WWE “Best Of 205 Live 2018” Recap

WWE "Best Of 205 Live 2018" Recap

Vic Joseph, Percy Watson, and Nigel McGuinness welcome us to a special “best of 2018” edition of 205 Live. The commentary team addresses the big happenings that occurred in 2018, starting with former SD Live general manager Daniel Bryan appointing the new 205 Live general manager Drake Maverick.

Highlights of Maverick’s first big announcement for 205 Live, which was the 16-man tournament to determine the new cruiserweight champion culminating at WrestleMania 34. The final two competitors of that tournament: Mustafa Ali and Cedric Alexander.

Footage of Alexander and Ali’s promos leading up to their tournament final. Ali talks about how WrestleMania was his first PPV ever. Meanwhile, Alexander talks about his epic journey just to be in the division, and that unfortunately for Ali, he will be the one that becomes champion.

Cut to the match itself. (Already in progress.)

Cedric Alexander versus Mustafa Ali for the cruiserweight championship from WrestleMania 34

Alexander is targeting the mid-section, but Ali mounts a comeback using his speed. Signature roll-through x-factor from Ali. Alexander responds with an uppercut before catching Ali in a standing Spanish-Fly. Back on his feet…Ali goes for a tornado DDT, but Alexander doesn’t bite, and drops Ali onto the turnbuckle. Alexander attempts a top rope Lumbar Check but Ali blocks it. Both men trade strikes on the top rope…SPANISH-FLY FROM THE TOP BY ALI!

Ali drags Alexander over for the 054, but Alexander pushes Ali to ringside! Alexander waits for the count…but instead decides to throw Ali in the ring for a pin attempt. Ali escapes. Alexander…angry…yells at Ali to stay down. He stomps Ali repeatedly. Lumbar Check attempt…Ali shifts his weight and lands on his feet. POISON FRANKENSTEINER! POP UP TORNADO DDT! Ali climbs…054 lands! Alexander gets his foot on the ropes! Now Ali is mad. He starts stomping Alexander in the gut. He goes for the 054 again…Alexander moves! Both men are down! They meet in the middle…Alexander lands a series of reverse elbows. Lumbar Check…and that’s what won it.

Cedric Alexander is the cruiserweight champion

Cut to a new interview from Cedric Alexander, who calls his triumph at WrestleMania a magical moment in his life. He says that no matter what else happens in his career, he’ll always have that night. Alexander then states that losing the title was a much harder moment for him…but promises that one day he’ll be a 2-time champion.

A video package of the 205 Live roster making their resolutions for 2019. TJP and Akira Tozawa plan on getting Drake Maverick fired, Hideo Itami promises to break some faces, Noam Dar hopes to find love, and Mike and Maria Kanellis plan on taking over the division.

Video package for the Lucha House Party highlighting each man’s unique skill. Kalisto calls the trio the three amigos.

Back to the commentary team, where McGuinness calls the Lucha House Party the LOSER HOUSE PARTY. (Nailed them.) Vic Joseph redirects to the next highlight match…Cedric Alexander’s title defense against Buddy Murphy at Super Showdown in Murphy’s hometown of Melbourne, Australia.

Promo video of Alexander and Murphy’s intense rivalry, which included Alexander defeating Murphy on an episode of 205 Live. Murpy claimed that Alexander only won because he got lucky. Alexander believes that this defense will define his legacy.

They go to the matchup. (Once again already in progress.)

Cedric Alexander versus Buddy Murphy for the cruiserweight championship at WWE Super Showdown

Murphy is in control at this point of the bout. He wears Alexander down with chinlocks, and tosses Alexander into the turnbuckle head first. Murphy charges Alexander, but Alexander rebounds with a superkick! Murphy fires back with a stiff elbow to Alexander’s face, and sets Alexander up for a superplex. Alexander turns it into a Michinoku Driver from the top! Cover but Murphy kicks out!

Alexander starts stringing together attacks, hitting a head kick, roll-through flatliner, and a Tope Con Hilo in succession. Alexander goes for a springboard clothesline but Murphy dodges. Handspring enziguri from Alexander lands flush!

Alexander sets Murphy up for the Lumbar Check but Murphy lands on his feet and lands a big boot! Alexander nails Murphy back, and sets him up for a superplex. This time Murphy counters, sunset flip powerbomb…blocked…Murphy tucks Alexander under…superkick! Sit-out powerbomb from Murphy! Alexander escapes at the last second! Back on their feet, both men trade strikes…thrust knee from Murphy! He goes for Murphy’s Law but Cedric escapes! Standing Spanish-Fly, followed by the Lumbar Check! MURPHY KICKS OUT! ALEXANDER CAN’T BELIEVE IT!

Alexander goes for the Lumbar Check again, but Murphy escapes. Springboard clothesline attempt from Alexander…MURPHY CATCHES HIM WITH A KNEE! MURPHY’S LAW! GOT EM!

Buddy Murphy wins the cruiserweight championship

Cut to a new interview with Buddy Murphy, who claims that he new he was always going to win the title. He says Cedric Alexander was living on borrowed time, and puts the rest of the division on notice, by saying that this is his time.

(Buddy Murphy is still the cruiserweight champion.)

Back to the commentary team, who give us the top 10 moments of 205 Live in 2018.

10: Tony Nese powerbombing Lio Rush over the top rope.

9: Roderick Strong defeating Hideo Itami.

8: Mike and Maria Kanellis making their 205 Live debut.

7: Alexander suplexing Drew Gulak over the top rope…both men land on their feet…and Alexander continues with the suplex.

6: Noam Dar makes his return from injury, defeating TJP.

5: Lio Rush’s 205 Live debut.

4: Akira Tozawa landing his top rope Senton on three opponents at once.

3: TJP taking the mask of Lince Dorado, Gran Metalik, and Kalisto.

2: Drew Gulak and Jack Gallagher kicking Brian Kendrick out of their faction.

1: Mustafa Ali defeating Hideo Itami in a Falls Count Anywhere match with a 450 through a table.

Commercial for tonight’s NXT, which features a tag title match between the Undisputed Era and Heavy Machinery.

Back to the commentary team, whose feed gets interrupted by Drew Gulak. Gulak says that this show doesn’t represent the best of 205 Live in 2018. Gulak then narrates a video of his fight to elevate the cruiserweight division, which includes footage of superstars taking high-risks. Gulak calls himself the most feared submission specialists in the division, and promises that 2019 will be his best year yet.

The commentary team returns. McGuinness says that if they were to be interrupted by anyone, he’s happy it was Drew Gulak.

Video package of Murphy’s first title challenger after he won. Tony Nese and Mustafa Ali battled it out in a brutal affair. Ali would emerge victorious, and challenge Buddy Murphy at WWE Survivor Series.

Cut to the match. (Already in progress.)

Buddy Murphy versus Mustafa Ali for the cruiserweight championship at Survivor Series 2018

Murphy wears Ali down with a back-body drop and a series of rest holds. Ali mounts a comeback, landing a dropkick which sends Murphy to the corner. Irish-whip attempt reversed by Murphy. Ali baits him in and lands a head kick. Roll-through X-factor from Ali BUT MURPHY CATCHES HIM AND TOSSES HIM TO THE ARENA FLOOR. TOPE CON HILO FROM MURPHY! (Oh the distance.) He tosses Ali back in the ring and climbs to the top…Ali dodges his attack…he lands a superkick! Another superkick! A third one! POISON FRANKENSTEINER! Both men are down!

Murphy lands a combination of strikes but Ali surprises him with a spinning wheel kick that ties Murphy up in the ropes! Pop up tornado DDT! Cover but Murphy kicks out at two. Ali drags Murphy in position for the 054…Murphy gets to his feet and pushes Ali onto the apron face first!

At ringside, Murphy sets up Ali for an attack on the announce table…Ali lands a strike…Spanish-Fly onto the arena floor! Ali throws Murphy back in…he climbs again for the 054 but Murphy grabs Ali’s hair! He tucks him in…superkick! Powerbomb from Murphy! Deadlift….sit-out powerbomb! ALI KICKS OUT! Fans chant this is awesome! (It really is.) Murphy goes for his finisher but Ali rolls him up! Murphy escapes…Ali with a springboard attempt…MURPHY CATCHES HIM WITH A THRUST KNEE. Picks him up…Murphy’s Law! That’s all she wrote.

Buddy Murphy is still the cruiserweight champion

A new interview from Mustafa Ali, who says that he will always be the heart of 205 Live, but that his journey has taken him to SD Live. And who knows…”one day the heart of 205 Live may beat again.”

Cut to Drake Maverick, who thanks the WWE Universe for their support in 2018. Maverick says that Buddy Murphy is demanding a high-stakes matchup at Royal Rumble. Maverick announces that there will be a series of matches that will lead to a Fatal-Four way title matchup! Qualifying matchups are:

Akira Tozawa versus Drew Gulak

Lio Rush versus Kalisto

Cedric Alexander versus Hideo Itami

Maverick wishes us well… and says he’ll see us next year!

We go to credits.

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