Tuesday, May 1, 2018

WWE 205 Live Results - May 1, 2018

WWE 205 Live Results - May 1, 2018
We start off with a look at highlights from the Cruiserweight Title Match at The Greatest Royal Rumble between Cedric Alexander and Kalisto.

Nigel mentions the issues with Buddy Murphy not making weight, but he did make weight and will be on 205 Live tonight.

Match Number One:  Akira Tozawa and Hideo Itami versus Brian Kendrick and Jack Gallagher

Tozawa and Gallagher start things off.  Gallagher with jabs that do not connect.  Tozawa with chops and he gets Gallagher to flinch so that means a jab to the head.  Tozawa with kicks to Gallagher in the corner.  Gallagher with a sunset flip but Tozawa rolls through and kicks Gallagher and follwos with a back senton.  Gallagher with a jaw breaker and Kendrick and itami tag in.

They lock up and Kendrick with a wrist lock and arm bar.  Itami with a reverse chin lock. Kendrick with a wrist lock but ITami with a forearm.  Kendrick with a forearm and then they go back and forth as they challenge each other.  Kendrick with chops.  Itami with slaps but Kendrick with punches.  Kendrick with a kick to the chest but Itami with a dragon screw leg whip.  Tozawa tags in and Tozawa with an elbow into the corner and then Itami and Tozawa with a knee and kick combination.  Tozawa with a missile drop kick for a near fall.

Tozawa with kicks in the corner and then he is sent to the apron and Tozawa with a forearm to Kendrick and a boot to Gallagher.  Kendrick with a drop kick to send Tozawa to the floor.  Gallagher tags in and he sends Tozawa into the ringside barrier with a side Russian leg sweep.  They return to the ring and Gallagher gets a near fall.  Gallagher with a head butt to the midsection.  Kendrick tags in and he applies an arm bar.  Tozawa with punches but Kendrick with an Irish whip and Tozawa knocks Gallagher off the apron.

Itami tags in and he kicks Kendrick in the chest.  Itami knocks Gallagher off the apron and then he kicks Kendrick and hits a tornado hot shot.  Itami goes up top for a clothesline and he gets a near fall.  Itami with strikes and he demands respect before a hesitation drop kick into the corner.  Kendrick with a snap mare and kick to Itami.  Tozawa tags in and Itami kicks Kendrick to the floor.  Tozawa with a suicide dive head butt to both men.  Kendrick is sent back into the ring and Tozawa with an octopus.

Gallagher breaks it up and he knocks Itami off the apron.  Gallagher tags in and Tozawa slaps Kendrick off the turnbuckles.  Tozawa with a kick and he goes up top for a back senton and Itami hits teh ropes and crotches Tozawa by accident.  Gallagher with a head butt for the three count.

Winners:  Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick

After the match, Itami pushes Tozawa and leaves the ring.

Tozawa has a confused look on his face.

We go back to Buddy Murphy's attack on Cedric Alexander on the 205 Live episode after Wrestlemania.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Drew Gulak is getting his boots laced up.  He says this must be what it is like to be Kalisto.  You squandered your opportunity on Friday.  You squeaked past the best submission wrestler with your high flying.  Tonight, Drew says he is at 100 percent.  He says he needs to prove that is not how you win.   When you step to him, you will tap out.

We see the official weigh in earlier today and he weighed in at 204 pounds.  Drake welcomes Buddy back and Buddy says he wants his title match.

Match Number Two:  Buddy Murphy versus Liam Louis

Murphy kicks Liam in the corner and then he suplexes Louis.  Murphy kicks Louis in the head.  Murphy sends Louis to the mat and slaps him.  Louis with a forearm and Murphy is shocked that Louis would do that.  Murphy with three power bombs and he gets a near fall when he lets Louis kick out.  The referee calls for the bell when he determines that Louis cannot continue.

Winner:  Buddy Murphy (by referee stoppage)

As Buddy goes up the ramp, Cedric Alexander's music plays and he comes out and they fight on the ramp.  Cedric with a double leg take down and he punches Murphy.  Murphy goes to the back after he gets Alexander off of him.

 Kalisto is getting ready for his match while Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik motivate him.

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We are back and next week, we will see Jack Gallagher and Brian Kendrick against Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik.

Cedric Alexander is asked about what he did.  He says he made his statement but he didn't do it from behind.  If Buddy wants what Cedric has, he knows where to find him.

Kalisto says Saudi Arabia was an amazing time.  The match did not end up how he wanted.  Drew Gulak is no match for the Lucha House Party tonight.

Match Number Three:  Kalisto (with Lince Dorado and Gran Metalik) versus Drew Gulak

They lock up and Gulak with a waist lock take down and he slaps Kalisto in the back of the head.  Gulak with a bow and arrow and then he applies a full nelson and gets a near fall.  Kalisto with a reversal on a wrist lock but Gulak escapes.  Kalisto and Gulak with a knuckle lock but Gulak with a take down and wrist lock.  Kalisto tries for a reversal but Drew blocks it and he applies a hammer lock and gets a near fall.  Gulak with a hip lock take down into a side head lock.

Kalisto with a reversal and then he walks on his hands and tries for the handstand head scissors take down but Gulak moves.  Gulak backs Kalisto into the corner and Gulak with a punch to the midsection.  Gulak with a knee bar into a single leg crab.  Kalisto powers out of the hold but Gulak chops Kalisto.  Gulak with an Irish whip but he runs into a boot.  Kalisto with an arm drag off the ropes.  Kalisto sends Gulak to the floor.  Kalisto goes for a corkscrew pescado but he lands on Gulak's knee.  Gulak sends Kalisto into the apron before they return to the ring.

Gulak with boots to the arm.   Gulak with a Gory Special and Drew dips and gets a near fall.  Gulak with a package Boston Crab.  Kalisto gets to the ropes and Gulak has to release the hold. Gulak with an Irish whip.  Gulak with a punch and another Irish whip.  Gulak gets a near fall.  Gulak returns to the bow and arrow and works on the wrist.  Gulak with a single leg crab but Kalisto with kicks to Drew.  Kalisto with kicks to the leg.  Gulak with a forearm and he gets a near fall. 

Drew pulls at the mask and has it halfway off his face.  The referee tries to stop Gulak and Kalisto is able to send Drew to the floor.  Kalisto with kicks to Gulak and then he hits an enzuigiri on the apron and then hits a springboard drop kick.  Gulak goes to the floor and Kalisto with a pescado into an arm drag.  Kalisto is sent to the apron but he hits a head scissors take down.  They return to the ring and Kalisto with a springboard cross body for a near fall. 

Kalisto sends Drew over the top rope to the floor and Kalisto with a springboard somersault senton onto Gulak on the floor.  Kalisto gets a near fall.  Kalisto sets for a Salida Del Sol but Drew does not go over.  Gulak rolls under for a sunset bomb and he gets a near fall.  Kalisto with a Code Red for a near fall.  Kalisto with punches and forearms.  Drew with strikes but Kalisto with a back heel kick and then he hits a spike rana.  Gulak avoids Salida Del Sol and Drew applies the GuLOCK and Kalisto taps out.

Winner:  Drew Gulak

After the match, Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado go to check on Kalisto in the ring.

We go to credits.