NXT Results – August 22, 2018

NXT Results - August 22, 2018

On Saturday night, NXT held their latest Takeover special from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.  We take a look back at some highlights from the show.

We are in Brooklyn, New York and your announcers are Percy Watson, Mauro Ranallo, and Nigel McGuinness.

Bianca Belair vs. Deonna Purrazzo

They lock up and Belair with a wrist lock but Purrazzo with a reversal.  Belair stomps on the foot and applies a head lock and take down.  Purrazzo with a head scissors and Belair escapes.  Purrazzo with a side head lock take down and Belair with a head scissors and Purrazzo escapes.  Belair with a knee and side head lock.  Belair floats over in the corner and then flips over Purrazzo in the other corner.  Belair with a drop kick.  Purrazzo goes for a Fujiwara arm bar but Belair escapes.  Belair with a gutbuster for a near fall.

Belair works on the back as she taunts Purrazzo.  Belair applies a full nelson while sitting on Purrazzo’s back.  Belair continues to work on the back and returns to the full nelson.  Purrazzo with an arm drag but Belair with a running shoulder into the corner.  Belair with an Irish whip but she misses the charge into the corner.  Belair does not go over on a rollup attempt and then she takes Purrazzo down with a shoulder tackle.  Belair follows with a series of elbow drops.  Belair with a slam and then she bows but that allows Purrazzo to recover and Deonna moves when Belair goes for a moonsault.

Purrazzo with chops but Belair with a kick and she tries for a slam but Purrazzo gets to her feet and she hits a bicycle kick followed by a hip toss.  Purrazzo with a cartwheel and drop kick.  Purrazzo with a take down and she goes for the Fujiwara arm bar but Belair gets back to her feet and she sends Purrazzo into the ring post.  Belair with a sit out gourdbuster from a burning hammer position for the three count.

Winner:  Bianca Belair

We see footage from the EC3 vs. Velveteen Dream Match on Saturday.

Velveteen Dream was interviewed after his victory.  Dream puts his crown on Queen Cathy and asks what is she doing on Wednesday night.  He says that since she is not doing anything, she can get on the WWE Network at 8PM and find out like everyone else.

EC3 was asked about his match against Velveteen Dream.  EC3 says it is a clash of personalities but they are seeking the same thing.  Tonight, Dream was the better man.  EC3 says that he was here for victory after victory after victory, not a loss.  He is about a mindset and it is win at all cost.  It is not over.  It is not over until he wins.  That is the Top One Percent mindset.

Mike Rome asks EC3 about the attack on Aleister Black.  EC3 says it was dark and he saw chaos and bedlam.  He says it was hard to wrap his head around everything.  EC3 says it is almost so simple that a six foot five over three hundred pound monster with a busted jaw was standing right there.  Lars Sullivan was at the scene of the crime.  EC3 says if he got his jaw broken by Aleister Black, he might get in a cheap shot.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the Tag Title Match and the North American Title Match from SummerSlam where Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly retained their titles but Adam Cole would not be as lucky against Ricochet.

Ricochet was asked about his victory over Adam Cole.  Ricochet says he has a wide range of emotions because this was fifteen years of work to get there.

Roderick Strong and Kyle O’Reilly stop by but Pete Dunne shows up and Kyle and Roderick have to do something else.

Ricochet thanks Pete for helping him, but Pete tells Ricochet he has a piece of leather that he wants.

We take a look at some enhance footage from the attack on Aleister Black and Nikki Cross was on the roof watching the whole thing.

We see Zack Gibson getting ready for his match in the back.

We have a video feature on Zack Gibson.  He says what makes him unique is that he is a throwback to the old British Strong Style.  He says he is here to dominate.  He says he is not here for applause.  When he wins, Liverpool’s Number One will be recognized as the UK’s Number One.  You will tap out to Zack Gibson.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the NXT Women’s Championship Match between Kairi Sane and Shayna Baszler.

Shayna was interviewed after the match and she says Kairi did not beat her tonight, she lost.  Kairi’s skill did not win, she lost.  Shayna says she is a better fighter and then she walks away with Marina, Jessamyne, and Ronda.

We take a look at the Men’s Championship Match between Johnny Gargano and Tommaso Ciampa.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at Matt Riddle’s debut on Takeover.

Next week, The Undisputed Era will face Ricochet and Pete Dunne next week.

Pete Dunne vs. Zack Gibson for the WWE UK Championship

They lock up and Dunne with a wrist lock.  Gibson with a reversal and single leg take down.  Dunne with a reversal and arm wringer to send Gibson to the mat.  Gibson with a shot to the throat and then he applies a wrist lock.  Dunne with a clothesline and a hammer lock.  Dunne puts his foot on Gibson’s neck and then he pulls the fingers and manipulates the elbow and wrist.  Dunne with a boot to the head.  Dunne and Gibson with slaps and then Gibson goes for the kimura but Gibson is able to escape.  Dunne and Gibson in a double crab and they slap each other in the face.  Dunne goes for the arm and he stomps on the elbow with Gibson’s hand on the mat.

Gibson drops the arm on the top rope and then he hits a key lock divorce court.  Gibson with a kick and forearm.  Gibson tries to hyper-extend the arm and he gets a near fall.  Gibson with a cobra clutch but Dunne grabs the beard.  Dunne with punches but Gibson holds on to the wrist lock.  Gibson with a wrist clutch belly-to-back suplex for a near fall.  Gibson with an arm bar and he works on Dunne’s hand.  Gibson returns to the cobra clutch.

Gibson with a back elbow and then he hits a wrist lock suplex.  Gibson with forearms and Dunne fires back and sends Gibson to the mat.  Dunne with a running forearm into the corner.  Dunne floats over in the corner and hits an enzuigiri.  Dunne lands on his feet on a German suplex.  Dunne with a kick to the head and then he hits the X Plex into a cross arm breaker but Gibson gets to the ropes.

Gibson goes to the floor and Dunne goes to the ring post for a moonsault onto Gibson.  Dunne sends Gibson back into the ring and Gibson begs for mercy but Dunne with a double stomp and a sit out power bomb for a near fall.  Dunne with a kick to the leg and Gibson with an Irish whip and he kicks Dunne in the head when he goes for a flip out of the corner.  Gibson with Ticket to Ride for a near fall.  Dunne with a punch and he blocks the double thrust to the throat.  Dunne stands on Gibson’s feet and stomps on them.  Dunne with a round kick but Gibson hits a Ticket to Ride.  Both men hit enzuigiris at the same time and both men are down.

Gibson gets to the ropes and Dunne works on the ankle.   Gibson with a kick but Dunne with an enzuigiri to stop Gibson on the turnbuckles.  Dunne sets for a superplex but Gibson counters with a superplex of his own for a near fall.  Gibson goes for Shankly Gates but Dunne is able to avoid it being properly applied.  Gibson rolls Dunne up and applies Shankly Gates.  Gibson traps the arm when Dunne tries to get to the ropes but Gibson is able to get his mouth around the rope to force the break.

Gibson stomps on the back while Dunne still has his teeth on the ropes.  Gibson with more kicks.  Dunne looks for his mouth guard and he gets it but Gibson stands on the hand.  Gibson with a clothesline.  Gibson grabs Dunne’s mouth guard and he wants to throw it into the crowd but Dunne stops him and then he works on the fingers and hits the Bitter End for the three count.

Winner:  Pete Dunne (retains Championship)

We go to credits.


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