NXT Results – March 27, 2019

NXT Results

Adam Cole makes his way to the ring and Goldie is in the ring waiting for him.

Adam says last week he outlasted four of NXT’s best when he pinned Ricochet for the right to go to New York to challenge for the vacant NXT Championship against Johnny Gargano. Cole says he can go on for hours why he will walk out of Barclays Center as the champion, but he wants Johnny Gargano to come to the ring and face him like a man to see what he is in store for when they meet in New York.

Johnny Gargano’s music plays and he makes his way to the ring.

Adam tells everyone to shut up and he says he does not need their support because he knows he can win on his own. Johnny says he loves the Johnny Wrestling chants.

Johnny says Adam had a million reasons why he will win so he wants to hear them from Adam. Johnny says we have made history because Adam Cole is at a loss for words. Johnny asks is it that or is it because they are man to man and you are facing the fight of your life at Takeover. Johnny says his path ends with him winning the championship. Now with Tommaso out, his path goes through you. Johnny will show why they call him Johnny Takeover . . . Bay Bay.

Adam asks Johnny if that is supposed to scare him. Is that supposed to intimidate him. Adam says that Johnny hasn’t been in the winner’s circle when it comes to Takeover. That nickname might be more appropriate if it was Johnny Participation. The fact is that Johnny Participation cannot beat Adam Cole two out of three falls. You cannot beat him in one fall and this is why. Adam says he became the first ever North American champion at Takeover. Adam won the first War Games at Takeover. Adam Cole says he beat down Drew McIntyre and held the title over his head at Takeover. How fitting is it that we return to the Barclays Center for him to reach the pinnacle of his career and beat Johnny for the title in the process. Adam says he has earned all of his success. What has Johnny Takeover done to earn this match?

Johnny asks if Adam is saying that he hasn’t earned this? Johnny says they didn’t roll out the red carpet and be allowed to debut in New York. Johnny says his time started at his tryout in June 2015, when he was told no. Johnny was told he was not good enough to be here. Johnny says he has heard it for 15 years and he fought for a chance and that chance came at the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic. He was put in a makeshift tag team against a guy he didn’t know in Tommaso Ciampa. They were unsigned and they were told to prove themselves. We fought for our freaking lives.

When it was said and done, they left with no contract and no promise for the future. A month later, he was invited back. He was asked back again and again. He was asked back because every time, he poured his heart out in the ring. The people chanted Johnny Wrestling. The louder they chanted, the harder he fought for a spot. He was not fighting for himself. He was fighting for everyone who was told no and that their dream would not come true. Johnny says he earned his contract in NXT. He earned his spot on Takeover. He earned the Tag Titles. He earned his career back. He earned the North American Championship. This place is his life.

Johnny says he wasn’t handed a top spot and a group of cronies to fight his battles since day one. Johnny says he would not change a thing about where he came from or the last four years because they showed where he is going and that is the main event of Takeover. He will fight to fulfill his destiny and Johnny Wrestling will finally become NXT Champion.

Adam leaves the ring and he says he thought about everything that Johnny said. It is a Lifetime movie right before his eyes. Adam says you can fight and scratch and claw all you want, but when they leave the Barclays Center, Adam Cole will be the NXT Champion. Here is why.

Bobby Fish, Roderick Strong, and Kyle O’Reilly appear on the stage. Adam says Triple H said the match would be definitive. He says Hunter was wrong because this match will be Undisputed.

We see what happened last week when the Forgotten Sons attacked Ricochet and Aleister Black after the Number One Contender Match.

We go to commercial.

Vanessa Borne and Aliyah versus Lacey Lane and Kacy Catanzaro

Aliyah and Lane start things off and Aliyah with punches and she uses the hair. Vanessa tags in and they send Lane into the mat and Borne with a near fall. Borne with a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock but Lane with a kick and a springboard arm drag that sends Vanessa to the floor. Lacey goes after Borne and Aliyah tags in and she kicks Lane as Lacey goes after Vanessa. Aliyah with forearms in the corner and Vanessa tags in. Aliyah stretches Lacey in the ropes and Vanessa with kicks to the back. Borne with a head butt.

Aliyah tags in and they both choke Lane in the ropes. Borne with a splash into the ropes.

Shayna Baszler, Marina Shafir, and Jessamyn Duke make their way to the ring.

Borne and Aliyah leave the ring and go to the back.

Duke knocks Kacy off the apron and Baszler kicks Lane. The referee calls for the bell.

Winners: Lacey Lane and Kacy Catanzaro (by disqualification)

After the match, Baszler with a Kirifuta Clutch on Kacy but Kacy uses the turnbuckles to escape. Kacy drop kicks Duke but Baszler reapplies the Kirifuta Clutch on Kacy.

Shayna, Marina, and Jessamyn go up the ramp and then Shayna says this will keep happening and then she gets on the announce table.

We see Aleister Black and Ricochet in the back as they get ready for their match against the Forgotten Sons.

We go to commercial.

Matt Riddle versus Kona Reeves

Reeves slaps Riddle and Riddle goes after Reeves but Reeves gets to the ropes. Kona with a punch before the break. Reeves with more punches. Reeves with a knee when Riddle blocks an Irish whip attempt. Riddle kicks Reeves away. Riddle with a sunset flip and a leg sweep and he misses a kick and misses a moonsault but lands on his feet. Riddle with a back senton. Riddle with a gutwrench suplex

Velveteen Dream’s music plays and he is pushed to the center of the stage on a couch. Matt is intriguesd and Reeves tries to attack and Riddle blocks it. Reeves sends Riddle into the ropes and hits an Olympic Slam for a near fall. Reeves with a cobra clutch. Riddle getse to his feet and he escapes with elbows. Riddle with a monkey flip into a bridge for a near fall. Riddle with palm strikes and a kick followed by a round kick to the head. Riddle with a ripcord knee to Reeves and Riddle with elbows to the chest and then he applies the BroMission and Reeves taps out.

Winner: Matt Riddle

After the match, Velveteen Dream announces Matt as the winner of the match.

Riddle goes up the ramp to confront Dream on his couch of opulence. Dream says he has no problem with Riddle. Riddle takes a drink from Dream’s cup and throws it aside.

Riddle takes the mic and he tells Dream he will see him in New York . . . BRO.

We see The Forgotten Sons in the back.

We go to commercial.

We are back and next week, Kairi Sane will face Bianca Belair.

Aleister Black and Ricochet versus Steve Cutler and Wesley Blake (with Jaxson Ryker) in the Finals of the Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic

The referee tries to hold both teams back before the bell rings.

All four men battle as the bell rings and Black and Ricochet force Blake and Cutler to the floor. Black and Blake start things off. They lock up adn Blake with a side head lock and he holds on when Black tries to send him off the ropes. Blake with a shoulder tackle and he gets a near fall. Blake with a side head lock and Cutler tags in. Cutler works on the arm and Black with a kick. Ricochet and Blake tags in and Ricochet kicks Blake. Black and Ricochet flip over Blake and Cutler and they do their poses. Ricochet with a head scissors to Blake and a drop kick as Black sends Cutler to the floor. Ricochet with a baseball slide to the floor and he punches Blake. Black kick Cutler and then Ricochet with a kick to Cutler. Ricochet with a Fosbury Flop to the floor.

Black keeps Cutler from escaping Ricochet and Ricochet with forearms and chops on the floor. They return to the ring. Ricochet with forearm and chops to Blake and Cutler. Ryker hits Ricochet when Ricochet goes for a handspring move. Blake with a knee to the back as he comes off the ropes and then he hits a back breaker for a near fall. Cutler tags in and he gets a near fall. Cutler with a knee to the back. Cutler with a hard Irish whip and he kicks Ricochet in the back. Cutler with a forearm to the lower back. Cutler gets a near fall. Cutler with a rear chin lock.

Ricochet wtih forearms but Cutler keeps him from making the tag. Ricochet with punches but Cutler keeps Ricochet from making the tag. Cutler with a slingshot back breaker and clothesline for a near fall. Blake tags in and he gets a near fall. Cutler tags back in and he connects with a double sledge to the back. Cutler with a rear chin lock. Ricochet with forearms and an elbow. Cutler sends Ricochet into the corner but Ricochet with a kick and drop kick. Blake tries to interfere but he is sent to the floor. Black is pulled off the apron when Ricochet gets to his corner. Ricochet with kicks to Cutler and Blake and then he is catapulted into his corner and Black tags in.

Black with punches to both men and he takes Cutler down with a leg sweep and a sliding knee. Black with a quebrada onto Cutler and Blake and he gets a near fall. Black pulls up Cutler but Blake tries to interfere. Cutler sends Black into the corner and Black kicks Cutler away. Black misses a double stomp off the turnbuckles. Cutler with a butterfly back breaker for a near fall. Blake tags in and Ricochet pushes Blake off teh turnbuckles and Ricochet leaps over Cutler and Black to hit a head scissors take down. Black almost hits Ricochet with a boot but Cutler kicks Black. Ricochet kicks Cutler. Blake with a clothesline to Ricochet. Black with a springboard Meteora to Blake.

Ricochet tags in and he connects with forearms to Blake and adds a European uppercut. Blake with an uppercut but Ricochet blocks a suplex. Blake and Ricochet both attempt suplexes but cannot get the other up. Ricochet finally hits the suplex. Ricochet goes to the turnbuckles and misses a Phoenix Splash but lands on his feet. Ricochet sends Blake to teh floor and then Ricochet goes up top again. Cutler is stopped by Ricochet and Blake stops Ricochet. Ricochet lands on his feet when Blake goes for a Frankensteiner.

Ricochet with an uppercut and punch. Blake with elbows to stop RIcochet. Black makes the tag. Ricochet with a knee and Black with a kick for a near fall. Ricochet sends Cutler to the floor and Cutler pulls Ricochet to the floor and then into the ring steps. Blake with an O’Connor Roll for a near fall. Cutler tags in and he hits a lungblower and Cutler with an elbow drop from the turnbuckles but Ricochet breaks up the cover.

Ricochet is sent to the floor. Black with a round kick to Blake and then he hits a knee on Cutler. Blake with a knee and double knee gutbuster for a near fall. Ryker pushes the foot off the ropes and the referee sees it and Ryker is sent to the back. Black with Black Mass and then he hits a moonsault off the turnbuckles to Cutler. Ricochet with a 630 Splash for the three count.

Winners: Aleister Black and Ricochet

Black and Ricochet celebrate in the ring with the trophy.

The War Raiders make their way to the ring and we have a stare down.

We go to credits.

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