NXT Results – April 25, 2018

NXT Results - April 25, 2018

The Undisputed Era make their way to the stage and they go to the ring. Adam tells them to relish in this situation. Look at all of this gold. This is what happens when you back the Undisputed Era into the corner. NXT’s mission has been to prevent this from happening, but here we stand.

Bobby says it is no secret. At War Games, they were thrown to the wolves and in New Orleans, the same thing. What you fail to realize is that in every turn, the Undisputed Era remain one step ahead. Do you need any proof? They stand here today dripping in NXT Championship Gold.

Roderick says everyone wants to know “Why Roddy Why?” He is not the type of guy to stand here and pat himself on the back because that is what they are for. For once, he did something for himself and at Takeover, he made the best decision of his career. Sure, he could have won the tag titles with Pete Dunne, but how long until Pete turns on him because all Pete cares about his is UK title. Not Bobby Fish. Not Adam Cole. Not Kyle O’Reilly. He has seen them take a bullet for them.

During the match, Roderick says he had an epiphany. It has been Roddy versus the World, but why fight alone and come up short when they can fight together and take over NXT?

Kyle says they are done being backed into a corner. It doesn’t matter what the powers that be do to try to slow them down. They cannot be stopped. This is the era of the undisputed. Times are changing. They will leave everyone else in the dust.

Adam says that was well said. Adam says he will defend his title against Oney Lorcan right now. He will do it on his own because he won this title by himself and he will defend it himself. Adam says he doesn’t need any help beating Oney Lorcan. Adam wants them to do him a favor and go to the back and find a comfortable seat and a cold beverage to see what he is going to do. They are here to shock the system.

Match Number One: Adam Cole versus Oney Lorcan for the NXT North American Title

Cole’s ribs are heavily taped as he takes off his shirt.

They lock up and Cole with a wrist lock. Lorcan with a reversal into a waist lock and Cole gets to the ropes. Cole with a kick and side head lock. Cole with a shoulder tackle but Lorcan with an abdominal stretch. Cole gets to the ropes to force Lorcan to release the hold. Cole goes to the floor to regroup and catch his breath. Cole goes into the ring to stop the count and goes back to the floor. Lorcan follows and he connects with a shoulder on the apron. Lorcan tries to suplex Cole to the floor but Cole blocks it.

Cole with an enzuigiri to stop Lorcan. Cole kicks Lorcan in the corner. Cole with a kick to the head and he punches Lorcan. Cole with a snap mare and knee to the back. Cole with a rear chin lock. Lorcan with punches to the ribs but Cole gets Lorcan on his shoulders for an ushigoroshi. Cole holds his ribs as he is unable to capitalize on the situation. Cole with a forearm as Lorcan punches Cole in the ribs. Lorcan with a European uppercut and chops.

Lorcan with a running knee to the midsection and then he hits a running European uppercut followed by a blockbuster for a near fall. Lorcan goes for a half nelson suplex but Cole blocks it. Cole with a boot to the head but Lorcan drops Cole onto the top rope and Cole falls to the floor.

Lorcan goes up top and Kyle brings a trainer to the ring to check on Cole. Strong pulls Lorcan to the floor and hits a back drop driver onto the apron. Cole is helped into the ring and he hits Last Shot for the three count.

Winner: Adam Cole

After the match, Kyle and Roderick attack Lorcan.

Danny Burch makes his way to the ring and he takes care of Kyle and Roderick. Cole with a super kick to Burch. Kyle with axe and smash to Lorcan while Strong hits a jumping knee on Burch.

We have a video feature for Shayna Baszler.

We go to commercial.

We take a look back at last week’s main event.

Next week Candice faces Bianca Belair.

We have a video package for Bianca Belair. She wants to show everyone what she is about. She is the fastest, quickest, and toughest. She is the EST. When it comes to her braid, this is a lethal weapon. She says she is coming for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Match Number Two: Otis Dozovic and Tucker Knight versus Riddick Moss and Tino Sabbatelli

Knight and Moss start things off. They lock up and Knight with a side head lock. Knight with a shoulder tackle and Otis with a clothesline to Tino. Otis and Tucker with shoulder tackles. Tino is sent to the floor. Knight with a knee to the midsection followed by a back body drop to Knight. Knight picks up Moss and Otis tags in. Otis catches Sabbatelli and then they hit a Super Collider on both men. They stand on Tino and Riddick’s chests but the referee does not count. Otis with forearms to Moss. Moss with a forearm to the back. Otis punches Moss and Tino but Moss with a belly-to-back suplex.

Moss punches Otis and tags in Tino. Moss sends Tino into Otis for a flying forearm. Moss with a shoulder to the midsection and Tino gets a near fall. Tino wtih a forearm and punches to the midsection. Tino is sent to the apron and Moss knocks Tino off the apron as Moss hits the ring post. Knight tags in and punches Moss followed by a drop kick. Knight with a clothesline but he runs into a boot. Moss goes to make the tag but Tino jumps off the apron and goes up the ramp. Knight with a splash followed by an overhead belly-to-belly suplex. They hit the Compactor for the three count.

Winners: Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic

After the match, Tucker asks the War Raiders if they can attack them from behind and make a name for themselves? Tucker wants to know if they are man enough to stand in the ring with them? They are coming for WAR.

We have a video for the women who might contend for the NXT Women’s Title. We see Nikki Cross, Aliyah, and Kairi Sane.

Dakota Kai was asked about the incident between her and Shayna Baszler. Dakota says she does not feel comfortable talking about that. She doesn’t want that to have happened. Dakota says she would prefer not to talk about it.

Shayna Baszler shows up and she tells Dakota to look at her. You left your home to travel around the world to chase your dreams. How does it feel to know the reality is that the Women’s Division run by her is your worst nightmare?

Shayna leaves.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a Kona Reeves video feature. He will be on television next week.

We take a look at three more women who are seeking to take the NXT Women’s Title from Shayna Baszler. We see Lacey Evans, Vanessa Borne, and Candice LeRae.

Next week, the Street Profits will face TM61 and Pete Dunne will face Roderick Strong.

Match Number Three: Johnny Gargano versus Aleister Black for the NXT Championship

Tommaso Ciampa attacks Gargano as he makes his way to the ring. Ciampa with forearms to the back and he sends Gargano into the announce table. Ciampa puts Gargano on the announce table. Ciampa asks Gargano if he thinks he is done. Ciampa goes for an Air Raid Crash through the table but Gargano gets to his fet and he super kicks Ciampa off the table. Gargano with a cross body onto Ciampa and he punches Ciampa.

Gargano punches Ciampa but Ciampa with a kick to the groin. Ciampa with a running knee to the side of the head. Officials try to escort Ciampa to the back but that never works and Ciampa hits an Air Raid Crash off the stage through a table.

Candice comes out to check on her husband while Ciampa watches from the stage.

They put Johnny onto a back board so they can get him on a stretcher and take him to the back.

Johnny is taken outside into an ambulance.

Aleister Black is by the ambulance as Johnny is put inside and drives away.

Tommaso Ciampa is on top of a production truck as he watches Johnny being taken to a local medical facility.

Aleister Black makes his way to the ring and he has something to say.

Black tells Tommaso Ciampa, by eliminating his challenger . . .

Sanity makes their way onto the stage and go to the ring.

They surround Black around the ring and Eric Young enters the ring.

Eric says Johnny Gargano provided hope. Chaos took away that hope tonight. Out of the chaos, they will find greatness. Out of the chaos, we will find Sanity.

Black asks Eric if he is looking for the title and he suggests that they do it.

Match Number Three: Aleister Black versus Eric Young (with Alexander Wolfe and Killian Dain) for the NXT Title

Black with a wrist lock into an arm bar. Black with a waist lock. Young gets to the ropes and then he applies a side head lock. Young with a back elbow and he gets a near fall. Young kicks Black and hits an elbow drop followed by a forearm to the back of the head for a near fall. Black with a sleeper followed by a knee to the midsection. Black teases a dive to the floor but he springboards back into the ring and sits down.

Young misses a kick and Black kips up and hits an arm drag into an arm bar. Young with a shoulder in the ropes followed by a forearm and he gets Black on his shoulders. Young with an elbow but Black with knees and a series of strikes. Black puts Young on the turnbuckles but Wolfe tries to interfere. Black with an elbow to Wolfe and Young with a choke on the turnbuckles followed by an elbow drop for a near fall. Young with double sledges and he gets a near fall.

Young with a neck breaker for a near fall. Young with a chin lock. Young with a back body drop and he gets a near fall. Young with a rear chin lock. Black with a boot to the head and a sunset flip for a near fall. Yong with a punch but Black with a bicycle knee as he bounces off the ropes. The referee starts his count and they get back to their feet. Black with punches and jabs. Black with kicks to the leg and a bicycle kick and running forearm. Black with a leg sweep and a sliding knee to the temple. Black with a running forearm into the corner. Black with an Irish whip and Black with a quebrada for a near fall.

Young runs Black into the turnbuckles but he runs into the corner and Black floats over. Black with an octopus but Young gets Black up for a Death Valley Bomb for a near fall. Young goes up top but Black stops him. Black climbs the turnbuckles as well and they exchange punches. Black goes to the mat. Young comes off the turnbuckles and misses Black. Young does the Flair Flip and then Young with a shoulder and he goes through the legs. Black with Black Mass for the three count.

Winner: Aleister Black

After the match, Black gives Wolfe Black Mass and then he does the same to Dain.

We go to credits.


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