Booker T Talks Rumors Behind Big Cass’ WWE Backstage Heat

Booker T Talks Rumors Behind Big Cass' WWE Backstage Heat

Big Cass was released from WWE due to reported behavioral issues. It took place two days following his second clean loss in a row to Daniel Bryan at the Money In The Bank pay-per-view event.

Dave Meltzer reported in July 2017 in The Wrestling Observer Newsletter that Big Cass was getting backstage heat because he was so vocal about his support of President Donald Trump. Booker T recently discussed Cass’ WWE release on Heated Conversations With Booker T where he addressed some of the rumors why the seven-footer lost his position in WWE.

“There are so many rumors flying around as far as his release,” Booker T said. “The story is bigger than Big Cass. For instance, back in the day, you didn’t tell anyone who you voted for, you know what I mean? It was a secret. You don’t bring that stuff up together because we have to be friends. That is something that you have to deal with inside yourself.

“I’m not homophobic or anything like that, but when gay people come out it’s like, you didn’t have to tell me that because I’m still going to still give you a hug. It’s not my business so when people do certain things they literally become vulnerable and not keep their eyes on the prize as far as what is really at stake here… my livelihood.”

Booker T then talked about the dangers of social media. He stressed that what someone says on Twitter can ruin their life and distract from one’s overall goal to be a sports entertainer. The five-time World Champion said he likes Big Cass, but it is always important to stay focused and perform at your very best in times when you’re needed to step up in the ring.

“At the end of the day, it is about taking care of your family. Going out and doing the job like Stevie Ray would say, to the best of your ability until something better comes along. I say that because it’s very simple; we are all in the entertainment business. If you want to be running a publication get another job, but Twitter can ruin one’s life. Going on Twitter and saying something.

“I personally liked the guy. I didn’t know about his personal beliefs about voting for Donald Trump. Maybe that was part of it, but my thing is this; I’ve been one of the boys, I had to work in that locker room, I may have had heat with some of the boys in certain times throughout my career but if I went out and performed in the ring all of that overshadowed and trumped everything, which is with your performance.

“If you are on time; if you are ready to go as far as people needing you for a promo set and not looking all throughout the building for you. Everything comes into play as far as being around or not. Being a General or being a Private. I want to be a General so I am always going to be on time and had my shoes spit shined. All of my medals are going to be straight. The bed, everything is tucked. If you don’t take care of your business this is what is going to happen to you.”

This lesson is the same thing Booker T teaches his students at Reality Of Wrestling. He said if everybody does their part then a great show will be the result. This is a concept he said some people sadly don’t understand. Booker tied in a story about meeting his wife at a later age because he was so focused on the business as an illustration of Big Cass’ possible scenario.

“The thing is, it can be a bunch of things. My point is this; when it gets to that point, it isn’t something that everybody else is doing, it is something that you are doing. I have been in the business for many years, I knew as long as I went out and performed and thought about that — look here, being married to Sharmell was in the twilight of my career.

“I was around 40. Sharmell was the first woman that I thought about talking to, and if you listen to Sharmell she thought I hated her the first time we met because I was always all business. When I was in my twenties and in my thirties I was thinking about making my mark and I have to do it now. I couldn’t think about getting married to slow me down, especially with the women I work with.

“I knew where it was going to lead. I was always thinking about going out there and performing and that only. I think these young guys it is easy to get caught up. It is easy access. When you lose focus and your train of thought.

“When you take those blinders off anything can happen. When you start thinking it is a party instead of putting your suit and tie on and getting your job done and handling your business, you are thinking about the wrong thing. Big ups to Big Cass. Hopefully he finds something. There is a lot of work out there on the independent scene and in Japan. Whatever he did he definitely lost out on this deal because I thought he was going to be one of the next greatest big men in the sport.”


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