Sawyer Fulton On An NXT Stable That Nearly Came Together, Being Replaced In Sanity

Former NXT Star Sawyer Fulton spoke on being replaced in Sanity, a faction that never came together in NXT, and Eric Young. Here are some of the highlights:

After an injury, getting replaced in Sanity:

“Getting injured was very untimely, especially with how our tapings aligned. I got hurt the night of NXT Takeover: Toronto, and then I did the next taping that was before a SmackDown Live in Ottawa. I didn’t find out how bad my injury was until a week later. I actually thought I was getting better, I was ready to come back. My bruising and swelling were starting to go down quite a bit, and I was getting a little bit more movement. It wasn’t until the doctor told me how bad it was that the placebo effect really wore off. That was when the pain started coming back. I had my surgery on November 29, [2016], which was my mother’s birthday. I found out November 28 and tapings were December 5. It was very rushed, it was almost directly afterward. I was left completely out of the loop.

I did not know what was happening or what was going on until Killian [Dain] called me that night and let me know ‘we did this, this and this for the TV tapings tonight. I want you to know that no matter what comes out of this, I don’t want you to take this as a personal attack on you. This was an opportunity given to me, and I would hope that if the roles were reversed that you would do the same to me’. Obviously, I would. Killian and I are friends. We were friends before and we are friends after, and it was very cool for him to come to me, every man to man, and let me know this was going on because at the time none of the coaches had called me and none of the writers had called me. I was just sitting in a hotel room wasting away. Later on, I got a call from Wolfe, I think Killian just beat him to the punch. And then Eric shortly after that, and Nikki texted me a few times, and finally the next day I got a call from Terry Taylor. It was hard for me to accept. I think it was a little bit rushed, and I think there was a lot of things coming out of it. I pitched a lot of things, not just for Sanity, but feuding with Sanity, my own group and a whole bunch of different things. I had a running joke that I was going to start Sanity Red and Black and we were going to go straight WCW with it.”

A faction that we didn’t see on-screen that could have developed in NXT:

“Actually, Angelo Dawkins and I were roommates for almost three years, maybe two and a half years. A lot of the stuff we did in the ring and character wise never really got to be explored, which stemmed from stuff we were doing messing around, talking one-on-one. I think when we started tagging and started getting that moving, it was our group that we were trying out, led by Chad Gable. That would be myself, Dawkins, Jason Jordan and Tucker Knight, who is part of Heavy Machinery. I think that is where we started our tagging.”

Help he received from Eric Young:

“I think Eric helped take us to new levels. I think there is a certain amount that we wanted to do as a team between Wolfe and I but we didn’t really feel like our ideas were going to be taken seriously and listened to. Eric was very good at taking what we wanted and what we felt and then bringing them to the writers and to Hunter as his own idea, and he really fought for the things that he wanted and we believed in. A lot of Sanity was him having a big part, and he really steered us in a great direction, but he didn’t have to go as far out of his way to make things as comfortable for Wolfe and I as he did. He was instrumental, there’s no downplaying how much he has meant to my career especially in the last two years of me being there, and even after I got hurt.”

Dalton also discussed meeting WWE Hall of Famer Gerry Brisco.


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