WWE 205 Live Results – March 20, 2018

WWE 205 Live

We begin with highlights from last week’s seminfinal match between Cedric Alexander and Roderick Strong.

Drew Gulak says Ali is skilled in the ring, but he only cares about showing off. All that matters is who wins. Ali says he has the chance to stop the preconceived notions of people who look like him and has a name like his.

We are in Dallas, Texas and your announcers are Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness.

Match Number One: Lince Dorado (with Gran Metalik and Kalisto) versus Hideo Itami (with Akira Tozawa)

They lock up and Itami kicks Dorado on the break. Itami with a European uppercut. Itami with a kick and side head lock. Dorado tries to escape the side head lock but Itami holds on. Itami with a shoulder tackle or two. Itami goes to the floor and Dorado teases a dive to the floor but he stays in the ring. Itami gets back into the ring and Dorado with a side head lock take down. Itami backs Dorado into the corner and connects with a shoulder. Itami with an Irish whip and Dorado floats over and hits a head scissors and drop kick. Itami goes to the floor and Dorado with a corkscrew pescado onto Itami.

Dorado with a European uppercut and then he sends Itami back into the ring. Dorado with a shoulder and a slingshot head scissors. Dorado with a side head lock take down. Itami with a rollup for a near fall. Itami with a knee to the midsection and Dorado goes down. Itami with a Yakuza kick to knock Dorado off the apron and to the floor. Itami goes to the floor and he runs Dorado into the apron and then back into the ring.

Itami kicks Dorado in the head. Itami slaps Dorado and Dorado slaps back. Itami with an Irish whip but Dorado with a spinning heel kick out of the corner and he follows with a springboard kick. Dorado goes for a handspring move but Itami moves out of the way and hits a clothesline. Itami runs into a super kick. Both men get back to their feet and Dorado sends Itami to the floor. Dorado with a running forearm to send Itami to the floor. Itami pushes Metalik and Metalik pulls Itami off the apron and pushes him. Kalisto holds Metalik back and the referee calls for the bell.

Winner: Hideo Itami (by disqualification)

Kalisto has to hold Metalik and Dorado back while Tozawa holds Itami back.

Drew Gulak says that he is here to make a better 205 Live. Drew says he does not like being called a goof or not being taken lightly. He is here to prove himself right, not prove anyone wrong. When we compete as a champion, we are the guy and the one to set the example. Drew says he can set the example that no one else can. When you are in a tournament like they are, if you lose you go home. Drew says he does not expect to lose and he will move closer to the title.

Drew says he would prove to everybody about what he said. Keep people on the mat and win. Drew says he will go to Wrestlemania and he will become the next Cruiserweight Champion.

We go to commercial.

We are back and Cedric Alexander says last week was the greatest moment in his entire career. He went through hell and back to earn his place at Wrestlemania. It has not sunk in that he will compete in front of 70,000 people on the grandest stage of them all. He achieved one goal of wrestling at Wrestlemania, but it means nothing if he cannot win the cruiserweight title.

TJ Perkins says it does not matter who wins at Wrestlemania, all that matters is that he gets to face that person for the title.

Match Number Two: TJ Perkins versus Kenneth Johnson

Perkins with a waist lock take down and then he takes Johnson down with a single leg take down. Perkins with a side head lock. Perkins with a shoulder tackle and an elbow to the top of the head. Perkins with a flying forearm. Perkins with a European uppercut and then he hits a suplex and holds on for a belly-to-back suplex and a slingshot senton. Perkins blocks a kick in the corner but Johnson uses the other leg to kick him. Perkins misses a splash into the corner and Johnson with a flying senton for a near fall. Johnson with a kick but Perkins with a drop kick to the knee. Perkins with a kick to the leg followed by an atomic drop to the leg and a dragon screw. Perkins with a kick and Detonation Kick. Perkins with a knee bar and Johnson taps out.

Winner: TJ Perkins

After the match, Perkins takes his time releasing the hold and the referee warns him.

We go to comments from Mustafa Ali. He mentions that he is from Chicago. He says the biggest thing that separates him from everyone in the cruiserweight division is heart. Ali mentions that he was a police officer before becoming a wrestler. He wants to do more than speak about change by causing change. This tournament means a lot to him in more than one way. He wants the shot to become champion at Wrestlemania. He also sees it as a way to fix things.

it is about more than winning matches and having an opportunity. He has an opportunity to change someone’s mind. The knee jerk reaction to seeing his name is to boo him. He will fight until he cannot fight any more. We will have to see if that happens at Wrestlemania.

Ali is in the back getting ready for his match.

We see Drew Gulak preparing as well.

We go to commercial.

We are back with Drake Maverick in the interview area. Drake is asked about the opening match. Drake says he is livid. He knows it is Wrestlemania season. At least Kalisto and Akira Tozawa brought things under control. Next week, Akira Tozawa, Kalisto, TJ Perkins, and Buddy Murphy will have a Fatal Four Way Match.

Match Number Three: Drew Gulak versus Mustafa Ali in a Semifinal Match in the Cruiserweight Title Tournament

They lock up and Gulak backs Ali into the corner but Ali gets out of the corner. Gulak with a wrist lock take down. We see Cedric watching in the back while Gulak holds on to the wrist lock. Ali with a reversal. Gulak with a reversal attempt but Ali holds on. Gulak with a slam but Ali holds on to the arm bar. Gulak backs Ali into the corner and Drew pushes Ali. Ali pushes back. Gulak with a side head lock and shoulder tackle. Ali with a shoulder tackle but Drew stays on his feet. Ali with a side head lock and Gulak sends Ali into the air and then face first into the mat.

Drew with a reverse chin lock. Ali with elbows but Drew sends Ali to the mat. Ali with a head scissors take down and then he hits a drop kick. Ali backs Gulak into the corner and he gives a clean break. Gulak with an elbow to the side of the head. Gulak with a Northern Lariat for a near fall. Gulak with an Irish whip but Ali with an uppercut. Ali with a rollup but he gets a near fall. Gulak catches Ali off the turnbuckles and hits an Electric Chair drop and bridge for a near fall. Gulak kicks Ali in the ribs and chest. Gulak with boots to the head.

The referee keeps Gulak away from Ali when Ali gets to the ropes. Gulak pulls Ali up by the mouth and Ali with slaps. Ali blocks a kick and hits a spinning heel kick. Ali with clotheslines and a double leg take down and punches. Ali goes to the apron and hits an enzuigiri. Ali with a slingshot rolling X Factor for a near fall. Ali kicks Drew in the head to give Drew back some of the same treatment Gulak dished out. The referee warns Ali and Ali looks conflicted.

Drew sends Ali into the turnbuckles face first and drew gains the advantage. Drew applies the Dragon Sleeper but Ali with kicks and knees to escape. Gulak with a clothesline that flips Ali. Drew with two short arm clotheslines and he gets a near fall. Ali is able to apply the Koji Clutch. Gulak rolls over to get a near fall but Ali holds on to the Koji Clutch. Gulak gets to the apron and then he goes to the floor.

Ali goes up top and waits for Gulak to get into position and he hits a senton and then he punches Gulak before returning to the ring. Ali goes up top for the inward 450 splash but Gulak knocks Ali off the turnbuckles and Ali falls to the floor after hitting his face on the apron. The referee starts his count. Ali gets on the apron but Drew knocks Ali off the apron and to the floor. Gulak sends Ali hard into the ringside barrier. Gulak rolls Ali back into the ring and Ali rolls to the floor.

Gulak goes to the floor while the referee starts his count. Ali side steps Gulak charging at him and Gulak bounces off the announce table. Ali leaps over the side of the table onto Gulak and he punches Drew. Ali returns to the ring while the referee starts his count. Ali goes to the floor to stop the count. Ali removes the cover of the announce table and he picks up Gulak as they get on the table. Gulak with a back body drop that sends Ali off the announce table and to the floor.

The referee starts his count as Drew returns to the ring. Gulak goes to the floor and breaks the count. Drew sends Ali face first into the ring post. Drew slams Ali into Yeatonville. Drew goes back into the ring and he tells the referee to start his count. Ali crawls back to the ring and he gets back in before the ten count. Drew picks up Ali and applies the Dragon Sleeper but Ali holds the ropes. Ali with a DDT and then he goes up top for the inward 450 and the three count.

Winner: Mustafa Ali

After the match, Ali sees the Wrestlemania sign and he has a smile on his face.

Ali is asked about how it feels to go to Wrestlemania.

He says he is not going to Wrestlemania, we are going to Wrestlemania. His entire life, he has had one mission. It does not matter what you name is or where you are from. It does not matter what the color of your skin is, it is all about heart.

Ali celebrates with his family at ringside.

We go to credits.


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