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NXT 'Takeover: Brooklyn III' Results - Aug 19, 2017


The NXT "Takeover: Brooklyn III" Kickoff pre-show opens with host Charly Caruso, Sam Roberts, Corey Graves and WWE Hall of Famer Lita. They talk about how big tonight's show, the Barclays Center and being in Brooklyn. They plug the WWE Network and SummerSlam next.

The panel discusses tonight's card next. Graves reveals that he will be calling the NXT Tag Team Title match, apparently because of tonight's NXT Homecoming theme. Graves predicts Hideo Itami vs. Aleister Black will steal the show. Sam and Lita believe the NXT Women's Title match will steal the show. We go backstage to Renee Young, who is here for the Homecoming theme as well. Renee talks about being back on NXT and says she will have exclusive interviews tonight. She welcomes RAW General Manager Kurt Angle. The WWE Hall of Famer says this is his first NXT and he's here to enjoy the show, and is looking forward to the two singles title matches. Renee asks if Angle is here to scout talent and he says he's keeping that close to his chest. Angle also says he's looking forward to the Fatal 4 Way at SummerSlam. Renee thanks Angle and sends it back to the panel. They talk about Angle and Charly sends us to a preview for tonight's NXT Tag Team Title match.

Big E appears on the panel. He says it is great to be at the Barclays Center and they love it here. Corey asks Big E about winning the NXT Championship from Seth Rollins. He says it was a big thing for his career. He mentions using the five count like King Kong Bundy. He says that led to the nonsence that he became. It started with the FIVE. Big E says that they learned at FCW but NXT gave you the main roster feel with the cameras. It was a WWE product. By the time you get to Raw and Smackdown, the scale is bigger. The ring is still the same size. NXT prepared him for all of the nonsence. Corey says that Dr. Tom did not teach them about hip gyrations. Big E says he will start a wrestling school and only teach hip gyrations. He is asked about the Usos on Sunday. Big E says they are his biggest competition. Big E says people complain about them being on the Kickoff Show, but they are going to start it off right.Corey asks Big E about the NXT Tag Title Match. Big E says Sanity has been on a tear but the Authors of Pain are big. He says it is going to be a meaty match. He picks the Authors of Pain. Sam asks Big E what does it take to stop a team like The Authors of Pain and Big E says a pin or submission. Charly asks if the fact that neither team fears the other will affect things. Big E is also asked about Paul Ellering. Big E says all of the super villains were bald and can eminate their brain waves without hair. Sam asks which team would the New Day rather face. Big E says there are fewer people in the Authors of Pain. Big E says Nikki Cross is a frightening person. Big E does not want to leave the panel and he puts his feet on the table. We go to commercial.

Renee Young is with Shinsuke Nakamura. Nakamura says he is happy to be back. He is asked about his match tomorrow night and he says he is ready for the match. He is asked about the NXT Title match. He has faced Bobby Roode and lost the title to him, but he likes Drew because he says it is Our NXT.

Neville has joined the panel.

Corey mentions that they were former tag team champions together. He knows that Neville is a little despondent about losing the Cruiserweight Title. Neville says he is predisposed so he apologizes for not being overly thrilled to be in Brooklyn. Neville says he is excited for tomorrow. This is Christmas Eve for the King of the Cruiserweights. Neville says he will do what he has done on 205 Live and that is domination, domination. Charly asks how NXT prepared him for tomorrow. Neville says NXT is a prominent part of his work, but it is hard to look back on NXT without a little resentment. Corey asks why is there resentment. Neville says NXT built him for success but he did not have that same success when he went to the main roster. Neville says he is pround of what he achieved in NXT and it made him who he is today. He was someone who had a lot to learn at that time.

Corey asks Neville about Aleister Black and Hideo Itami. Neville says he knows both of them well and faced them in the ring. They are dangerous and they kick very hard. He says he looks forward to seeing each man knock each other's blocks off. Neville says it is silly to negate emotion when you consider what happens in the squared circle. You need to embrace that emotion to take advantage of your opponents. Corey asks Neville about his match against Aleister Black in the UK and what Itami has to look out for. Black is a proficient striker and he was aware of that proficiency so his defense was something he focused on. Neville reminds Corey that he won that match. Charly mentions that Itami is very frustrated while Black is very calm. Neville says emotion can be a problem if you cannot harness it properly.

Corey asks about the Gargano/Almas match. Neville says he sees Johnny Gargano trying to bounce back after betrayal from his tag team partner. Neville says he knows how that feels and things get a little awkward between Neville and Corey. He wonders if Gargano can bounce back like the King did in that situation. Neville tells Johnny Wrestling not to trust anyone. We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at the Women's Title Match.

Carmella and Sasha Banks join Lita and Charly. Sasha says it is crazy to be back for the third one after being in the first one. Carmella says she has never been on a Takeover and it means a lot to see how the Women's Division has evolved. Sasha mentions all of the women who have gone from NXT to the main roster. Charly asks what is in Ember's head to make her be the champion. Carmella says everyone wants to be the one to knock off the champion. Carmella says if Ember wins, she will go down as the one to beat Asuka. Sasha says Asuka is a beast and she is picking Asuka to win. Carmella picks Ember because she wants to see someone dethrone Asuka.

Lita is asked about the Mae Young Classic. Lita talks about the women from NXT and her matches with Trish as things that have led to the Mae Young Classic. Carmella says it is an honor to see how things have grown for the women.

We go to Renee Young with Bayley and Becky Lynch. Becky says it is amazing to be back in Brooklyn for Takeover. Bayley says she has never really left NXT and she talks about facing Asuka and continuing to train at the PC. Bayley says she has undergone some physical therapy and she is doing better and hopes to know more in a month. Renee asks for predictions. Becky says Asuka has been dominant but she thinks Ember can win. Bayley says Asuka has been the champion for a long time and forced Bayley out of NXT. She wants to see Asuka continue the streak to see how long she can go as the champion.

The original panel is back for the WWE Network plug.

We have a video package for the NXT Heavyweight Title Match.

Baron Corbin joins the panel to talk about the Roode/McIntyre match and Charly brings up the failed cash in. Corey asks Baron about his time in NXT and competing against Samoa Joe at a Takeover in Brooklyn. Corbin says it was great to have people like Undertaker and Razor in the back. Now NXT is doing shows all over the world but they come back to Brooklyn each year. Corey brings up how Baron did not have a wrestling career before coming to NXT. Baron says he just made a phone call to get into NXT while others took so long to get to NXT. You get everything you need to succeed at the Performance Center. He says he came in with a purpose and not to make friends. Sam asks Baron about facing John Cena on Sunday. Baron says he owes John Cena a beating. Baron talks about what he has achieved. Corey asks Baron about Drew and Roode. Corbin picks Roode and he says he likes people with the confidence and swagger. Roode says it is his show and he backs it up.

Corey predicts Bobby Roode while Sam picks Drew McIntyre and that is all for the pre-show.

NXT "Takeover: Brooklyn III" Opener:

The WWE NXT "Takeover: Brooklyn III" event opens up with band Code Orange performing their "Bleeding In The Blur" single live in the Barclays Center on the stage. This was like a live music video package for the show.

- We're live as Mauro Ranallo welcomes us. He's joined by Percy Watson and Nigel McGuinness.

Johnny Gargano vs. Andrade "Cien" Almas

We go right to the ring and out comes Johnny Gargano to a pop. Andrade "Cien" Almas is out next with Zelina Vega.

They lock up and Almas with a waist lock take down but Gargano escapes. The lock up and Almas with a wrist lock but Gargano with a reversal into a side head lock take down. Almas with a head scissors and he goes Tranquilo before adding more pressure. Gargano gets out of the hold and Almas with a side head lock. Gargano with a head scissors and arm drag. Gargano with a rollup for a near fall. Gargano with a front face lock. Gargano with a hammer lock but Almas with an elbow and shoulder in the corner.

Gargano with chops as they go around the ring. Almas with an Irish whip but Gargano gets his feet up. Almas sends Gargano to the mat with a neck breaker and then chops Gargano in the corner. Almas with a drop kick for a near fall. Gargano tries to send Almas to the floor but Almas hangs in the ropes and applies a triangle in the ropes. Almas gets a near fall. Almas with an arm bar.

Gargano with punches and an arm drag. Almas is sent into the turnbuckles after a drop toe hold. Gargano with a knee to block a suplex attempt. Both men go for clotheslines and both men go down. They exchange punches and forearms. Gargno with the advantage but Almas stays on his feet on clothesline attempts. Gargano takes Almas down with clotheslines and follows with a rollup into a round kick. Almas sends Gargano to the apron and Gargano hits a slingshot spear for a near fall.

Gargano with a thrust kick and a suicide dive to Almas. Gargano sends Almas back into the ring and he hits the slingshot DDT and he gets a near fall. Gargano tries for a slam but Almas gets to his feet. Almas avoids a suplex attempt. Gargano goes for a slingshot spear but Almas catches him and hits a neck breaker followed by an inverted Tornado DDT for a near fall. Almas puts Gargano on the turnbuckles and chops Johnny. Almas climbs the turnbuckles for a superplex but Gargano blocks it. Gargano with punches and a head butt. Gargano goes for a sunset flip power bomb but Almas lands on his feet and he hits a back fist.

Gargano with an enzuigiri to stop the running double knee strike. Almas hip tosses Gargano into the turnbuckles. Almas misses the running knees into the turnbuckles. Gargano with La Mistica and Gargano applies the GargaNo Escape. Almas tries to escape and Gargano rolls through. Almas with a buckle bomb and running double knee strike but Gargano kicks out at two.

Almas with knees to the arm. Gargano with a super kick and he hits a second one but Almas stays on his feet. Gargano sets for the lawn dart and he connects. Vega throws a DIY shirt at Gargano and then Almas hits a running drop kick into the corner and hits the hammer lock clothesline for the three count.

Winner: Andrade Almas

After the match, Almas and Vega celebrate as we go to replays. We come back to Vega and Almas on the ramp, all smiles as Gargano recovers in the middle of the ring.

- We see RAW General Manager Kurt Angle and SmackDown General Manager Daniel Bryan watching the show in a skybox. Peyton Royce and Billie Kay are annoying Bryan while it looks like Roderick Strong is sitting beside Angle. No Way Jose and a few others are hanging out nearby as well.

- Drew McIntyre is backstage warming up for the main event.

- The announcers lead us to a video package for tonight's NXT Tag Team Title match.

- Back to the arena and Mike Rome congratulates the crowd as Takeover is trending worldwide on Twitter. He introduces the guest commentator for the next match and out comes Corey Graves to a pop.

NXT Tag Team Championship: Authors of Pain (with Paul Ellering) vs. Sanity

We go to the ring and out comes SAnitY - Eric Young, Killian Dain, Alexander Wolfe and Nikki Cross. NXT Tag Team Champions The Authors of Pain are out next with WWE Hall of Famer Paul Ellering. Akam and Rezar are wearing new gear tonight.

Akam and Rezar hit the ring but Dain and Wolfe immediately attack them. The champs send Wolfe to the floor and double team Dain before sending him out. They stand tall for a second before they're brought out to the floor as the brawl continues. Young pulls a table from under the ring. The referee tries to calm things so he can ring the bell.

Akam biels Wolfe across the ring and Rezar tags in and he connects with forearms. Akam tags in and Rezar with a knee to the midsection before he goes to the apron. Akam with an Irish whip but Wolfe moves when Akam charges into the corner. Young gets on the apron and he tells Dain to leave. Young tags in and he sends Akam to the floor and hits a baseball slide. Young misses a clothesline and Akam clotheslines Young into the crowd.

Young and Akam fight in the crowd and Young is sent into the dasher boards but Akam misses a splash. Young is sent back into the ringside area. Akam and Young go back into the ring and Young with punches. Akam with a back drop and Rezar with a Dominator and he gets a near fall. Rezar with a forearm to the chest. Akam tags in and gets a near fall. Rezar tags back in and kicks Young. Young with a punch but Rezar with a belly-to-belly suplex. Rezar with a triangle on Young. Young with elbows but Rezar stops Young from making the tag.

Young with elbows but Rezar backs Young into the corner. Young with the Flair Flip to the apron and he slides back into the ring but Rezar with a vertical choke on Young and sends him to the mat. Rezar misses an elbow drop. Young avoids a splash in the corner and Rezar hits the turnbuckles hard. Young crawls to the corner to make the tag and Wolfe tags in. Wolfe with a Yakuza kick to knock Akam off the apron. Wolfe with forearms and a boot to Rezar. Wolfe with an Exploder to Akam when he tries to escape. Wolfe with a kick and German suplex to Rezar. Wolfe goes up top and hits a clothesline on Rezar but Akam breaks up the cover.

Akam sends Young to the floor and then he tags in. Wolfe with a forearm but Akam with a kick and they hit the suplex and power bomb combination but Wolfe kicks out at two. Rezar goes to the turnbuckles but Wolfe with a Frankenstriner and Akam goes to the floor when Wolfe moves against the ropes. Young tags in and he hits a jumping neck breaker. Young goes up top but Rezar hits the ropes and Young is crotched. Rezar climbs the turnbuckles and sets for a superplex but Young holds on to the turnbuckles. Akam tries for a tower of doom but Nikki holds Young's leg and Akam power bombs Rezar. Young with an elbow drop but Akam pulls Rezar to safety. Young with a suicide dive and Wolfe with a dive to the floor.

Nikki Cross comes into the ring and so does Paul Ellering. Cross wants a piece of Ellering and Cross goes up top while the referee deals with Young. Akam catches Cross but Dain hits a cross body that sends everyone through the table. Wolfe tags in and Young hits an elevated neck breaker and Wofle gets the three count.

Winners and NEW Tag Team Champions: Sanity

After the match, Bobby Fish and Kyle O'Reilly attack Sanity. Kyle and bobby work over Wolfe with a series of kicks. Kyle and Bobby are not going to focus only on Sanity, they send Rezar into the ring post. They hit Chasing the Dragon on Young. They hit Total Domination on Young and then grab the tag title belts.

- We see Neville in the crowd. We also see Shinsuke Nakamura and Kalisto in the crowd.

- Bobby Roode is in the back getting ready for his title defense against Drew McIntyre.

- Jim Ross comes out to do commentary for the next match.

Aleister Black vs. Hideo Itami

The bell rings and both men charge at the other and go for kicks. Itami misses some kicks while Black misses some kicks. They go face to face and Black pushes Itami away and then kicks Itami to the floor. Black teases a dive and Black flips back into the center of the ring. Black assumes the position and Itami tries to kick Black, but Black blocks it. Black with a series of kicks followed by a knee to the temple for a near fall. Black kicks Itami in the chest. Black with a forearm and kick in the corner.

Black with an Irish whip but Itami sends Black to the apron. Itami kicks Black back into the ring. Itami drops Black on the top rope and Itami with a kick. Itami goes up top and hits a knee drop to the back of the head and Black falls to the mat. Itami with punches and he wants some respect. Itami with kicks and he gets a near fall. Itami works on the neck. Itami with a knee to the midsection followed by a kick to the back. Itami with another kick to the back. Itami with a reverse chin lock.

Itami with a snap mare and knee drops. Itami jumps over Black and hits a back heel kick and then Itami assumes Black's pose to taunt him. Itami blocks punches and Itami hits a DDT for a near fall. Itami with a reverse chin lock while Black is bleeding from the nose. Black gets to his feet and escapes the chin lock. Itami misses a charge into the corner and Black with round kicks. Black with a back elbow and back heel kick followed by leg sweep and kick to the head.

Black with an Irish whip and a quebrada for a near fall. Black picks up Itami using his boot but Itami gets away. Itami with kicks to Black in the corner. Itami hits a tornado move that drops Black on the top rope and he hits a springboard clothesline for a near fall. Itami with a front face lock followed by a fisherman's suplex for a near fall. Itami kicks Black into the corner but Black with a victory roll for a near fall. Black with a round kick and then he goes to the turnbuckles. Itami stops Black on the turnbuckles. Black with punches and elbows to knock Itami to teh mat but Itami with a boot to stop Black.

Itami with a Super Falcon Arrow and he can only get a near fall due to the damage that happened to him. Itami has to back up before they exchange forearms and then they exchange kicks. They move on to slaps. Black misses a round kick but Itami with a back fist. Black with a jumping knee. Itami with another Falcon Arrow but he can only get a two count. Itami with a hesitation drop kick to the back of the head.

The knee pad comes down for Itami and he signals that it is over. Itami gets Black on his shoulders but Black with elbows to escape. Itami with a knee to the midsection followed by kicks to the head showing no respect to Black. Itami misses a clothesline and Black hits Black Mass for the three count.

Winner: Aleister Black

After the bell, Black sits in the middle of the ring as his music plays. Mauro wonders how much longer it will be before Black earns a NXT Title shot. We go to replays. Black makes his exit as JR says gooodbye to the announcers.

- We see Becky Lynch, Sasha Banks, and Bayley in the front row.

- We see Asuka and Ember Moon in the back as they make their way to the ring for the next match.

NXT Women's Title Match: Ember Moon vs. Asuka

We go to the ring and out first comes Ember Moon. Undefeated NXT Women's Champion Asuka is out next to a pop.

Moon with a kick as the bell rings followed by a leg sweep and drop kick for a near fall. Asuka has a kick blocked and Ember hits a suplex. Asuka goes to the floor and Ember tries for a baseball slide but Asuka moves out of the way. Asuka kicks Ember on the floor but Moon with a kick on the apron and she hits a cannonball onto Asuka off the turnbuckles to the floor. Moon sends Asuka back into the ring but Asuka goes back to the floor. Asuka sends Ember into the ring steps and the previously injured shoulder is affected.

Asuka with kicks to the arm followed by punches. Asuka suplexes Amber on the ramp. Asuka sends Ember back into the ring and she kicks Ember. Asuka with kicks to the shoulder. Asuka with elbows to the arm and she applies a key lock while Ember tries to punch Asuka to get out of the hold. Ember punches Asuka and Asuka holds on to the hammer lock as Ember tries to roll through to escape.

Ember with elbows to escape. Asuka avoids a hip toss. Asuka with a hammer lock and STO. Asuka with boots to the back while Asuka stretches Ember. Ember tries to get out of the hold but Asuka kicks Ember in the leg and she applies an Octopus. Asuka continues to work on the arm as she applies a Fujiwara arm bar. Ember picks up Asuka and hits a Teardrop suplex. Ember with a forearm. Ember with a series of kicks and an enzuigiri for a near fall.

Asuka with a German suplex into the turnbuckles. Asuka tries to apply the cross face chicken wing but Ember is able to power out of it. Asuka tries to reapply the hold. Ember with an elbow and she applies the cross face chicken wing but Asuka works on the injured shoulder and applies the Asuka Lock. Ember drops back to escape the hold but Asuka reapplies the Asuka Lock and Ember leans back and gets a near fall. Ember with a clothesline and both women are down.

Ember avoids a clothesline and Ember misses one. Asuka with a hip attack for a near fall. Asuka goes for a hip attack into the corner but Ember blocks it. Ember with a knee and she hits a tornado suplex for a near fall. Moon with a series of knees to Asuka but Asuka with slaps. Asuka with a knee to Ember and she kicks Ember in the side of the head while holding on to the arm. Ember with a side slam for a near fall.

Ember goes up tpo and Asuka stops her. Ember with forearms and she sets for a power bomb but Asuka holds on and Ember kicks Asuka's leg and hits a boot to the chest but she can only get a near fall. Ember goes up top for Eclipse and she hits it but Asuka kicks out at two. Ember goes to the apron again and goes up top. Asuka stands behind the referee. Ember with a cross body and Asuka rolls through and grabs the tights and the referee stops his count. Ember with a super kick and she gets a near fall.

Ember picks up Asuka but Asuak is not moving. Asuka plays possum and tries for the cross arm breaker but Ember with a rollup for a near fall. Asuka applies the Asuka Lock and Ember tries to lean back to cover Ember. Ember taps out.

Winner: Asuka

After the match, both Superstars are still down as we go to replays. Asuka gets up and clutches the title. The referee raises her arm. Asuka raises the title and stumbles around as we go to more replays. We come back and Asuka is gone. We see a disappointed Ember getting to her feet as the crowd cheers for her. Ember makes her exit as crowd chants "Thank you Ember".

- Kevin Owens is in the crowd for the main event. Also in the crowd is Samoa Joe.

- We have a video package for the NXT Heavyweight Title Match.

NXT World Championship: Bobby Roode vs. Drew McIntyre

We go to the ring and the NYPD Pipe & Drums band is out to assist with Drew McIntyre's entrance. McIntyre marches to the ring with the bagpipers right behind him. NXT Champion Bobby Roode is out next with another "glorious" entrance. We get formal ring introductions from Rome.

Roode and McIntyre stand face to face before locking up and Drew with a clean break. Roode avoids Drew and chops him. Drew sends Roode into the turnbuckles but Roode with a side head lock. Drew with a shoulder tackle. Roode goes to the floor to regroup. Drew misses a punch and Drew with chops. Drew sends Roode into the corner and misses a punch. Roode with chops. Roode sets for the DDT but Drew drops down and avoids the hold.

Roode says he is GLORIOUS and he came 'this close' to beating him. Roode with a wrist lock and punch followed by chops. Roode tries to float over in the corner but Drew with a kick to the midsection. Drew with chops in the corner followed by a kick. Roode with a kick to Drew but Drew kicks back. Drew tosses Roode across the ring with a suplex throw and clotheslines Roode over the top rope to the floor.

Drew chops Roode against the ringside barrier and hot shots Roode on the ringside barrier. Roode kicks Drew from the apron and tries for a cross body but Drew catches Roode. Roode tries to send Drew into the ring post but Drew stops short. Drew with an elbow and then he hits a tilt-a-whirl slam on the apron. Drew tries to suplex Roode to the floor but Roode blocks it. They exchange punches and Roode with a neck breaker that sends McIntyre to the floor.

Roode with a running blockbuster off the apron to the floor. Roode sends Drew into the ringside barrier and then he hangs Drew over the apron and connects with an elbow to the throat. Roode with knee drops and punches. Roode sends Drew into the turnbuckles and chops Drew. Roode with punches and chops.

Roode with an Irish whip and clothesline into the corner followed by a neck breaker for a near fall. Roode kicks and chokes Drew. Roode with more kicks to Drew but Drew with punches and chops. Roode with a hard Irish whip. Roode with a missile drop kick for a near fall.

Roode with a reverse chin lock. Roode with a sleeper and he gets Drew down in the center of the ring. Drew is able to get Roode on his back and he backs Roode into the turnbuckles to get out of the hold. Roode with a kick to the back of the head. Drew with an overhead belly-to-belly throw to Roode and both men are down. Roode runs into an elbow in the corner and Drew sends Roode into the top turnbuckle. Drew with a forearm and an Irish whip and cross body into the corner. Drew goes to the apron and then he goes up top. Drew with a forearm to the chest.

Roode with elbows to the back of the neck followed by a forearm. Roode with a reverse atomic drop and knee lift. Drew catches Roode and sets for a running Air Raid Crash and hits it but Drew can only get a near fall. Roode drops Drew on the top rope and Roode goes up top but Drew stops Roode and punches the champion. Drew with a forearm to the back and Drew sets for a superplex. Drew is sent to the mat but he goes back up. Roode crotches Drew on the top turnbuckle and Roode punches Drew into the tree of woe. Roode takes too much time and Drew with an overhead belly-to-belly superplex.

Drew sets for the Claymore but Roode is down on the mat. Drew picks up Roode and Roode with a jackknife cover for a near fall. Roode blocks Future Shock and hits a lungblower for a near fall. Roode with a running chop into the corner followed by more chops. The referee warns Roode and Roode with a running clothesline and then Roode sets for a neck breaker but Drew counters with a back slide for a near fall. Drew with Future Shock for a near fall.

Drew gets Roode on his shoulders and Drew climbs the turnbuckles for a super Air Raid Crash but Roode counters and Roode with a power bomb for a near fall. Roode and Drew exchange forearms. They get back to their feet and Drew and Roode exchange kicks and chops. Drew with a chop and Roode hits an enzuigiri that backs Drew into the corner. Drew with a Claymore but Roode gets his foot on the rope before the referee can make the three count.

Roode rolls to the floor and the referee starts his count. Drew with a flip dive onto Roode and both men are down. Drew carries Roode back into the ring and both men beat the count. Drew sets for the Claymore one more time but Roode with a spinebuster. Roode sets for the Glorious DDT but Drew blocks it and gets a near fall with a rollup. Roode hits a Glorious DDT but Drew kicks out. Roode gets back to his feet and he looks around to figure out what to do next. Roode hits a second Glorious DDT and he holds on and rolls through for anotherone. Drew with a head butt and Claymore for the three count.

Winner and NEW NXT Champion: Drew McIntyre

After the match, Drew sits on his knees and looks at the title while clutching it. We go to replays. We come back to Drew holding the title. Kyle O'Reilly and Bobby Fish suddenly appear on the ring steps. Drew approaches them but he's attacked from behind by former ROH Champion Adam Cole. They triple team Drew and Cole floors him with a big superkick. Fans chant for Cole. Cole raises the NXT Title and taunts Drew by holding it in his face. Takeover goes off the air with Cole, Fish and O'Reilly standing tall.



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