tozawa out at two! Alexander stands Tozawa up and unloads with big forearms. Tozawa answers back with strikes of his own. Alexander avoids a trouble in paradise…he goes for the lumbar check but Tozawa shifts his weight. Series of roll-ups from Tozawa…Alexander keeps escaping. Huge elbow from Alexander! He goes for the Lumbar check again but Tozawa transitions into a DDT! Tozawa climbs…poison frankensteiner! ALEXANDER KICKS OUT! 205 chants from the crowd! Both men are down again!

Back on their feet…Tozawa locks in the octopus stretch. Alexander escapes but Tozawa catches him with a deadlift German suplex. He climbs for his finishing senton…Alexander grabs his foot and meets Tozawa on the top rope. He goes for a superplex…Tozawa blocks it. Forearm from Tozawa sends Alexander to the ground. He gets right up and pulls Tozawa’s leg out….HE CATCHES HIM IN THE LUMBAR CHECK! Got em!

Cedric Alexander wins by pinfall and advances to the next round

Commentary team takes us to the brackets again to show us our semifinals. Both matches announced for next week. Tozawa and Alexander hug following the bout.

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