Impact Wrestling Crossroads Results – Mar 8, 2018


We see Austin Aries and Johnny Impact arrive at the arena, followed by a video hyping their World Title match in tonight’s main event, and then we go to the CONTROL ROOM!  Josh and Sonjay run down tonight’s card, throw us to a video package hyping the LAX/Cult of Lee feud, then send us to the arena for our opening match…

World Tag Team Title Match: LAX vs Cult of Lee

They start brawling during entrances, and wind up duking it out on the floor.  Ortiz snap suplexes Caleb Konley on the floor while Santana gouges Lee’s face on the other side of the ring as Konnan looks on proudly.  Caleb recovers and helps turn the tide, but only briefly, as Ortiz reverses a whip and sends Lee into the ring steps.  I just noticed that Konnan. who manages two New Yorkers, is wearing a Red Sox cap.  LAX maintains control as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and the Cult of Lee seems to have regained control over the commercial break.  Santana gets a springboard sunset flip and a flying knee, then makes the hot tag to Ortiz, who comes in and cleans house with a fury.  Santana recovers and clears Konley out, then LAX hits a double team DDT on Lee.  Ortiz wipes Konley out with a dive to the floor, then Santana tosses Lee outside and hits a dive of his own.  Back in the ring, Cult of Lee hits a series of high impact moves on Santana, and Konley hits a cradle shock drive for 2.  Ortiz hits a suplex into a Stunner on Konley, Lee blocks a Street Sweeper attempt, and Konley gets a jackknife rollup on Ortiz for 2.  Konnan trips Lee off the apron, then LAX hits the Street Sweeper for the win.

Winners: LAX

Great opener!  Konnan retrieves LAX’s bandanas from Lee and Konley, and Lee chews Konley out while dragging him to the back.

McKenzie is backstage with Bobby Lashley, who says that oVe got rid of his partner, but he doesn’t need a partner, and he doesn’t care if he has to fight the whole state of Ohio, because he’s taking them out tonight.

Global Wrestling Network flashback takes us back to a match between Christian Cage and Monty Brown from forever ago.  Talk about a guy who was born to be a superstar, Monty Brown was really something, and it’s a shame he never got the opportunity to fulfill his potential.  Easily one of the most unfortunate missed windows of the last decade.

Alberto El Patron is backstage, and he’s…WALKING!  He’s not scheduled to wrestle, so what’s he doing here?  Maybe we’ll find out…TONIGHT!

We see video packages and promos leading into our next match…

Title vs Title: X Division Champion Taiji Ishimori vs Grand Champion Matt Sydal

Feeling out process to start, but the pace quickly picks up with Ishimori catching Sydal with a headscissors and a dropkick.  Sydal returns the favor with a headscissors and dropkick of his own, then puts the boots to Ishimori in the corner.  Sydal puts Ishimori on the top rope, but Ishimori kicks him off and hits a flying Codebreaker as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Sydal is working on Ishimori’s leg with a series of kicks and a half crab.  Ishimori transitions through a series of leglocks, then hits a Russian legsweep before rolling Ishimori into a modified top anklelock.  That looks painful, and Ishimori must agree, because he goes right to the ropes.  Sydal does namaste stuff before unloading more kicks on Ishimori’s legs, but Ishimori ducks a shot and hits a handspring enziguiri.  Ishimori rips the shirt off and hits shotgun knees before slamming Sydal and hitting a springboard double stomp for 2.  That series of moves seems to have done some more damage to Ishimori’s knee, but he picks Sydal up in his weird spinning torture rack thing before swinging Sydal into an Ace Crusher for 2.  Sydal seems to still be reeling from that Codebreaker he took before the commercial, but it doesn’t stop him from hitting a standing super Frankensteiner for 2.  Ishimori knocks Sydal to his knees, but Sydal catches him off guard with a kneeling German suplex into a bridge for 2.  Awesome spot!  Ishimori gets his knees up on a standing moonsault, and Sydal rolls out to the floor.  Ishimori with a springboard moonsault to the floor, then goes all the way up the ramp to hit a running flying headscissors on the floor.  Back in the ring, they trade pinning combinations without either man able to get a three count.  Sydal goes to the top and hits Meteora for a close 2.  They stand in the middle of the ring trading strikes until Sydal connects with a high kick and leaping knee that knocks Ishimori silly.  Sydal goes to the top and misses the Sydal Press, and Ishimori quickly hits the inverted lungblower and heads up for the 450 splash.  Sydal is up and nails Ishimori, but Ishimori blocks another standing super Frankensteiner attempt and goes for the 450, but Sydal gets the knees up.  Sydal quickly heads back up and hits the Sydal Press for the win.

Winner and NEW X Division Champion: Matt Sydal

Excellent match, and Sydal is now a double champion.  THIS was really good wrestling.

We get a backstage promo from Allie, who says that she wouldn’t have thought of herself as ready a year ago, but now she is, and she’s going to win the Knockouts Title for her mentor, Gail Kim.  We hit a video package looking at the history between Allie and Laurel Van Ness, then we head to the ring for…

Knockouts Title Match: Laurel Van Ness vs Allie

Allie gets the jump on Laurel right at the start of the match, but that doesn’t last long, as Laurel unloads with a flurry of frantic offense.  Laurel with a Natural Selection, but doesn’t go for the cover, and Allie surprises Laurel with a VICIOUS slap to the face and release German suplex.  Laurel hits a quick drop toehold into the bottom rope and then heads up top, but Allie avoids the double stomp and hits a dropkick, and both ladies are down.  Allie is up first and she’s a house of fire, running Laurel over with a series of clotheslines and a snap suplex into the corner for 2.  Allie grabs Laurel’s ankle and uses it to lever her over the top rope.  Allie goes to the floor, but Laurel quickly rams her into the ring apron, then sits her in a chair and tries a charge, but Allie sidesteps and sends Laurel into the chair.  Allie sits Laurel in the chair, and she connects with a charging elbow.  Allie picks her up, but Laurel hits an Unprettier out of nowhere, then rolls into the ring and lets the referee count.  Allie just barely misses the count, and an infuriated Laurel unleashes a flurry of stomps before curb stomping Allie into the bottom turnbuckle multiple times.  Allie doesn’t look like she knows where she is as Laurel hits a running curb stomp.  Laurel makes a cover, but Allie gets the bottom rope at 2, and Laurel now can’t believe it.  Laurel grabs the belt from ringside and takes a swing at Allie, but Allie ducks and hits a death valley driver.  Allie drills Laurel with a superkick and makes a cover, and we have a new Knockouts Champion!

Winner and NEW Knockouts Champion: Allie

The perfect end to Allie’s years-long journey to the Knockouts Title.  This was a great match with terrific psychology, and was a hell of a note for Laurel to go out on.

We come back from commercial, and Gail Kim is waiting for Allie backstage to give her a hug and tell her how proud of her she is.

McKenzie is backstage with Austin Aries, who says his back hurts from carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders.  He’s had a great month here as champion, but also a great month travelling the world and collecting titles.  Everything comes easily to Johnny Impact, and he makes it look so easy, but tonight will not be easy for Johnny Impact.  Impact will have to be mean and nasty to take the title from him, and show Aries a side of himself nobody has ever seen before.

We see a video package of the history between oVe, Bobby Lashley, and Eddie Edwards, including about ten replays of that stupid baseball bat shot from last week.  As if that wasn’t enough, they also threw in post-show footage of Eddie with an ice pack and big bandage on his face getting loaded into an ambulance.  Stay classy, Anthem.  Anyway, Lashley is going it alone since his scheduled tag team partner for tonight is currently sitting home with a cracked orbital bone and broken nose…

oVe vs Bobby Lashley

The Crist brothers try to rush Lashley during his entrance, but he lays them both out with a double clothesline and dumps them both into the ring.  Sami Callihan comes out of nowhere to crack Lashley in the knee with his bat, and the Crists quickly swarm the former World Champion.  Lashley still has it in him to reverse a double suplex on the Crists, then Beells Jake across the ring.  Sami grabs Lashley’s leg from the floor, and Jake hits a series of kicks and covers for 2 as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Lashley is in deep trouble.  Sami with another shot behind the referee’s back, but Lashley still manages to fight back and suplex Jake onto his brother.  Brian Cage suddenly comes down to ringside, tags himself in, and absolutely cleans house on the Crist brothers.  Cage with a series of suplexes, picks up Dave Crist, catches Jake when he comes off the top rope, and tosses both brothers.  Sami comes in with the bat, but Lashley spears him to set up Cage hitting the Drill Claw on Jake for the win.

Winners: Bobby Lashley & Brian Cage

Cage with another dominating performance.  Lashley offers Cage the hand after the match, but Cage just walks off.

McKenzie is backstage with Johnny Impact, who says he’s going to find out tonight just how great Austin Aries is.  He heard what Aries said backstage, and he’s right, he’s had more names than Aries has had titles, but he doesn’t walk around calling himself the Greatest Man Who Ever Lived.  He also doesn’t show up with a bunch of titles from other promotions because he’s not an insecure guy.  The only thing that matters to him is winning the Impact World Title, and tonight is going to be his night.

Austin Aries is backstage, and he’s…WARMING UP!  He’ll defend the World Title against Johnny Impact…NEXT!

Hey, guess what?  Feast or Fired is coming back next week!  But no time for that now, because it’s…MAIN EVENT TIME!

Impact World Title Match: Austin Aries vs Johnny Impact

Impact gets an early advantage, sweeping the legs out from under Aries and hitting a tiwsting handstand legdrop.  Aries backs off to the corner to break the momentum, then uses his speed to outmaneuver Impact and hit a series of armdrags and the headscissor counter dropkick.  Aries dumps Impact out to the floor and hits him with a slingshot double axhandle as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and Impact is in control on the mat.  Aries tries to fight his way free, so Impact hits a Russian legsweep for 2.  Impact tries a springboard something, but Aries sweeps his legs out from under him, and Impact tumbles to the floor.  Aries waits for him to get to his feet and connects with a double axhandle to the floor.  Impact quickly turns things around with a double springboard enziguiri for 2.  Aries tries a roaring elbow, but Impact ducks and hits an enziguiri followed by a standing shooting star press for 2.  Aries ducks a charging knee, gets a schoolboy rollup for 2, then gets Impact in the Last Chancery.  Impact quickly gets to the ropes, so Aries goes for the brainbuster, but Impact reverses and sits Aries on the top rope for a one man Spanish Fly.  Aries fights him off, but Impact hits a twisting enziguiri that knocks Aries silly, then hits the Spanish Fly for a close 2.  Impact goes for Starship Pain, but Aries rolls out of the way, hits a roaring elbow, boxes Impact’s ears, and tries a neckbreaker over the middle rope, but Impact slips out and hits an enziguiri.  They wind up fighting on the apron, and Aries hits a death valley driver on the apron, then quickly rolls Impact inside and this time hits the neckbreaker over the middle rope.  Impact gets the boot up on the IED attempt and gets a rolling cradle for 2, then the running knee.  Impact goes back up for Starship Pain, Aries barely avoids, and suplexes Impact into the corner.  Aries connects on the second IED attempt, hits the brainbuster, and covers for the win.

Winner: Austin Aries

Solid first title defense by Aries, and nice to see a clean finish here too.  Aries helps Impact to his feet and shakes his hand as Alberto El Patron comes out and applauds Aries as we call it a night.


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