WWE 205 Live Results – September 19, 2018

WWE 205 Live Results - September 19, 2018

We start off with a look back at Drew Gulak’s attempt to win the Cruiserweight Championship at SummerSlam, only to fall short.

 Drew says Cedric was outclassed, outmanned, and outstrategized.  Drew is the better man.  Cedric threw a hail mary pass and got lucky.  If Cedric cares about his legacy, Cedric should give him a rematch.  Drake Maverick would not give Drew a rematch when the request was made.  We see what Drew tried to do to convince Drake to give him the match.  We see Cedric call out Drew Gulak a few weeks ago and we see the match being accepted.  What will happen tonight when Drew gets another chance?

We are in Tulsa, Oklahoma and your announcers are Vic Joseph, Nigel McGuinness, and Percy Watson.

Vic asks for predictions and Nigel says that Drew has gotten into the head of the champion and he will win.  Percy thinks Cedric will be successful in defending the title tonight.

TJP vs. Lince Dorado

They lock up and Dorado with a take down.  They locku p again and TJP with a side head lock.  TJP with a shoulder tackle but Dorado with a springboard arm drag and drop kick followed by an arm drag into an arm bar.  TJP with a head scissors but Dorado with a kick and head scissors.  Dorado follows with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker.  TJP with a shoulder from the apron and then he applies a guillotine in the ropes.  TJP goes up top and hits a cross body and punches Dorado.

TJP sends Dorado into the turnbuckles and then chokes Dorado.  Doarado with chops and punches.  Dorado goes for a springboard arm drag but TJP moves out of the way and TJP focuses on the shoulder.  TJP with a drop kick to the back of the head.  TJP with a slam and then he goes to the apron and hits a slingshot senton.  TJP gets a near fall.  TJP with a suplex and he holds on for a belly-to-back suplex and then he gets a near fall. 

TJP with a butterfly gullotine with the legs trapped.  Dorado with a forearm but TJP with a springboard forearm.  Dorado with a spinning heel kick and both men are down.  Dorado with a chop and TJP goes down.  Dorado goes to the turnbuckles for a cross body and then he goes for a monkey flip but TJP puts Dorado on the turnbuckles.  Dorado with a rana to send TJP to the floor and then he hits a suicide dive.  Dorado gets a near fall after a moonsault.

Dorado goes up top but TJP crotches Dorado and TJP with a punch.  Dorado with punches on the turnbuckles followed by a head butt to send TJP to the mat.  TJP moves when Dorado comes off the turnbuckles.  Dorado escapes a Detonation Kick and Dorado with a super kick that sends TJP into the corner.  Dorado with a Bronco Buster and then he sets for a reverse suplex.  TJP pulls off the mask and gets the three count with a rollup.

Winner:  TJP

After the match, TJP takes Dorado’s noise maker and Dorado chases TJP to the back.

Lio Rush enters Drake’s office and Drake mentions that Lio told him that he could not face Noam Dar tonight because of his commitments with Bobby Lashley.  Lio says it is a gift and a curse.  Drake says you can sing with Elias or play jumping jacks with Kevin Owens, but you have to fulfill your commitments to 205 Live.

Lio says that he sees Drake on Raw with AOP.

Drake says that Lio will fulfill his commitments and face Noam Dar next week or there will be consequences.

We see Drew Gulak and Cedric Alexander getting ready for the Cruiserweight Title Match.

We go to commercial

We are back and Drake Maverick is in his office and Mustafa Ali shows up.

Ali says he hopes Drake has some good news for him.  Ali appreciated that tune up match and he is looking forward to getting the green light to face Hideo Itami.

Drake says he saw the match and his last match with Hideo Itami.  He saw Ali fall flat on the mat.  Drake says he is looking out for the safety of the cruiserweights.  Drake says that he talked to the medical staff and he has the green light to face Hideo Itami next week.

Ali tells Drake he will not regret this.

Drew Gulak (with Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick) vs. Cedric Alexander for the WWE Cruiserweight Championship

Drew waits for the right moment to lock up with Cedric.  Kendrick tries to distract Alexander and Gulak goes for the GuLock but Alexander gets to the ropes.  They go for a test of strength and then they lock up.  They go into the corner but come out of the corner locked up.  Gulak with a waist lock and Alexander with a standing switch and Gulak escapes.  They go to a test of strength and Alexander with a side head lock.  Alexander with a shoulder tackle and a side head lock.  Alexander with a shoulder tackle and he gets a near fall.  Alexander with a side head lock. 

Alexander floats over in the corner and he takes Gulak down and applies a side head lock.  Kendrick trips Alexander and the referee sends Kendrick and Gallagher to the back.  Gulak argues with the referee and Alexander waits for Drew to turn around.  Alexander with a handstand head scissors take down followed by a drop kick for a near fall.  Alexander with chops.  Alexander sends Drew into the turnbuckles as they go around the ring.  Alexander with a snap mare and drop kick to the back of the head for a near fall.  Alexander with an arm bar.

Alexander works on the back and then he applies a hammer lock using the legs and he drops back to the mat to work on Drew’s shoulder.  Gulak with an Irish whip and Alexander goes to the apron and connects with a forearm.  Gulak blocks a slingshot flatline and hits a head and arm side suplex.  Gulak stomps on the chest.  Gulak with an arm bar.  Cedric with an arm drag but Gulak holds on to the arm bar and rolls through to maintain the advantage.  Alexander with knees to try to get out of the hold but Gulak with an elbow drop.

Alexander with a chop but Gulak with an elbow to the head followed by boots to the chest.  Gulak sends Alexander into the turnbuckles and Drew with a chop but he runs into a boot.  Gulak with a back elbow and he gets a near fall.  Gulak with a reverse chin lock.  Gulak with a knee and he tries for a suplex but Alexander blocks it.  They go to the ropes and Alexander suplexes Gulak over the top rope and they land on their feet and Alexander with a suplex on the floor.  The referee starts his count.

They both get back in at nine.  Alexander with forearms and hits a running forearm and clothesline.  Gulak charges into the corner and Alexander with a drop kick to the knees to send Gulak into the turnbuckles.  Alexander goes to the apron and hits a kick to the head.  Alexander with a springboard clothesline for a near fall.  Gulak with an inside cradle for a near fall.  Alexander with a Neuralizer and Gulak’s momentum sends him to the floor.  Alexander with a plancha onto Gulak and they return to the ring.

Gulak applies the GuLock but Alexander is able to get to the ropes.  Gulak with a clothesline for a near fall.  Gulak with a slam and he slams Alexander a second time.  Gulak goes for a rollup as Alexander leap frogs him but Alexander drops down for a near fall.  Gulak with a clothesline for a near fall. 

We see Buddy Murphy watching in the back on the monitor.  Gulak with a Northern Lariat and then he applies the GuLock in the ropes.  Alexander with kicks and an enzuigiri.   Alexander with a sunset flip and then Alexander counters Gulak and hits a Michinoku Driver for a near fall.  Alexander with chops and Drew wants more.  Alexander with another chop and then he gives Drew one more chop.  Alexander with an Irish whip and Drew goes to the apron and hits Alexander with a forearm when he charges into the corner.

Gulak goes up top and hits a clothesline for a near fall.  Drew with slaps to the ribs and head and then he applies the GuLock.  Alexander tries to get to the ropes but Gulak reapplies the hold.  Alexander gets Drew on his shoulders and runs Drew into the turnbuckles.  Both men struggle to get back to their feet.  Gulak and Alexander stand in opposite corners and both with boots.  Gulak slaps Alexander three times.  Alexander with a back elbow and Lumbar Check for the three count.

Winner:  Cedric Alexander (Retains Championship)

We see Murphy in the back after the match.

Buddy Murphy is asked about his match against Cedric Alexander in Australia.

Buddy says the winning streak is impressive, but it will be more impressive when the Age of Alexander comes crashing down at his feet.  People watch 205 Live to see him steal the show and it will be no different at Super Show Down when he becomes the new Crusierweight Champion.  All of this will be his.

We go to credits.


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