WWE 205 Live Results – October 3, 2018

WWE 205 Live Results - October 3, 2018

We start off with Drake Maverick mentioning the Cruiserweight Title Match in Melbourne and we will see how they are preparing for the match.  Akira Tozawa will face Jack Gallagher tonight.  We will also see Kalisto vs. TJP tonight.

We are in Portland, Oregon and your announcers are Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson.

Match Number One:  Akira Tozawa vs. Jack Gallagher (with Drew Gulak and Brian Kendrick)

They lock up and Gallagher with a clean break and Tozawa screams to get Gallagher to flinch.  Gallagher with a wrist lock and Tozawa with a single leg take down.  Gallagher with a figure four of the legs and he turns it into a side head lock.  Gallagher with a back slide for a near fall.  Tozawa with a jackknife cover but Gallagher escapes.  We get a series of near falls from both men and Tozawa with a kick to the chest and a back senton for a near fall.  Tozawa with more kicks in the corner and the referee warns him.

Gallagher grabs the leg and gets Tozawa on his shoulders but Tozawa escapes.  Tozawa with chops but Gallagher flinches and Tozawa with a jab that sends Gallagher to the floor.  Kendrick gets on the apron and distracts Tozawa.  Tozawa with a forearm to Kendrick and that allows Gulak to trip Tozawa.  Gallagher with punches and he gets a near fall.  Gallagher with punches in the corner.  Gallagher with forearms to the back and a reverse chin lock.  Gallagher with a snap mare and running shoulder tackle for a near fall.  Gallagher with a back elbow and he gets a near fall.

Gallagher with a chin lock using Tozawa’s arm.  Gallagher with a boot to the shoulder followed by an elbow drop.  Gallager punches Tozawa and applies a reverse chin lock and then he stretches Tozawa and puts his boot on Tozawa’s neck.  Gallagher with a cravate and snap mare.  Tozawa with a rana and a back heel kick but he misses a spinning kick.  Tozawa hits the spinning heel kick the second time.  Tozawa goes up top and Gallagher goes to the floor.  Tozawa with a suicide dive head butt to Gallagher and they return to the ring.

Tozawa goes up top again and hits a missile drop kick for a near fall.  Gallagher with a waist lock and Tozawa with an octopus.  Gallagher turns it into a side slam and both men are down.  Gallagher with a knee bar and single leg crab.  Gallagher adds more pressure but Tozawa gets to the ropes.  Gallagher goes to the turnbuckles for a superplex but Tozawa sends Gallagher to the mat.  Tozawa with a back senton off the turnbuckles for the three count.

Winner:  Akira Tozawa

After the match, Drew Gulak gets a mic and he says it has come to his attention that their team is not living up to its full potential.  Drew tells Jack and Brian as well as the simple people at attendance, it is time for his favorite learning tool and it is time for a POWER POINT PRESENTATION.

We go to slide number ten and that is No Mercy.  He says mercy has its place, but it is not in this ring.  Cedric Alexander was dead to rights many times and he kept his title.  They showed mercy.  Mercy is weakness.  Starting right now, this team has no place for weakness.  No place for sentimentality.  No place for weak links.  No place for former Cruiserweight Champions who have lost their edge.  No place for people who are keeping him back and are no more than dead weight.

Kendrick attacks Drew with a punch and then Jack punches Gallagher.  Kendrick with the Captain’s Hook on Gallagher but Drew stops him and applies the GuLock.  Gallagher with punches.

Drew and Jack leave the ring but return to continue the attack on Kendrick.  Gulak with the GuLock and Gallagher with more punches.

It is time to talk about the Cruiserweight Title Match that will take place on Saturday.

We look at their training regimens as they prepare for this match.

Cedric says he is willing to dig deeper and Buddy makes him want to be more successful.  You will not make your name at his expense.  Cedric says this match makes or breaks him. 

Buddy says the Age of Alexander will fall and he will walk out of Melbourne as the next Cruiserweight Champion.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Drake Maverick is asked about the match between Hideo Itami and Mustafa Ali.  Drake says that this feud needs to end.  The next time they wrestle in a 205 Live ring, it will be a match that no one will want to miss.

Next week, we will have a Lio Rush Open Challenge. 

Match Number Two:  Kalisto (with Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik) vs. TJP

Kalisto with a waist lock but TJP with a Greco Roman Knuckle Lock and take down.  Kalisto bridges to avoid a count.  Kalisto with a Monkey Flip and they hold on to the knuckle lock.  Kalisto with near falls.  TJP with a monkey flip and Kalisto lands on his feet.  Kalisto with a back heel kick and kick to the chest.  Kalisto walks on his hands and hits a handstand head scissors and applies an arm bar.

Kalisto with a head scissors to send TJP to the floor.  TJP moves when Kalisto sets for a dive but Kalisto stays in the ring.  TJP with a baseball slide to Kalisto.  TJP with a double jump slingshot kick to Kalisto to send him to the floor.  TJP runs Kalisto into the ringside barrier.  TJP with a slingshot senton.  TJP with a hard Irish whip.  Kalisto with punches and kicks followed by forearms to the back.  TJP rolls through on a sunset flip and he goes for a chin lock while he has the legs in a figure four.  TJP rips off part of Kalisto’s mask and hits a curb stomp for a near fall.  TJP stands on Kalisto’s hand and stomps on it.  TJP with a back elbow.

TJP with a spinning rake of the face using the boot for a near fall.  TJP with an arm bar.  Kalisto with punches and a jaw breaker.  TJP with a springboard side Russian leg sweep and he applies a butterfly submission on Kalisto.  Kalisto gets a near fall.  TJP kicks Kalisto in the back.  TJP with a back breaker.  TJP with a suplex and he holds on for a belly-to-back suplex for a near fall. 

TJP with an Irish whip but Kalisto gets a boot up.  TJP with a punch.  TJP with a slam and he goes to the turnbuckles for a springboard twisting senton and he gets a near fall.  TJP with a reverse chin lock.  Kalisto with punches and kicks.  TJP sends Kalisto face first into the mat.  TJP with a slam and he goes to the turnbuckles.  TJP goes up top but misses a swanton when Kalisto moves.  Kalisto with a kick and he goes to the turnbuckles.  Kalisto with a seated splash and a springboard corkscrew splash.

Kalisto with a rollup and Listo Kick for a near fall.  Kalisto sets for Salida Del Sol but TJP goes for the mask and backs into the ropes.  Kalisto with an enzuigiri and he goes up top but TJP with a kick to the leg.  TJP with a cross arm slam for a near fall.  TJP goes up top but Kalisto with an enzuigiri to stop TJP.  Kalisto goes to the turnbuckles but TJP with punches.  Kalisto with a head butt and TJP with a head butt.  Kalisto with an enzugiiri.  Kalisto sets for a Victory Roll Bomb for a near fall. 

Kalisto sets for Salida Del Sol but TJP with a drop kick to the back of the knee and he applies a knee bar.  TJP grapevines the leg to stop Kalisto from getting to the ropes.  Kalisto with a rollup for a near fall.  TJP with punches and he goes for the mask.  TJP rips the mask and Lince Dorado goes to the ring and TJP with a punch.  Kalisto with a rollup for the three count.

Winner:  Kalisto

After the match, TJP attacks Kalisto and pulls off the mask.  Lince Dorado forces TJP from the ring and Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado make sure to cover Kalisto’s face. 

We go to credits.


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