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Impact Wrestling Results - February 8, 2019

Impact Wrestling Results - February 8, 2019
We have our usual video looking back at last week's show, then we head back to Mexico for our opening match.

oVe vs Rich Swann & Willie Mack

oVe gets the jump on Swann and Mack, and immediately cut Swann off in their half of the ring.  He breaks away and tags in Mack, who quickly mows over both the Crist Brothers and then takes them out with a somersault dive to the floor.  Swann follows with one of his own.  Jake recovers and hits a dive into a tornado DDT, which was pretty cool.  Dave pulls Mack out to the floor, and the Crists double team him out there.  Dave with a Crippler Crossface in the ring on Mack, but Mack makes the ropes.  Stereo cross bodyblocks lay Jake and Mack out, and Mack makes the hot tag to Swann who comes in and cleans house as babyfaces do.  oVe with a double stomp/tombstone combo on Swann, but Mack breaks it up at 2.  Willie hits both Crists with a Stunner, Swann follows up with a double Lethal Injection, and a uranage/neckbreaker combo to Jake.  Swann with the knockout kick and second rope 450 on Dave for the win.

Winners: Rich Swann & Willie Mack

Good opener!

We see a bunch of stuff that happened last week, then Fenix and Pentagon Jr cut a backstage promo promising to take the tag title here in their home country in front of their family.

Josh and Don talk about stuff, then the GWN Flashback Moment of the Week takes us back to Bruce Prichard setting up the return of LAX about two years ago.

Kiera Hogan is backstage with Jordynne Grace, and she's...WARMING UP!  She faces Dark Allie...NEXT!

Impact announces their partnership with NFL stuff, then we're back to the ring...

Dark Allie vs Kiera Hogan

Kiera doesn't waste any time going after Allie as soon as the bell rings, pummeling her with fast paced offense and hitting a corner baseball slide for 2.  Bulldog gets another 2.  Dark Allie takes her head off with a dark clothesline for 2.  Sliding dark clothesline in the corner for 2, but Kiera blocks a dark Codebreaker attempt and hits a superkick for 2.  Dark Allie quickly regains momentum with a dark lungblower, but Kiera catches Dark Allie with a leaping reverse hair yank, and both ladies are down.  Su slides her filthy glove into the ring, but Jordynne comes out of nowhere and beats the ever-loving poo poo out of Su.  Dark Allie goes for the glove, then starts screaming "WHERE ARE YOU???"  The hesitation allows Kiera to hit a superkick and a swinging fisherman's suplex for the win.

Winner: Kiera Hogan

Good match, I wasn't sure about Dark Allie at first but the character has grown on me like a dark plague.

Some investigative reporter guy catches Johnny Impact getting into the arena and asks about last week, and wants to know his feelings about the announcement that his rematch with Cage will be a four way that includes Killer Kross and Moose.  Impact apparently wasn't aware of this turn of events and is so mad he kicks his bag.  Cage comes in and says this sucks for him, then wishes him luck and walks away.

Su Yung and Dark Allie are somewhere in the catacombs of the building looking for Rosemary, and the video goes all wacky as the words "The witching us upon us...don't say we didn't warn you... -R" appear on a board behind them.

Rohit Raju vs Trey Miguel

They do some feeling out mat wrestling to start, then Trey turns it flippy-dippy with a flying headscissors and a springboard dropkick that sends Raju to the floor.  Raju punches him in the face on a dive attempt, then hits an implant DDT on the apron.  Josh calls Trey the Fresh Prince of Mid-Air, which he's very proud of, and even I have to admit is pretty clever.  Raj Singh chokes Trey from the outside, and Raj quickly swoops in and covers for 2.  So what are Wentz and Xavier doing that stopped them from helping out there?  Dude, where's our partner?  Raj avoids a bunch of flippy dippy stuff and hits an elbowsmash off the ropes for 2.  Great spot.  Raju goes for a rear waistlock, but Trey rolls through and hits a double stomp to Raju's back.  Raju goes to the eyes, but Trey dodges a corner charge, trips Raju's legs out, and hits a 619 into the ring.  Trey with a high kick/neckbreaker combo for 2.  Trey goes to the top, but Raju yanks him down hard by the arm, then quickly hits a rolling neckbreaker and a gourdbuster for 2.  Trey goes for his high kick/neckbreaker combo again, but Raju blocks and hits a running kneestrike to the face for 2.  Raj gets on the apron, and finally Wentz and Xavier get involved and take him out, then back Gama off while Trey hits a leaping enziguiri, corner 619, and Meteora for the win.

Winner: Trey Miguel

Trey won this match, but to me the star of this was Rohit Raju, who made me a fan of his in this one appearance.  I was expecting this to be another throwaway flippy dippy match, but Raju slowed it down and made this a wrestling match.  They told a story out there and made this a million times better than I expected it to be, and I hope this becomes the springboard that gets Raju out of the prelim tag team and onto something more worthwhile.

We see a video package hyping the World Cup, Scarlett announces that she's making her in-ring debut when Impact returns to Las Vegas, then we head back to the ring...

Sami Callihan vs Puma King

Puma King, for those who have never seen him, is literally a luchador dressed like a giant puma, complete with fur and cat mask.  Sami jumps him before the bell, Puma King responds with offense of his own, and hits a delayed vertical suplex.  They go to the outside, Puma King hits a dive and superkicks Sami in the face, but Sami hits a tornado DDT on the floor, where there is no padding.  Callihan hits a sitout powerbomb for 2, then goes to the mask, but the referee stops him.  Puma King tries to fight back, but Sami goes back after the mask and, failing that, tries for the eyes instead.  Sami with a spit chop and hangs Puma King in the Tree of Joey Lawrence for a top rope double stomp, but Puma King sits up, yanks him down, then pulls himself up to the top and hits a missile dropkick.  Sami rolls to the floor, Puma King goes for a dive and appears to legit crack his head on the floor coming down, and we're at commercial.

We're back and Sami has Puma King in a bad way.  The replay of that dive before the commercial shows that Puma King may have hurt his knee as well, so Sami slams his chest into the apron a few times, traps his arms under the apron skirt, and hits a running boot to Puma King's face.  Is this...GOODBYE KITTY???   Back into the ring, where Puma King inexplicably is standing up, no-selling everything that just happened, and trading shots with Sami, including hitting a spinebuster.  Sami with a hard clothesline, Puma King hits a leaping enziguiri, and both men are down.  Puma, whose knee was hurt just moments ago, now does a quick succession of flippy dippy jumps and rolls, and plants Sami with a blue thunder bomb for 2.  Puma King with a series of strikes, but Sami hits a hammerlock lariat for 2.  Sami wastes time yelling at the fans before going for another piledriver, and Puma slips out the back, gets a drop toehold, and la magistral cradle gets 2 when Sami grabs the bottom rope.  Sami hits a bicycle kick, another powerbomb gets 2, Puma King rolls through for 2, Sami rolls that into a sunset flip for 2, Puma King hits a pair of superkicks, Sami rolls through a sunset flip and hits a short piledriver for the win.

Winner: Sami Callihan

It was great when Sami was controlling things, and Puma showed the usual lucha expertise in no-selling and ignoring psychology.

Video package showing the history between Tessa Blanchard and Taya Valkyrie.

Eli Drake finds Eddie Edwards backstage and tells him about the success they had after only one week, and they did it without hardcore or a stick.  Eddie says he has a name, and Eli relents and calls it Kenny, but shows that wrestling gets it done every time.  Next week, they're both on the World Cup team, and Eddie says Drake can do his thing, Eddie and Kenny will do their thing, and Eli says he wants Eddie's thing to be leaving the stick and jeans at home, and bring back the Eddie Edwards we used to know who used to be a champion, so they can win the World Cup.

Josh and Don talk about stuff, then we go backstage to Melissa with Moose and Killer Kross, who says we now have four men in that title match, and that's in their favor.  Moose says they're a team, and just like he blocked for Tom Brady's blind side, he'll do the same for Kross, and they can be co-World Champions.  Kross doesn't seem quite sold by that, but smiles and nods anyway.

And with that, it's...MAIN EVENT TIME!

World Tag Team Title Match: LAX vs Pentagon Jr & Fenix

The Lucha Bros get the jump on the champs and nearly put Santana away with the Pentagon Driver right off the bat, but the champs quickly recover and turn the tide.  They now go full-on lucha doing spotspotspotspotspot, and Ortiz and Fenix get cleared out, leaving Santana and Pentagon to go one-on-one.  They clear out, and now Ortiz and Fenix go at it.  Santana takes Fenix out, and it's Pentagon and Ortiz.  LAX double teams Pentagon, Fenix takes both of LAX out with a missile dropkick, and all four men are down as we go to commercial.

We're back, and we have Ortiz and Fenix in the ring, with Fenix hitting a palmstrike as Ortiz sits on the top rope, then climbs up on top of him and double stomps him to the mat for 2.  Ortiz with a vertical suplex into a stunner, followed by a HARD spinebuster, and both men are down.  Santana and Pentagon tag in and go toe-to-toe, and Santana hits a uranage for 2.  Santana goes for a springboard something, but Pentagon catches him coming down and hits the Pentagon Driver for 2.  Konnan looks stunned that Santana kicked out, and now all four men are in the ring.  Santana hits a double rolling cutter on both men, Ortiz hits a second rope Codebreaker on Fenix, double superkick, and the double full rotation back suplex on Fenix, but somehow he kicks out at 2.  LAX hits the Street Sweeper on Fenix, but Pentagon just BARELY breaks it up at 2.  Pentagon eats a flurry of kicks from LAX, but hits a slingblade on Ortiz, then Pentagon and Fenix hit the package piledriver/double stomp combo on Santana, Fenix takes Ortiz out with a dive, and Pentagon covers Santana...for only 2!  Pentagon can't believe it, but he quickly hits another package piledriver, and somehow Santana kicks out AGAIN.  Fenix comes out of nowhere with an inverted Frankensteiner to Santana and then knocks Ortiz back off the apron, and then they hit another package piledriver/double stomp combo, takes Ortiz out with another dive, and Pentagon covers to FINALLY get the win.

Winners and NEW Impact Tag Team Champions: Pentagon Jr & Fenix

This was an AMAZING match.  All four men gave it everything they had, refused to give up, and the Lucha Brothers had to practically kill Santana to beat him.  Awesome, awesome stuff.  LAX extends the hands to Pentagon and Fenix, they shake, and LAX puts the belts on the new champions.