Thursday, May 10, 2018

Impact Wrestling Results - May 10, 2018

Impact Wrestling Results - May 10, 2018
- In studio, Josh Mathews talks about an incident that took place with Don Callis while he was accepting a "comeback of the year award." Callihan wasn't happy with Callis throwing in the towel during his match against Eddie Edwards. Callihan says Callis robbed of him of the chance to end Edwards once and for all.

We see footage of Callis accepting his award, but Callihan showed up and busted open Callis with the help of his baseball bat. Back in studio, Mathews says Impact executives are still deciding on what to do with Callihan.

- Recap of the last couple weeks between Eli Drake and Pentagon Jr., the two will meet later tonight for the title.

Z & E (DJZ and Andrew Everett) vs. LAX

Commentary (just Josh Mathews with Callis out) saying DJZ and Everett are a newly formed team and will work together going forward. Santana and DJZ get us started, but Ortiz is quickly brought in to hit some double team moves, assisted standing moonsault, cover, two-count. Everett in now, gets Ortiz down with a hurricanrana, plenty of counters until Ortiz drives Everett into his corner, Santana tags in, nice facebuster/cutter combo.

Ortiz in now, northern lights suplex, two-count. Mathews has been commenting on the situation with Callihan and will provide an update as soon as he finds out. Everett with a double pele kick, moonsault on the apron to take out Ortiz. Springboard spinning heel kick on Santana in the ring. Ortiz back in the ring now and hits a powerbomb straight into a DDT. DJZ hops in able to land a tornado DDT, but Santana with a superkick and now all four wrestlers are down.

Everett with an assisted standing corkscrew, DJZ flies to the outside, Everett with a high elevation moonsault to the floor on Ortiz. Everett in the ring for a moment, but gets sent out, Ortiz with a cannonball flip on both opponents. Santana looks to fly, but DJZ stops that, LAX works together and plants DJZ to the mat. They look for street sweeper, DJZ flips back and is able to roll up Santana for the win.

Winners: Z & E via Pinfall

- Backstage, Grado getting ready for his match and tells Joseph Park is waiting for his girlfriend. Joseph thinks Grado is lying to him, but she shows up. It's Katarina (formerly Winter in TNA) and Park can't believe his eyes. He wonders why she's with Grado and she says it's about what's on the inside that counts.

- Next week: Tag Team Title Match: Eli Drake and Scott Steiner vs. DJZ and Andrew Everett.

Rohit Raju vs. Grado (with Katarina)

Grado is really into his girlfriend, and Raju takes advantage by attacking from behind. He gets in some early strikes, tries for a suplex, but has no luck lifting up the bigger opponent. Grado up on the second rope, but Raju yanks him off and then taunts his girl.

Grado getting beat up, but the crowd cheers him on. Raju with a number of running kicks, goes for a cover, two-count. Grado gets back into this one, side suplex, then flops down on Raju, cover, one-count. Grado with some momentum, drops Raju in the corner, hits a running cannonball for the victory, 1-2-3.

Winner: Grado via Pinfall

- Backstage, Joseph Park is knocked out and there's a red card with that design on again. Grado checks on him, but Park is totally out of it.

- Vignette for Tessa Blanchard, showing a number of photos of her family. Blanchard talks about her Grandfather, Father (Tully), and Step-Father (Magnum TA). She talks about wanting to be the best at wrestling, constantly training along the way. She notes a number of her achievements and how she's traveled all over the world. Blanchard says she came to Impact because it's a platform where she can shine and that she's better than everyone in the locker room.

- Next TV tapings are in Windsor, Canada on June 1 and 2.

- Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell talks with Eli Drake and Scott Steiner. Asks Drake about his title match tonight, but Drake puts over Scott Steiner and himself as a team. Drake wants to be recognized at the number one man, and tells Aries there's a new belt collector in town. Steiner says Drake and great and to always be greedy. Steiner says he has Drake's back, but Drake says he's doing this alone tonight. Steiner is rude to McKenzie about her coming back to his room tonight and confirms that Drake doesn't want his help. Drake doesn't tonight.

Ishimori vs. Aerostar vs. Drago vs. El Hijo del Fantasma (X Division Number One Contender Match)

All kind of back and forth action to get us started. Fantasma and Ishimori in the ring, Fantasma launches him into the corner and hits double knees. Step-up kick, flying arm drag, tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, cover, two. Three of the four wrestlers end up out on the floor, Ishimori with a golden moonsault, Aerostar with a step-up splash, overshoots a bit and has a rough landing only partially clipping Drago.

Back from break, Aerostar with a trust fall. Drago getting in some offense now, hits a kick on Fantasma, takes him down with a hurricanrana from the second rope. Ishimori runs in and takes down Drago. Ishimori with a handspring spinning kick, rolling death valley driver, running kick, cover, and broken up by Aerostar. Drago plants Aerostar, cover, Fantasma breaks it up.

Everyone takes everyone down, crowd cheers them on Fantasma with a couple superkicks. Drago with a flip to the outside to take out Ishimori. Fantasm with an arrow from the depths of hell on Drago. Aerostar with a step-up flip and hits it cleanly on Fantasma. Back in the ring, Drago goes up top and Ishimori knocks him to the floor. Aerostar with a powerbomb out of the turnbuckle, Fantasma breaks that up and hits the thrill of the kill on Ishimori.

Winner: El Hijo del Fantasma via Pinfall to become the number one contender

- Eddie Edwards busts into the Impact Executive meeting and demands they not fire Sami Callihan. He says he nearly lost an eye and then Callis screwed him by throwing in the towel during his match against Callihan. It sounded like Sami was initially fired, but they decided not to fire him, but Edwards was told whatever he does against Sami it can't happen in Impact Wrestling.

- In studio, Mathews recaps what just happened and noted that management doesn't want to be responsible any long for whatever goes down between Edwards and Callihan. So, if they want to wrestle, it will have to be somewhere else.

Moose vs. Kongo Kong (with Jimmy Jacobs)

We check out a House of Hardcore match between these two. Kongo goes to work on Moose for the early portions of this match. Kongo locks in a bear hug, but Moose use some claps to break it up. Moos tries to go for a slam, but his back gives out and Kongo just tosses him right into the ring post. Moos down in the corner, Kongo tries for a cannonball, but misses.

Moose gets back into it and runs into Kongo a couple times, finally able to bring Kongo off his feet. Moose with a running senton. Jimmy Jacobs jumps into the ring and nails Moose in the back with a chair and the referee calls the match.

Winner: Moose via DQ

- Post-match, Kongo strikes from behind, but Moose clotheslines him out to the floor, Kongo lands on his feet and Jacobs calls the monster off.

- Backstage, KM tells Fallah Bahh he can get him in the best shape of his life. The two yell a bit shake hands. We see a montage of Bahh working out with KM cheering him on...while eating. Bahh finally collapses while running the bleachers.

Brian Cage vs. Takashi Sugiura

This match is coming from Pro Wrestling Noah. Mathews saying Cage asked for a tour in Japan so he can continue dominating before returning to Impact. Cage with a nice deadlift suplex while on the second rope. Cage with a buckle bomb and a TKO, cover, two. Cage getting the crowd to do the "Terminator" clap.

Lots of back and forth action after it looked like Cage would dominate this match. Cage would fight back, jumping knee, discus clothesline, cover, two-count. Crowd really into this match. Cage goes for the drill claw, cover, and that will do it.

Winner: Brian Cage via Pinfall

- We head to a GWN Match of the Week for the X Division Championship (Ultimate X Match) featuring Consequences Creed (Xavier Woods!), Suicide, Alex Shelley, and Jay Lethal. The finish came when Creed, Lethal, and Shelley all are hanging near the title trying to get it, Suicide climbs above them and drops down to shake them loose and grab the title.

- Dressing Room, Allie stares in a mirror and we see flashbacks to last week when Su Yung put Rosemary in a coffin. Allie attempted to help, but was held back by Yung's undead bridesmaids. There's a knock at the door and some weird doll with a note pinned to it is left on the ground. Allie brings it in and reads the note. She looks at the mirror again and has a weird vibe to her all of a sudden.

Pentagon Jr. vs. Eli Drake (Impact World Championship)

Pentagon Jr. tries for his "Cero Miedo" taunt, Drake stops him and gives the champ an "Eli Drake!" Drake drops Pentagon to the mat and stomps away at him. Austin Aries is watching on from the back. Pentagon with a slingblade, cover, one-count. Pentagon tries to snap Drake's arm early on, but Drake fight out of it. Drake gets in a lot of offense, but is sent out to the floor, Pentagon looks to fly, but Drake stops him. He tries for a springboard, but gets a superkick on his way down, cover, two-count.

Crowd with a "Break his arm!" chant, Pentagon heads to the top, Drake leaps up, nails a superplex, cover, two. The challenge swings away, finally misses, kick by the champ, Drake almost hits a gravy train, Pentagon counters, and gets caught with an elbow to the face. Drake tries for a top rope moonsault, nobody home, Pentagon driver hits and that will do it.

Winner: Pentagon Jr. via Pinfall

- Post-match, Pentagon celebrates in the ring, Drake looks really mad. Aries nods in approval in the back.