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Impact Homecoming Results - January 6, 2019

Impact Homecoming Results - January 6, 2019
The show begins with a video package showing the history behind Homecoming. Johnny Impact says how the memories have created something special that nobody can take away from us. More vignettes that show the history behind the matches ahead of us tonight!

Josh Matthews welcomes us to Impact Wrestling's Homecoming! We're starting the night off with The Ultimate X match.

Rich Swann vs. Jake Crist vs. Trey Miguel vs. Ethan Page for the Vacant X Division Championship

The match begins with all four participants getting in one anothers' faces. All four men go to their respective corners and start going right after the title. People start dropping one by one of the Ultimate X, with Swann, Miguel, and Page delivering Hurricanranas as they fall. Page tosses Miguel off the top rope down on to Crist and Swann, who are on the outside. Lots of hangtime. Page nearly gets to the title but he's stopped and it insights a spot where each participant take their turn delivering a variety of kicks to one another

Miguel tries to climb to the Ultimate X ropes but Page attempts to stop him. In the corner, Swann and Miguel use a combo 619/running kick on Page's head. Crist gets tossed off the top rope when he tries to duel with Swann and Miguel and hits the canvas hard. He retaliates and meets Swann and Miguel on the top rope. Big spot where Crist hits a double cutter off the top rope on both Swann and Miguel. It looked like Page was about to get to the championship title but he does a flying elbow drop on Crist from the Ultimate X!

Swann bests Page and seems to be gaining momentum. Miguel halts his effort and begins climbing toward the championship. Page swings Miguel back and forth like a pendulum, catches him in mid air, and delivers a powerslam on Miguel. Crist uses the Ultimate X rope to swing down and hit a hard leg drop on Page. The action gets carried to the outside and each participant takes their turn delivering a signature move to one another, with an especially nasty DDT from Crist and a beautiful corkscrew plancha over the top rope on to everybody.

Swann climbs up the structure for Ultimate X but never gets to the ropes, as the other 3 men stop him from climbing. Miguel is able to shove Swann to the floor with Crist and Page. Miguel climbs a bit higher on the structure and then hits a soaring moonsault.

Miguel climbs to the top rope but Page meets him there with a forearm. Page goes for a superplex on Miguel but Crist stops him and all four men end up performing a double powerbomb/meteora. Crist catches Swann as he tries to dive to the outside and connects with a tombstone piledriver on the ramp. Crist carries Swann to the top of the ramp and dumps his body, he's then able to start shimmying across the ropes. Page climbs up to the top rope and spears him while he's hanging!

Miguel gains the advantage and tries climbing the top rope but Swann meets him there and does a standing hurricanrana that sends Miguel flying. Swann tries to climb up and, in a similar sequence, Miguel tries to hurricanrana him off the top rope. Swann lands on his feet, sprints up the Ultimate X structure, and in a race against Miguel for the Ultimate X Championship, Swann is first to grab it.

Winner and NEW Ultimate X Champion: Rich Swann

Swann celebrates and dances in the ring as the crowd claps along.

Josh Matthews and Don Callis go over the card for the remainder of the night.

Backstage in an interview, Brian Cage explains how he's sacrificed his daughter's birth, his soon-to-be wife, his wedding, etc. just to get to this point to fight for the Impact World Championship. He says he's not Impact's friend tonight, he's "The Machine" Brian Cage!

A video package is shown that recounts the deterioration of Kiera Hogan and Allie's frienship, as Su Yung continued to influence Allie.

Kiera Hogan & Jordynne Grace vs. Su Yung & Dark Allie

The match begins with Grace and Allie meeting in the center of the ring. Grace catches Allie's punch, reverses her a few times before delivering a snapmare takeover and a clothesline. Allie rushes to her corner and tags in Yung. Hogan tags in and gets the best of Yung, forcing her in to the bottom corner turnbuckle and delivering a running dropkick for a 2 count. Yung tags Allie in but Allie doesn't want to fight against Hogan and she escapes to the outside of the ring. Grace is distracting the referee as she tries to get to Allie, which allows Yung to pull Hogan off the top rope and give her team the advantage. Allie has Hogan stuck in her team's corner and she's choking her with her boot. Allie tags Yung in and she ties Hogan to the tree of woe and stomps all over her. Yung catches Hogan's neck and connects with a stiff neckbreaker off the top rope on Hogan.

Hogan isn't able to tag Grace in, Yung and Allie keep her int heir corner with a head scissor and a backstabber from Allie that gives Yung a 2 count. Yung puts Hogan in a sitting chin lock and se sticks her hand in Hogan's mouth. Hogan gets out and Yung and Hogan exchange stiff forearms in the center of the ring until they're both down. Each woman eventually reaches their corner and tags in. Grace comes in hot with clotherslines, back elbows, and rights on Yung. She Irish whinps Yung and chases after her but is sent to the outside. Hogan comes out of nowhere with a suicide dive on Allie. Yung tries a suicide dive on Grace but is stopped with a right. Grace picks her up ina vertical suplex and Hogan combos with a crossbody on the outside of the ring. Hogan and Allie are back in the ring with multiple reversals. Hogan's codebreaker is reversed. She's able to deliver a neckbreaker but only gets a 2 count after Yung breaks it up. Hogan assists Grace, and Grace delivers an incredibly impressive falling powerslam/powrbomb on Yung and Allie simultaneously! Grace gets a 2 count. Yung sprays the red mist in Grace's face and she falls out of the ring. Allie delivers the code breaker on Hogan, calls for the bloody sock, and uses the mandible claw on Hogan until they are declared ivctorious.

Winners: Su Yung and Dark Allie

After the match, Yung and Allie continue assaulting Hogan until Yung's undead bridesmaids bring out a coffin. Rosemary appears out of the coffin! Rosemary takes out the bridesmaids as she tosses Yung in to the group of them. Rosemary meets Allie in the center of the ring and Rosemary tried to touch Allie, seemingly trying to help her, but Allie screamed and escaped the ring. Rosemary poses in the ring.

A video package is shown recapping the history between Eddie Edwards and Moose.

Moose vs. Eddie Edwards in a Falls Count Anywhere Match

Edwards immediately attacks Moose on the ramp and hits a diving crossbody from inside the ring to Moose on the outside. Edwards continues the pressure with various strikes but it's futile, Moose catches Edwards and TWICE powerbombs him audibly on the apron. Moose tears apart the ring steps and perches them against the steel barricade surrounding the ring. He walks over and takes apart the barricade, creating a platfrom of steel barricade in between the ring and the steps he set up. Imagine a steel barricade table.

Moose tries to powerbomb him from inside the ring, through the steel but Edwards hit a hurricanrana that gives him the advantage. Moose escapes to the outside but Edwards comes flying out of the ring with a suicide dive that pushes Moose backwards in to the barricade. Edwards tosses Moose over the barricade and he collies with a bunch of steel chairs and concrete. Moose and Edwards continue the battle as they begin climbing the steps of the venue.

Edwards climbs up to the balcony and delivers a stunning diving crossbody down to Moose, who was on the floor below. Edwards chops Moose and grabs a trash can, bouncing it off Moose. The men eventually make it back to the ring. Moose low blows Edwards and then knocks Edwards from the apron in to the steel barricade. Moose collects steel chairs from audience members and tosses them in to the ring. Back inside the ring, Edwards is clearly bloody and Moose bites at his wound! Moose with more chops on Edwards. He climbs to the top rope but Edwards gets up and begins tossing chair after chair at Moose's skull. Edwards collects a group of chairs on the ring canvas, climbs to the top rope with Moose, and superplexes Moose on the group of chairs below.

Moose and Edwards meet in the center of the ring and exchange their hardest chops. Moose takes off his glove and smacks Edwards even harder. The two men exchange reversals before Moose comes rushing after Edwards, Edwards catches him and does a big-back-body drop from the inside of the ring, on to the steel barricade that was previously set up on the outside. Sick bump! Edwards retrieves his kendo stick and begins his audible swings on Moose. Alisha Edwards comes out and screams at Edwards to stop. No! She wanted to hit Moose with the kendo sitck! Alisha with multiple blows on Moose and Edwards with one final swing. Edwards picks up Moose and delivers his signature DDT for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Eddie Edwards

Backstage, Sami Callihan says that he's warning Willie Mack that tonight, he's got a match with the death machine and he should have listened to Rich Swann.

Willie Mack vs. Sami Callihan

Mack rushes Callihan with a clothesline and a hurricanrana right off the bat. Callihan escapes to the outside but Mack comes over the top rope with a helio somersault that takes out Callihan and Crist. Mack continues the pressure on Callihan inside the ring, hitting some chops in the corner and creating some unorthodox offense in the middle of the ring. Dave Crist tries to get involved and Mack's not having it, he goes to the outside and tries to take care of Crist. Callihan uses the distraction to take advantage, using chops and tying Mack in the ring apron. Callihan does a running pump kick to the side of Mack's head.

Callihan taunts Mack some as he stomps away at Mack. Callihan backs Mack up in the corner, hits some more loud chops, hits a snapmare takeover and locks in a headlock. The crowd rallies behind Mack and he tries escaping, only to be tackled back down to the mat. THe ref begins checking on Mack when it seems he had lost conciousness but his hand comes alive before the third drop. Mack tries to regain some control but Callihan hits him with a clubby blow. Mack is irish whipped off the ropes and catches Callihan with a stunner. Mack and Callihan begin exchanging forerarms and strikes in the center of the ring. Callihan sticks his thumbs in Mack's eyes but Mack is still able to hit a sharp kick on the side of Callihan's head. Callihan uses Crist's distraction once again but Mack isn't going down to it and he does a standing moonsault on Callihan. Callihan in the corner and Mack hits a running kick, followed by a running cannonball attack on a sitting Callihan. Mack goes for his stunner but is pushed off. He's still able to catch Callihan for a running sit-out powerbomb. Mack tries to set Callihan up on the top rope but Callihan slides under him, catches him ina powerbomb and a hard running knee for a close 2 count!

Callihan comes running after Mack but Mack connects with a forearm and his stunner! It's only a 2 count because Callihan got his foot on the rope. Mack climbs to the top rope but Crist tries to distract him away from Callihan. Callihan with a death valley driver off the top rope but he only get a one count. Callihan with a hard lariat but only a one count! Callihan with some strikes and a running clothesline that turns Mack inside out. Callihan hits his signature piledriver for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Sami Callihan

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviewed Eli Drake, who was wearing a blindfold a la Birdbox. He was standing in the place where Abyss first appeared in Impact two decades ago, saying he stepped out of the garbage heap. Drake said that he's never going to let Abyss have a chance to grab his previous Janice. He scoffed at the idea he was afraid of Abyss. He said that before Abyss can grab a weapon, he's going to be Gravy Trained.

A video package is shown highlighting what has lead us to the Monster's Ball match between Eli Drake and Abyss.

Abyss vs. Eli Drake in a Monster's Ball Match

Drake attacks Abyss before he can get prepared, using his leather trench coat to choke Abyss on the ropes. Abyss eventually gains the advantage but gets denied when he tries to staple gun Drake's face. Drake ends up laid out on the mat and Abyss staple guns him on his chest! Abyss goes to the outside and sets up two tables parallel to one another. Abyss tries to chokeslam Drake through the tables but he rakes the eyes of Abyss and escapes. Drake comes running after Abyss but he dodges and Drake goes in to the crowd. Drake with a low blow to Abyss. Drake grabs a production case from the set and forcefully bounces off Abyss's head. Abyss retaliates and throws the production case back at Drake.

Eventually the men make it back to the ring, with Drake using a trash can lid and multiple trash can shots to stagger Abyss. Drake bounces off the ropes and goes rushing after Abyss but Abyss catches him and delivers a big-back-body drop from the inside of the ring to the outside on the two tables. Sick bump! Abyss tosses Drake back in the rings and goes under the ring to retrieve the thumbtacks. Abyss tries to chokeslam Drake in to the thumbtacks but Drake escapes and tosses a handful of thumbtacks in the face of Abyss and the ref. The ref actually looks severely hurt from the thumbtacks being tossed.

Abyss is on the outside of the ring and Drake is inside, banging the chair on the ring mat. Abyss retrieves Janice, his 2x4 with nails protruding from it. Drake thumbs Abyss in the eye and tries to use Janice but Abyss reverses and slams Drake right in to the thumbtacks. There are thumbtacks sticking out of Drake's back and he's screaming profanity. Abyss pins him but only gets a 2 count. Drake tosses more tacks in Abyss's face, slams a steel chair off of Abyss's face, and then uses zip ties to handcuff Abyss. Abyss broke the zip ties apart but Drake nevertheless grabs a chair and beats Abyss senseless with it. He still only gets a 2 count from the ref. Drake grabs his wooden rowing paddle and beats it over the head of Abyss until it snaps. Drake pins Abyss for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Eli Drake

Backstage, Killer Kross says that his intentions being at Homecoming have been made crystal clear. He said he is transparent, unlike Impact. Kross says people should be worrying about option x, option Kross, instead of option C.

Johnny Impact's fellow Survior contestants are shown enjoying their time in the audience.

A video package is shown highlighting the story that's lead to LAX vs. The Lucha Bros.

LAX (c) vs. Fenix and Pentagon Jr. for the Impact Tag Team Championships

The crowd is deafening with a chant that's split down the middle! The match begins with Fenix and Santana bouncing off the ropes with leapfrogs and a wheelbarrow arm drag from Santana to Fenix. Pentagon comes in and he and Fenix clean house before Fenix hits two separate dives to Ortiz on the outside. Pentagon and Fenix do a combo double stomp on Santana in the corner. They try to go for the Fear Factor but Santana sends Fenix out. LAX team up against Pentagon, using a crossbody and senton before Ortiz uses a helio sommersault to take out Fenix. Santana uses a springoard moonsault on Pentagon on the outside.

Santana tags in Ortiz and they do some tandem somersault/moonsault attacks on Pentagon. Pentagon goes to the ring apron and LAX meets him there. They try to continue the offense but Fenix tosses them to the outside, delivers a sliding dropkick and teams with Pentagon to be launched in LAX, who are sitting on the ring ramp. Pentagon comes running from inside the ring and dives on LAX with some long hang time. The Lucha Bros. send Ortiz back in the ring and use a series of kicks, codebreakers, and Fenix came flying off the top rope to stirke Ortiz. Lucha Bros go for another Fear Factor but Santana breaks it up, meets Fenix on the top rope but is tossed down. The 4 men lay each other all out with a canadian destroyer and flipping attacks.

Everyone is slow to their feet but Pentagon meets Ortiz and they begin chopping each other hard. Ortiz begins his european uppercuts. Pentagon with a superkick on Ortiz. Ortiz with a superkick of his own and then Ortiz and Pentagon collide int he ring with a mutual clothesline. Chops between Fenix and Santana, back and forth. Forearms between them until they begins exchanging more super kicks and dropkicks until they're all laid out again. Ortiz tags Santana in and he gets tossed in the air and hit with a superkick. They use the Fear Factor and spike Santana down but Ortiz tosses Fenix in to the ref to break up the count at 2. Ortiz and Santana use a tandem kick and powerbomb/neckbreaker, The Street Sweeper. Fenix comes out of nowhere with a flying stomp to break it up. Fenix tags in Pentagon and chops Santana. Fenix kicks him but Ortiz tags in and they use a combo cutter, codebreaker, superkick, and combo slam that flipped Fenix over his head and on to his face for the 1-2-3!

Winner: LAX

After the match, Konnan comes out and says that he was wrong and they were able to separate the personal from the professional for an exceptional match.

Gail Kim is backstage explaining that she's returned because of Tessa Blanchard's abuse of authority. She says Blanchard is unparalleled but she's here to call things down the line and see the right woman leave as champ.

Tessa Blanchard (c) vs. Taya Valkyrie for the Knockouts Women's Championship with Gail Kim as Special Guest Enforcer

The match begins with Valkyrie and Blanchard exchanging reversals as they mat wrestling inside the ring. Valkyrie gains the advantage with a stiff kick and some chops. Valkyrie with a hurricanrana on Blanchard. The women exchange irish whips back and forth until Valkyrie kicks the legs out from under Blanchard. Valkyrie is in control, using a running knee to force Blanchard out of the ring. Blanchard catches Valkyrie on the apron and drops her down to the apron. On the outside, Blanchard headbutts and irish whips Valkyrie in to the steel ring barricade.

Blanchard uses her boot to choke Valkyrie on the floor. Blanchard comes running full-sprint and hits a dropkick on a sitting Valkyrie. Back in the ring, Blanchard his clubby blows and a contorts Valkyrie's arm in to a unique armbar. Valkyrie struggles but is able to regain control with some elbows to Valkyrie. Blanchard grabs Valkyries hair and slams her down for a 2 count. Blanchard with various kicks before she uses the ropes to choke Valkyrie. Blanchard with hard forearms and another boot to Valkyrie's throat. A series of forearms and chops from Blanchard until she sends Valkyrie to the opposite turnbuckle. Blanchard comes running but Valkyrie boots her in the face and hits a series of strikes before a german suplex, getting a 2 count.

Valkyrie gets Blanchard in a sitting position at the corner turnbuckle and she does a hip attack followed by a meteora on Blanchard's face for a 2 count. Valkyrie put Blanchard in a fireman's carry but Blanchard gets out. Blanchard goes for the buzzsaw ddt but is instead hit with a northern lights suplex and a double stomp for a 2 count. Valkyrie attempts her moonsault but Blanchard rolls out of harms way and spears Valkyrie for another close 2 count. Blanchard looks irritated and taunts Gail Kim. Valkyrie ducked out of the way of Blanchard's forearm and it ended up taking out Kim. Blanchard with the buzzsaw DDT but Kim can't make the count. Blanchard brings the belt inside the ring but Kim yanks it out of her hands, knocking out Valkyrie with the belt in the process. Blanchard demands that Kim count to 3, and she tries, but Valkyrie kicks out at 2!

Blanchard shoves Kim and gets in her face. Blanchard shoves Kim again and Kim shoves her back, right in to Valkyrie's schoolboy pin for the 2 count. In the corner, Blanchard and Valkyrie trade reversals and strikes until Blanchard hits a codebreaker from the 2nd rope for a 2 count. Blanchard blames Kim again and begins choking her but Kim uses Eat De-feat and the Road to Valhalla for the 1-2-3!

Winner and NEW Impact Knockouts Champion: Taya Valkyrie

Josh Matthews and Don Callis announced that they will simulcast every Friday night on Twitch TV. They're hoping for 15,00 Twitch subscribers by March.

Backstage, Johnny Impact says he has taken on all challengers and tonight will be no different. It doesn't matter how much Cage can bench press or who is bigger, tonight is all about who has the biggest heart. A video package is shown documenting the story that has lead us to our Impact World Heavyweight Championship main event.

Johnny Impact (c) vs. Brian Cage for the Impact World Heavyweight Championship

The match begins with Impact and Cage meeting face-to-face in the middle of the ring and exchanging some words. They look like they're going to lock up and test strength but Impact hits Cage with a right. Cage grabs Impact and does a gutwrench toss. They meet again in the center of the ring but Impact gains the advantage with a series of kicks to Cage's body and head. The men exchange some reversals until Impact tries a sunset flip on the apron, but Cage puts all his weight on Impact for a 2 count. Impact in the corner and Cage hits multiple clotheslines, pulls him in for one more ripcord clothesline. Cage tosses Impact in the corner but Impact dodges, slides to the apron, kicks Cage, and then delivers a springboard spear for a 2 count.

Impact mounts Cage and begins raining down punches. Impact goes for the cross armbreaker but Cage picks him up and splats him in the corner. Impact climbs to the top rope to try and get some offense but Cage sweeps his legs out from under him and the back of Impact's head bounces off the top turnbuckle. Cage with a back breaker for a 2 count. Cage uses a monkey flip to lay out Impact at the other corner of the ring. Cage connects with another monkey flip and this time, Impact slams face-first 450 style. Cage gets another 2 count and then immediately puts Impact in a headlock. Impact with strikes to Cage's abdomen and an elbow in the corner. Goes for a moonsault but Cage catches him in mid-air. Impact ends up back on the 2nd turnbuckle, kicks Impact's head and delivers an electric chair drop for another 2 count.

Another sitting head lock from Cage to a downed Impact. The crowd rallies behind Impact and he gets to his feet, fighting back with strikes and forearms. Off the ropes, Impact his a spinning tornado DDT on Cage. Impact leaps to the top rope and connects with a picture-perfect Impact Knee drop from the top rope to the outside. The percision was insane. Impact continues his control, dropkicking Cage in the corner but then being revesed amd Cageconnecting with a discus forearm and a german suplex for a 2 count. Cage puts Impact in a firemans carry but Impact escapes nad hits hits signature spinning neckbrear twice in a row. Impact sets up in the corner and hits a sharp boot to Cage's face for another 2 count.

Both men are laid out in the middle of the ring, slow to get to their feet. Impact perches Cage on the top rope and sets him up to try for the Razor's Edge. Cage wiggled out of it but Cage maintains control and hit his signature sliding suplex on Cage. Impact waas gonna do starship pain but Cage grabbed his foot. Cage hits an f-5 and gets a very close 2 count. Cage hits a turnbuckle powerbomb and goes for an inverted powerbomb but impact with a sunset flip pin. The men go through reversals, kicks, knees, and another stiff discus clothesline for a 2 count. Impact goes for a pumphandle slam but Impact lands on his feet and kicks his should. Impact with a springboard crossbosy, shining wizard, and then he drags Cage to the corner and drops a knee on him. Impact lands Starship Pain but he only gets a 2 count! Impact slowly gets to his feet and bring Cage to the top rope. Impact connects with a beautiful spinsh fly but Impact seemed to hurt his shoulder and couldn't get even a opne count. Cage goes terminator mode, powerbombs Impact, sends him in the corner for a buckle bomb, and delivers a twisting powerbomb for another close 2!

Cage taunts for the finish and connects with his whip the neck but Impact got his foot on the rope before his shoulders were counted for 3. In the corner, Cage tries to drag Impact to the top rope but Impact sends him to the outside. Confrontation between Survivor guy and Cage . Impact is laid out and Cage wants the ref to count the drill claw 3 count but he's distracted by the survivor guys. He comes ina nd counts only 2. Cage attempts a superplex with Impact on the apron but Impact is able to reverse and turn it in to a pining predicament for a questionable 2 count.

Winner and STILL Impact World Heavyweiight Cahmpion: Johnny Impact

After the match, Cage dropped the title in front of Impact and stormed out in frustration. Taya Valkyrie comes out and, husband and wife, Imapct and Valkyrie celebrate in the ring. Killer Kross appears on the ramp and attacks Impact. Valkyrie tries to fight Kross off but Kross grabs her and powerbombs her in to a group of men in the crowd as the show ends.