Impact Wrestling Results – October 11, 2018

Impact Wrestling Results - October 11, 2018

We do the usual video package recapping last week’s show, then we go to the ring for our opening match…

Trevor Lee vs Puma King vs Jack Evans vs Petey Williams

We start off with a typical X Division flippy dippy sequence, then Petey has an extended sequence in the ring with first Puma King, then Trevor Lee.  Trevor blocks the Canadian Destroyer, but Petey goes right into the Sharpshooter.  Jack Evans breaks it up, and now it’s his turn to go at it with Petey.  Now everyone takes turns doing spots.  Petey hits the Destroyer on Lee, and that’s enough to score the win.

Winner: Petey Williams

Total paint by the numbers lucha spotfest.

Josh and Don talk about stuff, then we see the OGz backstage, and they’re…WALKING!  They’ll have a summit with LAX later on tonight!

McKenzie is backstage with Rich Swann, who says he’s super happy that Matt Sydal found someone to buy into his Illuminati third eye crap, and they can walk around holding hands and crossing their legs, but he’s not into all that.  He did find a partner, and it’s not somebody who’s going to guide him, it’s someone with the same athleticism he’s got.  He tells them to roll his boy’s footage, and it’s…WILLIE MACK!  Wow, that’s actually a really cool surprise!  Super talented guy who has never gotten the shot he deserves in the big time.  Glad to see him get this chance.

Grado vs Maximo

Picture a Mexican Danny DeVito with a pink mohawk and short shorts, and that’s Maximo.  Maximo does a bunch of “go behind Grado and feel him up” and “Grado goes behind Maximo and he grinds his butt on Grado’s crotch” stuff, then tries to kiss Grado.  Grado dishes out the most consecutive offensive moves I think I’ve ever seen him get in, but Maximo rips into him with some hard chops, then tries to distract Grado by pointing at the crowd to go for another kiss.  Maximo with a series of clotheslines for 2, then dumps Grado to the floor and hits a diving headbutt through the ropes.  That was unique.  Back into the ring where Maximo gets a cover for 2.  Grado comes back with his Dusty Rhodes offense, and his chest is almost glowing red from the shots Maximo’s been giving him.  Maximo kisses Grado and rolls him up for 3.

Winner: Maximo

Well, that was unique.  Maximo motions to Grado to call him sometime.  Sprtsmanlike handshake after the match, then Grado plants a big one on Maximo’s lips, and Maximo falls over in shock.

Fallah Bahh and Johnny Impact are backstage with Crazy Eddie Edwards, who says it’s fine if Moose turns his back on him and Kenny, but if he wants to terrorize his wife, tonight’s just going to be a little taste of what he’s going to do to him at Bound For Glory.  Impact says he hopes Aries and friends are watching, because they’ve been playing these games for months now, and they’re ready to unleash the crazy.

We see a video package of the history between LAX and the OGz, and I can’t help but shed a tear when I see again what happened to poor little Richie.

The GWN Flashback of the Week takes us back to a Knockouts match from years ago at Bound For Glory that Leather Biker Tara won to become the Knockouts Champion.

Video package of the history between oVe and Brian Cage, Pentagon Jr, and Fenix.

McKenzie is backstage with Eli Drake, who claimed that La Parka brought the chair into the ring last week and he got disqualified.  He still thinks he’s mowing down all the competition, and up next is the East Coast Challenge, because he’s coming to Bound For Glory and will take on anyone as long as they’re from New York, because if you can make it there, you can make it anywhere…unless you’re looking into the eyes of Eli Drake.  Bound For Glory, dummies, YEAH!

Gama Singh introduces the “former” tag team combination of the Desi Arnaz Hit Squad for our next match.  He tells both men that the loser has to go back to India, and will no longer be a member of the Desi Hit Squad.  So…

Gursinder Singh vs Rohit Raju

Gama distracts both men as they go at it.  Raju hits a sliding kneestrike on Singh for 2.  He tells his partner to stay down, but Gama yells at Raju to go for the kill.  Singh hits a flatliner out of nowhere for 2.  Raju sweeps the legs and hits a double stomp to Singh for 2.  Raju with a roll of the dice and a sitout gourdbuster for 2.  Singh with a Hacker Slam for a very close 2.  Raju hurt his shoulder on that one, and Singh hesitates, but Gama tells him to go for the kill.  It’s too little too late, as Raju is up, drills Singh with a high knee, and hits a Flatliner of his own for the win.

Winner: Rohit Raju

Poor Gursinder.  Gama gets in the ring and slaps the hell out of Raju even though he won, and quickly escorts him to the back, leaving Gursinder alone and unloved in the ring.

Johnny Impact, Eddie Edwards & Fallah Bahh vs Austin Aries, Killer Kross & Moose

Kross overpowers Impact to start, so Bahh tags in to match power.  Kross goes for a nice single leg, but can’t budge Bahh, so he drills him with a hard forearm instead.  Bahh tells him NO NO NO, and returns fire with a hard chop of his own.  Hard forearms rock Kross, but Kross lays him out flat with a running clothesline.  Moose tags in, and he calls out Eddie Edwards, who obliges by tagging in and they immediately trade right forearms.  Eddie tells Moose to bring it on and tears his shirt open, but unleashes a flurry of Kobashi chops before Moose has the chance.  Eddie snap suplexes Moose, then follows that up wtih a super Frankensteiner for 2.  Aries distracts Eddie, allowing Moose to knock him through the ropes and to the floor.  Aries lays in some cheapshots before rolling him back into the ring, and Eddie is in the wrong part of town, but quickly manages to get away and tag in Bahh, who then himself is quickly redirected to peril as we go to commercial.

Bahh is still in trouble as we come back from commercial, but he dodges a charge from Kross and lays Moose out before making the hot tag to Impact, who comes in to go toe-to-toe with Austin Aries.  Impact gets the better of the exchange, catching him with a running knee and a sliding German suplex.  Impact goes to the top, but misses the twisting elbowdrop and Aries rolls him up for 2 before going right into the Last Chancery.  Impact gets out and drills Aries with a pair of superkicks, but Moose breaks the cover up at 2.  Impact counters a Moose attempt at the Sky High, but Moose kills him with a roaring clothesline.  Eddie dumps Moose to the floor, Bahh hits Kross with a superkick, Eddie takes Moose out with a dive, Aries knocks Bahh to the floor with a roaring elbow, but a heat seeking missile attempt runs Aries right into a Tidal Krush from Impact.  Impact hits Starship Pain, and that’s…NOT it!  Kross pulls Impact to the floor and hits a backdrop suplex on the outside, Moose powerbombs Eddie onto the ring apron, then they roll Impact into the ring where Aries hauls a barely conscious Impact up and hits the brainbuster for the win.

Winners: Austin Aries, Moose & Killer Kross

Good match to set up this weekend’s main event.

Josh and Don run down the card for Bound For Glory, then we go to Father James Mitchell playing an organ when Allie walks in.  She needs his help, and Mitchell wants to be clear that she doesn’t want her soul back, but she says she knows the deal she made.  Mitchell says her soul is not his to return, and he’d get a lot of heat with the office if he tried.  Allie says this isn’t about her soul, she needs his help dragging her back from down below.  Mitchell says that if she really wants to bring her friend back, he’ll make sure that coffin is opened this weekend, but he can’t make any guarantees about what she finds inside.  But as they say in the mafia, that’s the world we live in.  They shake on it, and Mitchell cackles an evil cackle.

Knockouts Champion Tessa Blanchard vs Keyra

They slug it out from the start, and Keyra catches the champ with a flying headscissors, a Michinoku Driver, and a second rope moonsault for a quick 2.  Tessa slides to the floor to break the momentum, but Keyra follows her out and knocks her into next week with another superkick.  Tessa is absolutely reeling as Keyra comes off the apron with another flying headscissors attempt, but Tessa holds her ground and counters to a running powerbomb into the ringpost.  Back into the ring, where Tessa covers for 2, then goes to an abdominal stretch.  Keyra hiptosses out and goes back on the offensive, plowing through Tessa with a hard corner clothesline, followed by a charging double kneestrike for 2.  Tessa is in deep trouble, but she catches Keyra with a second rope Flatliner and the hammerlock DDT for the win.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard

Terrific match!  Tessa really looked like a champion here, coming from behind to catch Keyra the instant she made a mistake and capitalizing on it for the win.

LAX is backstage, and they’re…WALKING!  The summit with the OGz is coming up…NEXT!

Summit time, as LAX and the OGz have one final, face-to-face before Bound for Glory.  King says just a few more days before he ends the legend of Konnan.  He admits Konnan put him on the game, but Konnan wouldn’t pay him back, and wouldn’t step aside even when he was old and beat down.  Then he leeched off Homicide and Hernandez, and now he tricked these marks into helping him out.  It’s not his fault, Konnan is an old dog who needs to be shot and put out of his misery.  He’s proud he put the hit out on him, because he has no regrets, and he brought the original LAX back and has been embarrassing him ever since.  He’s shown everyone that Konnan’s gotta go, and in just a few short days, in HIS city, he is going to destroy everything Konnan ever built, everything he ever worked for.  He tells Ortiz that he won’t be able to raise his new baby boy because he’s destroying LAX, and the OGz will live on forever.  Konnan says something in Spanish that I don’t follow, but the crowd seems to like it.  Are they chanting “pelican” at Kingston?  Konnan says that he just has to say the word to get this crowd to rush the ring and kick their asses, and Kingston says he dares him to.  They had a 5150 streetfight that the OGz never lost, but LAX handed them their first loss under his watch.  Kingston comes into his clubhouse and disrespects the spot, then he took Konnan’s mask and burned it.  Every time Kingston takes one step, Konnan takes two, so he’s always a step behind.  He raised King since he was a little boy, he was the father he never had, and he validated all three of those hos, so everything Kingston is doing, the bosses are watching.  There’s a G code that all their predecessors lived by, and the bosses want him to give them a personal message: the cease-fire ends right now.  LAX attacks the OGZ, and a big brawl erupts and ends with Konnan standing in the ring daring Kingston to get in and fight him.

One final video package hyping Bound For Glory, and we call it a week.


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