WWE NXT Results – Nov 29, 2017

Tonight’s episode features what should now be declared two of the top women in NXT. The Pirate Princess Kairi Sane takes on the ever iconic Peyton Royce. The Street Profits will also take on Tino and Moss.

We are welcomed to the show and it appears they will using the live event from San Antonio as tonight’s episode. Let’s move quickly to the ring for our first match.

Street Profits vs. Tino & Moss

Moss and Dawkins start us off. Headbands beware. As tradition, a collar and elbow tie-up starts the show. Angelo gets the best of the exchange and Moss exits to regroup. It apparently works as he hits a go behind and a take down. Dawkins reverses and hits a take down of his own. The crowd wants another and he obliges. Moss shows off his power with a slam and Dawkins hits one of his own again. Tags made and Ford makes quite the entrance. Tandem offense before Dawkins heads to the apron. Ford with an athletic display of missed tackles and hits a beautiful drop kick. Dawkins joins him once again and sends their adversaries to the outside as we go to break.

We’re back and Tino is in charge. Full mount for ground and pound. Tino typically not that flashy besides his look. He continues to work over Ford, whose athleticism makes the former football players look like a million bucks. Nice combo off a tag as a flying forearm/corner spear from Tino/Moss leaves them in firm control. After a little dance party from Moss, Ford tries to get back into it with knife-edge chops. Comeback is short lived as Moss gets control back with a rear chin lock. Crowd gets behind the Street Profits and Ford fights out. Ford jumps for the tag but is thrown to the opposite corner. Moss looks to seal the deal but gets all turnbuckle. They both make tags and Dawkins gets hot. Spinning splashes to both men. Dawkins goes for round two, but gets Tino’s elbow. Tino goes for the cover, Moss attempts to aid him from ringside, but the official catches them red-handed. Dawkins makes the blind tag to Ford, shakes off Tino, hits a nice spinebuster, and Ford goes airborne for the victory.

Winners via Pin Fall: Street Profits

– Brief exchange from the top Brits on the WWE UK roster. Appears we have a tag match for later tonight. Trent Seven and Tyler Bate vs. Pete Dunne and Mark Andrews. The high flying Andrews said he’s only agreed to partner with Dunne to be named number one contender if they win.

– Vignette for the new powerhouse of NXT, Lars Sullivan.

Kairi Sane vs. Peyton Royce

Peyton and Billie have “I heart the other” shirts. Nice touch for the Iconic Duo. Royce with an absolutely huge pop after the nice reception for Sane. Irish whip and hip toss by Royce. She tries it again but Sane reverses into a wheel barrel roll up. Rope exchange, Kairi ducks multiple times, and Royce decides to save her breath and reset. Billie Kay distracts the MYC winner which allows for Royce to hit her trademark spinning heel kick for a long two. Royce remains dominant as we go to break.

We’re back and the taller Royce using that length to her advantage. Sane reverses into a roll-up, then Royce flattens her. Whip to the corner, Royce attacks, but Sane is quite the escape artist. Royce bounces off the turnbuckle and into a low lying spear from the Pirate Princess. Sane with some forearms that connect nicely. She walks the plank and nails Royce in the corner. Sane goes up top for a “jumping nothing” and gets smashed with a Royce knee. Cover for a two and Royce comes unglued. This gives Sane some room to fight back with an onslaught of boots and forearms. Sane heads up top again and this time she connects with her “InSane Elbow.” Goodnight Irene.

Winner via Pin Fall: Kairi Sane

– Recap of last week’s match between Ruby Riott (2 T’s now) and Sonya Deville (still 2 L’s). They’ll be in a “no holds barred” match next week.

– Footage of Almas/McIntyre NXT Title match, in which El Idolo came away the victor. The injury to McIntyre is confirmed as he tweets out he’ll be back in 2018.

Mustache Mountain (Seven/Bate) vs. Pete Dunne & Mark Andrews

Mustache Mountain in full team syncopation tonight. I like that Andrews is begrudgingly tagging with the champ, only to get a title shot. Tit for tat early on. Dunne feigns a tag only to turn around and nail Bate in the mush. Tag is then made but then a next level rope exchange ends with Bate on top. The smaller Andrews shows some athletic ability and counters everything Trent Seven dishes out. Tag made to the UK Champ and we change styles drastically to tests of strength and join manipulation. Seven with a pair of chops, fakes a third, makes Dunne duck for cover, and into a DDT. Tag missed but Dunne takes advantage anyway and sends Mustache Mountain counting their whiskers as we go to break.

We’re back and it’s evident these guys lay their stuff in. They don’t call it British Strong Style for nothing. Dunne works over Seven and makes a tag to Andrews. Dunne slaps his way back into the match and stares at Andrews to prove some dominance to his elder statesman. Leaves the window open for a short arm clothesline from Seven. Tag made to Bate. It’s an uppercut party. Impressive exploder suplex by Bate for a two. Andrews makes the tag in and goes on a quick flurry for a two himself. Andrews gets caught by a Bate knee. Andrews recovers to scale the ropes but Dunne tags himself in. It all works out with a Frankensteiner into a power bomb combo. Bate able to kick out and distract Dunne with Bop to deliver Bang. Both men down. Tag made to Seven. Suplex, tag, cover by Bate but Andrews makes the save. Spot after spot right now making my fingers tired. Bate with a deadlift German and Dunne makes the tag on the way up for the tumble. Bate back up and sends Andrews for a spin. Dunne makes the blind tag while Andrews is spinning. Straight right by Dunne, Bate rebounds for a huge uppercut. Bate hits the Tyler Driver 97 for the win. Great showcase match.

Winners via Pin Fall: Mustache Mountain

– Andrews, who won’t get his title shot now, seems a little upset with his partner. He decides to keep his cool while Dunne does not. He takes out Andrews on his way out of the ring. But wait, he’s not done. Dunne comes back to hit the Bitter End and stands tall to end the episode.


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