Impact Wrestling Results – March 15, 2019

Impact Wrestling Results - March 15, 2019

We see the cold opening for last week’s episode to get the night started!

Sami Callihan, Jake & Dave Crist vs. Willie Mack, Impact X-Division Champion Rich Swann, & Tommy Dreamer

The match starts out with all six men meeting in the center of the ring and going at it with various strikes. It comes down to Swann and Callihan, and a series of reversals leads to a hurricanrana from Rich that sends Callihan to the outside. He gathers with oVe as Swann collects himself with Mack and Dreamer. Callihan and Dreamer get things officially started, with Callihan quickly taking control and kneeing Dreamer in the face. Jake is tagged in but eats an arm drag as soon as he charges Dreamer. He stays on the arm and tags in Swann, who connects with a double axe-handle off the top rope to Jake’s arm. Mack is tagged in and gives a double stomp to Jake’s arm as well. Dreamer readjusts himself a few times on the turnbuckles until he chooses the very bottom rung and comes down with a double axe-handle of his own.

Dave gets tagged in as Jake dodges Dreamer. He keeps the control with clotheslines and continued attacks to Tommy’s neck. Callihan takes a cheap shot and kicks Dreamer in the face, he then tags himself in the match. Callihan with an elbow drop on Dreamer for a 2 count. He follows up with a headlock and an attempt at his signature piledriver. Dreamer turns it in to a slingshot and he then tags in Mack. Mack takes out both Crists on the ring and delivers a spinning heel kick to Callihan’s chin. Willie with a samoan drop and standing moonsault. He tags in Swann, who uses a rolling thunder splash. Dreamer makes his way in to the match and drops a signature elbow drop. They joke about how Dreamer can’t nip up, but Mack and Swann give him the assist.

Mack comes off the ropes with a corkscrew plancha, followed by a phoenix splash from Swann to the Crists. Dreamer gets the crowd hyped and then gives oVe some right hands and a somersault senton off the ring apron. Back inside the ring, Swann comes off the top but Callihan is ready and he presents Swann with a boot to the face in mid-air as we go to commercial. As we return, Callihan is still in control and has Swann stuck in a seated chin lock. Swann retaliates with strikes to Callihan’s abdomen, but as he comes off the ropes, he eats a hard forearm as Sami tags in Jake. Jake wears Swann down and puts him in a butterfly submission hold. He tags in Dave who keeps on the attack with a dropkick for a 2 count on Rich. Dave puts Swann in an ankle hold but Rich makes it to the bottom rope rather quickly. Hot tags by oVe carry on until Dave and Rich rock one another with simultaneous kicks to their legs. Swann struggles but is able to finally tag in Dreamer. Tommy comes in hot and starts taking out every member of oVe with clotheslines, rights, and his roll-up, bionic elbow. Callihan spits in Tommy’s face but he eats it and gives Sami a cutter for a two count.

Callihan bites at Tommy’s hand to avoid the Dreamer DDT. Jake comes in and has an exchange with Mack that is interrupted by Swann. Dave takes Swann out but eats a Dreamer DDT and a near 2 count broken up by Callihan. oVe gangs up on Dreamer in the corner, but somehow, Dreamer gets the best of them and drops Jake Crist face-first in to his brother, followed by a reverse STO to Sami. Mack with a HUGE senton splash in the corner on oVe, he then gives Jake a frog splash off the top rope as Swann does the same to Dave. Dreamer follows suit, climbing to the top and delivering a frog splash to Callihan. Dreamer goes for his finishing driver but Sami claws at his groin and uses his piledriver for the 1-2-3!

Winners: Sami Callihan, Jake, and Dave Crist

oVe celebrates in the ring as we see replays from the match.

Backstage, Brian Cage confronts Johnny Impact and asks him if he’s ready for tonight. Impact replies with, “Just make sure you’re ready.”

Back from commercial, we see a video package that builds up the title match between Brian Cage and Johnny Impact.

Backstage, The Rascalz are sitting in their smoking circle talking about the loss to The Lucha Bros last week. Moose randomly shows up and tells them that they’re hilarious and awesome. He asks where the smoke is coming from but he doesn’t get a definitive response. Moose asks where the girls are at, more specifically where Melissa Santos is at. Miguel admits that he was the first person to start making jokes about Moose last week. He reminds the group that they made fun of his outfits, and then he proceeds to attack Trey.

Glenn Gilbertti Comes down to the ring to a pretty hostile reaction. He grabs the mic and asks if this is the clown show they’ve got going at Impact Wrestling. Gilbertti demands that they send out a clown, but instead, he gets Kikutaro!

Kikutaro vs. Glenn Gilbertti

The men lock up and exchange a couple of wrist locks. Kikutaro rolls through and gets Glenn in to a headlock, rolling around Gilbertti to disorient him. The two ram in to one another but it’s a stand-still. Kikutaro with an arm drag but Glenn returns with a clothesline and a few right hands. Gilbertti tosses Kikutaro in to the ring post on the outside. He gets Kikutaro back inside the ring and continuously irish whips Kikutaro in to the turnbuckles over and over until he collapses to the mat. Kikutaro makes his way out of a headlock but receives a neckbreaker for his efforts. Gilbertti performs a side-russian leg sweep on Kikutaro. Gilbertti goes for the “Village People’s Elbow” but it’s dodged. Kikutaro gives Glenn a dragon screw leg whip and a shining wizard for a very close 2 count. Kikutaro with a fall away slam and an attempt at a moonsault. Instead, he eats a stunner for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Glenn Gilbertti

Backstage, Taya Valkyrie says that she is not worried about the #1 Contender’s Match for her Knockout’s Title, she’s more concerned about Johnny’s neck issues and his title match tonight. She says she doesn’t have time for the interview and exits.

Reno Scum (Adam Thornstowe & Luster The Legend) vs. KM & Fallah Bahh

The teams waste no time, going at it on the outside of the ring. Bahh is thrown knee-first in to the ring post while KM gets attacked inside the ring from Luster, who continues clubbing at his head. Luster throws right hands and palm strikes at KM before tagging in Thornstowe. Adam keeps the pressure on with more strikes to the abdomen and neck of KM. More hot tags between both members of Reno Scum as Bahh tries to collect himself on the outside of the ring. Luster shoves KM’s face in to Adam’s armpit on the outside of the ring. KM finally gets some offense in but Bahh is unavailable for the tag, and he suffers a bulldog/headbutt combo maneuver. Bahh finally makes it to the ring apron and KM makes the tag!

Bahh comes in hot and chops Adam down to the mat. Luster runs in but immediately gets wiped out with a crossbody from Fallah. Bahh then hits a samoan drop on Adam, only to be broken up at the 2 count by Luster. Reno Scum follows up and gives superkicks to Bahh’s face. KM is able to pull Bahh to safety, allowing them to connect with Superman punches and a belly-to-belly suplex for the 1-2-3!

Winners: KM & Fallah Bahh

The duo celebrates in the ring as Bahh nurses his hurt knee.

Backstage, Konnan comes up to Lucha Bros and reminds them that he “told them” that they will get a rematch. Penta says “Zero!” (en espanol) and shoves his hand in Konnan’s face as he leaves.

Back from commercial, LAX meets up with Konnan, who tells them that it’s on! He says that his sons have disrespected him and he wants the street fight rematch to happen between LAX and the Lucha Bros. Ortiz yells about how the Lucha Bros are going to get it.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Jordynne Grace (To Determine The #1 Contender For The Impact Knockouts Title)

We begin with Grace putting Blanchard in a stiff headlock right off the back. Blanchard gives her some punches to the abdomen and an attempt at a shoulder block, instead, Grace knocks Blanchard down with a shoulder block of her own. Jordynne then connects with a running clothesline on a seated Blanchard for the two. Grace hits Tessa with a jackhammer suplex for another 2 count, followed by multiple irish whips in to the corner turnbuckles. Blanchard uses the ref as a shield and then forearms Grace in the face.

With the match in her favor, Blanchard rocks Grace with continued forearms. She then drags Jordynne’s face across the top rope and chops away at her. Blanchard kicks Grace and hits the codebreaker off the 2nd turnbuckle in the corner. With only a 2 count from the ref, Blanchard loses her cool and gets up in his face. Grace takes advantage of the moment and is able to catch Blanchard in a spinebuster as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Grace gives Tessa a body slam, but she instantly gets up and the two exchange forearms. Grace with a mitchonoku driver but it only gives her a close 2 count yet again. Jordynne tosses Tessa in to the turnbuckles and sets her up on the top rope. Grace attempts a muscle buster but she gets planted on her head instead. Blanchard is seething as she rams Grace’s head in to the mat. Grace tosses Tessa off the top rope. The two proceed with a series of reversals, but Grace manages to catch Blanchard in the Grace Driver for the final 1-2-3!

Winner and NEW #1 Contender for the Impact Knockouts Championship: Jordynne Grace

Jordynne walks up the ramps as she celebrates and holds up the #1 with her fingers. Blanchard forces the ref out of the ring and starts going ballistic, kicking the ropes and telling the audience to shove it. Blanchard goes on to throw the defenseless bell ringer inside ring. She pulls him to his feet and proceeds to give him multiple right hands, forearms, and clubby blows. She slams his face in to the turnbuckle but Gail Kim runs to the ring and starts throwing hands with Blanchard. She hits a jumping elbow drop, causing Blanchard to retreat from the ring and up the ramp.

Backstage, Tessa is yelling at Scott D’Amore about Gail Kim attacking her in the ring. Kim comes running up and the two go at it again, yelling in one another’s faces. Scott tells Gail that she’s suspended for a week because she’s supposed to be an office hand and she attacked a competitor.

Backstage, Rosemary is with Allie, reminding her of the many times that she has lost her to the darkness. Allie asks Rosemary why she keeps trying if the bunny is dead after Rosemary left her. Rosemary says that she warned her to not let the darkness consume her, but she didn’t listen. Allie thinks it’s funny because Rosemary “looks pathetic”. This prompts Rosemary to ask “where’s the rest of her” as she exits.

Back from commercial, oVe films themselves as Callihan reminds Swann about all of the significant things he has said to him. He tells him that he threw it all away and messed up the plan for the group, and now they have to do it the hard way. Sami tells Swann that it starts next week when he takes his X-Division Championship.

Rohit Raju & Raj Singh (Desi Hit Squad) Vs. Eddie Edwards & Eli Drake

Edwards and Raj get things going, with Eddie hitting Singh with elbows and chops. A swift back elbow and a headbutt keep the pressure on Raj as Drake is tagged in. Singh throws some shots at the face of Drake just before he tags in Rohit. Rohit with multiple boots to Drake in the corner, but Eli still comes back with a neckbreaker and some boots of his own. Edwards is tagged back in to the match. Rohit manages to gives Edwards a boot to the face, but he still gets a belly to belly in his attempts. The DHS team up and give Edwards a flapjack and a running knee to regain the control.

Raj stabs at the neck of Edwards with multiple elbows. He tries to follow up with a running attack in the corner but instead, he eats a boot to the face. Raj connects with a codebreaker for a quick 1 count on Edwards. He then tags in Rohit and the two team up on Eddie in their corner. Edwards gets some chops and a finger to the eye but Raj hits a cheap shot from the apron. Rohit follows things up in the corner but Drake is tired of waiting to be in the match, he rushes in and gives the DHS a double DDT and clothesline. The ref forces Drake out of the ring but a distraction from Gama Singh allows Edwards to wack Rohit in the face with Kenny the kendo stick for the 1-2-3!

Winners: Eli Drake & Eddie Edwards

Before the Impact World Title match between Johnny Impact and Brian Cage gets started, Killer Kross appears at the top of the ramp with an unconscious Johnny Impact over his shoulder and a cinder block in his hand. Security and backstage personnel try to stop Kross but he’s dropping them left and right. With no one left in his wake, Kross places the concrete cinder block against Impact’s neck. Taya Valkyrie and Brian Cage appear at the top of the ramp but Brian isn’t convinced to help. Taya runs down and shields Impact with her body, screaming “No!” Valkyrie gives Kross a right hand. He nearly retaliates, but Cage comes down to help and hits a superkick, a clothesline, and then attacks Kross with the chair.

Valkyrie looks like she’s going to hug Brian Cage, but after the hug, she low blows Cage and Johnny suddenly nips up. It was all a set up! Johnny attacks Cage and delivers a shining wizard to the face. He places the concrete cinderblock against Cage’s head and slams the steel chair against it, forcing it as far in to his head as possible. The married duo pose in the ring as Killer Kross stands on the outside and chuckles.

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