Kevin Owens On How His Extreme Rules Cage Match Bump Compares To Mick Foley’s Epic HIAC Fall

Kevin Owens On How His Extreme Rules Cage Match Bump Compares To Mick Foley's Epic HIAC Fall

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn spent countless hours together while working the independent professional scene discussing their dreams of becoming WWE Superstars. Thier hard work paid off and the two are currently on the Raw Brand, but Zayn is out of action with two torn rotator cuffs that both required surgery.

Owens spoke to The Gorilla Position about Zayn’s condition where he said The Underdog From The Underground is doing well after his second rotator cuff surgery. The Prizefighter even enlisted in Zayn’s services recently to watch his cat, but the former El Generico still has a hankering for the professional wrestling ring.

“He’s good. He actually just babysat my cat,” Owens said providing an update on his old friend Zayn. “My cat Dwight, I brought him over there. Dwight, that’s right… he looks like Dwight from The Office so hence the name.

“He’s still relatively young, I didn’t wanna leave him by himself for the night so I brought him and Sami took good care of him and brought him back safe and sound so I guess we’re still friends.”

“I think [Zayn] is already kinda jonesing to get back a little bit, but obviously the schedule we have is a very hectic one. So when you get time off whether it’s for injury or whatever you tend to enjoy it, and I think he’s enjoyed it so far and I’m sure he’s looking forward to more of it. You know you can’t help but want to get back, that’s just in our nature. You know before you know it he’ll be back and it will be like he never left.”

Owens faced Braun Strowman in a cage match at Extreme Rules close to the twenty-year anniversary of Mick Foley’s legendary bump off the Hell In A Cell in Pittsburgh. The former Universal Champion said Extreme Rules taking place in Pittsburgh and his fall off the cage wasn’t an intentional nod to Foley, but it was something they were encouraged to do.

He also made a point to say that he shouldn’t be compared to Foley’s historic plunge because nobody can compete with what Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy accomplished in his match against The Undertaker at the King Of The Ring event in Pittsburgh twenty years ago.

“The tribute to Mick Foley I can’t even say was voluntary because we happened to be in that city and I happened to be in a steel cage match,” Owen explained. “As far as who’s idea it was and why it happened… I’m gonna keep that under wraps for now.

“Once I realized what was gonna happen, of course in my head comparing it to what Mick Foley did twenty years before was an obvious thing. But, I’ll never be arrogant enough to say what I did equals to what he did. His will live on forever and I don’t think I can say the same about mine.

“Look, I will remember forever watching Mick Foley get thrown off that cell. I wasn’t trying to emulate or top what he did. I don’t think anybody will ever top it. But some people felt it was similar and he sent me a text a few days later congratulating me and making a special moment and I really appreciated that. It’s very flattering, but I would never put what I did in the same league as what he did ever. His was legendary, you know it’s a history-making moment and that was a moment people will always remember […] I would never put myself in the same class as him.”


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