WWE Talking Smack Recap (12/17) – Guests: The Usos, Charlotte and AJ Styles

Renee and Sam welcome us to the show and recap some of their initial reactions.

– The hosts cover the tag team championship match complete with match highlights. The Usos join the show and proceed to do the “Lock Down” song they debuted on the show. They talk about the brand split and call it a big opportunity to show they were a true tag team. “They be winnin because they be twinnin.” They say “Day One Ish” isn’t just merch, it’s a lifestyle. THey shout out the New Day and turn to Rusev Day. Roberts talks about “Rusev Day” getting over and if it scares the Usos. Conversation moves to the Bludgeon Brothers. Usos say they’re going to duck and dive until the time comes when they have to face them. When asked who will be a challenge in 2018, they say they’ll take on all comers and that it’s getting “boring up top.” They befriend Sam Roberts before heading off stage.

– Sam and Renee talk about the tag match with the special referees. They agree that Bryan and Shane called it down the middle, quite literally, most of the match. Roberts takes the side of Daniel Bryan.

– We cut to Owens and Zayn in the locker room celebrating in full championship style with plastic lined locker room and champagne on ice. Dasha interviews them. They say they knew Daniel Bryan would do the right thing. They celebrate in all their glory.

– Charlotte joins the show sporting a new shiner on her left cheek. She gets a bit emotional and says she knows she was a target. She says she gave 110% of her effort in the match and overcoming the odds. Charlotte recounts coming from NXT and her road to this point. Sam asks if there was a single person that focused on her, but Charlotte says everyone is a threat. She drops a tease that Becky Lynch could return soon. When asked about 2018, Charlotte says she always wants to improve, but also wants to be irreplaceable. When expounding, she says she wants to be the reason people buy pay-per-views, go to shows, and become the AJ Styles of SD Live. Roberts asks her about her lineage. Charlotte says there’s no secret she wears the robe, does the strut, and woo’s, but says she does it because she’s proud of her Dad. Also says she would hope to be the same way if she was just a 5’10” athletic blond bad-ass.

– They talk about the US Title match. They give credit to the wily veteran Ziggler for picking his spot and recapturing the gold.

– A very beat up AJ Styles joins the show. Styles gives credit to Mahal for not really using the Singh Brothers. Styles points out the not-so-smart logic of using the 450, but said he went for it to put Jinder away. Roberts points out the roll-through that Styles did to pull Mahal away from the ropes in the final sequence. Styles smartly explains the technique of the hold. Renee asks if Styles thought not using the Singhs was a potential strategy. He admits he was somewhat surprised, but he’s still the champ. Styles says being the champion is what you work for and that it means everything to him to be THE champion. Roberts asks if Styles is done with Jinder Mahal. Styles responds that Mahal has had his chances and that he better find another championship to chase.

– Young and Roberts thank Styles for joining the show and sign off for the evening. See you next time.


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