Impact Wrestling Results – December 6, 2018

Impact Wrestling Results - December 6, 2018

Tonight, Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie are teaming up to face Moose and Tessa Blanchard in a mixed-gender-tag-team match, Willie Mack is going one-on-one with Jake Crist in singles action, and Dark Allie is set to make her Impact Wrestling debut!

Willie Mack vs. Jake Crist (Ultimate X Qualifying Match)

The match begins with Crist kicking Willie in the abdomen and quickly locking him in to a headlock. Mack bounces Crist off the ropes and uses a stiff shoulder tackle to knock him down to the mat. Willie off the ropes and both men exchange some reversals before Mack hits a dropkick. Willie with strikes to Crist’s face. Jake tries to get back up in the corner but Willie is there and Irish whips him in to the opposite turnbuckle. Willie goes after Crist but Jake reverses and climbs to the top rope. Jake Crist goes for a crossbody but Mack reverses in to a samoan drop, nip up, and a standing moonsault for a 2 count on Crist. Wille off the ropes but Sami Callihan grabs his foot and distracts him. This allows Crist to climb to the apron but Mack still hits him with a right. Mack goes rushing for a dive to the outside but Crist hits him with a spinning heel kick.

With Mack’s head caught in the ropes, Crist hits him with a drive-by running dropkick and rolls him in the ring for a 2 count. Jake stays on him with a head lock on the mat before raking his eyes. He gets Willie’s head back on the 2nd rope and uses his leg to choke him. While Crist distracts the referee, Callihan mauls him on the apron and then Jake gets a 2 count pin from the ref. Jake continues the pressure with a chin lock as he mounts Willie’s back. The crowd rallies behind Mack and he’s able to escape with a few elbows to Crist’s abdomen. Mack off the ropes but he’s instantly back down with a big boot. Crist gets a 2 count again.

Crist continues with another face lock and a clubby blow to Mack’s back. Mack starts to reverse with a lariat, rolling uppercut, and a body slam to Crist. He follows it up with a big leg drop and attempts a stunner. Crist reverses but Mack still hits him with a hard forearm to the face. Willie has Crist on the 2nd rope and kicks his chest before delivering a codebreaker. He gets a 2 count, himself. Crist is laid out and Willie goes to the top rope, but Jake still jumps to his feet and kicks Willie in the head. Jake climbs to the top and meets Mack on the top rope. He attempts a superplex but Mack reverses and hits him with a nasty sunset flip powerbomb. Somehow, Crist gets up and strikes Mack with a superkick, a roundhouse kick, and a German suplex in to a bridge for a close 2 count. Beautiful sequence!

Both men are slow to their feet but Crist is there first and rushes after Mack. Willie catches him and uses an exploder suplex to throw Crist in to the bottom turnbuckle. Mack gets a 2 count. Once they get back to their feet, Mack sets Jake Crist up for the coast-to-coast. oVe distracts the referee and Mack so he cannot perform his finishing move, allowing Jake Crist to meet him on the top rope and perform a super cutter for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Jake Crist

Back from commercial, Tessa Blanchard is backstage and saying that Taya is not Knockouts Champion because she’s nothing more, and will be nothing more, than Johnny Impact’s wife. Blanchard says that it doesn’t matter who’s in her corner tonight because she has Moose in her corner. Moose goes on to say how he’s gonna give Tessa Blanchard the world but he’ll start with a victory tonight. Moose says he’s the real Mr. Impact and a legend.

Dark Allie vs. Heather Monroe

The match begins with Monroe storming Allie with some forearms and she slams her face-first in to the opposite turnbuckle. Heather Monroe keeps Allie in the corner with multiple strike and a cartwheel back handspring elbow. Rather impressive! Monroe with a sharp kick and another strike to Allie before getting a 2 count. Monroe goes for a body slam but Allie reverses with a backstabber. Allie mounts Monroe, strikes her face a few times, and gets a 2 count before posing and sticking her tongue out. Allie does a strange twitch and then tosses Monroe across the ring. Monroe is on the turnbuckle and Allie kicks her a few times before standing on her throat and choking her.

Monroe tries to strike Allie’s abdomen but Allie regains control and tosses Monroe in to the turnbuckle once again. Allie hangs Monroe up by her foot and chokes her for the legal 4 count. Allie brings Monroe back to the center of the ring and hits a hard chop for a 2 count. Allie twitches some more before bringing Monroe to the corner and vertically suplexing her in to the turnbuckles. Allie gets another 2 count. Allie puts Monroe in the corner and rushes after her but Monroe dodges and kicks Allie in the face for a close 2 count. Allie regains control with a neckbreaker and a senton splash for a 2 count. Allie slaps herself in the face a few times and then goes for a superkick. Monroe reverses but Allie still hits Heather with a stiff clothesline. Allie stalks Monroe around the ring and hits a front-facing codebreaker for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Dark Allie

After the match, Allie pulls out the blood soaked mandible claw and chokes Heather Monroe with it until Kiera Hogan runs out and makes the save. She grabs Dark Allie and tries to reason with her but it’s futile – Allie knocks Kiera down with a hard forearm. Su Yung and Dark Allie go on to attack a hurt Kiera Hogan.

Back from commercial, Willie is backstage talking to Rich Swann about how angry he is after what oVe just did in his match. Swann tries to reason with Mack and tells him that trying to fight the sinister group, oVe is not the path they should be going down.

The Desi Hit Squad (Rohit Raju & Raj Singh) vs. Damien Hyde and Manny Lemons

The match begins with Damien Hyde and Raj Singh locking up but Singh quickly overpowers him down to the mat. They lock back up but Raj throws Hyde across the ring again. Manny Lemmons tags in but his waist locks are quickly reversed by Singh. Manny bounces off the ropes but gets hit with Singh’s forearms in his attempt. Hyde tags back in and goes for his best wind-up shot, but Singh reverses it in to a neckbreaker and flattens him. Raj tags in Rohit and they perform a wheelbarrow, elevated knee attack. Rohit stays on Damien with a snap suplex and then tags Raj back in. Both men use stomps and kicks to keep Damien Hyde in their corner. Raj taunts a little and then tags Rohit back in, allowing both men to do the exact same stomps on Hyde. Damien gets a couple strikes in but Rohit reverses and does a dropkick to a downed Damien Hyde. Manny Lemons tags in, eats a bunch of lemons to power up, and then charged after The Desi Hit Squad. He ends up in the corner and gets back elbows from both men and a cannonball while he’s sitting n the bottom turnbuckle. Lemons disappears to the outside as The Desi Hit Squad pick up Hyde and do a combination knee/samoan drop for the 1-2-3!

Winner: The Desi Hit Squad

Backstage, Matt Sydal is giving Ethan Page one of his third eye speeches and asking him if he’s ready for his Ultimate X qualifying match tonight. Page tells Sydal that he should go get ready for tonight.

Back from commercial, Katarina is backstage talking about her losses to Jordynne Grace. Katarina says Grace just got lucky the past couple of weeks and introduces Ruby Raze as her new friend.

Outside of the Impact management office, Eli Drake emerges and shows off the invitation he received at the conclusion of the show last week. It was Abyss, inviting Eli Drake to a Monster’s Ball match at Homecoming on January 6th. Eli Drake accepts the match and says he will end Abyss!

The Rascalz are backstage doing their That 70’s Show promo again, but this time, Scarlett Bordeaux appears and tells them about her talent search. She says how impressed she was with their performance the week prior and then disappears.

Matt Sydal vs. Ethan Page (Ultimate X Qualifying Match)

The match begins with a lock up turning in to a series of quick reversals. Page takes control with a headlock, shoulder tackle, and a little taunting with his third eye. Sydal golf claps and they tie up again. Page locks in another headlock before Sydal escapes and they begin bouncing from rope to rope. They exchange some more words, lock up again, and Page gets control one more time with a headlock takeover. Sydal escapes and does a reversal headlock takeover of his own. Page uses a leg scissors on Sydal’s head to escape. Sydal uses a crossbody pin to get a quick 1 count. The men face each other in the ring again.

Sydal uses sharp chops to back Ethan in to the corner. Sydal tries to ram Page’s head in to the turnbuckle but Ethan pulls a hulk and powers out of it. He delivers a LOUD chop of his own and follows it up with some punches and kicks in the corner. Sydal reverses and irish whip and ends upon the ring apron. He tries to climb to the top rope but Page perches him on to his shoulder and tries to reverse. Sydal is able to shift Page’s weight and uses a leg drop pinning combination for a 2 count.

Sydal with some sharp kicks to Page’s back but Ethan gets back to his feet and connects with some strikes of his own. Matt uses a high kick to regain control, following it up with some more kicks to Page’s back and submission holds focusing on Page’s legs and back. Ethan starts fighting back with some abdomen strikes but Sydal delivers a stiff knee to Ethan’s head. He follows it up with a running dropkick that gives Sydal a 2 count. Ethan uses his strikes and chops to gain a little momentum. Sydal climbs to the top and dives for a crossbody but Page reverses it in to a beautiful tilt-a-whirl backbreaker.

Page is up first and continues the pressure with strikes and elbows to Sydal’s face. Matt irish whips Page in to the corner but Ethan reverses and hits an uppercut on Sydal. Matt rushes Page from the corner and Ethan hits a big boot for a 2 count. Page goes for a slam but Sydal kicks him in the leg to escape. Page still hits a gutwrench slam on Sydal. Page then rushes after Sydal in the corner but Matt reverses and sends him out to the apron. Ethan Page connects with a cutter on the apron that leaves both men sprawled on the outside.

Back from commercial, both men are slow to get back to their feet. Sydal hits Page with a hard chop but Ethan’s are even louder! Sydal begins kicking Page in the legs before they meet face to face and press each others’ third eyes. Page backs Sydal in to the turnbuckle and forearms him. Ethan places Sydal on the top rope but Matt is able to jump over Page and use a head scissors to send Ethan flying alongside him. Matt tries to rush Page in the corner but gets hit with an elbow for his trouble. Ethan climbs to the 2nd rope but Sydal uses a hurrincanranna to send him flying to the mat. Sydal hooks Page’s leg, climbs to the top rope, but is met there by Page. Ethan climbs to the top rope and puts Sydal in a fireman’s carry. Sydal tries to escape and is sitting net to Page on the top. Ethan strikes Sydal with another audible chop that sends Matt down to the canvas. Ethan Page hits a beautiful swanton bomb but only gets a 2 count! He pins him a few different times and is able to get a 1-2-3!

Winner: Ethan Page

Ethan Page looks legitimately concerned after the match but Sydal congratulates him and shows him that it’s all about the 3rd eye.

We’re back at the insane asylum with Eddie Edwards. This time, he’s playing chess with Raven. He’s not doing well and is saying how he doesn’t belong in the asylum. Raven gives him a key card and tells him that he’ll be able to go anywhere he wants to go.

Back from commercial, The Lucha Bros. and LAX are backstage greeting one another and talking about how they need to stay family through all of the fighting. Konnan wants everyone to mutually agree that their tempers won’t get in the way. They promise him they won’t be dysfunctional but something physical is taken the wrong way and they already begin arguing.

Backstage, Johnny Impact and Taya Valkyrie are being interviewed about their mixed tag match for tonight. Impact says that he’s focused on his match with Cage at Homecoming but he’s excited to tag with Taya for the first time tonight. Valkyrie says that Tessa Blanchard is about to get a taste of what’s coming to her at Homecoming.

Tessa Blanchard & Moose vs. Johnny Impact & Taya Valkyrie

The match begins with Moose trying to get a good luck kiss from Tessa. While he’s distracted, Johnny rolls him up with a schoolboy pin for the 2 count. Moose hits Johnny with a couple knee strikes before being arm dragged down to the mat by Impact. Johnny keeps it up with a heel kick to Moose’s face. Blanchard gets tagged in and her and Valkyrie go face-to-face. Multiple reversals result in Taya hitting a few kicks and an arm dag to throw Blanchard in to the corner turnbuckles. Taya hits a running clothesline and a loud kick on Tessa in the corner. Valkyrie with a headlock takeover and a kick to the back of Blanchard’s head. Taya taunts on the apron and Moose tries tackling her off. Impact uses a springboard shining wizard and a corkscrew plancha to the outside on Moose. Impact and Taya throw Moose and Tessa respectively in to the metal barrier outside. Impact and Valkyre throw their opponents back inside the ring but are reversed on the apron, and Moose uses a running boot to send Impact and Valkyrie to the outside.

Back from commercial, Blanchard is still in control of Taya Valkyrie and is using the ropes to choke her. While Taya is perched on the 2nd rope, Tessa hits a running knee and a running dropkick to Taya’s back. Blanchard gets a 2 count before tagging in Moose. Moose knocks Johnny Impact off the apron while Tessa continues choking Taya from the corner. Blanchard is tagged back in and grabs Taya’s hair as she clubby blows her back. Blanchard bends Taya’s arm behind her back in a nasty-looking armbar. More clubby blows from Blanchard to Taya’s back. Tessa ties Valkyrie up in a hammerlock ddt hold but Taya reverses and is able to dodge as Blanchard goes shoulder-first in to the ring post.

The men get tagged back in and Impact is first to gain the momentum, delivering some strikes and a flying heel kick, then following it up with a running knee to Moose’s face and a standing shooting star pres. 2 count for Johnny Impact. Impact drags Moose to the corner and attempts Starship Pain but Moose rolls out and hits a big boot on Impact’s face. Johnny is thrown in the corner and Moose tries for the Go To Hell, but Impact reverses with a hurrincanranna that sends Moose flying. Impact tries for another headscissor attack but Moose turns it in to a powerbomb and a running senton splash for a 2 count.

Moose tries to follow up with his finishing spear but Impact leap frogs it, hits a beautiful superkick and a rolling neckbreaker for a very close 2 count. Moose’s foot got on the rope at the last second! The women get tagged in and Valkyrie gains immediate control, tossing Tessa in to the corner and hitting her with some clotheslines. Valkyrie with a stink face splash on Blanchard, followed by a meteora in the same corner. The women are back in the center of the ring and exchange some reversals before Blanchard connects with a few elbows and a ripcord cutter. 2 count for Tessa! Blanchard goes for another buzzsaw hammerlock ddt but Taya reverses and hits a german suplex for a 2 count. Moose pulled the ref out of the ring! Johnny Impact dives over the ropes and takes Moose out! Taya Valkyrie uses her new finishing, figure-four STF maneuver for the tap out!

Winner: Taya Valkyrie & Johnny Impact

Moose and Tessa Blanchard attack the husband and wife after the match. But Killer Kross comes out and stops them! Cage comes out and starts taking out Killer Kross and Moose, but Kross chooses to peacefully leave.

We go to credits.

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