WWE RAW Results – August 6, 2018

WWE RAW Results - August 6, 2018

We start off with a look back at what Brock Lesnar did last week on Raw.

We are live from Jacksonville, Florida and Kurt Angle makes his way to the ring and he is joined by Baron Corbin.

Kurt welcomes everyone to Raw and he says tonight will be historic because Ronda Rousey will make her in ring debut on Raw. Kurt says unlike some former UFC champions, she has no problem competing on Raw. She does not whine or complain. Whether she wins or loses tonight or wins at SummerSlam, Ronda is a champion in his book. Kurt says he wishes he could say the same about Brock.

Kurt says that Brock has no class. Look at what he has done to the fans, the title, and him. Kurt says that since Paul got Brock to the ring before the end of the show, he still has his job. Kurt is about to say what he is going to do to Brock, but he is interrupted by Roman Reigns.

Roman tells Kurt that he has a lot of respect for him as General Manager, but Kurt should have known better. If you kick the Big Dog out, who is going to protect the yard? No one. That is why Brock rag dolled you around the ring. Roman asks Baron what is he laughing at. You just stood there and then when Brock looked at you, Baron ran.

Kurt says nobody liked what Brock did last week and that comes from the top down.

Roman says he does not want them to suspend Brock or postpone the match at SummerSlam.

Kurt says he made sure Brock did not get suspended and Roman will face Brock for the Universal Title at SummerSlam. Kurt says he hopes that Roman kicks his ass. Baron says that is a sound bite and really unprofessional for the General Manager. You cannot pick favorites.

Baron says he did not run off. He chose to be the bigger man. Baron says he already competed and he was worn out from beating little Finn Balor, the guy who won the Universal Championship, unlike Roman. Baron says there is nothing else that he can do.

Kurt says that Baron could have acted like a man last week.

Baron wants to know if Kurt is an example of what a man should do? You shuffle out and you act like this is your show. Stephanie is in charge. You just make matches. Baron says that Kurt cannot be trusted.

Kurt says he just makes the matches. Kurt says he sees a match right here and he wants a referee to come out for Roman Reigns versus Baron Corbin.

Baron Corbin vs. Roman Reigns

Corbin with a punch before the bell rings and before the referee comes out. Reigns with a Superman punch for a near fall as the referee finally gets to the ring. Corbin rolls to the floor for a breather as Reigns regroups in the ring. We go to commercial.

We are back and Corbin with a side head lock. Corbin escapes a Samoan drop and then he slides around the ring post and hits a clothesline for a near fall. Corbin punches Reigns and then sends Reigns into the corner with a hard Irish whip. Reigns with punches to Corbin but Corbin with a back elbow and he gets a near fall. Corbin with a half nelson and chin lock. Corbin with a punch and he returns to the chin lock and half nelson. Roman with a kick and then both men go for clotheslines and Corbin goes down. Roman with another clothesline but he misses a flying clothesline.

Roman clotheslines Baron over the top rope to the floor. Roman with a Drive By. Roman tries to bring Baron back into the ring but Baron with an uppercut and then Baron sends Roman into the ring post. Back to commercial.

We are back and Corbin with a half nelson and chin lock. Reigns with punches and a back elbow. Reigns with a clothesline and boot to Corbin. Reigns with a Samoan drop for a near fall. Reigns with NeverEnding Story to Corbin. Roman with a running boot to the head. Roman looks around and sets for the Superman punch. Corbin blocks the Superman punch but Reigns avoids the choke breaker. Corbin with Deep Six for a near fall. Corbin with a series of clotheslines in the corner. Reigns with forearms and Corbin slides around the ring post but he hits the cameraman and that delay allows Reigns to connect with a clothesline for a near fall.

Reigns sets for the spear but Corbin rolls to the floor and he says that he has had enough. Corbin goes up the ramp and Finn Balor comes out to force Corbin back to the ring because despite beating him last week, Corbin is afraid of Balor. Corbin turns around as Reigns comes jumping off the steel ring steps with a Superman Punch to Corbin on the floor. Reigns brings it back into the ring and nails the Spear on Corbin for the win.

Winner: Roman Reigns

After the match, Balor claps from ringside as Reigns’ music hits. We go to replays. Reigns looks at Balor and then Corbin, and leaves the ring so Balor can do his thing. Reigns stops at ringside to show respect to Balor. Balor enters the ring as Corbin is still down. Corbin gets up and Balor dropkicks him back into the corner. Balor goes to the top and nails Coup de Grace. Balor’s music hits as Corbin recovers on the mat.

– We see Ronda Rousey and Natalya backstage talking. Rousey vs. Alicia Fox will take place tonight in Rousey’s RAW singles debut.

– Bobby Roode is backstage putting his robe on. Roode vs. Mojo Rawley will take place tonight. Back to commercial.

– We are back and the announcers talk about the Intercontinental Title match at SummerSlam and what Seth can do to deal with Drew McIntyre. We see what Dolph and Drew did to Seth later on Raw.


Kurt Angle is in his office and Seth Rollins is with him. Seth says he is focused on getting the title back but Drew McIntyre is getting involved. Seth says every time he tries to stop Drew, Dolph gets involved. Seth wants to take care of both of them. Kurt tells Seth to find a tag team partner and he can have a tag match against them tonight.

Bobby Roode vs. Mojo Rawley

Roode with a waist lock into a hammer lock. Rawley with an elbow and head butt. Rawley sends Roode into the turnbuckles but Roode with punches. Mojo with an Irish whip but Roode with a clothesline out of the corner. Roode with a kick and he sets for the DDT but Mojo escapes. Roode sends Mojo to the floor but Mojo leaps to the apron. Roode with a drop kick to send Rawley back to the floor.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Mojo with a waist lock. Roode escapes the hold but Mojo with a knee to the midsection. Mojo gets a near fall. Rawley returns to the waist lock. Roode with elbows to escape the hold. Rawley with a side slam. Roode with a sunset flip to counter a back drop and Roode gets a near fall. Roode with punches and Rawley with a knee to the midsection. Roode with a kick and running forearm.

Roode with a clothesline and neck breaker. Roode with a Blockbuster and he sets for the Glorious DDT. Mojo runs Roode into the turnbuckles but Mojo runs into boots. Roode goes to the turnbuckles and Rawley catches Roode and Rawley gets him on his shoulders but Roode lands on his feet and hits a Glorious DDT for the three count.

Winner: Bobby Roode

– Elias is in the back and he is talking to his film crew. We go to commercial.

In the Arena:

We are back and Elias is in the ring. Elias wants to know who wants to walk with Elias. Elias says the album is out and he is changing lives on a daily basis. Elias says some of the biggest names in music are afraid of Elias. Elias mentions his documentary but they got it wrong. Elias says that is why he has his camera crew. He is going to do it right and the Elias way. Elias has the camera crew focus on the magic of his fingers. Elias tells them to circle around him since he is the center of the WWE Universe. Elias stops and blames the audience. Maybe you can use your CGI to blur out their faces. He tells them to crop out the faces of the Jacksonville crowd with more attractive people.

Elias says that Bobby Lashley is not going to come out and ruin things tonight, but… Bobby Lashley came out to interrupt Elias.

Lashley calls Elias a funny guy, saying he put Lashley’s name in his mouth again and here he is, once again. Lashley says nothing was wrong with the first documentary. They have some words and Elias orders the crew to keep the cameras on him, not Lashley. Elias says Lashley is out here trying to steal the spotlight from him but that’s not happening. Elias accuses Lashley of trying to steal his spotlight back when he returned to the company. Elias says Lashley’s entire comeback has been a joke. Lashley calls everything about Elias a joke – his boots, his guitar, his documentary and about a dozen other things. Lashley goes on and says what he does to Elias will not be a joke. Elias says Lashley is in a bad mood tonight so they will go in the back somewhere to finish the documentary. Elias helps the crew out of the ring and throws a clipboard in Lashley’s face, distracting him to start an attack.

Elias drops Lashley and works him over, talking trash. Lashley blocks a shot and drives Elias into the mat with a Spinebuster. Fans chant for Lashley as he tells the crew to come back in the ring and film what’s about to happen. Lashley lifts Elias for a vertical suplex and holds him in the air. Lashley brings Elias down to the mat and stands tall as his music hits. The camera crew gets a close-up of Elias on the mat. Lashley poses in the corner and mocks Elias.

– Still to come, Renee Young will interview Paul Heyman. We see Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler backstage. Still to come, Drew and Dolph vs. Seth Rollins and a mystery partner, who Cole says will not be Dean Ambrose, who is still out of action after surgery. Ronda Rousey vs. Alicia Fox will also take place. Back to commercial.

– We go to the ring and out comes The Authors of Pain, Rezar with Akam. Back to commercial.


Back from the break and Seth Rollins is backstage when Tyler Breeze walks up. Breeze offers to be Rollins’ tag team partner for tonight’s match. Breeze offers his fist for a Shield-style bump as Roman Reigns also appears. Reigns asks Rollins if he’s serious about this. Rollins says everyone wants to be a member. Reigns says no to Breeze and says he will have Rollins’ back tonight for the match with Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre.

Rezar vs. Titus O’Neil

We go back to the ring and The Authors of Pain wait in the ring as Titus Worldwide comes out – Titus O’Neil with Apollo Crews and Dana Brooke.

They lock up and Rezar backs Titus into the corner. Rezar with a knee to the midsection. Titus with punches but Rezar with a knee to the midsection. Rezar with shoulders in the corner. Rezar chokes Titus in the corner. Titus with kicks in the corner followed by punches. Titus with an Irish whip and shoulders in the corner. Titus with punches but Rezar with an Irish whip. Titus floats over and connects with a boot to the head. Titus with a splash into the corner and Rezar with a boot when Titus charges into the corner. Rezar with a spinebuster for the three count.

Winner: Rezar

Kevin Owens is in the back with Jinder Mahal and Sunil Singh because the Kevin Owens Show is back. We go to commercial.

Kevin Owens Show:

Back from the break and Kevin Owens is near the stage with a new setup for the return of The Kevin Owens Show. He introduces his guest, personal friend and guru, Jinder Mahal. Out comes Jinder with Sunil Singh.

Owens says he was skeptical about Jinder’s methods at first, the breathing and all that crap, but it’s worked because he’s at peace like never before and that’s all because of Jinder. He talks about not being in pain and being able to play with his kids, because of Jinder. But that’s not why he’s out here. Owens asked Jinder to be his guest tonight because they have something in common.

Owens talks about Braun Strowman and how most people see a monster when they look at him. Fans interrupt with a “we want Strowman” chant. Owens brags about his Steel Cage win over Braun and last week’s count out win for Jinder. Owens says Braun tried taking everything from him at Extreme Rules but now Owens is going to take what he has at SummerSlam to become Mr. Money In the Bank. Owens says this will make him KO In the Bank. Owens says this will guarantee that he can finally reclaim his WWE Universal Title. Owens goes on more and thanks Jinder for helping him be at peace and clear-headed. Owens is so clear-headed he has a great idea for tonight – Jinder vs. Braun. Jinder doesn’t look thrilled but Owens is all for it. Owens calls for Braun to come out.

Braun doesn’t appear and Owens says this is because he wants none of Jinder. Owens’ custom-built stage starts rocking as they stand up from their chairs. The stage is tipped over and the cameras cut behind as we see Braun doing his thing. Braun talks over to the ramp and raises his arms for a pop as his music hits. Jinder, Singh and Owens are down on the ground, looking shocked. Braun marches to the ring with the Money In the Bank briefcase. We go to commercial.

Jinder Mahal vs. Braun Strowman

Back from the break and we get a replay of Braun Strowman dumping the stage for The Kevin Owens Show. Braun waits in the ring while Jinder Mahal, Kevin Owens and Sunil Singh are at ringside. Owens is trying to talk Jinder into the match.

Jinder hits the ring and the bell rings. Fans chant “get these hands” as Jinder tries to calm Braun down. Braun yells at him to come bring it. Owens grabs the MITB briefcase and tries to leave with it but Braun gets in his way at ringside. Owens retreats and drops it. Braun picks it up and chases Owens. Owens runs away and Braun almost gets counted out again but he makes it back in. Braun takes Jinder to the corner and tosses him across the ring. Owens comes back and grabs the briefcase. Braun chases him up the ramp and rocks him with a right hand.

Braun picks up the briefcase but Jinder runs up the ramp and attacks him. Braun hits Jinder with the briefcase and gets disqualified.

Winner: Jinder Mahal (by disqualification)

After the bell, Braun chases Jinder at ringside but Singh comes from behind to make the save and grabs the briefcase. Braun drops goes after Singh and drops him at ringside. Jinder retreats through the crowd as Braun enters the ring and wants to fight someone. Owens talks trash from the stage while Jinder looks on from the crowd as Braun raises the briefcase in the ring and his music plays.

– Baron Corbin is backstage on the phone with RAW Commissioner Stephanie McMahon. He finds Kurt Angle and hands him the phone. It sounds like Angle doesn’t agree with what Stephanie is telling him but he says he will handle it.

– Still to come, a special look at Roman Reigns vs. Brock Lesnar. Back to commercial.

– We are back with an interview that Corey Graves did with Roman Reigns.

Corey asks Roman what would he say to his critics who feel that he came up short against Brock. Roman says a lot of people have lost to Brock Lesnar, but he has kicked his ass. The first time, they knew it was a war. Brock did not beat him that time. The next time, Brock got the best of him. It is about picking yourself up, dusting yourself off, and doing it again. We see the end of the Cage Match from Saudi Arabia. Regardless of the outcome, he beat Brock Lesnar. He is the true Universal Champion.

Corey asks Roman about Brock’s comments about not caring about the WWE Universe and his attack on Kurt Angle and Paul Heyman. Roman says there is no leader when you have a champion like Brock Lesnar. He does not respect this place. He does not respect his family’s lifestyle.

Corey mentions Brock’s comments about Roman after Raw and what happens if Roman wins. Roman says he will do what Brock doesn’t do. He will show up and earn the right to battle every single night and defend the Universal Championship and set a standard. Brock is a beast and he has knocked down a lot of men, but no one like him. Brock may knock him down, but Roman will get back up. Roman says he has to win.

– We go to the ring and out comes WWE Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler. Drew McIntyre is out next. They head to the ring together as we go back to commercial.

– We are back and Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns walk in the back to the ring but they are stopped by Baron Corbin and Kurt Angle. Baron says that Stephanie McMahon does not want to jeopardize the Universal Title Match so Roman cannot wrestle tonight. Roman says he does not care but Baron tells Roman if he does not listen to Stephanie, he loses his match at SummerSlam. Seth says he has it. Roman asks Baron about his ribs and punches him in the ribs.

Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

Drew starts things off and he has something to say to Rollins and Seth slaps Drew. Seth goes to the floor and drop kicks Drew. Rollins brings in Dolph and then he hits a thrust kick on Drew. Rollins sends Dolph to the floor. Seth kicks Dolph off the apron and Drew catches Rollins as he comes off the ropes and Drew with a tilt-a-whirl back breaker. Drew sends Rollins into the turnbuckles and follows with an Irish whip. Dolph tags in and Rollins with punches. Dolph kicks Seth in the knee and Drew tags in.

During the match, we are told that Baron Corbin will face Finn Balor at SummerSlam.

Drew with a chop to Rollins. Drew with an arm bar and chin lock. Drew with a suplex throw and he tags Dolph back in. Dolph shuffles around Seth as he taunts Seth. Dolph with a reverse chin lock but Seth with punches. Dolph sends Seth into the turnbuckles but he misses a splash and Dolph crotches himself in the turnbuckles. Rollins with chops but Rollins is sent to the floor. Dolph is unable to make the tag when Seth pulls Drew off the apron and then Drew goes into the ring post.

Seth with slingblade and a running forearm into the corner. Rollins clotheslines Ziggler over the top rope to the floor. Rollins with a suicide dive to Ziggler. Rollins with a springboard clothesline to Ziggler. Rollins with a thrust kick but he misses Black Out. Rollins blocks a Fameasser and hits a buckle bomb. Drew makes the blind tag and hits a clothesline on Rollins. Rollins with a knee to Drew and a rollup on Ziggler for a near fall. Ziggler with a super kick for the three count.

Winners: Dolph Ziggler and Drew McIntyre

After the match, we see how there was no tag but the referee’s decision is final. McIntyre and Ziggler stand tall as Ziggler’s music hits.

– Still to come, Renee Young talks to Paul Heyman. Also, Fox vs. Rousey. We get a quick highlights video on Fox as Cole talks about her career.

The B Team vs. The Revival

We go to the ring and out comes RAW Tag Team Champions The B Team, Curtis Axel and Bo Dallas. They debut new music and head to the ring for this non-title match. Back to commercial.

Dawson and Axel start things off and Wilder tags in and Axel gets out of the corner. Wilder with a kick and European uppercut followed by an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner. Wilder with a European uppercut but Axel with a Northern Lariat. Dallas tags in and he hits a splash into the corner. Dallas sends Wilder to Axel and he connects with a knee. Bo gets a near fall. Dawson with punches from the apron and then Wilder with a clothesline after tagging in Dawson. Bo is sent into the turnbuckles and Dawson follows with a chop and European uppercut.

Dawson with a short arm clothesline for a near fall. Dawson with a chin lock. Dawson keeps Dallas from making the tag. Dawson and Bo bump heads and both men go down.

The lights go out and Bray Wyatt and Matt Hardy are on the apron instead of Axel and Wilder. Wyatt and Hardy attack Dawson and Dallas as the referee calls for the bell.

No Contest

After the match, Hardy gives Dawson a Twist of Fate while Bray gives Bo Sister Abigail.

– Renee Young and Paul Heyman are in the back getting ready for Paul’s interview.

Interview with Paul Heyman:

Renee Young thanks Paul Heyman for joining her. Paul says that Brock has had no contact with Brock in the last week. Paul says that Brock does not want to take his phone call. Paul says he has a problem. He says Brock is not going to like this for talking about a private matter in public. Paul says this is going to piss him off. Renee asks Paul a question and Paul asks Renee if she is enjoying this. Renee says she is getting to the bottom of this and Paul says so is he.

Renee asks Paul if he considers Brock to be a friend. Paul says he does. Paul says his kids consider Brock’s kids to be friends. They have always talked about riding off into the sunset together with the Universal Title over one shoulder and the UFC title over the other.

Renee asks Paul if Brock still needs him. Paul cannot answer and he tells Renee to do her job. Renee asks Paul if there is anyone he would have as a client if Brock is not around. Paul asks if that would have been inconceivable a week ago. Paul asks how can he go with someone else?

Renee asks Paul about the match at SummerSlam and for his pick. Paul says he has known Brock for sixteen years. He has been with him through the ups and the downs but he has never seen Brock more driven or focused. He has never seen Brock more violent. Against this Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns does not stand a chance.

– The announcers show us a replay of Braun Strowman dumping the stage for The Kevin Owens Show earlier tonight. They go over the SummerSlam card next.

The Riott Squad vs. The Boss & Hug Connection

We go to the ring and out comes Sarah Logan and Liv Morgan of The Riott Squad. Back to commercial.

Back from the break and out first comes Sasha Banks. Bayley is out next. The Boss & Hug Connection heads to the ring together. The bell rings and Sasha starts off with Morgan. They lock up and tangle. Banks warns Liv to stay off her hair. They tangle again and Liv nails a big right hand.

Liv stomps away in the corner now while Banks is down. Liv screams out and sticks her tongue out but misses a charge in the corner. Banks sends Liv face-first into the corner and in comes Bayley with a 2 count off the double team. Liv turns it around and in comes Logan. Bayley counters with a hip toss. Bayley drops an elbow for a 2 count. Bayley keeps Logan grounded by her arm now. Logan fights up and drops Bayley with a right hand. Bayley catches Logan with a boot in the corner. Bayley with a crossbody for a 2 count as Banks cheers her on.

Logan counters and slams Bayley to the mat. Logan counters again and whips Bayley hard into the turnbuckle face-first. Bayley lands hard and does down. Liv tags in and stomps on Bayley in the corner. Bayley rolls to the floor for a breather against the barrier. Sasha comes over to check on her partner as we go back to commercial.

Back from the break and Logan still has Bayley down in the middle of the ring. Fans try to rally for Bayley as Banks waits for the tag. Liv is all smiles as Logan brings Bayley back down to the mat and keeps her grounded. Bayley finally gets an opening but Logan pulls Banks off the apron and stops the tag. Liv and Logan double team Bayley in the corner now. Liv comes in and ends up driving Bayley’s face into the mat for a close 2 count.

Liv screams at Bayley while working her over. Bayley avoids a shot and tries to tag Banks but Liv stops it and drops her again. Bayley creates another opening as fans cheer her on. Banks and Logan tag in at the same time. Sasha unloads off the hot tag. Logan sends Banks to the apron but Banks drops her with a knee. Bayley tags in and brings Logan to the mat with a hurricanrana. Banks follows up with the knees from the top but Liv breaks the pin up just in time. Bayley tosses Liv out to the floor. Bayley leaps off the apron but a person dressed in all black pulls Liv out of the way. Liv drops Bayley on the floor. The person is revealed to be Ruby Riott making her return from injury.

Banks sees what just happened and turns her attention to Ruby. Logan takes advantage of the distraction and rolls Banks up for the win.

Winners: The Riott Squad

After the match, The Riott Squad heads up the ramp together as Banks checks on Bayley at ringside.

– We get a video package for Ronda Rousey and her SummerSlam match against RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss.

– Ronda Rousey walks out of her dressing room and joins Natalya. They walk off together. Rousey vs. Alicia Fox is next. Back to commercial.

Alicia Fox vs. Ronda Rousey

Back from the break and out comes Alicia Fox for tonight’s main event. RAW Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss is with her.

Charly Caruso waits in the ring and asks Fox about Ronda Rousey’s first RAW match but Bliss interrupts, mocking Caruso for asking about Rousey. Bliss praises Fox as a trailblazer, a former champion and a pioneer of the women’s division. Bliss tells Caruso to put her journalism to good use and ask another question. She asks Fox how she prepared to step into the ring with Rousey. Fox mocks Caruso again and shows us a replay of her attack on Rousey from last week’s show. Fox goes on about being better than Rousey and Bliss takes the mic, dismissing Caruso. Bliss says we wouldn’t be having the Evolution pay-per-view if it weren’t for women like Fox paving the way. Bliss just wants to thank Fox for her contributions. Bliss mentions taking care of Rousey at SummerSlam and asks Fox if she’s going to let some rookie come out here and steal her thunder. Absolutely not. The music interrupts and out comes Rousey with Natalya.

Alicia waits in the corner and Ronda wants Alicia to do something. Alicia says this is her house. Alicia does her thing and Ronda stands there and blocks a slap and connects with a forearm that sends Alicia to the floor. Alicia gets back into the ring and she goes back to the floor. Alexa gets on the apron to try to distract Ronda. Natalya pulls Alexa off the apron and then Alexa sends Natalya into the turnbuckles.

Alicia tries to attack Ronda from behind but the referee stops Alicia. Alicia kicks Ronda in the corner. Alicia celebrates what she did and then she turns around and she realizes she is in big trouble. Ronda with punches followed by judo throws and Alicia goes to the floor. Ronda goes after Alicia and sends her into the ringside barrier. Ronda gets Alicia on her shoulders and brings her back into the ring. Alexa tries to interfere but Ronda stops her. Ronda blocks a kick and hits an exploder. Ronda takes her time and applies the arm bar and Fox taps out.

Winner: Ronda Rousey

After the match, Ronda is congratulated on her first victory on Raw. She says she can focus on SummerSlam. Alexa tries to attack Ronda from behind and Ronda with a judo throw. Ronda tells Alexa it does not matter how tight you hold on to that title because at SummerSlam it is hers. Ronda throws the mic to the mat and we go to credits.


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