Impact Wrestling Results – Nov 16, 2017

Gail Kim is backstage, and she’s… WALKING!  She’ll address the future of the Knockouts Title tonight!  Oh, and look, American Top Team is backstage too, and they’re… ALSO WALKING!  What are they doing here?  We’ll find out!

Video package hyping Eli Drake vs Petey Williams, then we head to the ring for our opening match…

Taiji Ishimori, Trevor Lee & Caleb Konley vs Sonjay Dutt, Desmond Xavier & Garza Jr

Trevor and Dutt start us off, and Dutt snaps off a flying headscissors, so Lee gets to the corner and tags Ishimori in.  Fancy chain wrestling sequence and indy pinfall exchange ends with the indy standoff.  Konley tags himself in, and Ishimori doesn’t appreciate that, but might smile a big when he sees Konley eat a dropkick from Dutt.  Dutt tries to moonsault Lee on the floor, but Konely sweeps his legs and puts the boots to him.  Now dutt is caught in the wrong part of town, and Lee stomps him and then…gives him a noogie?  Okay.  Dutt is in peril for a few moments before tagging in Garza, who cleans house on Lee’s team.  Ishimori accidentally nails Lee and knocks him off the apron, and Garza takes the opportunity to tell Ishimori to stop so he can take his pants off.  Garza with a flying headscissors to Ishimori, Xavier with a somersault dive to Lee and Konley on the floor, then comes back in just in time to take Meteora from Ishimori.  Ishimori with shotgun knees in the corner, followed by the headstand stomp on Xavier for 2.  Dutt comes in and superkicks Lee into next week as Xavier recovers and hits the Spiral Tap for the win.

Winners: Garza Jr, Desmond Xavier & Sonjay Dutt

Good opener, I’m glad they’re letting the X Division guys have a little more storytelling in their matches instead of just doing spots like they have been forever.

We see Petey Williams arriving at the building, and he’ll challenge for the World Title tonight!

oVe cuts a crazy video promo saying they fight for Ohio, by Ohio, and they are Ohio VS Everything!

Grand Championship Match: Ethan Carter III vs Fallah Bahh

I think this is EC3’s first title defense since winning it, and they just stall for the first minute.  EC3 tries a go behind, and Bahh butt butts him into the corner.  EC3 with a knee to the midsection, but Bahh takes him down with a big shoulderblock, then tries a series of stomps that EC3 avoids by rolling out to the floor.  He comes back in and Bahh hits a series of running shoulderblocks that send EC3 back to the floor.  Bahh teases a dive, but EC3 wisely moves, so Bahh goes out to the floor and wipes him out with a charging tackle.  Bahh rolls EC3 back into the ring as the first round ends.

The judges call the first round for Fallah Bahh, and the bell rings to start round #2.  Bahh charges into the corner with a splash, then whips EC3 across the ring and tries another, but EC3 dodges and sends Bahh’s shoulder into the corner post.  EC3 goes to the apron for a running kick into Bahh’s skull, and swiftly zips in with a flurry of right hands to Bahh now that he’s in trouble.  EC3 with a kneelift and then unloads with Kobashi chops to Bahh, who drops to one knee.  EC3 hits a Stinger Splash in the corner, and Bahh goes down.  EC3 with a rear chinlock with 30 seconds left, and the clock runs down just as Bahh gets to his feet.

We’re back for the third round, and it’s a slugfest here.  EC3 connects with a couple of clotheslines, but not only does Bahh not go down, he catches EC3 and hits a Samoan drop with about two minutes left.  Bahh with a corner splash, then a BIIIIIIIIIIIG belly to belly suplex for 2.  There’s one minute left as Bahh goes for another Samoan drop, EC3 gets out and tries the 1%, but Bahh shoves him off and hits a CROSSBODY BLOCK!!!  Bahh goes up for a Banzai Drop, but EC3 yanks him off the second rope and then cradles him with his feet on the ropes to get the miracle win with about 15 seconds left.

Winner: Ethan Carter III

Terrific match, and Fallah Bahh came out of this looking like a million bucks.

oVe vs LAX

Sami Callihan and Santana go at it in the ring while everyone else goes to the floor.  Jake Crist and Ortiz are in next, and Ortiz kills Jake with a fireman’s carry backbreaker before taking a Jay Driller/shoulderbreaker combo from Callihan.  Ortiz goes to the floor where Callihan takes him out with a dive, then Homicide wipes everyone out with his big somersault dive through the ropes.  They go back inside where Callihan kicks Homicide low and runs him into the post as we go to commercial.

We’re back, and oVe is still in control with Homicide caught in the wrong part of town as Callihan and the Crists work him over.  Homicide finally slips out of a suplex attempt by Callihan and makes the hot tag, and now both the other members of LAX and the Crists are going at it in the ring.  Santana fights for his life against both Jake and Callihan, who plant him with a nasty Tombstone/skull kick combo for 2.  LAX breaks up a double All Seeing Eye, then plant Jake with the Street Sweeper for the win.

Winners: LAX

Good brawl.  Callihan and LAX take turns throwing chairs at each other after the match.

Dan Lambert comes out to the ring to tell the fans that he told them so, and they would expose profesional wrestling for the fraud it is, and they did.  He said they’d expose wrestlers as wannabe tough guys, and they did.  Why did Anthem move these tapings from their longtime  home in sunny Florida to this icebox in Ottawa?  Impact Wrestling had a deal with Bobby Lashley, but they reneged on it and won’t let him go, and that’s his fault for not getting it in writing, but he’ll give them one more chance by having his attorney to draft a release for Bobby Lashley, and he needs an official from Impact Wrestling can bring their ass down to the ring, sign it, and they’ll be on their way so they can try to come recover from the beating they handed them.  If they don’t, they’ll destroy this company so bad that not even Canadians will come see it.  Moose comes out and says it took six of Dan Lambert’s boys to take out one Moose, and Dan’s a dumbass because he gave his boys a night off and come here solo, and now he’ll have to answer to Moose.  Moose grabs Dan Lambert, but all of American Top Team runs in to beat the crap out of him.  James Storm runs in and clears out American Top Team, then faces off with Dan Lambert while neck brace guy comes in, tells Storm that nobody puts their hands on Dan Lambert, and gets a bottle cracked over his head.  Storm says Dan Lambert thinks he’s gonna kill professional wrestling, but it was here long before Dan Lambert and will be long after.  Storm says he’s gotten to live this dream of being a wrestler for 20 years, and when he started in 1996, people told him he’d never do it, buthis momma told him that he’d work his ass off and make the haters beg to have him, and that’s what he’s done.  In 2002, he was here when the doors opened on this place, and he worked his butt off and tagged with another guy and called themselves America’s Most Wanted and they proved themselves.  Then he wound up in Beer Money with “some other guy they didn’t know what to do with” and no matter what, he and everyone else comes out that curtain and live for the moment of coming down that ramp, and he takes pride in being here, knowing everyone in the back, on the production team, and he is James F’n Storm.  Okay, that didn’t have much to do with American Top Team, but great promo nonetheless.

KM catches American Top Team on their way out of the building and begs for a chance to join them, and Lashley tells him to prove himself if he wants a chance.

McKenzie Mitchell is backstage with Eli Drake and Chris Adonis.  Drake says a little cross-eyed half-wit like Petey Williams comes out here and thinks he has what it takes to take the top prize in this game, and if he can last three minutes with him, he’ll be a Canadian hero.  What he won’t be is the Impact Champion because he’s on a gravy train straight to hell.

Video package with Petey talking about his history in TNA, then Allie is backstage telling Gail what an inspiration she is, and Gail says she’s going to tear up if Allie keeps it up, but she hopes Allie likes what she has to say…AFTER THIS BREAK!

Jeremy Borash is in the ring putting over Gail Kim winning the Knockouts Title one last time on the tenth anniversary of becoming the first champion, then brings her out to the ring.  Before she has a chance to speak, Allie comes out to join them as an invited guest.  Gail says she was a young woman who loved wrestilng, and she saw beautiful, athletic woman doing what she loved, so she joined a wrestling school and knew immediately that’s what she was going to do.  She starts to get emotional, but says that not a lot of people can say their dreams came true, but with a lot of hard work and sacrifice, her dreams came true.  The fans inform her that she deserved it as she says she couldn’t have done it without the women who paved the way for her like Trish Stratus, Lita, Molly Holly, Awesome Kong, and Taryn Terrell, and she’s had a lot of time to reflect since Bound For Glory, so tonight, she’s relinquishing the title and is excited to see what’s next, and more excited to see what’s next for Allie and everyone who’s going to carry the division in the future.  She thanks Impact for letting her dreams come true, and also thanks the fans, whom she would have never made it this far without them.  The fans chant “thank you Gail” as she says she’s proud to be the champion one last time, and says thank you before going to give Allie a hug, then one for Borash.

Grado is hanging out with everyone at catering when Joseph Park comes over looking like hell, and everyone walks away when he sits down.  Park says he knows everything he did to Grado was him, and he also knows he’s the monster Abyss.  He knows he’ll never be able to make it up to him, but he can try by giving him his visa.  He hands the paperwork to Grado just as a Mountie walks up to tell Grado that he’s okay to be in the United States, but is now going to be deported from Canada.  Park says he can’t help him because his jurisdiction is only in the US, and Grado gets hauled away.  Of course.

Jimmy Jacobs joins Josh Mathews at the announce table and wants to take a selfie together, and then…IT’S MAIN EVENT TIME!

Global Title Match: Eli Drake vs Petey Williams

Petey’s got his big chance!  Feeling out process to start, Petey goes for the Canadian Destroyer early, but Drake bails out to the floor and messes with the fans while taking a long count.  He heads back in and takes a flying headscissors, leaping enziguiri, and then gets hung in the Tree of Woe so Petey can stand on his nuts and sing Oh Canada.  Petey superkicks his leg out and goes to a half crab, but Drake goes to the ropes.  Petey drop toeholds Drake onto the second rope and hits a running dropkick to the back for 2 as we go to commercial.

We come back just as Drake hits a stungun and a sitout facebuster for 2.  Petey hits a jawbreaker, but gets popped right up into a powerslam, followed by an elbowdrop from Drake for 2.  Drake hits a powerslam for 2, then distracts the referee while Adonis chokes Petey from the floor.  Petey catches Drake with a floatover Russian legsweep for 2, then an elevated flatliner for another 2.  Drake suddenly pops Petey WAY up in the air for a sidewalk slam that gets 2.  Petey comes back with a Codebreaker and a Shining Wizard, but catches Petey on a flying something and pops him back into a slam for 2.  He takes too long on the second rope and comes off with an elbow that connects with the mat.  He tries a springboard moonsault, but Petey moves, goes for the Canadian Destroyer, Drake avoids that, but Petey gets the Sharpshooter.  Drake is far from the ropes, but drags himself over and…Petey grabs his hand to keep it away from the ropes.  Very smart, but Drake fres his hand and makes the ropes to force the break.  Drake blocks a suplex and drives Petey into the corner, then sits him on the top rope, but Petey counters to a tornado DDT.  Petey wipes Adonis out with a dive through the ropes and tries to slingshot in for a DDT, Drake tries to counter to the Gravy Train, but Petey gets out and hits the Canadian Destroyer…but Drake kicks out.  Josh says that’s the first time someone kicked out of the Canadian Destroyer, and I’m sure he’s wrong, but don’t care to fact check.  Petey goes for another Canadian Destroyer, but Drake counters to a cradle driver for 2.  Drake picks Petey back up and goes for the Gravy Train again, but Petey counters to a crucifix for 2.  Petey pops Drake up for a powerbomb and goes for another Canadian Destroyer, but Drake counters to the Gravy Train for the win.

Winner: Eli Drake

Great main event, I loved how strong this match made both guys look.  Great way to close the show.


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