Slammiversary XVI Results – July 22, 2018

Slammiversary XVI Results - July 22, 2018

Opening vignette recaps all of tonight’s matches as we see quick interviews from multiple wrestlers.

Johnny Impact vs. Taiji Ishimori vs. Fenix vs. Petey Williams

Chaotic start, Ishimori with a springboard hurricanrana that sends Fenix out of the ring. Impact and Ishimori face off as the crowd gives a “Welcome back” to both guys. Impact tries for standing moonsault, nobody home, Ishimori gives it a shot too and lands on his feet. Running knee smacks Ishimori right in the face, Impact tries for a moonsault, lands on his feet as Fenix runs in. He does a little taunting as hits a back handspring off the ropes. Fenix dances on the ropes a bit, Impact goes up to the second, Fenix bounces up and hits a hurricanrana sending him down to the mat!

Williams in there against Fenix, big chops by Fenix. Williams drops Fenix, goes for a cover, two-count. Ishimori in there now, but Williams gets Ishimori in the tree of woe and hits a superkick to the leg. Another pin attempt, Fenix drops in to tbreak that up. Ishimori tries for a suicide dive, Impact catches him with a kick, but Williams with a top rope hurricanrana that takes out Impact. Fenix with a flip over the top rope, dropping both Impact and Williams. Ishimori is the last guy in the ring hits a golden moonsault taking out all three guys.

Action back in the ring, multiple guys caught up in the corner, powerbomb/samoan drop combo, Fenix with a nice missile dropkick on Impact. Ishimori with a crazy tilt-a-whirl head scissors on Fenix. Williams tries for a canadian destroyer on Ishimori, no, goes right into a sharpshooter, but breaks the hold to stop Impact. Tries for another canadian destroyer, Impact with a swinging neckbreak, pin, Fenix with a boot to the forehead of Impact to stop that count. Fenix with a sick rolling cutter from the apron into the ring, cover, Ishimori breaks up the pin.

Ishimori and Fenix in the ring, running knees in the corner on Fenix. Double knees to Fenix’s chest, cover, Williams rushes in to stop that. Superkick party that eventually drops everyone in the ring. Impact gets planted by Ishimori, he heads up and hits the 450 splash, Williams hits the canadian destroyed on Ishimori, Fenix with a springboard double stomp on Williams, cover, 1-2! Fenix tries for a muscle buster, Impact with a superkick, hits starship pain on Fenix, cover, 1-2-3. Great opener from these four.

Winner: Johnny Impact via Pinfall

– They showed a promo where King was sitting with The OGz. Konnan should have handed them the name and the empire, but instead gave it to those young punks. He said tonight they were going to give them a beating so bad, they would need a closed casket funeral. It was a good promo.

– – Clips of Tessa Blanchard are shown, Blanchard says she’s going to run over the women’s division, despite Madison Rayne putting a wrench in her plans. Allie says she gets there’s issues between Tessa and Madison, but that’s no excuse to just attack someone, she’s not going to sit by and let that happen. Blanchard says she’s going to make Allie think twice about getting in her business. Allie talks about what happened with Rosemary and after all of that Allie has come out the other side fearless.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Allie

The two do a bit of trash talking in the middle of the ring until Tessa piefaces Allie. Allie kicks Tess down and rolls through her. Allie with a chop, but gets sent into the second rope, Tessa charges in, misses, Allie tries the same, misses. Tessa pulls Allie out on the apron and lands a bunch of clubbing blows. She tries for a leg drop on the apron, nope. Allie heads up to the second rope and nails a rough looking crossbody on Tessa.

Allie gets dropped on the floor, takes until 8 to get back into the ring. Tessa with a bunch of strikes on the grounded Allie. Crowd boos. Tessa sends Allie into the second rope, running dropkick, cover, two. Tess looks for a side suplex, no, Allie with a suplex of her own, goes for a superkick, gets caught, tripped, and Tessa starts to work the knee.

Both out on the floor as Allie swings away on Blanchard, Allie hits a death valley driver on the floor! Ref starts up his 10-count and it takes until 9 for both wrestlers to get back in the ring.

Back and forth strikes in the middle of the ring. Allie with a lung blower, cover, two. Allie charges into the corner, nobody home, Tessa with a pop to Allie’s mug. Allie stuck in the corner, but is able to fight back. Both on the second rope, Tessa up to the top rope, hits a hurricanrana that pretty much dropped Allie on her neck, ouch. Allie kicks out of a cover, no, Tessa with a cover, no. Allie with a superkick that lands flush, pin, nope! Allie trying to pick Tessa up and does so, Tessa gets back to her feet, hammerlock DDT hits, 1-2-3.

Winner: Tessa Blanchard via Pinfall

– Backstage, Alicia Atout talks with Moose and asks him about his upcoming title match. Moose says tonight every bone that he broke and mile that he drove will pay off tonight. Moose says he feels good, looks good, and tonight he plans on kicking Aries up, down, and around that ring.

– Recap of Eddie Edwards feuding with Sami Callihan that eventually turned into Edwards going against Tommy Dreamer.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Eddie Edwards (House of Hardcore Match)

Fighting instantly begins, both end up on the floor, Dreamer with a suplex on Edwards grabs a fan’s drink, smacks Edwards with it and has a sip. Cookie tray to Edwards’ dome. Edwards in the ring, looks for a suicide dive and meets a garbage can to the face. Crowd with a “Tommy Dreamer!” chant, live crowd has been great for the first three matches. Edwards tosses Dreamer into the ring post. Edwards brings out a staple gun and tries to staple Dreamer’s forehead, gets kicked by Dreamer and no Dreamer has it. He tries to do the same, no luck. Edwards tries for a sunset flip, Dream catches his balance and staples Edwards right in the forehead.

Edwards forehead busted open. Dreamer takes the ECW Championship from the crowd and smacks Edwards with it! Edwards is able to recover and drop Dreamer, who ends up in the ring with a chair. Edwards grabs a kendo stick and smacks Dreamer in the legs. Dreamer counters and drops Edwards, taking the kendo stick for his own.

Dreamer whacks Edwards a couple times with it. Edwards yells “Do it!” and gets another to the face. Dreamer sets to chairs up, puts Edwards on them, goes up top, but Edwards hits him in the knee with the kendo stick. Edwards is yelling at the fans, “You’ll be next!” Edwards goes up top and gets lowblowed, Dreamer with a spicolli driver through the chairs! Goes for the cover, two. Dreamer brings not only a table, but lighter fluid into the ring.

Dreamer goes to light it, but Edwards hits a lowblow. Edwards sets up a chair, hits the boston knee party sending the chair into Dreamer, pin, 1-2-3. Crowd boos heavily not only because Edwards won, but they didn’t get to see a fiery table.

Winner: Eddie Edwards via Pinfall

After the match, Edwards goes to hit Dreamer with a kendo stick, but decides to help him up. Dreamer gets a kendo stick and holds out his hand. He doesn’t want to, but his wife Alisha Edwards comes out and tells him to shake his hand. He does, points the kendo stick to Edwards, hands it off (like a passing of the torch), and Alisha heads to the back by herself.

– Backstage, Matt Sydal says since his match with Brian Cage was made official he’s been bombarded with messages asking about his safety. He’s so glad people are here for what they think is going to be a slaughter, but they aren’t looking at things through their third eye. He says sees through Cage’s shell and no matter how big his muscles are, he’s not using his biggest one, his mind.

Matt Sydal (c) vs. Brian Cage (Impact X Division Championship)

Cage goes to work early with a lariat, scoop slam, standing moonsault, cover, two. “I can flip too!” Cage yells. Sydal recovers, lands some kicks, Sydal looks for some punches in the turnbuckle and gets dumped out to the floor. Cage throws him into the barricade, dumps Sydal on the apron, and heads up to the top. Sydal trips him up though, running dropkick, Cage back out on the floor. Sydal on the apron, double knees down to the floor.

Both in the ring, Sydal continues to work on Cage’s knee. Cage with a gorilla press, Sydal tries to flip him out of the ring and ends up just choking him until the count of four. Sydal with some taunting on the apron. Sydal back in the ring, tries for a standing moonsault, Cage catches him, lifts and plants him on the mat. Cage goes for a hurricanrana, Sydal counters with a powerbomb! Cover, two. Cage with a powerbomb, Sydal slides out, kicks to the legs and head. Swinging neckbreaker, cover, two. Sydal heads up to the top, shooting star press, lands on his feet, discus lariat lands on Sydal, cover, two.

Cage looks to finish this with drill claw, but Sydal hits a snap hurricanrana, cover, two! Very clean sequence right there, really good match we’re seeing here. Sydal looks to fly again, but Cage catches him in midair, tries for drill claw, countered into a pin, two. Knee to the jaw by Sydal, goes up top, hits the ropes as he goes for it! Drill claw by Brian Cage, cover, new champion!

Winner: Brian Cage via Pinfall

– Backstage, Alicia speaks with Impact World Champion Austin Aries who says Moose keeps saying this is his dream, well wrestling is Aries’ reality. He’s going to remain the champ, despite all of Moose hard work. Aries finishes by wondering what Moose will do for his third career choice. Boom! Roasted!

Su Yung (c) vs. Madison Rayne (Impact Knockouts Championship)

Yung is carried out to the ring in a coffin by her undead bridesmaids. Rayne charges Yung out on the stage and gets the early momentum. Things are looking good, but some of Yung’s cronies start to head out to the ring. Rayne with a northern lights suplex on Yung and has to drop two of the bridesmaids. Action back in the ring, Yung able to hit a hanging neckbreaker on Rayne and swings wildly on the challenger.

Yung puts Rayne in a tree of woe and just kicks away at her back. Yung with a running dropkick to the midsection. Crowd with a “Su Yung!” chant. Rayne gets held by one of the bridesmaids, Yung spits mist and hits her buddy. Rayne with a sliding clothesline, cover, two. Yung able to fight back, pulls out that nasty glove, Rayne hits the ripcord cutter, cover, two-count.

Rayne hits the Rayne Drop, cover, and Yung kicks out. Rayne looks surprised by this, as Rayne lifts up the champion, Yung locks in the mandible claw and Rayne is fading, fading, and the ref calls it!

Winner: Su Yung via Ref Stoppage

Post-match, Yung rolls Rayne towards the coffin and puts her in it. Yung then stands on it with the title as she semi-headbangs to her music.

– LAX Lair, Ortiz, Santana, and Konnan talk about the plan for tonight’s match. Konnan is tired of the OGz saying LAX’s days are numbered.

Impact Tag Team Champions LAX with Konnan vs. the OGz with King in a 5150 Streetfight

All sorts of weapons and tables around the ring. LAX came out in face paint. Everyone brawled at the bell. Hernandez drilled them with a big clothesline. Hernandez missed a Border Toss and was clotheslined over the top to the floor. Santana and Ortiz nailed great dives onto the OGz. LAX pulled tables into the ring and set them up in the corners. Hernandez used a cookie sheet on everyone. Homicide followed up with a trash can lid.

LAX was tossed to the floor. Hernandez hit a big dive to the floor onto them. He tossed a trash can at poor Ortiz’s head on the floor. Eddie Kingston tossed Draino into the ring with the idea they were going to force it down Santana’s throat. Well, ewww. Homicide was nailed with a low blow and then hit with a belly to belly suplex. Ortiz was busted open across the nose after brawling with Hernandez.

The brawl continued on the ramp. They dragged Santana to the entrance and tossed him into a guard rail. There were several ladders set up in that area. Hernandez backdropped Santana into the ring from the ramp. The OGz were setting up for a big move but Homicide was crotched on the top. Homicide locked Santana in a sleeper. Hernandez caught a diving Ortiz and hit a sitdown powerbomb for a two count.

Ortiz brought a ladder into the ring. They placed Hernandez on it and nailed several double team maneuvers on it. With Hernandez on the floor, LAX focused on Homicide, including a double team Blockbuster. Hernandez pulled the referee out. Ortiz went for a dive but was caught and tossed into the floor.

Hernandez nailed a big tackle that sent Santana to the floor. Homicide hit a tope con hilo to the floor, putting him through a table. Ortiz put Homicide through a table in the ring with a DVDR. Hernandez prevented him from doing it again and nailed a Border Toss through a table. Santana returned and nailed a ton of hot offense on Hernandez.

Santana and Homicide faced off and they battled back and forth with punches. Homicide went for an Ace Crusher but it was blocked. Homicide went to nail Santana with a Gringokiller but Konnan got on the apron. Homicide spit in his face but missed Konnan tossing something into the ring. It was a bag of tacks. Santana tossed tacks in Homicide’s face, blinding him, then slammed him on the tacks and hit a swanton off the ropes for the pin.

Winners: LAX

After the match, King attacked LAX, leaving Konnan in the ring alone. Hernandez attacked Konnan from behind and was triple-teamed. The OGz spraypainted the Tag Team Championship belts, tagging them with the initials OG.

– They aired a video featuring Sami Callihan complaining that fans believe he’s going to lose his hair tonight. Callihan said that the stipulation is nonsense. Where he’s from, they settle things with blood and violence. He said no one is giving him a chance, but after he beats Pentagon Jr., he’s going to honor the stip and go down on his knees to show off his face when Callihan takes off his mask in front of the entire world.

Mask vs. Hair Match: Pentagon Jr. vs. Sami Callihan

They began beating the hell out of each other with kicks until Pentagon nailed a Slingblade. Pentagon drilled him with a hard chop across the chest. They went to the floor where Callihan smashed a can of a fan’s soda into Pentagon’s head. They chopped the hell out of each other with a crazy intensity on the floor.

Callihan tossed a bunch of weapons into the ring until he found two metal spikes. He ripped at the mask, which the crowd booed. He spiked Pentagon and then dug it into his face. He tied the mask to the ropes, forcing Pentagon to be trapped until he removes the mask. Pentagon was bleeding from the head.

Callihan continued the beating and grabbed his baseball bat. Pentagon fought back and gained control of the spikes. He was able to beat one into Callihan’s face with the other, busting open Callihan. He then used the bat on Callihan. They spiked each other and then began beating the hell out of each other with the spikes. They were bloody messes when they went down. The place went nuts for this and chanted “This is Impact.”

They sat in chairs facing each other and battled back and forth with punches and chops. The battle continued with Pentagon nailing several superkicks and a backcracker. Pentagon set up for a submission attempt, trying to snap Callihan’s arm. Callihan broke free but was nailed with a chair. OVE hit the scene but were nailed as well. Callihan tossed powder into Pentagon’s eyes, blinding him. Pentagon nailed the referee, not realizing who it was. He grabbed the ref and snapped his arm. Pentagon realized too late what he did. He drilled Callihan but there was no referee to make the pinfall.

Callihan grabbed Pentagon and gouged his eyes, then hit the Cactus piledriver. A second referee hit the ring but Pentagon kicked out at the last second. Callihan set up a series of chairs facing each other in the ring. Pentagon nailed a package piledriver through the chairs but Pentagon kicked out at the very last second. Pentagon drilled him in the face with superkicks as Callihan dared him to bring it. Callihan spit in his face but was grabbed in the submission. He snapped Callihan’s arm and nailed the package piledriver for the pin.

Winner, Pentagon Jr.

After the match, The Crists attacked to try and prevent Callihan from having to have his head shaved. Callihan retreated to the locker room with no head shaved. Fenix chased Callihan back out with a trash can. Security grabbed Jake and Dave Crist and held them back as Fenix and Pentagon cut off Callihan’s hair. A fun scene as Callihan lost his mind.

– They announced Bound for Glory will be in NYC at the Melrose Ballroom in Long Island City, NY. What, you expected MSG?

Impact World Championship: Austin Aries vs. Moose

They introduced MLB star Curtis Granderson. He will be holding the Impact title belt.

They did the big ring announcements for the main event. I really missed Jeremy Borash in that role but the new ring announcer was fine.

They did some feeling out early on with some back and forth wrestling. Moose was trying to showcase that with his size, it was going to be a long night for Aries. Aries slapped him. Moose began beating the crap out of him. They went to the floor and whipped Aries into the guard rail, with Aries taking an upside down bump. Moose went for charging dive but Aries ducked and Moose sailed over the rail into the crowd. Aries came off the top with a double axehandle as Moose returned over the rail.

Aries fired away with kicks to the back after bringing Moose back into the ring. Moose absorbed them and returned to his feet, channeling the fans and getting them to chant his name. Aries thumbed him in the eye but was caught with a headbutt as he rebounded off the ropes. Moose nailed some chops and a dropkick in the corner. He went for a powerbomb but was caught with a rana. Moose nailed Snake Eyes in the corner and then hit the Go to Hell, but Aries kicked up at the last second.

Aries came back to nail a Crucifix bomb. Moose rolled to the floor, where Aries went for a heat seeking dive, but was KILLED with a forearm from Moose. Aries fired back but was hit with a discus clothesline. Moose set up for a spear but was caught in the Last Chancery as he leapt. That was a great counter!

Moose made it to the ropes and they battled out on the apron. They went back and forth until Moose nailed a headbutt. Aries fired back with a pumpkick and snatched Moose into a DVDR on the apron. Aries returned to the ring and hit the heat-seeking dive on Moose on the floor. Moose came back to swing Aries into the railing several times.

Moose ran into a kick on the floor, then tossed Aries into the ring. Moose set up for the spear but Aries pulled the referee in front. That allowed Aries to nail a low blow on Moose and went for a brainbuster. Moose reversed it, nailed his own and hit a spear but Aries grabbed the ropes before the three count.

Aries tried to crawl out onto the ramp but Moose stopped him. Aries tried to throw Moose off, but Moose saved himself and pressed and spear Aries into the crowd (really a bunch of security guards, but the story was Aries was tossed into the fans.)

Moose nailed a big boot to the face and went a dive out of the ring to the ramp. Aries moved and Moose crashed and burned. Aries nailed a discus forearm to the back and nailed a leaping knee against the ringpost. He then nailed a brainbuster off the apron to the floor. Moose barely made it back into the ring before a ten count.

Aries nailed a pendulum kick as he returned, Aries grabbed the Impact title belt and went to use it but Curtis Grandelson grabbed it back. Moose rolled up Aries for a two count. Aries nailed several kicks and went for the brainbuster. He nailed it and scored the pinfall.

Winner and still Impact Wrestling Champion, Austin Aries

Post-match, Granderson hands the title Aries, Aries tells him to hit the bricks, celebrates a bit and heads to the back.

Overall, a really strong show with a fun atmosphere and lots of hardworking wrestlers from the top to the bottom. You could feel a lot of ECW influence here in the brawling. There was too much blood for my taste but this was the freshest Impact has felt on PPV in forever and ever. If the show wasn’t priced at $40 in a world where that’s four months of a streaming service, I’d expect it to have gotten a lot more attention and really, the show is worth checking out if you get the chance.


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