WWE 205 Live Results – Jan 30, 2018

Daniel Bryan makes his way to the stage and he is joined by the man formerly known as Rockstar Spud.

Daniel says in the summer of 2016, he was proud to be a part of the Cruiserweight Classic. Daniel says it is his privilege to introduce the man who will usher in a new era on 205 Live. He will give us the action that they always should have given. Daniel introduces the new General Manager of 205 Live, Drake Maverick.

Drake and he says he has worked his entire life and dedicated his career to stand in front of you in the WWE. He says he is proud to be in the WWE and he is proud to be the General Manager of 205 Live. He says he is going to help out 205 Live. We need a new Cruiserweight Champion. There will be a 16 Man Single Elimination Tournament and it will culminate at Wrestlemania. Drake says the tournament starts tonight. There will be two first round matches tonight.

Cedric Alexander will face Gran Metalik in one of the matches. The other match tonight will see TJ Perkins face Tyler Bate.

Cedric says this is another obstacle he will have to overcome but winning it all at Wrestlemania will make it worth it.

Kalisto and Lince Dorado give Gran Metalik a pep talk. Maverick tells Metalik to prove himself and show Drake what he can do.

Match Number One: Cedric Alexander versus Gran Metalik in a First Round Cruiserweight Tournament Match

They shake hands before locking up and Metalik with a waist lock and Alexander with a wrist lock. Metalik with a reversal but Alexander with a reversal into a side head lock. Alexander with a handstand head scissors but Metalik lands on his feet. Metalik with a flip and then he gives Alexander a head scissors and Alexander lands on his feet. Alexander with a waist lock. Metalik with an arm drag into an arm bar.

Alexander tries to escape but Metalik holds on to the wrist lock. Alexander with a back heel kick and chop. Alexander with an Irish whip and Metalik goes to the apron and he kicks Alexander and follows with a springboard drop kick. Alexander goes to the floor but he returns with a springboard clothesline and then he hits a plancha and lands on his feet. Alexander sends Metalik back into the ring and gets a near fall. Alexander with a Japanese stranglehold. Alexander pulls Metalik back to the mat and gets a near fall. Alexander with a chop and he blocks a rana and Alexander goes for a power bomb but Metalik counters with a Code Red. Alexander with a handspring round kick for a near fall.

Alexander runs into a super kick and then Metalik with a spinning bulldgo. Metalik with a springboard drop kick and Alexander goes to the floor. Metalik with a springboard dive onto Alexander. Metalik with a springboard splash for a near fall. Alexander gets off Metalik’s shoulders and Alexander with a back elbow. Metalik with a kick to Alexander but Alexander with a standing C4 for a near fall. Metalik with a chop in the corner and he puts Alexander on the turnbuckles and chops him. Metalik with an enzuigiri and he goes to the apron. Metalik with a springboard Frankensteiner for a near fall.

Metalik with forearms but Alexander with an elbow. Alexander catches Metalik off the ropes but Metalik counters into a DDT for a near fall. Metalik hits Alexander’s feet when he goes for a moonsault and Alexander with a Lumbar Check for the three count.

Winner; Cedric Alexander (Advances to Second Round)

We go to a feature on Tyler Bate.

Jack Gallagher says he hopes the General Manager understands the importance of a gentleman winning the tournament.

Drew Gulak stops by to tell Drake that everyone is happy to see the new General Manager. He says that they want law and order and he hopes to see how he implements it into 205 Live and he gives Drake a bouquet of flowers.

We go to commercial.

Mustafa Ali says last week was insane. He got to tear the house down with his friend Cedric. The people were chanting and yelling, but he lost the match. He says that part of the match wasn’t awesome. Ali says he needed that wake up call with the tournament. Ali says he will win and punch his ticket to Wrestlemania.

TJ Perkins is in the interview area and he reminds everyone that he is the first Cruiserweight Champion. He is asked about his losing streak. TJ says everyone has a short memory. He won the Cruiserweight Classic to become the first champion.

Drake Maverick stops by and introduces himself. Drake says this is a new day and Tyler is hungry. Tyler wants to go to Wrestlemania and become the Cruiserweight Champion. Will we see the TJ who won the Cruiserweight Classic or the TJ who whines when he doesn’t get his way.

Akira Tozawa says he is disappointed he did not become the GM, but now he can win the Cruiserweight title at Wrestlemania.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: TJ Perkins versus Tyler Bate in a Cruiserweight Tournament First Round Match

They lock up and Perkins with a waist lock and he backs Bate into the ropes. Perkins with a clean break. They lock up again and Bate with a wrist lock. Perkins tries to reverse but he does not succeed. Perkins with a head scissors take down and TJ gets a near fall. Bate tries to escape and he counters into a head scissors of his own and he adds pressure to the neck. Perkins tries to escape but Tyler holds on to the head scissors. Perkins finally escapes but Bate holds on to the wrist and he takes Perkins down with another head scissors. Bate bounces off the ropes and then Perkins goes into the ropes and back into the ring. Perkins with a rollup and then he applies a seated surfboard. Bate reverses the hold and turns it into a rocking chair.

Bate with a rollup for a near fall. Bate with a shoulder tackle and drop kick. Perkins goes to the floor. Bate with a suicide dive and both men are down until Bate kips up. Bate with a sunset flip attempt but Perkins holds on and hits a KneeDT. Perkins sends Bate into the turnbuckles and follows with an uppercut. Perkins chokes Bate in the corner. Perkins with a suplex for a near fall. Perkins with a double underhook but Bate runs Perkins into the turnbuckles. Bate does it again to finally get out of the hold. Perkins with a single leg crab on the turnbuckles and he releases the hold before the referee’s count.

Perkins with a slam followed by a slingshot senton and he gets a near fall. Perkins with a spinning toe hold into a standing figure four. Bate kicks Perkins away. Bate with a knee and running shoulder tackle. Bate with a running European uppercut and a knee to the back of the head and a deadlift German suplex for a near fall. Perkins kicks Tyler in the leg and sets for the Detonation Kick but Tyler escapes. Tyler with a power bomb and a shooting star press for a near fall. Tyler with a European uppercut and Perkins with forearms. Both men with boots and then Tyler kicks Perkins in the upper chest.

Perkins with a drop kick to the knee. Bate kicks Perkins away but Perkins with a series of strikes and kicks. Perkins avoids a forearm and he applies the knee bar but Bate gets to the ropes. Perkins goes for the Detonation Kick but Bate escapes. Bate with a clothesline after bouncing off the ropes and he gets a near fall. Bate signals for the airplane spin and he gets Perkins on his shoulders for the airplane spin. Tyler starts to slow down and then he sends Perkins to the mat. Bate signals for the Tyler Driver 97 but Perkins with a drop toe hold and the knee bar.

Bate with a rollup for a near fall. Bate with a jab to Perkins and Tyler goes to the turnbuckles but he misses a corkscrew dive. Perkins with the knee bar again but Bate tries to crawl to the ropes and he rolls through and gets to the ropes. Perkins shows some frustration and he runs into an elbow. Bate with a European uppercut followed by a rolling kick and he goes for the Tiger Driver 97 but Perkins holds on to the ropes. Perkins with a sunset flip and he holds on to the tights to get the three count.

Winner: TJ Perkins

Next week, Hideo Itami faces Roderick Strong and Lince Dorado faces Kalisto in tournament matches.

We go to credits.


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