WWE 205 Live Results – March 12, 2019

Drew Gulak welcomes us to 205 Live. He asks who doesn’t love the semifinals of a tournament. This is the round where we separate the men from the boys, the contenders from the pretenders. This is the round where Tony Nese predictably collapses under the pressure. Tony believes things will be different and kudos. Everything that Tony believes will be different this year is that he faces Drew Gulak. Drew says he owns Tony Nese. He will remind Tony that when you step to him, you will tap out.

Tony Nese says it will not take his speed or strength to beat Drew Gulak. Drew is different than everyone else. He cannot make mistakes because Drew will disect him. If you think you know him and own him, you do not know anything about Tony and what he will do to get to Wrestlemania. Tony says he will not give up.

Oney Lorcan says none of this is personal. He has no ill will to Humberto Carrillo but Drake Maverick knew what he was getting when he brought him here. The man to beat is Cedric Alexander and he knows that Cedric can be beaten. He is here to snuff out the soul of 205 Live.

Cedric Alexander says that Oney is a bad man and this division could belong to him some day. Cedric says he is still here and the road to the Cruiserweight Championship runs through him. You better make sure that every shot counts because he is going back to Wrestlemania to take his title back.

We are in Dayton, Ohio and your announcers are Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Aiden English.

We see comments from Buddy Murphy. Buddy says he is in Melbourne. He wants to take a minute to congratulate the semifinalists because they are two matches from facing the greatest champion. Who does he think will win? Will it be Drew Gulak, one of the best technicians. Will it be Oney Lorcan, who is not accustomed to the division. Tony Nese is the blueprint for a cruiserweight. He would not be surprised if Cedric is across the ring with him. He will prove that you cannot stop the unstoppable.

Oney Lorcan versus Cedric Alexander in a SemiFinal Match

They lock up and Alexander backs Lorcan into the corner and gives a clean break. The go for a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock. Lorcan with a wrist lock. Alexander with an escape. Lorcan with a side head lock and Lorcan holds on when Cedric tries to send him towards the ropes. Lorcan gets a few near falls and then Alexander gets a near fall. Alexander with a head scissors and Lorcan escapes. Lorcan with a chop that staggers Alexander and Lorcan with a second chop. Lorcan with an uppercut but Alexander with a drop kick. Alexander gets a near fall. Alexander with a chop.

Alexander with a European uppercut followed by a snap mare and kick to the back of the head for a near fall. Alexander goes for the Lumbar Check but Lorcan blocks it. Lorcan with an uppercut and clothesline. Lorcan gets a near fall. Lorcan with another near fall. Lorcan with a waist lock. Alexander gets to his feet and he powers out of the hold and connects with a forearm. Lorcan with a kick and running knee to the midsection. Lorcan gets a near fall.

Lorcan with a chop and it staggers Alexander again. Lorcan with an abdominal stretch. Alexander with punches and he escapes. Alexander with head butts and Lorcan returns to the abdominal stretch. Cedric with head butts to escape followed by a chop. Alexander with another chop. Alexander with a rollup for a near fall. Alexander with a clothesline and back elbow. Alexander with a back elbow. Alexander hits the Neuralizer. Alexander with a running shoulder in the corner and an enzuigiri from the apron. Alexander with a slingshot flatliner for a near fall.

Alexander with a chop and he puts Lorcan on the turnbuckles. Alexander sets for a superplex but Lorcan blocks it. Lorcan pushes Alexander off the turnbuckles and Lorcan misses a shoulder. Lorcan with a running blockbuster for a near fall. Lorcan goes for the half and half suplex but Alexander blocks it and connects with elbows. Alexander goes for the Lumbar Check but he cannot get Lorcan up. Lorcan with a chop. Alexander with a back heel kick and knee followed by a forearm. Lorcan with the half and half suplex for a near fall.

Lorcan with a European uppercut and he connects with a second one. Lorcan goes over the top rope when Alexander moves. Alexander with a spear on the apron and Alexander with a Michinoku Driver for a near fall. Alexander kicks Lorcan. Alexander goes to the apron for a springboard forearm but Lorcan with a European uppercut that puts Alexander on the turnbuckles. Lorcan goes for a half and half superplex and hits it for a near fall.

Lorcan looks around and picks up Alexander. Alexander slaps Lorcan and Lorcan slaps Alexander and Alexander is down. Alexander with a Lumbar Check for the three count.

Winner: Cedric Alexander (advances to finals)

We take a look back at Mike Kanellis’ attack on Colby Corino last week.

Mike and Maria are in Drake’s office. MIke says he has been doing this for sixteen years and he says Drake is not listening to him. Mike says he has paid his dues and he has earned the respect of every person he steps in the ring with. He does not want your pity. He will not go into the ring with a rookie. He will not beat his opponent and then act happy for the opportunity to be here. Mike says he deserves better.

Drake tells Mike that he will face one of the top cruiserweights in the world. One befitting of your stature. Drake says there is no place for losers on 205 Live. Looking good in defeat will not cut it. He tells Mike to take advantage of his opportunity because there might not be another one.

Ariya Daivari says his biggest asset is his biggest detriment. He makes ordinary people look like superstars. The leash is coming off and you will see what one year of frustration really looks like.

We go to commercial.

Tony Nese versus Drew Gulak in a SemiFinal Match

Tony points to the sign as he says something to Drew. They lock up and Drew with a side head lock and he holds on when Tony tries to send him off the ropes. Drew backs Tony into the corner and Tony with an Irish whip. Drew floats over and takes Tony down with an arm drag but Tony rolls through into an arm bar. Nese with a back elbow and Nese goes for a moonsault but Drew stays away. Tony avoids the GuLock and goes to the floor. Nese with a take down and a wrist lock. Drew with a head scissors and Tony escapes and applies a side head lock. Nese traps the arm.

Nese with a wrist lock and a drop kick that sends Drew to the floor. Nese goes to the apron and he avoids a leg sweep from Gulak with a cartwheel and he hits a thrust kick. Nese chops Drew. They return to the ring and Nese gets a near fall. Nese with a suplex for a near fall. Nese with a chop but Drew with an elbow and he hot shots Tony onto the ropes from a power bomb position. Drew with a boot to the chest as we see Cedric watching the monitor in the back.

Nese with a forearm and he goes for a suplex but Gulak lands on his feet and hits a reverse suplex for a near fall. Drew works on the leg and he applies a step over toe hold. Gulak gets a near fall and then he applies a figure four to the legs. Gulak with a forearm to the back and he stretches Nese. Drew drives the knee into the mat and he gets a near fall. Gulak with a reverse chin lock. Drew kicks Nese and he chokes him in the corner as the referee warns Drew. Drew gets a near fall. Drew with a chop and he tries to mess with Tony’s breathing. Nese with a hard Irish whip.

Nese punches Drew and follows with a back heel kick. Drew with a shoulder tackle followed by a knee and suplex for a near fall. Drew with a straitjacket choke. Nese with an arm drag and forearm. Nese with a boot to Drew and Nese with a face buster and kick to the head. Nese with a spinning heel kick. Nese with a running back elbow into the corner followed by a clothesline for a near fall. Nese gets Drew on his shoulders but Drew gets back to is feet. Nese with a Northern Lights suplex for a near fall. Nese kicks Drew and Drew with a punch and chop. Drew with a forearm and he misses a chop. Nese with a matrix and kicks. Nese drops Gulak on the top rope when he goes over the top rope to the floor. Nese misses the double jump moonsault but he lands on his feet. Nsse with an elbow and he hits a double jump split legged moonsault for a near fall.

Drew with a drop kick.Drew with boots to Nese and then he hits a forearm to the chest as he comes off the apron. Nese avoids the GuLock but Drew with a power bomb and he picks up Nese for a second power bomb but Nese kicks out at two. Nese puts Gulak on the turnbuckles and chops Drew. Nese goes to the turnbuckles but Gulak pushes him off. Nese with a palm strike and Frankensteiner but he misses the 450 splash.

Nese avoids the GuLock and Gulak with a rollup. Nese avoids the GuLock again and Nese gets to the ropes. Nese slaps Drew and hits a German suplex into the turnbuckles. Nese pulls down the knee pad but Gulak escapes and he hits a clothesline that flips Nese and Gulak gets a near fall. Gulak with the GuLock and he rolls Nese into the ring and locks in the hold. Nese propels himself off the ropes to get the three count on a rollup.

Winner: Tony Nese (advances to finals)

We go to credits.

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