Impact Wrestling Results – March 1, 2019

Impact Wrestling

We see a recap from last week’s episode of Impact Wrestling, culminating at LAX ripping the masks off of The Lucha Bros, Pentagon Jr. & Fenix.

Willie Mack vs. Jake Crist

The match gets started with Crist coming after Mack with a boot but he side steps it, mounts Crist, and Mack rains down with some punches. Mack catches Crist with a leg drop, pummels Crist’s back with knees, and hits him with a seated blockbuster. Crist regains control with a superkick. Mack gets knocked to the outside of the ring. Crist off the ropes and connects with a helio somersault splash over the top rope. He then comes off the ropes and hits a tornado DDT on the outside on Mack.

Inside the ring, Mack tries to gain some control, catches Crist in a crossbody attempt, samoan drops him, and performs a standing moonsault. Mack goes for a stunner but he’s thrown off. Mack with a codebreaker in the ropes on Crist. Mack climbs to the top rope but Dave Crist, Jake’s brother, pushes him off the top and gets Jake disqualified.

Winner: Willie Mack by DQ

Tommy Dreamer runs down to save Willie Mack, bringing with him a kendo stick and wacking the Crists with it. He grabs a mic and tells the audience that he’s been trying to right the wrongs of pro wrestling for the past thirty years. He says it starts when Impact is in Las Vegas. Dreamer asks the crowd if they want Mack and him to team up, to which they cheer. Dreamer says it’s gonna happen right now as we go to commercial!

Jake & Dave Crist vs. Willie Mack & Tommy Dreamer

Back from commercial, all four participants are battling on the outside of the ring. Dreamer grabs a plate of chicken and waffles and throws the food in the face of the Crist brothers. Dreamer and Mack bring the Crists back in the ring and give them a series of combo moves, finishing with a leg drop by Mack for a two count. Dreamer gets tagged in and delivers a neckbreaker to Jake. Mack comes back in with a double stomp on the arm of Jake. Dreamer is tagged in yet again, but as he tries to keep control, Dave gets a cheap shot, gets tagged in, and comes in back-first on top of Dreamer for the 2 count. Dave keeps Dreamer in the Crists corner and the brothers take turns mauling at Dreamer.

Jake gets officially tagged in and gets two boots to the face, but he still manages to kick out. The Crists won’t let up, with Dave coming back in and knocking Dreamer down with a flat-out right hand for a 1 count. Jake is tagged in again, knocks Mack off the apron, and then connects with a superkick on Dreamer for another two count. Jake puts Dreamer in a headlock and eventually chooses to climb to the top rope. Dreamer is able to make it to his feet and superplexes Jake off the top rope. Mack gets tagged in and attacks Jake with a series of strikes, however, Dave interferes and also gets disposed of. Mack hits Jake with a cannonball in the corner and a stunner on Dave. Dreamer Driver and a huge six-star frog splash from Mack for the 3 count on Dave Crist.

Winner: Willie Mack & Tommy Dreamer

Backstage, Johnny Impact is asked about handing out title matches to those who do him favors. Impact says that it’s getting twisted and nothing has changed but people’s attitudes against him. He says that he will give a shot to anyone that deserves it in the back. Impact says that Moose & Killer Kross are the reason Cage hasn’t had a fair title shot, but tonight, he’s gonna team up with Cage to finally get rid of them.

KM & Fallah Bahh vs. Reno Scum

The match starts out with Adam Thornstowe and Bahh going toe-to-toe in the ring. Adam’s punches have no effect, nor does his attempt at a slam. Bahh pushes all of his weight on Adam and he sinks to the mat. KM tags in, irish whips Adam and forearms him in the corner. Luster knocks KM down from the apron and gets tagged in to the match. He knocks KM in to the turnbuckle with punches and strikes. Luster chops away and headbutts KM and Adam tags back in to the match. Adam with some unorthodox offense and a hard stomp to a downed KM. Luster gets back in and clubs away at KM’s back. Luster holds KM’s arms back and shoves his face in to Adam’s armpit on the apron.

KM is able to gain a little momentum and tag in Bahh just as Adam is tagged in. Adam gets hit with a couple of clotheslines, as well as a clothesline in the corner. Luster tries to help his partner out but gets knocked with chops and a crossbody from Bahh. KM and Bahh take turns log rolling over Luster. Adam comes in and knees KM, superman punches Bahh, and then climbs to the top. KM and Bahh make sure to get him off the top and do a combination toss/samoan drop for the 1-2-3!

Winner: KM & Fallah Bahh

After the match, Reno Scum is furious they lost their return match to Impact Wrestling. They attack KM and Bahh, finishing KM with a tandem top rope stomp on KM’s arm.

Backstage, Glenn Gilbertti asks Ethan Page where the management office is. Page tells him he doesn’t know who he is but the office is right behind him. D-Lo Brown comes out and the two interact a bit before Gilbertti walks in to the office and tells the managers that the X-Division should be in a tournament. The staff mocks him as he tries to explain his position. There’s an argument about Gilbertti’s new position, so he leaves to find Don Callis.

Back from commercial, KM and Fallah Bahh are ticked off that Reno Scum would come in and attack them. KM reminds Impact viewers that they have been working together to rise to the top of the Impact Division for months now, and Reno Scum will not come in and take their place.

Backstage, Eddie Edwards and Eli Drake come face to face. Drake says that they have both won in this situation. Drake says he told Edwards that he didn’t need the kendo stick. He says that he got to see the old Eddie Edwards last week and it lead to their victory. Drake says that they may have a little something and they should pursue the tag team titles. Edwards says that he’s good with Kenny as his tag team partner and he exits.

Back from commercial, Scarlett Bordeaux is backstage to give an update on her return. Next week, Bordeaux will announce her opponent for “the most highly-anticipated debut of all time”.

Delilah Doom vs. Tessa Blanchard

Doom rushes to the ring but immediately gets pummeled with blows and stomps by Blanchard. Doom gains the advantage and throws multiple punches before she hits a springboard arm drag and a step-up hurricanrana. Blanchard reverses an irish whip but Doom gets another arm drag on her. Doom with a knee but Blanchard stop her momentum cold with a sit-out powerbomb. Blanchard with clotheslines and a back suplex on Doom for a 2 count. Doom with punches on Blanchard but she gets nearly decapitated with a stiff clothesline.

Doom gets secured in to a headlock as Blanchard wrenches away. Doom elbows at Blanchard’s abdomen to escape. She instead eats a forearm and gets dropkicked on the ropes. Blanchard goes fro a spinning elbow but Doom escapes and connects with a 6-1-9 and a missile dropkick for a close 2 count on Blanchard. Doom uses a crucifix bomb for another close 2 count on Blanchard. Tessa uses her power to lift Doom still in the crucifix position. Blanchard rocks Doom with an elbow and finishes her with the buzzsaw DDT for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

Tessa yells in the camera about how Impact management won’t give her what she wants. She says that she will get her rematch “or else”.

Backstage, Brian Cage says that he thinks he’ll be able to co-exist in a team with Johnny Impact. He remembers how far back they go, and he recalls how he doesn’t get his title shot until they take out Moose and Kross. Cage promises that they will do just that in tonight’s main event.

Back from commercial, Rosemary is backstage and talks about the upcoming spirit war with James Mitchell. Kiera Hogan and Jordynne Grace confront Rosemary and tell her that they will join her forces to take out Mitchell’s team. Rosemary tells Hogan that this is not her fight. Hogan yells about how Allie has always been her friend, and she has fought to get her back since the beginning. Rosemary agrees to their terms, but once Allie comes back, Rosemary wants Hogan to back off.

Ethan Page vs. Zachary Wentz

Wentz uses his acrobatic reversals to immediately gain the advantage, using a beautiful corkscrew, springboard crossbody on Page. Wentz goes for an irish whip but gets cut off by Page. Wentz connects with a jumping knee. He goes for a handspring elbow but gets caught in mid-air and slammed to the mat. Page taunts at the crowd as they boo. Wentz rocks Page with chops but gets hit with a tilt-a-whirl facebuster and a back suplex for the 2 count. Page puts Wentz in a headlock but he’s able to fight out with a flurry of kicks and an enziguri. Wentz with a running knee in the corner, a punt to Page as he is in a sitting position, and a standing shooting star press for the two count.

Page makes it back up and rushes after Wentz on the apron. He catches Wentz as he starts to charge full speed and uses the ring apron for an elevated backbreaker. Page gets in the face of a member of the NFL alumni at ringside. Page pushes Morlon Greenwood down in to his chair but he gets back up and shoves Page down. Wentz comes out of ring with a running dive, he pulls Page inside the ring and hits a rolling cutter for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Zachary Wentz

Backstage, Gilbertti and Dreamer come face to face and Dreamer explains that his bad reception may be because of how difficult the top guys in the company can be. Gilbertti tries to enter a room but there’s an owl inside. Dreamer tells Gilbertti that the owl is legacy talent and Gilbertti needs to learn how to deal with him. He opens the door to the room the owl is in and shoves Gilbertti in there as he screams.

Another vignette is showed hyping the arrival of Austin Ace to the Impact Zone next week.

We also see a video where Sami Callihan further elaborates on his relationship with Rich Swann. Callihan talks about the death of Swann’s parents and how Callihan gave him a place to stay in the struggle. Callihan says that he refuses to let Swann just walk away from his oVe family. He reminds Swann that he used his house and his food until he found success, then he turned his back on oVe. Callihan tells Swann that he loves him and he is ready to welcome him to the oVe family.

Backstage, Kross tells Moose that fighting isn’t going to solve any of their issues. He tells Moose that Impact always weasels his way out of stuff, like when he promised one of them a title show after last week’s match. Kross tells Moose that they have to take out Cage to get to take out the champ. Moose agrees, and compares Impact to a girl that teases men at the bar. He says that he and Kross will take out Impact/Cage tonight and will get their title shot.

Back from commercial, LAX is backstage and Santana is irate, yelling about why they ended up taking off the Lucha Bros’ masks. Ortiz says that they would have done that to any team that would have disrespected them. Konnan tells LAX that they’re family, and you don’t handle business the same when it’s your family. Konnan says that he’s gonna handle it and get one final rematch. As he walks away, Ortiz tells Santana that they are going to handle everything.

Moose & Killer Kross Vs. Impact World Champion Johnny Impact & Brian Cage

The match gets going with Kross and Cage going one-on-one, exchanging forearms in the middle of the ring. Forearms turn to kicks, but then Cage drop toe-holds Kross in to the ropes and 6-1-9s him. Cage with a backbreaker as he tags in Impact, who uses a slingshot elbow drop on Kross. Impact with a kick on Kross, followed by forearms. Moose rushes in after the tag but he shortly thereafter eats a headscissor takedown and a dropkick. Cage is tagged back in and they combine forces, delivering forearms together to Moose. Impact comes off the ropes with a springboard kick to Moose’s face. Cage flips Impact over in to an assisted moonsault. The two men clear the ring of Moose and Kross as we go to commercial.

Back from commercial, Impact and Moose are the legal men as Impact tosses Moose back in from the outside. Moose rakes at Impact’s eyes and then tags in Kross. Impact drop toe-holds Kross and secures a front facelock. Impact with a few kicks to Kross. Kross begins some offense but Cage comes in and they deliver a combination kick/reverse STO. Cage with a superplex from the ring apron on Kross. Impact tries with the Countdown to Impact but he’s avoided. Impact is still able to hit his break dancing leg drop on Kross but he seems debilitated by a neck injury.

Cage gets tagged in he comes in hot with multiple clotheslines on Kross. Cage with a spinebuster that plants Kross in to the mat. Moose comes in and bests Cage, stomping away at him while he’s laid out on the mat. Moose irish whips Cage but Brian elbows Kross and goes after Moose. Nevertheless, Moose hits a dropkick that sends Cage outside of the ring. Kross takes advantage and shoves Cage’s head in to the ring post. He then grabs the Impact World Title belt and rams it against Cage’s head. Cage is bleeding from the top of his head as Kross clubs away at his chest. Moose with multiple punches that pummel the bloody forehead of Cage. Moose chops, shoulder tackles, and connects with a senton on Brian Cage.

Cage dodges a leg drop and tries to get a tag but Impact is with the doctors on the outside of the ring. Kross comes in and stomps away at a struggling Cage. Kross with a toss before tagging Moose back into the match. Moose and Cage rock one another with elbow after elbow until Cage connects with a superkick. They trade clotheslines and lay one another out in the middle of the ring. Kross gets tagged in but Cage has no partner to help him. Cage somehow hits the F-5 on Impact as Taya Valkyrie runs out to help out her husband, Johnny. Cage is distracted and gets a back suplex and a straight jacket hold as he’s speared by Moose. Cage fades out and loses by knockout.

Winner by TKO: Killer Kross & Moose

Impact is helped to the back of the ring as Killer Kross celebrates his victory over Cage’s incapacitated body.

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