WWE UK Title Tournament Results – June 26, 2018

WWE UK Title Tournament Results - June 26, 2018

The WWE UK Title Tournament specials opens up with a video package featuring new WWE UK General Manager Johnny Saint, talking about Royal Albert Hall and the tournament. The video also features tournament competitors. Saint welcomes us.

– We’re live on tape from Royal Albert Hall in London, England as Mauro Ranallo welcomes us. He’s joined by Nigel McGuinness. Fans chant “Mamma Mia!” as the announcers go over things. We get a look at the brackets.

Quarterfinal Tournament Match: Jack Gallagher vs. Zack Gibson

We go to the ring and WWE UK ring announcer Andy Shepherd has the mic. These tournament matches have a 20 minute time limit. Out first comes WWE 205 Live Superstar Jack Gallagher. Zack Gibson is out next to boos.

This match went out of the ring several times. Gallagher came off the top and missed, leading to a Shankly Gates submission by Gibson for the win to advance.

Winner: Zack Gibson

– We get a video package for the next match.

Quarterfinal Tournament Match: Joe Coffey vs. Dave Mastiff

Back to the ring and out first comes Joe Coffey. We see brother Mark Coffey cheering him on. Dave Mastiff is out next. They shake hands before the bell.

This was a good, hard-hitting match with strong offense from both. Mastiff missed a corner cannonball and Coffey ended up hitting a big discus lariat for the pin.

Winner: Joe Coffey

– After the match, the two meet in the middle with the referee and Coffey’s arm is raised. We see Mark cheering on his brother again. Cathy Kelley enters the ring to interview Joe. He says his plan is to win the tournament and then defeat Pete Dunne for the WWE UK Title tomorrow night. Coffey says he’s here to make an Impact and will show no mercy. Coffey says he will win by any means necessary.

– We get a video package for the next match.

Quarterfinal Tournament Match: Flash Morgan Webster vs. Jordan Devlin

We go to the ring and out first comes Flash Morgan Webster. Jordan Devlin is out next.

Devlin declined the pre-match handshake. The finish saw Webster hit the Eton Rifle reverse tilt-a-whirl DDT after Devlin missed a top rope moonsault. Webster covered for the pin.

Winner: Flash Morgan Webster

– We get a video package for the next match.

Quarterfinal Tournament Match: Travis Banks vs. Ashton Smith

We go to the ring for the final quarterfinal match and out first comes Travis Banks. Ashton Smith is out next. They shake hands before the bell.

Banks controlled most of the match and won with the Kiwi Crusher. They shook hands and embraced after Banks was announced the winner.

Winner: Travis Banks

– We go back to Mauro and Nigel after getting a look at the updated brackets now that the quarterfinals have wrapped. They hype the tournament and the next match.

#1 Contenders Triple Threat: Toni Storm vs. Killer Kelly vs. Isla Dawn

We go to the ring for the next match. The winner will become the new #1 contender to WWE NXT Women’s Champion Shayna Baszler for a match tomorrow night. Toni Storm is out next to a pop. We see WWE UK female Superstars Charlie Morgan and Nina Samuels watching the match from the front row. Killer Kelly is out next and out last is Isla Dawn.

Storm got the win after hitting the Storm Zero on Dawn.

Winner and New #1 Contender to the NXT Women’s Title: Toni Storm

– After the match, Storm stood tall as we got replays. Baszler came out with the title and had a staredown while Storm looked on from the turnbuckles.

– Back from a break and out comes Triple H to a huge pop. He shakes hands with Mauro and Nigel before heading to the ring. He talks about Royal Albert Hall, the UK fans, WWE’s expansion in the UK and how the UK Superstars have found success around the world. Triple H says they are just scratching the surface in the UK and now WWE is going to give the fans more. He introduces WWE UK General Manager Johnny Saint to help explain the more part. Saint says he’s very excited to announce the reveal of the WWE NXT UK brand, which we posted details on last week. Fans chant NXT now. Triple H says we will see the very best of the UK wrestling scene with the men, a women’s division and a tag team division. He talks about the upcoming NXT UK tapings dates and has one more question… with Saint as your GM, are… you… ready? Saint and Triple H shake hands and Saint has his arm raised as fans cheer.

– We see Gibson, Coffey, Webster and Banks backstage warming up for the semifinals.

Semifinal Tournament Match: Flash Morgan Webster vs. Zack Gibson

The semis will have 25 minute time limits. Gibson looked to decline the pre-match handshake but he grabbed Webster’s hand and wouldn’t let go. This led to Webster unloading as soon as the bell hit.

This match also went out of the ring. Webster controlled most of the match but Gibson locked in Shankly Gates for the submission win and the spot in the finals.

Winner: Zack Gibson

– Back from a break and we see NXT Champion Aleister Black sitting at ringside with Ricochet. They will face The Velveteen Dream and EC3 in tag team action on Tuesday’s special.

Semifinal Tournament Match: Joe Coffey vs. Travis Banks

They shook hands before the match. Coffey missed a big high cross and Banks rolled him for the finish.

Winner: Travis Banks

– After the match, Banks has his arm raised but Coffey attacks him with a cheap shot. Coffey sends Banks into the ring post shoulder-first. Coffey drops Banks again with the big discus lariat. Joe stands tall as Banks clutches his shoulder as we go to replays. Officials check on Banks in the ring as Coffey leaves.

– We go back to the announcers to talk about the tournament. The finals will be Gibson vs. Banks.

Tyler Bate, Trent Seven and Pete Dunne vs. The Undisputed Era

We go to the ring and out first comes Tyler Bate, then Trent Seven. WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne is out next as they stand together and head to the ring. Out next comes The Undisputed Era (NXT North American Champion Adam Cole, NXT Tag Team Champions Roderick Strong & Kyle O’Reilly). This match was filmed before any of the recent NXT Tag Team Title changes.

The finish saw Dunne moonsault Strong and Cole while O’Reilly worked on Seven in the ring. Bate tagged in and ended up getting the Dragon Suplex with a lariat on O’Reilly for the pin.

Winners: British Strong Style

– Back from a break and out comes WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels. It takes a few minutes for the crowd to stop praising HBK so he can speak. Michaels talks about the previous six-man match and says he’s honored to be back at Royal Albert Hall to make history with the fans. “Ya guys gotta stop that,” HBK says in response to the “one more match” chants. He talks about the new WWE NXT UK brand and thanks fans for supporting them, saying now it’s time for WWE to give back to the fans. HBK says this new brand is specifically for the UK crowd. He plugs the tournament finals and makes his exit as the music hits.

Tournament Finals: Zack Gibson vs. Travis Banks

They did formal ring introductions before the match. Banks came out with his shoulder taped up. Gibson refused the pre-match handshake. The crowd was hot as they get ready for the bell.

This was a good back & forth match that ran right at 17 minutes. Gibson got the win with the Shankly Gates submission.

2018 WWE UK Title Tournament Winner and #1 Contender to WWE UK Champion Pete Dunne: Zack Gibson

After the match, Gibson had his arm raised and offered the handshake to Banks. Banks left as Triple H, Shawn Michaels and Johnny Saint came out to pose with Gibson as we got replays. Pete Dunne came out with the WWE UK Title and faced off with Gibson to hype tomorrow’s title match. The show went off the air.


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