Big E On Past Plans Of Adding Members To The New Day, Possibly Splitting Up

Big E On Past Plans Of Adding Members To The New Day, Possibly Splitting Up

Big E, Kofi Kingston, and Xavier Woods weren’t doing much on their own. After aligning as The New Day, they broke the record for longest-reigning WWE Tag Team Champions and sold a ton of merchandise in the process. Big E recently spoke to The State Journal-Register where he discussed The New Day’s unique chemistry.

The New Day’s antics have been featured on WWE’s television product for the past four years. They have hosted WrestleMania 33, dumped loads of cereal on fans, and recently had a 4th of July pancake eating contest. Even when one of them was injured, WWE still came up with something for The New Day to do as a duo.

Big E discussed how the stable comes up with their material. He said it’s not a long-term planning process at all. Using more of an impromptu mindset can amount to more organic moments. The implementation of pancakes in their act is also a result of one of those spur of the moment decisions.

“Sometimes people think that there’s a planning process where we sit down and decide, ‘Hey in April we’re going to do this, and January we’re going to do this.’ We try to make sure things are pretty organic. Like the pancakes started when we had a lumberjack match, Woods was on the floor and decided to be the chief lumberjack. And of course, a lumberjack has pancakes. So we thought that was funny [and we] decided to keep the pancakes.”

The New Day became four-time WWE Tag Team Champions and evolved over time. Big E discussed the idea of breaking off into singles runs and said there was never an intention of so much tag team action. They were instead meant to be singles competitors operating as a faction.

The former WWE Intercontinental Champion went on to say there were also plans of adding to The New Day’s ranks. Now he says he can’t imagine being in anything but a trio. Big E then said there is potential for even more incarnations of The New Day to come.

“The thing is when we first decided to [form the New Day], we honestly saw ourselves as a faction. We had ideas of adding people along of way. But honestly I’m very glad we ended up as a trio because I can’t imagine it as anything else. We want to be equipped to do anything, whether it’s tags or singles. We definitely think that is a possibility and something we’re very open to, and we do believe strongly the three of us have the ability to carry that out well.

“A lot of people are very quick to preach breaking up. And there are times, even like a year and a half ago where it seems like [people say], ‘Hey, these guys really haven’t done anything. Let’s break them up.’ We feel like as a trio we have legs to continue for a very long time. And that could mean we move on from the happy, clappy, gospel-inspired music, but stay a trio. Or we move on to singles. There’s so many incarnations of this group that have yet to really be forged and fleshed out.”


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