NXT “Takeover: Philadelphia” Results – Jan 27, 2018


Charley Caruso, Sam Roberts, and WWE Raw Wrestler Samoa Joe checked in from the pre-show panel as the Wells Fargo Center was filling up. Joe gave an injury update and said he’s feeling good but not good enough to do anything physical this weekend. Sam Roberts said this NXT Takeover has a high chance of multiple title changes even though NXT doesn’t do quick title changes often. Joe said anything can happen at any time since he won the title at a house show. Charley did some Royal Rumble plugs…

Renee Young and Corey Graves announced that they were going to be handing out the NXT End of The Year Awards backstage. Corey Graves wore a flower pattern shirt. Charley cut over to the Aleister Cole vs. Adam Cole video package which also comically cut off what Samoa Joe was about to say…

Samoa Joe talked about following Cole’s and Black’s career. Joe said he thinks Black has a technical advantage with his Kickboxing experience. Joe and Roberts agreed that Cole has an advantage with the Extreme Rules match. Roberts talked about Cole being in hardcore wars outside of WWE. Sam Roberts predicted Adam Cole by saying the viewers are going to see an Adam Cole that hasn’t been seen in NXT yet. Joe predicted Adam Cole as well with the Undisputed Era on his side, but he said it’s still a toss up…

They cut to Renee and Corey. Aleister Black vs. Velveteen Dream won feud of the year. Velveteen Dream accepted the award. Dream said he would like to give thanks to God because the Velveteen Dream is the closest thing to the light. Velveteen Dream said he is guaranteeing a 30 seconds or less knockout win over the knockout artist. Dream said people will be saying his name after the match…

They cut to Kayla Braxton who was in the sea of fans. Braxton quickly cut to Corey and Renee who were about to give out the “Male Competitor of the Year”. Aleister Black accepted the award. Black had a mic and said he set out to do something different, unique, and unconventional. Black said this award validates what he set out to do. Renee Young also said that Black just won the “Breakout Star of the Year”. Charley Caruso pointed out that Aleister Black has won all three awards so far…

Samoa Joe said that Velveteen Dream might not get a 30 second knockout win but he’s going to use that to get into Kassius Ohno’s head. Sam Roberts pointed out how Velveteen Dream vs. Aleister Black stole the show on a WarGames show with WarGames in the title. Roberts predicted Velveteen Dream due to his momentum, but not in 30 seconds. Joe said he has respect for Ohno’s experience but there’s no denying that Dream has momentum on his side…

The panel had a discussion on the Authors of Pain and Undisputed Era. Roberts predicted Undisputed Era due to their experience. Joe said his gut picked the Authors of Pain because the Authors have Paul Ellering to match the strategy of The Era…

The show cut back to Renee Young and Corey Graves with their award show. The next award was Women’s competitor of the year. There’s no way Aleister Black can win this one. Asuka won this award. Asuka declared that at the Royal Rumble match, no one is ready for Asuka. Corey Graves said Asuka is his personal pick to win the whole thing. The next match was “Match of the Year”. They didn’t even mention the other possible winners because Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne from Takeover: Chicago won the award. Tyler Bate walked in to accept the award. Bate joked that his goal in 2018 would be another match of the year.

Pete Dunne joined the pre-show panel. He had a sports coat and scarf. Dunne said he had two goals this year and it was to win the title and put the UK division on the map and he did both of that at Chicago. Sam Roberts talked about how he and Bate really connected with the crowd. Dunne said he and Bate had a chip on their shoulder for being under the radar. Bate said the title is everything to him and not going anywhere. Dunne said he’s going to continue to put the UK on the map with the title. Dunne also brought up how he doesn’t care who he faces. He’ll even wrestle Brock Lesnar

Mauro Ranallo and Percy Watson checked in from ringside. Mauro noted that Nigel McGuinness was under the weather and will be missing the Takeover show. Mauro and Watson ran through the advertised card. Johnny said that Philadelphia is the home of Rocky Balboa and wondered if Johnny Gargano will have his Rocky moment. Sam Roberts said he’s looking forward to the women’s match while Joe said any match can be a standout… [C]

Charley Caruso thanked Asking Alexandria for providing the theme music of the show. Charley cut to the hype video for Ember Moon vs. Shayna Baszler for the NXT women’s championship. The clip had clips of Ember Moon’s pre-NXT history as well as Shayna Baszler’s bullying. Charley Caruso noted that Baszler doesn’t have much [Wrestling] experience. Roberts agreed. Joe said the MMA is what brought her to the dance. Joe also noted that it’s also tough to come up with a gameplan to someone you haven’t faced. Roberts agreed and said that Ember Moon has more tape to analyze than Baszler which give Baszler an advantage. Roberts and Joe predicted Baszler to win…

Corey Graves and Renee Young moved over to the entrance ramp to give out the award for the top award “Overall Competitor of the Year”. The video package focused on only Asuka and Black as they won their respective gender specific awards. Asuka beat Aleister Black for the award. Asuka made her entrance to celebrate her award award as she danced to her entrance music. Sam Roberts congratulated Asuka for winning the award even though she was gone for a huge chunk of the year. Andrade Almas and Zelina Vega were shown entering the arena from the parking lot. Gargano was taping himself up in the locker room. The panel cut to the Almas vs. Gargano video package which also featured Tommaso Ciampa…

Samoa Joe was cut off by Zelina Vega. Vega tried to ask what she would call a rhetorical question, that Almas should have won an EOTY award. Roberts said that it was a fan vote. Vega said it was losers voting for loser. Vega demanded a recount. Roberts said it’s understandable given that Almas only won the title a few months ago. Vega continued to call the fans losers. Samoa Joe talked about Johnny Gargano having momentum but if he has tranquillo, he’ll be fine. Vega mocked Joe for not rolling his “L’s” and said that Andrade Almas is a bigger star than Joe ever was. Roberts proposed if this is a different Gargano compared to the Gargano that Almas beat twice in a row. Joe tried to ask for the gameplan and Vega did what she told everyone that she wouldn’t be successful if she gave away her plans to everyone. Sam Roberts said that Vega was acting super defensive. Vega quickly cut the interview off and walked away…

Charley and the panel did more Royal Rumble plugs and that’s all for the pre-show…

NXT “Takeover: Philadelphia” Opener:

NXT “Takeover: Philadelphia” opens with a Paul Heyman promo where he stood in the arena and in the streets talking about the extreme history of Philadelphia. Heyman talked about how the stars of the future will sacrifice. Heyman ended the promo by saying “We are here, and we are NXT!”

– We’re live from the Wells Fargo Center with Mauro Ranallo and Percy Watson with Nigel McGuinness out with a sickness. The Authors of Pain made their entrance to signify that the Tag Title match was opening the show. Mauro noted that the Authors are attempting to join the Revival as two time NXT Tag Champions

NXT Tag Team Title Match: The Authors of Pain vs. The Undisputed Era

We go right to the ring and out comes Akam and Rezar with WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering. NXT Tag Team Champions Kyle O’Reilly and Bobby Fish are out next. No sign of Adam Cole.

The Authors attack the champs and unload before the bell rings. O’Reilly and Fish retreat to the floor to regroup. The bell rings and Fish starts off for his team but goes right to the floor as Rezar attacks. Fish enters the ring and tags in O’Reilly, causing Rezar to back off. O’Reilly hits Rezar with kicks and goes for the leg but gets shoved to the mat. O’Reilly tells Rezar to bring it. O’Reilly keeps going for the leg and drops Rezar on his face. Rezar with a double leg takedown and some offense. O’Reilly goes for an early triangle choke and transitions into a leg lock. O’Reilly with strikes. Rezar sends O’Reilly to the floor to regroup. Fish checks on him.

O’Reilly enters the ring and backs into the corner as Fish tags in. Fish goes for the leg as well. Rezar rams Fish back into the corner and in comes Akam for some double teaming. Akam slams Fish to the mat and stomps as Ellering barks orders. Fish with a knee to the gut and a tag to O’Reilly. Akam unloads on O’Reilly and sends him back to the floor. The champs go to leave but Akam and Rezar run them over on the floor. Fish gets sent into the steel steps. O’Reilly gets stomped on the floor. Akam unloads on Fish and slams him face first into the top of the barrier.

The Authors with more double teaming but Akam clutches his knee and sells a left leg injury. O’Reilly sends Akam to the apron and Fish attacks the injured left leg while he’s on the apron. Rezar runs in but Fish runs in and tackles him out to the floor. Fish falls with him and they land hard. O’Reilly and Akam go at it now. Fish tags back in for some double teaming in the corner. O’Reilly tags back in and keeps Akam in their corner. The referee counts as they quick tags and double teams continue. Akam tries to fight them both off but they take out the leg again. Fish unloads in the corner again, focusing on the injured leg of Akam. Akam shoves Fish off but O’Reilly tags in and chops the leg out. O’Reilly goes for a leg submission but Akam tries to kick him away. Akam gets up limping but O’Reilly takes him back down with a kneebar.

Akam finally makes it to the bottom rope and the hold is broken. Fish tags back in and keeps Akam in their corner. O’Reilly tags back in for more double teaming. O’Reilly with another leg submission. Fish sentons in and hits Akam while he’s in a submission. Fish with a 2 count. Fish with more strikes to Akam. Fish decks Rezar on the apron. Fish turns around and gets backdropped by Akam. Rezar tags in and unloads on both competitors with big boots. Rezar follows up with two big slams and strikes to O’Reilly as fans pop. Fish jumps on Rezar’s back while he has O’Reilly lifted up. Rezar nails a fall-away slam on O’Reilly and covers for a 2 count. O’Reilly stops a powerbomb but gets slammed to the mat. Fish with knees to Rezar.

Fish with a close 2 count on Rezar after a big suplex. Rezar stops another double team and lays both of the champions out. Fish stops a double team on O’Reilly. Fish applies a sleeper hold to Rezar while O’Reilly has a leg submission on Akam. Rezar sends Fish to the mat, which also breaks the submission. All 4 Superstars are down in the middle of the ring now. Fans do dueling chants now. O’Reilly with kicks to Akam, still focusing on the knee. Akam yells back at O’Reilly and blocks a kick, launching him across the ring. Akam with knees in the corner to O’Reilly’s face. Akam knocks Fish off the apron. Akam with a Buckle Bomb to O’Reilly. Fish runs in but Rezar floors him. AOP go for the Super Collider but it ends up backfiring. The finish sees O’Reilly roll Akam up for the win.

Winners: The Undisputed Era

After the bell, Ellering isn’t happy as the champs are down on the outside. Fish and O’Reilly stumble away with the titles as Ellering checks on The Authors. We go to replays. The champs talk trash from the stage as Akam, Rezar and Ellering look on from the ring.

– We see War Machine at ringside. The new WWE recruits get a big pop.

– We see Zelina Vega backstage talking to Andrade “Cien” Almas.

The Velveteen Dream vs. Kassius Ohno

Back to the ring and out comes The Velveteen Dream. Dream has a man and woman at ringside to help with his accessories and put his mouthpiece in. Kassius Ohno is out next.

The crowd counts to see if he can meet his promise. Dream with punches in the corner followed by a round house and Ohno goes down. The referee checks on Ohno but Ohno gets up and hits a rolling elbow. The mouthpiece falls out of his mouth and Ohno with a series of kicks to send Dream to the floor. Ohno sends Dream back into the ring but Dream with an elbow to send Ohno to the floor. Dream runs into a boot but Dream with a spinebuster.

Dream kicks Ohno in the head and he connects with punches. Dream with a hard Irish whip. Dream with a suplex but Ohno kicks out at one. Dream with a kick to the back and a double sledge. Dream with a knee drop to the ribs. Dream continues to work on the midsection to affect Ohno’s breathing pattern. Dream with more punches but Ohno with a chop. Dream with a forearm and a snap mare. Dream with an arm bar and he adds pressure to the ribs. Dream rolls over to apply a camel clutch. Ohno gets to his feet but Dream sends Ohno into the turnbuckles. Dream with punches to Ohno in the corner and the referee warns Dream.

Dream with a kick to the head and Ohno wants more. Dream goes to the turnbuckles and he hits a double sledge for a near fall. Dream returns to the camel clutch and then he works on the back and kicks Ohno in the ribs. Dream wants Ohno to say his name and he applies a rear chin lock. Ohno escapes the chin lock but Dream with a kick and he gets Ohno on his shoulders but Ohno with elbows and knees to get back to his feet. Dream with a kick and Ohno counters a suplex with a suplex throw and both men are down.

Dream with a forearm to the back and Ohno with a forearm. Dream with a European uppercut followed by a forearm from Ohno. Ohno with a clothesline followed by a boot and back senton. Ohno with a cyclone kick for a near fall. Dream with a backslide and Ohno blocks a kick but Dream hits a super kick and then he hits a twisting DDT for a near fall. Dream goes up top but Ohno with a bicycle kick and boot to the head. Ohno is caught by Dream and Dream with a Death Valley Driver for a near fall.

Ohno with a rolling elbow for a near fall. Ohno misses a rolling elbow and Dream with a Death Valley Driver and Dream goes up top for the elbow drop and the three count.

Winner: Velveteen Dream

After the match, Dream stands tall as his music hits. Dream steps on Ohno and walks over him as he poses in the corner. We go to replays. Dream continues the celebration as Ohno walks to the back.

– We see Maria Menounos at ringside.

– We get a video package for tonight’s NXT Women’s Title match.

NXT Women’s Title Match: Shayna Baszler vs. Ember Moon

We go to the ring and out first comes Shayna Baszler as we see her walking in from the backstage area. Out next comes NXT Women’s Champion Ember Moon. We get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome.

Baszler with a waist lock take down. Moon with a standing switch but Baszler backs Ember into the corner. Baszler with a clean break but then she kicks Ember in the leg. Moon with a snap mare and drop kick to the leg followed by a series of drop kicks. Baszler goes to the floor to regroup. Moon with a suicide dive onto Baszler. They return to the ring and Ember goes for a handspring splash into the corner but Baszler blocks her and connects with knees and a kick for a near fall.

Baszler sends Ember to the mat and then stands on the land and stomps on the elbow. Baszler with an arm bar. Baszler with a knee drop to the arm. Baszler continues to work on the elbow and kicks Ember in the back. Baszler with an arm bar and she bends the arm in unnatural positions. Baszler tries to hyperextend the shoulder and then she connects with an elbow to the back and a kick to the ribs.

Ember slaps Baszler and she slaps Shayna again. Ember with a back heel kick and a front kick and forearm. Ember with a springboard cross body for a near fall. Ember with a running forearm into the corner and then she goes up top. Ember hits Eclipse but Ember appears to have injured her left arm more. The referee calls for medical assistance. Ember screams (way too much) in pain while the official checks on Baszler who has not moved since Ember hit Eclipse.

Moon gets up and approaches Baszler but Baszler pulls her into a cross arm breaker in the middle of the ring. Ember gets her foot on the ropes to force Baszler to release the hold. Ember holds on to the ropes and the referee warns Baszler. Baszler reapplies the cross arm breaker. Ember rolls through but Baszler holds on. Baszler tries to keep Ember from being able to get to the ropes by grabbing Ember’s extremities. Ember rolls over and Baszler holds on. Ember with a rollup out of nowhere for the three count.

Winner: Ember Moon

After the bell, Shayna and Ember are both shocked at the finish. Moon clutches her arm and rolls out of the ring with the title. Trainers check on Ember at ringside. We go to replays. Baszler sits in the corner with her hands on her head, still shocked. Trainers walk to the back with Ember. Baszler runs out of the ring and comes from behind, putting Ember in a choke hold. Trainers and referees try to pull Baszler off and the hold is finally broken. Baszler goes right back to the submission as fans boo. Ember is laid out as Baszler stands tall and backs up the ramp. Officials help Moon to her feet.

– Back from a Mixed Match Challenge promo and we see Trevor “Ricochet” Mann at ringside. He gets a big pop.

– We get a promo for tonight’s Extreme Rules match.

Extreme Rules Match: Adam Cole vs. Aleister Black

We go to the ring and out first comes Aleister Black. Adam Cole is out next.

Fans chant “this is awesome” as Black and Cole exchange forearms and punches. Black with a round kick to send Cole to the floor. Black springboards back into the ring and sits down. Cole grabs a chair and enters the ring. Black rolls out of the way when Cole tries to use the chair and Black gains possession of the chair. Black sits down on the chair in the center of the ring. Black sets the chair aside and Cole is sent to the floor. Black with a running forearm and another forearm. Black with more forearms but Cole with a knee and he sends Black into the apron. Cole gets another chair and he throws a few into the ring. Cole kicks Black and sends him into the ringside barrier. Cole with a running boot to the head and Black is down.

Cole runs Black into the ringside barrier. Cole goes back under the ring and he gets a kendo stick. Black gets a kendo stick of his own. They go into the ring and we have a Last Jedi moment. Black throws the kendo stick away and he tells Cole to bring it. Cole misses wildly and Black with forearms and a kick to the chest. Black goes for a quebrada and Cole connects to the chest with the kendo stick. Cole hits Black in the back with the kendo stick.

Cole puts the kendo stick across Black’s mouth and he hits a lungblower for a near fall. Cole punches Black and kicks him. The crowd chants for tables and Cole gets one from under the ring and sets it at ringside. Cole kicks Black and goes to the turnbuckles for a superplex from the ring through the table but Black blocks it and Black press slams Cole onto a trash can. Black with a running knee to the head and he gets a near fall.

Black goes to the floor and he gets his own table out to use. Black sets up the table next to the one that Cole set up. Black looks at the tables and he decides to get a ladder. Cole drops kicks the ladder as Black tries to bring it into the ring. Cole puts the ladder under the turnbuckles in the corner of the ring. Cole sends Black back into the ring and he sets for a suplex onto the ladder but Black blocks it. Black goes for a suplex into the ladder but Cole blocks it. Cole with an enzuigiri and then he kicks and punches Black. Cole punches Black in the corner but Black gets Cole on his shoulders and he sends Cole onto the ladder back first and he lands in heap.

Officials check on Cole’s hand which appears to be bleeding.

Black gets a near fall. Black sets up a chair in the center of the ring and he puts Cole’s head on the chair. Cole jams the chair into Black’s ribs. Cole sets up a chair and tries for a Death Valley Driver onto the chair but he cannot get Black up. Black misses a round kick but he hits a double stomp. Black puts Cole’s head on the chair. Black goes up top and Cole tosses the chair to Black. Cole with a super kick into the chair and Black falls off the turnbuckles through the tables on the floor.

Cole tries to pick up Black from the floor and bring him back into the ring. Cole gets a near fall. Cole looks at the chair in the ring and he sets it up in the center. He gets a second chair and puts them back to back. Black gets Cole up for a Death Valley Driver onto the top of the two chairs. Cole uses the chair to help himself up and Black with a running knee into the chair. Fish and O’Reilly break up the cover and they pull Black to the floor and hit Total Domination.

Fish and O’Reilly adjust the announce table. Sanity comes out to attack Kyle and Bobby. Wolfe and Young attack Fish and O’Reilly as the battle continues around the ring. Killian Dain is in the ring and he hits a suicide dive onto Fish, O’Reilly, Young, and Wolfe.

Cole goes to suplex Black through the announce table but Black blocks it. Black with a forearm and then he hits a double stomp through the announce table. They return to the ring and Cole with a super kick and Black is down. Cole grabs the chair and Black hits Black Mass for the three count.

Winner: Aleister Black

After the match, the referee checks on Black as he tries to recover. Cole is also laid out. We go to replays. Black finally stands tall as The Undisputed Era looks on from the stage.

– Back from a quick break and we see carnage at ringside. Mauro and Percy are standing for the rest of the show.

– We see Ethan Carter III at ringside.

– We get a video package for tonight’s main event.

NXT Title Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Andrade “Cien” Almas

We go to the ring and out comes NXT Champion Andrade “Cien” Almas with Zelina Vega. A Mariachi band performs his entrance. Johnny Gargano is out next. We get formal ring introductions from Mike Rome.

They lock up and Almas with a waist lock but Gargano with a front face lock and they get back to their feet. They lock up and Almas with a waist lock. Gargano with a wrist lock. Almas tries to reverse and he applies a waist lock. Gargano with a side head lock and take down but Almas with a head scissors. Almas with a side head lock take down and Gargano with a head scissors. Almas escapes. They go for a test of strength but Almas with a side head lock and shoudler tackle. Almas tries for the hammer lock DDT but Gargano escapes. Gargano goes for the GargaNo Escape but Almas gets free and goes to the ropes.

Gargano shows Almas he came close to getting him in the submission hold. Almas with an Irish whip and Gargano floats over and hits a head scissors followed by a drop kick and arm drag into an arm bar. Gargano gets a series of near falls and he splashes onto the arm. Almas with a forearm in the corner and Irish whip. Gargano tries to float over but Almas does not charge into the corner and chops Gargano.

Almas with another chop in the corner. Almas with an Irish whip and he runs into a boot. Gargano with a head scissors off the turnbuckles and then he clotheslines Almas over the top rope to the floor. Almas charges at Gargano and goes to the apron. Almas goes for a moonsault but Gargano moves and Almas lands on his feet. Gargano with a back heel kick and then he goes for a cannonball off the apron but Almas moves and Gargano lands on the floor. Almas gets a near fall.

Almas with a kick to the back. Gargano with a forearm but Almas with a forearm. Gargano sends Almas into the ropes and Almas with a Dragon Sleeper in the ropes. Almas with a running boot to the temple and he gets a near fall. Almas with a reverse chin lock and Almas adds more pressure. Gargano with elbows and he tries for a suplex but cannot get Almas up. Gargano with a rollup into a round kick. Almas with an Irish whip and Gargano sends Almas to the apron.

Almas puts Gargano in the tree of woe and Almas goes up top and misses a double stomp. Gargano with an overhead belly-to-belly into the turnbuckles when Almas charges into the corner. Almas and Gargano exchange forearms and then Almas pushes Gargano. Gargano with a forearm and enzuigiri. Gargano with a forearm into the corner and then he goes to the turnbuckles for a tornado flatline and a near fall.

Almas with elbows but Gargano with a kick. Almas hangs in the ropes and Gargano slides to the floor. Almas charges at Gargano and Gargano with a slingshot spear for a near fall. Almas with a facebuster to counter a head scissors attempt and Almas gets a near fall. Almas goes to the turnbuckles. Almas with a double jump moonsault for a near fall. Almas with forearms and Gargano fires back with forearms of his own. Almas with a back elbow and he gets a near fall. Gargano with a super kick for a near fall. Both men go for clotheslines and both men go down to the mat.

Gargano runs into a boot from Almas and Almas goes to the turnbuckles. Gargano pulls Almas off the turnbuckles but Almas with a knee and he puts Gargano on the turnbuckles. Almas sets for the hammer lock DDT off the turnbuckles but Gargano gets to the mat. Gargano with a super kick to the head while Almas’ head is against the turnbuckles. Gargano goes for a sunset flip power bomb but Almas lands on his feet and he hits a running double knee. Gargano avoids a second one and goes to the apron. Almas blocks a slingshot spear and hits a facebuster and then sends Gargano into the mat. Almas with an inverted Tornado DDT for a near fall.

Both men go to the apron and Almas sets for a hammer lock DDT on the apron but Gargano avoids it. Gargano with forearms and Almas slaps Gargano. Gargano with an enzuigiri and Almas hangs on the top rope. Gargano with a slingshot DDT onto the apron and both men fall to the floor. Gargano gets a near fall. Gargano sets for the GargaNo Escape but Almas fights out of it. Almas with a jawbreaker but Gargano with forearms. Almas with a back elbow and Gargano goes into the turnbuckles. Gargano with a clothesline when Almas charges into the corner. Gargano with the lawn dart.

Gargano sets for the super kick but Vega grabs Johnny’s leg. Almas with a drop kick to send Gargano into the turnbuckles. Gargano with a rollup for a near fall. Gargano with a super kick for a near fall. Gargano looks around and he goes to the apron. Almas grabs Gargano’s leg and Almas hits Gargano in the back of the leg and Gargano lands on the turnbuckles. Almas climbs the turnbuckles and sets for a double stomp and he hits it.

Almas sends Garagno into the apron and then slams his head into the matrix board and the referee warns Almas. Almas sends Gargano back into the ring. Almas with a running double knee strike in the corner for a near fall. Almas cannot believe that Gargano was able to kick out of that. Gargano kicks at Almas while on the mat and Almas with a forearm that did not have much behind it. Almas slaps Gargano. Gargano with punches to Almas. Gargano slaps Almas. Almas with a chop but Gargano with a super kick and reverse rana. Gargano with a La Mistica into GargaNo Escape.

Almas tries to get to the ropes but Gargano rolls Almas into the center of the ring. Vega pulls Gargano to the ropes and the referee warns him. Almas rakes the eyes when the referee was not looking. Almas goes for the hammer lock DDT but Gargano backs him into the turnbuckes and then sends him to the floor. Gargano with a suicide dive but Vega with a rana to send Gargano into the ring steps. Almas brings Gargano back into the ring and he hits the hammer lock DDT but Gargano kicks out at two.

Vega gets on the apron and talks to the referee while Gargano and Almas try to get their fourth winds. Candice LeRae stops Vega from attacking Gargano and she attacks Vega. They go to through the crowd and are not a factor.

Almas grabs Gargano on the apron and Gargano with a round kick and slingshot DDT for a near fall. Gargano applies the GargaNo Escape and Almas gets his foot on the rope. They go to the apron and Almas pushes Gargano into the ring post. Almas sets for the running knees and he hits them against the ring post. The referee checks on Garagno and he allows the match to continue. Almas sets for a hanging harmmer lock DDT and gets the three count.

Winner: Andrade Almas

After the match, Almas is handed the title as his music hits. The referee raises Almas’ arm as Vega returns to the ring to celebrate with him. We go to replays. Almas and Vega leave as Candice returns to the ring to check on her husband. Almas’ music stops after he and Vega return to the back. Fans start cheering for Gargano as he recovers. Candice helps Gargano out of the ring and up the ramp. Candice and Gargano stand on the stage as fans cheer them. Tommaso Ciampa makes his return and nails Gargano over the back with a crutch. Fans chant “asshole” at Ciampa as he stands over Gargano and stares at him. The referee orders Ciampa to the back and we see him limping away. Candice and the referee check on Gargano as Takeover goes off the air.

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